White House Puppy crisis—OVER!

According to valuable news sources, The Obamas will FINALLY get their First Puppeh on Tuesday. The nation can finally breathe a COLLECTIVE SIGH OF RELIEF!


In an interesting twist, the Portuguese Water Puppeh is a descendant from Ted Kennedy’s dogs Sunny and Splash. Ahn. [head tilt] More redonk info over at FirstDogCharlie.com



  1. Awwww. He’s so curly. I can’t wait to see the official family portraits. I’ll be he’ll be wearing a bow tie./=

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    I like Portuguese Agua Dogs. And I also like Obamas. It’s all win in my book!

  3. Is that the actually pup? What a sweetheart! They’re going to take heat for not getting a rescue dog, though!

  4. victoreia says:

    [whispering] Can’t we get into trouble for leaking the story early? [looks around nervously] I thought the President said it was a matter of national security?

  5. Enjoy your puppy girls take good care of him.He will be your best friend ever.

  6. kittyadventures says:

    Sits waiting for the photo shoot…. Pictures Obama’s We need Pictures Stat! 🙂

  7. I thought he was getting a shelter dog??
    Oh well, I guess getting a dog that had been returned is good too.

  8. Curly curly doggie. Eats a lot of bread crusts.

  9. Cute!! I’m not a Democrat, but I can like their dogs!! =)

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    (wonders how that dog would look in a bee costume.)

  11. It’s so nice Obama choosed a Portuguese dog! I’m Portuguese and i’m glad of his choice ^_^ they’re great dogs, specially for kids. I believe their daughters will love these doggies ♥

  12. I thought that the First Family was angling for a mutt – and a rescue dog, at that? It seems like Obama has broken (another) promise. I say that as someone who would have voted for him were I a Yank.

  13. Yay for Portuguese Water Dogs! I thought for sure they’d go for the Labradoodle; I’m glad they didn’t.

    Estlin – he is a rescue of sorts. He was adopted by a family that returned him, so he needed to be rehomed. They’ve been saying Labradoodle or PWD for months now, so this is no big surprise.

  14. kittyadventures says:

    Not that I am defending but…. because of the allergy situation they had to set aside the decision to get a shelter dog. At least that is what I heard and I can’t remember where I heard it or read it. Sorry!

  15. michelle says:

    Who cares if they didn’t get a rescue dog? They needed to get a dog that didn’t cause allergies and, perhaps there were no dogs available in nearby shelters that met those qualifications. Estlin, please don’t turn this into a political comment (I come to CO to escape all of that nonsense… ) Besides, a rescue dog is not always a good choice for a family. Many of the pound dogs I have encountered through through friends/family/volunteering are psychologically messed up (from abuse, or perhaps they were born that way), and sometimes these dogs end up being quite dangerous. I wouldn’t necessarily want to take that risk with two young daughters. I know this from personal experience–my dad adopted a rescue dog recently and it snapped and ended up biting a nephew.

  16. Estlin, he promised them a puppy and they’re getting a puppy. I never heard a “mutt” discussed, ever–it was well known that they were looking at either a Goldendoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog because of one Obama daughter’s allergies.

    I volunteer at a shelter and have walked & seen hundreds of shelter dogs. I’ve never once seen a Portuguese Water Dog there, and while I’ve seen a few Goldendoodles they were full-grown dogs, not puppies. So finding a rescue puppy of those less-allergenic breeds might be a tricky proposition.

  17. GbrsGirl says:

    I love that the first family is getting a Portuguese Water Dog, they are great! They are really personable and friendly and I don’t say that just because I’m Portuguese!

  18. Sanveann says:

    It’s hard enough to find a less-allergenic dog at a shelter, let alone a puppy of one of those breeds. I think they came as close as possible, given their limitations.

