Hey Monday! Come here! [bat bat bat]

Monday, yes, I’m talking to you, day after Sunday.

You’ve been a very bad day.

You’re gonna get a paw smack.


Catherine.Cat wins Most Awesomest Kitteh Pics.



  1. I asploded!

  2. berthaservant says:

    I love it when cats bat!!!!

  3. aaaww! he’s after an invisible mousse ♥

  4. claudemarie says:

    the more I come here the more I want a kitten… 😐


  5. lucy's mommeh says:

    zomg, I just want to snorgle the ittybitty puffball. Betcha baby smells good too.
    My Lucy smells like maple syrup. Really. The top of her head smells sweet.

  6. my cat dose the same thing but he grabs your feet from
    under the bed.

  7. my cat dose the same thing but he grabs your feet from under the bed.

  8. lillith2 says:

    My day would have been far better if Kitteh had batted it away!

  9. *paw paw paw paw at floofy kitty on screen* ::drops d.e.d.::

  10. Daphne Moss says:

    Cuteness test criteria tests:
    Ah, little princess of cuteness passes tests:
    Large rounded forehead … check
    Ears furry and perked … check
    Intent leeetle face … check
    Can pick up in one hand to move toward mouth and nuzzle….

  11. My weird car does that to her reflection in mirrors, glass doors, etc. BTW, this kitty is off-the charts-cute!

  12. Most. Beeeeyootiful. Kitteh. EVER!

  13. carol m. says:

    You get that bad day, kitteh!

    Lucy’s mommeh, I had a Lucy too, and mine smelled like cinnamon, no joke. Lucy cats are deliciously scented, I guess.

  14. OMGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! Must… has… floofie… KITTEH!!! Ehn, ehn EHN!! Nope, can’t reach. =( *dies*

  15. Nicolletta says:


  16. Abominabable Snowkitteh terrorizes pink washcloths and keels you ded of kyoot. Film at 11.

  17. Little bobblehead.

  18. victoreia says:

    If that doesn’t subdue Mondays, nothing will……

  19. The Polar bear-sized paw action is also danger qte!!!

  20. chickadee022 says:

    I want a kitteh right now!!!! so cute… I just want to cuddle and play with his tiny paws…

  21. I don’t even like cats but… that kitten is so so cute!!!!!!!

  22. I just rub the kitten’s head virtually with my mouse pointer.

  23. You get that Monday, floofy kitteh pants! GIT’EM!

    I would like this kitteh as my personal bodyguard against Mondays, please. I will pay extra (in snuggles and nose kisses) if s/he can keep away all mornings, as well.

  24. @nismo. haha!! I do that all the time.

  25. Whoa, it must really be a Monday, did anyone notice how many misspellings people have in their comments?

    Oh maybe they were just overwhelmed by teh* cute.

    *intentional misspelling.

  26. GIGGLE 🙂 AWW 🙂 What a little love 🙂 I would just love to have that kitty bat away all bad things 🙂

  27. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Didn’t know they made cotton balls with feet. Ffft! Ffft!

  28. That is one HELL of a cute kitten!
    “you’ve been a bad day” hee hee

  29. Caroline says:

    Can someone tell me what kind of cat that is? It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen!!

  30. kibblenibble says:

    I’m SO jealous of that Catherine.Cat! She has access to the Qtest kittehs! But at least she shares them with us. My George smells like cocoa powder. Isabella, (at right) smells like vanilla. Hence her name: Princess Isabella Daisy Vanilla Kibblenibble Tootlepie. Okay, so I’m a crazy cat lady. There are worse things I could be….

  31. OMG! That kitteh is too cute! Does anyone mind if I have a nibble? Just the tip of the ear, I swear!

  32. @Caroline. I’m pretty sure it’s a Puuuuuuuuuursian. Not as smooshy faced as some, however. 🙂

  33. What a cuuuuuty furball!! The background colour combo is my favorite too, I’d love to know where the sender got the blanket……

  34. This is without question the Marilyn Monroe of kittehs. Simply incapable of taking a boring picture. I’m nuts about her!

  35. Monday Moaner says:

    Sounds like Meg Frost has been working on her taxes.. *sigh*
    I coughed up $1400 State and Federal, so I am commiserating with you Meg

  36. HEY!!! Isn’t this the kitteh who was selecting that fabric sample some months ago?


  37. Ok, if i had a baby like that, I don’t think I would be able to leave the house for work….or put her down….ever! What a beautiful kitten!! I’ve been resisting the urge to get a new one lately cause I’ll be moving soon – but if I could get one like this, I would take two!!

  38. Pat me with that fuzzzzzzy paw, baby!

  39. Sooo beautifuuuls………… (le sigh..) The fluffitude, it keels me…..

  40. This kitteh has a very good chance of beating evil Mundane Morning into submission;
    However, she won’t have to go through all that; all she has to do is bat those kitteh baby-blues a few times, and twitch the liddle earses somewhat, and, poof!!!
    the Mundane Blues are gone….. 😆

  41. ariesgirl says:

    Bat bat bat. (Pause) Bat bat bat. (Mew) Bat bat bat…

  42. Tally Cat says:

    *sniffs kitten* I’m not sure what my kitten smells like. I don’t think it’s cinnamon. 😦

    She smells better than the dog tho!

  43. it is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! i want 2 cuddle it!!!! 🙂 xxxx

  44. lil roni says:

    hez SOOOOO cutez! hez SOOO fwuzzy!!!! 😀