It Does a Kitteh Good



It does a kitteh good.


Enhanced for your pleasure, V.L.R.!



  1. That’s a very cool stare, mister kitty.

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    Staring kitten: “Now, you WILL get me tuna fish. By the way, these are not the droids you’re looking for.”

  3. The essence of cute! Pinky tongue, little meelks soaked chinny, wet nostril area. Love those green eyes!

  4. Kristabelle says:

    OMG! This might be the cutest kitty EVAR!!!!!

  5. Katiedid says:

    Goat-milk-tee.. heheh

  6. The only thing cuter is when they get milk on the tip of the fluffy chin. Of coarse, you have to help them wipe it off.

  7. Beautiful kitten, but I’ve always understood that milk is not good for cats. Should kittens only have it when weaning (from their mom) or is it also ok at the age of this cute guy/gal?

  8. Estlin, it’s true that many cats are lactose intolerant, however not all are. My girl isn’t (thankfully as she lurves the yogurt and the leftover cereal milk). I wouldn’t give it to them everyday but as a treat if they are fine it’s all good.

  9. PINK!!!!

  10. @ Katiedid:
    More like a milk soul patch…

  11. Evie's lady-in-waiting says:

    I’ve learned something: keep windex-wipes near the screen; helps to wipe off the kitty-smooches off’n the monitor.

  12. cute tiny tong ready to taste all the woderful meeeeelkee!

  13. Leslie Thomas says:

    Meg — Thanx for the wonderment!!!!
    Definitely has my vote, for one of the top 5 Feline Quadruped pix posted in the past 3 years ….gives The Amazing Winston, just a little bit of competishionne ….. w/ affection & gratitude, L.

  14. Many cats are lactose intolerant, but I’ve never had one. Of my last three cats, all were dairy fiends, snarfing down milk, cheese and yogurt.

  15. Cute kittehs do peeplz good. I’ll be ooh-ing all day over this little morsel of precious. Wow, I can’t even use the English language anymore!

  16. Estlin: Also consider that from this photo alone, we don’t know whether she’s drinking cow’s milk, or kitten formula. 😉

  17. Young kittens have a harder time with milk than adult cats. At our shelter, we get a lot of people who find underage kittens and try to feed them cow’s milk–and then don’t understand why they’re sick and malnourished. Good intentions and all that.

    Most adult cats are lactose intolerant but are okay with small amounts, like licking the leftover milk from your cereal or a yogurt container. However, most love it even if they ARE lactose intolerant (like my bf’s cat). Luckily, the intolerance usually manifests itself as a bit of diarrhea and clears up quickly (unlike the bf’s cat, who pukes it up).

  18. chickadee022 says:

    Oh thanks cute overload…I’m going to die from the cuteness that this kitteh had bestowed upon me now…..*goes to kitteh heaven*

  19. “Please, sir, can I have some more?”

  20. charliewabba says:

    Have we achieved the Cuteness Trifecta with this image?
    I would cite Rules of Cuteness #15 regarding disproportionate ear size, #13 regarding juiciness of nose, and #11 regarding cuteness + food.

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    On the old “Sam and Max: Freelance Police” animated series, they once battled a supervillain named Lactos the Intolerant. One of my all-time favorite Evil Overlord names.

  22. hon glad says:

    Itty bitty kitty tongue slurple.

  23. berthaservant says:

    Yes, kittehs will drink the meelks even if it makes them poopy….so best not to serve it to them too much. Like, on special occasions, it’s okay, or maybe to take a picture to send into C.O. :-O

    That is one powerful kitteh, though, milkstache or no.

  24. kittyadventures says:

    Milk Goatee. and he is all stylin’ it like the playah he is!

  25. Oh the tongue, the tongue! I shall now have to swoon from the cuteness of the tongue. Or perhaps my corset needs to be loosened. Whatever.