  19. I checked out the new first goggie’s picture on Valuable News Sources: he is absolutely adorable, wif white booties and a white vest; kynda like a curly canine version of a tuxedo kitteh. He looks like he’ll be a lot of fun; (wish I could be there to play with him…!)
    BTW: I hope all CuteOverLoad peeps enjoy the nice holiday weekend:

  20. Very cute dog – all those curls you just want to sink your fingers into them and play. My dog is a dachshund/chihuahua/Yorkie mutt from a shelter but he was only there for a day before I came along. The shelter chose my dog for me based on my application which was thoughtful of them. I’m deaf, so a dog that doesn’t bark constantly is better and Bosco, my dog is very good at alerting me. I only wish he didn’t shed quite so much but the Yorkie hair is so fine and silky. The Obamas’ dog has great coloring and I’m curious to follow the sagas of the “First Dog”.

  21. temperance says:

    hooray for the obamas!!!1! getting a dog is going to be such a great experience for the whole family.

    although i found my pup on the streets- and i am a huge advocate for getting a rescue pet- i do have several friends who paid very good money for their own dogs and they love them to pieces…..

    how about for this happy occassion we make our motto: “puppies not politics”.

  22. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hooray for getting a doggie, the girls will have so much fun with their new friend. I can’t imagine how cool and weird it would be to grow up in the white house, a dog will help destress everyone.

  23. kittyadventures says:

    I think Puppies not politics makes an excellent motto to me.. And I too think having a dog will give the family something fun to focus on.

  24. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Not really a rescue dog from a shelter after all. So disappointing.

  25. Ummm…There’s enough loons out there who don’t think Obama’s an actual citizen, how much of a fit will they pitch when they find the dog’s from Portugal? 🙂

  26. Sigh… Was still holding hope that they might bring home a kitteh…

  27. Okay, NOT trying to cause any sort of debate, this is strictly a question based on curiosity that I was hoping someone could clarify for me. I was under the impression that there really was no such thing as a hypo-allergenic dog, because most people’s allergies have nothing to do with the type of dog’s hair or fur but rather more with its dander and saliva. So there is no guarantee that all those GoldenDoodles and LabraDoodles and whatnot (while they are super-cute!!!) won’t actually cause someone allergies if the hair/fur isn’t the problem for that particular owner. Does anyone know more about this??

  28. tOOTtOOT says:

    I’m sure the dog that had to be gassed at the shelter because Obama wanted a purebred dog linked to Kennedy understands his promise breaking as much as a few of the commenters do.

    Allergies schmallergies…

  29. I’m so glad for those girls! Having a dog helps to make a house a home, even the White House.

    I don’t remember any “promise” to get a shelter dog. I thought they said they hoped to adopt from a shelter.

  30. he is so cute he is also lucky to be livin wit the prez

  31. Wow, even matters involving a dog can be turned into a polarizing political debate?? C’mon people, take a little breather. Calm down, enjoy the moment for a change, I hear it’s good for the mind, body and soul. Have some Zen.
    As an Independent who likes cats and huskies, I think the dog is cute, a little too curly and tiny, but cute. Shasha and Malia will have a wonderful time with the dog.
    Will the dog have an official title like the Chief Mouser of the UK? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_Mouser_to_the_Cabinet_Office

  32. berthaservant says:

    There are far more important political issues than where the president got a dog. I hope someone from the family takes the time to at least recommend that American families look for rescue/shelter pets first.

    I am very glad that the dog has found what will be a very nice life, and hope he makes a difference in the family’s life.

  33. ellie the one and only says:

    i wish they had gotten a golden doodle (it would have looked cuter in a bee costume)

  34. NTMTOM: He’d be perfect in a bee outfit! I think the first girls should dress him up in a bee outfit and get some photos out. Right away.

  35. Great news! Happy to hear that this puppy will be going to a good and loving home. Thankfully there are breeds that people with dog allergies are able to adopt!

  36. Cheweysmom says:

    to redd, as a allergy suffer and RN I can say that poodles and PWD are less allergy producing (of course I have a keeshound, but he is worth the fuss) I did have labs, springers and a mini poodle in the past, poodle definatly the least trouble on my allergys. my husband and i where going to get a PWD but Chewey stole our hearts, Oh well.

