Some say the world will end in fire

Some say furry suits…



Daniel P. titled this submission “Easter Excitement!” and he couldn’t be righter.



  1. First!? Omg…I wish someone would put one of those in my easter basket!

  2. I would rather find one of these rather than a hard-boiled egg any day!

  3. kristelle says:

    what kind of dog is that

  4. A pomeranian, I reckons.

  5. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Literary hovertext FTW! English majors everywhere, rejoice. (Yaaaaay!)

    [Hehe. I was actually an environmental sciences major. Mom was the English teacher, tho… – Ed.]

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Pom. In bunny suit. Held by giant chicken. Gaaahhh! Sheer goofy bliss.
    Pom is actually smiling. 🙂

  7. I thought the literary hovertext was a reference to Meg Frost? Maybe both?

    [Yep, both, exactly. – Ed.]

  8. kittyadventures says:

    LOL And the Hover text Rocks… Any picture with a pom in it is bound to be happy.

    Happy Easter Peeps!!!!!

  9. Poms folded paws sticking out of the bunny costume is too funny!

  10. RevWaldo says:

    ..scary chicken…gonna eat me…scary chicken…gonna eat me…scary chicken…

  11. Big Bird? Is that you?

  12. Awww! a furry Easter bebbeh: the pommy type bunny pushes the kyuooteniss level to a new high! (I’m starting to hyperventilate from the sweetness:
    ware is mah paper bag?)

  13. Hon Glad says:

    Yappie easter to all the peeps.

  14. Meet the big chicken in person, gals, and he’ll make a cute pet out of you, too!

  15. ellie the one and only says:


  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    To: Theo
    Re: Hovertext
    Msg: Snort. 🙂

  17. 😉

  18. binky-mama says:

    “Halp meh!”

  19. That’th not Big Bird, that is an impothter. Wrong BEEEEEAK!

  20. 😮 Holy cuteness!!!!
    Also, makes me think of Count Pupulla. The “owner” of the dog may have to watch his/her neck for some days as the dog may want to do some payback for the bunny costume…
    That bunny disapproves.

  21. kittyadventures says:

    Please not the perfect paws up pose of the pombunny! 😉

  22. chickadee022 says:

    The doggie looks so happi! Awww I want one!

  23. Lerrinus says:

    Happy puppy! Kyoot! 😀

  24. That’s Bethany. I adopted her from the pound when she was 12. Not to turn this into a propaganda campaign, but please consider adopting a senior doggie. <– cool source of them

  25. If I’m speechless, why aren’t I shutting up?
    Move over Sartre– there’s a new desktop wallpaper in town and its name is AWESOME.

  26. ellie the one and only says:

    i feel really bad for the poor dog! stuck in a bunny suit being held by a chicken…actutaly that doesnt sound so bad….
    happy easter!

  27. BTW, impossibly clever Frost/Frost reference = rad.
    Happy Easter indeed.

    Rebecca, you are also rad!

  28. berthaservant says:

    I’m disappointed, Teho. You could have chosen the joke less taken. That would have made all the difference.

  29. zeldapie says:

    This picture is disturbing on so many levels. Who is that big bird and what is he doing with the dog/bunny?!

  30. Well, it IS National Poetry Month.

  31. Peripheral Vision says:

    Ah! Brilliant! Though it would make things less anonymous, would if there were a full-frame version of this picture – its even better with the white-suited side-kick who was cropped out!

  32. kittyadventures says:

    Rebecca, your puppy is adorable and so is your Etsy shop… What a wonderful lady you are.

  33. Kitty Adventures, thanks, your avatar is hard core cute.

  34. Fransouah says:

    an ape pretending to be a chicken holding a dog pretending to be a bunny that pretends to be a chicken.. aww I’ll go lie down now

    [Hmm, yes, I think you’ve just about summed it up. – Ed.]

  35. Bridget Marrin says:

    Congratulations Daniel,
    This is your finest accomplishment to date!!
    Hurray Cute Overload!!

  36. I knew if I looked hard enough I’d find a way to connect this photograph to Doctor Who.
    It’s an all-toy production of Donna Noble and the Easter invasion.