  26. Mary (the first) and self-appointed judge of cuteness says:

    @charlie, although I see the temptation to give this kitteh a trifecta, I would have to respectfully disagree with your mention of #15 because this kitteh’s ears are actually on the smallish size for a kitteh. If there were a rule on beautiful eye color, then we could agree.

  27. charliewabba says:

    @Mary the first:
    would you accept as a substitute either Rule #39, snorgleable mini chest or Rule #28, head down eyes up?

  28. twokittymama says:

    I almost typed in trying to get here – now I know why -this is indeed my cute overlord – I shall gethim tuna and catnip immediately

  29. the stare is magnetizing. like a zombie.

  30. @charliewabba: I think you have found the correct rule for the Trifecta….Princess Di eyes!!

    Apparently, only hoomans are susceptable to milk mustaches. Kittehs get meeelks goatees!

  31. ‘Scuse me for interrupting teh Qte Parteh, but why is this in “This just in” instead of “Kittehs” category?

  32. Kitteh mrrrraowed : “Got milk?”
    (She had been wearing one of those teeney-tineey tee-shirts with that logo on it…)
    And she got it!! 😉

  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    BOW before Staring Kitteh, Human Mortals!!!


  34. my last kitteh would come running when I opened a yogurt cup. Cos I let him have the lid to lick.

    but some kittehs da meelks makes dem barfs : (

    [and/or that icky business at the other end of the system – Ed.]

  35. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    My calico girl Gracie can be in a dead sleep under the bed at the far end of the house, but she magically materializes at my feet if I should so much as *touch* the bag of grated cheese that we keep in the fridge….

    She can also distinguish the sound of “cheese bag” from “potato chip bag” and “bread bag” — but then, she *is* a cheese connoisseur.

  36. O.O They REALLY need to put this in a “Got Milk?” ad. I bet people would buy more meelks. I would… lol 😀

  37. Ah, just what I needed to help me unwind from a not-so-good day at work…a dainty-tongued kitty!

  38. My dear boy kitteh, Marcus, loved his meelks. If I made cereal he would wait patiently for his portion of the leftover meelk. *sigh* been two years and I still miss him like crazy..

    @Von Zeppelin… I love the Star Wars comment!

  39. Daphne Moss says:

    Yes … yes ….
    I am your slave, young queen…

  40. What makes you think it’s meelks just ’cause it’s white? They sell milky substances that are cat-friendly. There’s even a type of milk that’s made for cat consumption (lactose-free). BTW, I love the word “meelks” and have adopted it for use in my house when Philo has tummy trouble and has to get by on the “Just Born” kitten milk replacer formula (which is kind of tofu-beige, honestly).

  41. omg! look at the kitties little tongue.

  42. AWW 🙂 I would just love to wipe off that sweetie’s little chin 🙂 I would also go buy some kitty friendly milk for the cutie to lap up 🙂

  43. kibblenibble says:

    Dreamy eyes, white eyeliner, asymetrical white nose-blaze and crooked tongue…sweet. George and Isabella come running whenever there’s brie or cream cheese out. I just give them teensy leeks from my finger on rare occasions. But they never forget that they love it.

  44. Ahhhh, sweet kitten! Looks lovely.

    Sure hope the milk is lactose free though. Don’t want to see such a cute kitten getting sick. 🙂

    Love the lower lips.

  45. Cute? Uh yeah. If “come any closer to MY milk and you bleed” is cute. Seriously, Clint Eastwood has a less intimdating stare. Wanna make his day?

    BTW, anyone else think that this little guy’s owner deliberately picked that green background to highlight his eyes?

  46. Clean your mouth baby kitten. That picture is a good design for a shirt.

  47. My kitty loves it when cute kitties appear on CO. I grab him up and snorgle him to make up for th enon-snorgleable monitor screen. Since he is almost 20 years old, I’m already wondering what I will do when he is gone. 😦

  48. My kitties love milk and cheese and look at you as if your poisoning them if you try to give them Cat milk products!

  49. wow so original but cute

  50. I can haz napkin, pleez?