  37. I’m just so happy they are getting a pet! And Porties are the friendliest, happiest dogs ever. Sasha and Malia are two lucky girls (and we’re lucky to get to share in their happiness).

  38. Yes, the crisis is over. Now if Obama could use the same tactic to get world peace.

  39. NYC Girl says:

    Redd, you’re impression is right on target. There is no such thing as a “hypo-allergenic dog” because, as you said, the cause of the allergic reaction is a protein in the animal’s saliva, not the dog’s fur. This is also the reason why more people seem to be allergic to cats than dogs since cats lick themselves frequently. Having said that, I used to be allergic to both cats and dogs and some of my most severe reactions were the result of exposure to dogs like poodles and schnauzers… the ones that are supposedly safe. But, perhaps, Malia will be lucky and she’ll outgrow her allergy. I was lucky and outgrew mine…and now I have six cats.

    Good luck to the Obamas. I hope they enjoy their new dog.

  40. tOOTtOOT…

    You couldn’t be cuter. BUT… it’s not about having a “Kennedy-connected” “purebred” dog… but you surely know that. HOWEVER, in case you (or any other sourpusses) need reminding…

    There ARE allergy issues here; there’s a breed of dog that presents fewer of those issues than many other breeds; a friend and professional colleague (in this case the profession happens to be politics) has experience/connections with folks who know about this breed of dog; and this dog is, by all accounts and by most standards a “rescue” dog (i.e., surrendered by someone who couldn’t/wouldn’t care for the pup properly).

    GET REAL. Our president and his family aren’t causing a single animal to be “gassed” because they are giving this dog a loving home, any more than your pointless and ill-conceived self-righteousness has stopped me from being a literate, ridiculing bitch.

    AND by the way, if I remember correctly, didn’t the Bush family (BOTH administrations) feature purebred dogs? Millie even “wrote” a book, and at least one of her offspring cavorted on the White House lawn during W’s administration. Did any outrage about “non-shelter” dogs happen there?

    Anyone? Bueller?

    My point is that it’s pointless. It’s just stupid to conflate politics with puppies. Let Malia and Sasha have their (less-allergenic) dog, damn it, and let us have lots and lots of cute pictures of those adorable girls with their adorable pup!

    Who’s with me!?!

  41. Getting a puppy who was returned to a responsible breeder is not a rescue dog. A reputable breeder will take a puppy back with no questions asked (it’s in the contract) and will eventually find the puppy another home. That puppy will not be in any danger of being PTS or dumped in a kill shelter. “Breeders” who refuse to take puppies back for any reason are not the ones we should be buying puppies from in the first place. The Obamas could have gone to a rescue group (different than a shelter) to find a dog. Or they could have gone to a reputable breeder. I’m just glad they didn’t go to a pet shop.

  42. Um, and HOW do you know, Patty, that this dog didn’t come from a “reputable” breeder? The Obamas have been on record as having investigated shelter dogs who would meet the family’s needs (allergy-wise, etc.), and that’s been really tough. By all accounts, this particular pup is a dog in need of a home (I think that qualifies under most definitions of “rescue”), and he meets the First Family’s needs as much as they meet his.

    Would it make anyone feel better if they adopted NO DOG AT ALL rather than a critter meeting all the nit-picky, politically-correct criteria outlined by the bunched-up-boxers/knickers-in-a-twist/panties-in-a-jumble squad snotting all over this thread about what the Obamas SHOULD do?

    Come on, y’all– he’s a dog, he’s here, and he needs a family. Now he has a terrific one. I think that’s reason to celebrate.

    GO, DOG, GO!

    P.S. I also love that his name is “Bo.” I can’t help but feel a personal connection…

  43. Bo looks like a dear little dog and I hope he’ll be very happy with the Obamas, and they with him! And J. Bo: word.

  44. Killer Corgi was given up to a rescue organization by her breeder who abused her. She was a neurotic mess when we got her- and the foster family did all they could to socialize her first. Please people, every dog is different. Who knows, the Pope could have gotten a dog from Killer’s breeder, it doesn’t matter to the dogget as to from whom he/she is descended. Killer needed a forever home, as did this little morsel of fluffitude! Fostered dogs are rescue dogs, too.

    I wish the Obamas all the best with their new animal companion! Can we cure world hunger now, and get rid of the nukes now, please? *sheesh*

  45. Punkster says:

    It should be pointed out that the adopion of Bo is being accompanied by a donation to the Humane Society, due to the inability to find the dog they wanted at a shelter. Perhaps all the nuffers should follow suit – sort of a put your money where your mouth is thing, you know?

  46. This little dog needed a home, regardless if he came from a shelter or elsewhere, and he is getting a home. We all want that for our furry friends, right? BTW, Charlie is very cute!

  47. Please check out my website for helpful dog health and training tips.

    WHEW ! You said it, my 12 year old niece was constantly asking everyone when the first family was going to get their dog.

    I’m so happy for them and I know they will have much love, joy and happiness in times to come with this little guy.

    Kudos to the first family for their compassion to take in a pet, and I know lots of people will follow in their footsteps to find ANY animal to help.

    Thank you Mr. President.

  48. Bo Obama… can we call him “Bobama” for short?
    Whatever we call him, he’s beautiful.

  49. Hon Glad says:

    Glad this is finally resolved. I am sure he will have a happy home and bring happiness to the home.

  50. Melinda Fluffer says:

    What will they name it? I wish I could name her! She looks like a……….uhhh……….. April! Oh, I just looked up at the past commments. His name is Charlie, isn’t it. Too bad, April sounded cool!

  51. CoffeeCup says:

    It’s all over Washington Post now! The dog is named Bo, a name Sasha and Malia chose because their cousins have a cat named Bo and it’s also a reference to the first lady’s father, whose name was Diddley (the reference being to Bo Diddley, the legendary musician).

    The article and a gallery of images here: First dog

    Also, though they did not get a shelter dog, they are donating money to the D.C. Humane Society.

  52. CoffeeCup says:

    The link I posted goes to the second page of the article…WaPo requires you to log in at some point while you’re browsing their content, so I couldn’t return to the first page without it asking me to log in.

  53. CoffeeCup & Punkster already pointed it out, but yes, they are donating money to the DC Humane Society. This was essentially a gift from the Kennedys and it fit what they needed — better for allergy sufferers. And he came already trained, which is always a big plus, no matter from shelter or breeder!

  54. I didn’t mean to start a nuff-trail. I don’t mind that the Obamas didn’t get a shelter dog–I knew there were allergy issues, etc. Bo is just adorable and he’s lucky to get such a loving family. I just meant that there’s always someone willing to criticize the Obamas for everybody.

    (slinks away into the corner)

  55. Waiting for a first family bold enough to have a non-dog and a non-cat as pets. Did you know that President Taft had a cow as pet? Her name was Pauline, photo from Library of Congress:

  56. Now the T.R. Roosevelt family was truly pet-crazy. Here’s their list:
    * Pete – Bull Terrier
    * Skip – Rat Terrier
    * Jack and Peter – Terriers
    * Blackjack – Manchester Terrier
    * Manchu – Pekingese
    * Rollo – Saint Bernard
    * Sailor Boy – Chesapeake Bay Retriever
    * Tom Quartz and Slippers – Cats
    * Emily Spinach – Garter snake
    * Algonquin – Pony
    * Maude – Pig
    * Josiah – Badger
    * Jonathan – Piebald rat
    * Dr. Johnson, Bishop Doane, Fighting Bob Evans, and Father O’Grady – Guinea pigs
    * Baron Spreckle – Hen
    * Eli Yale – Macaw
    * Fidelity – Pony
    * Gem and Susan – Dogs
    * A one-legged rooster
    The Coolidges also had a lot:
    * Rob Roy and Prudence Prim – White collies
    * Peter Pan – Terrier
    * Paul Pry – Airedale Terrier
    * Calamity Jane – Shetland Sheepdog
    * Tiny Tim and Blackberry – Chow chows
    * Ruby Rouch – Collie
    * Boston Beans – Bulldog
    * King Cole – German shephard
    * Palo Alto – Birddog
    * Bessie – Collie
    * Rebecca and Horace – Raccoons
    * Ebeneezer – Donkey
    * Enoch – Goose
    * Smoky – Bobcat
    * Tiger – cat
    * Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau – lion cubs
    * Billy – Pygmy hippo
    * A Wallaby
    * A Duiker (a very small antelope)
    * A black bear
    and the Kennedys :
    * Gaullie – Poodle
    * Charlie – Welsh Terrier
    * Tom Kitten – cat
    * Robin – canary
    * Bluebell and Marybelle – parakeets
    * Macaroni – pony
    * Tex and Leprechaun – ponies
    * Debbie and Billie – hamsters
    * Pushinka – mutt (gift of Russian premier, puppy of first dog in space)
    * Shannon – Irish Cocker Spaniel
    * Wolf – (mutt, possibly part Wolfhound and Schnauzer)
    * Clipper – German Shepherd
    * Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie, and Streaker – (offspring of Pushinka and Charlie)
    * Zsa Zsa – a rabbit
    * Sardar – horse

  57. In going with a purebreed, the influential Obamas have ensured that puppy mills will start churning out Portuguese Water Dogs by the truckload, while millions of shelter dogs continue to languish. and when the fad is over, where will all of these Portuguese puppies end up?

    I voted for Obama. I am still an ardent supporter. But I think he blew it with this (seemingly harmless) decision.

  58. CoffeeCup says:

    Biscuit, I think that assessment is hardly fair to the Obamas. They were looking for a dog that was appropriate for their family, and took into consideration their daughter’s allergies. If a dog suited for their needs could not have been found at a shelter, they had to look elsewhere. And since the Kennedy family has a long history of reputable breeding with the Portuguese Water Dogs, it’s hardly fair to say that in accepting the dog, the Obamas are condoning puppy mills.

    What they do affects the world, yes, but one can hardly say they are to blame for the actions of puppy mill breeders who aren’t kind to their animals.

    And I find it interesting that you have to punctuate your statements by saying you voted for Obama – as if voting for the man means that in some way, you are proving you’re not just out to “get him.” You voted in the man because you considered his political beliefs fair and agreeable, not because you thought he was going to choose a shelter dog. I didn’t vote for him, and I certainly don’t support many of his political actions or stances, but I don’t think their selection of a dog is the most important thing he has to worry about. And certainly it shouldn’t be the most important thing the American people have to worry about either.

  59. >Who knows, the Pope could have gotten a dog from Killer’s breeder, it doesn’t >matter to the dogget as to from whom he/she is descended.
    Actually, His Holiness Benedict XVI is well-known as a ‘cat person.’

  60. “In an interesting twist, the Portuguese Water Puppeh is a descendant from Ted Kennedy’s dogs Sunny and Splash”

    Hey, that seems kind of a like a cheap shot kind of joke to… It’s not a joke, is it?

  61. ellie the one and only says:

    i can see it now, the new presidential dog walking magesticly down to road to the house, camreas flashing while the national anthem plays in the backround….then he pee’s on the president…(maybe the dog wasnt such a good idea) jk jk very cute dog

  62. We watched “Bevery Hills Chihuahua” last night, and I was glad to see the PSA that Disney (and, I think, the Humane Society) put at the end of the movie, saying that Disney wanted every animal to have a loving forever home, and before you get a puppy, please research the breed and make sure you’re prepared to be committed to that puppy (I’m paraphrasing).

    I’m sure this is a direct result of the Dalmatian frenzy that followed the live-action “101 Dalmations,” when everyone wanted a dog that acted like the ones in the movie, and then dumped them in pounds and shelters when they didn’t. But it was an important and good message all the same.

  63. Dalmatians. NOT Dalmations. Sheesh.

  64. The people defending President Obama’s decision not to adopt from a shelter clearly have no idea what actually goes on in shelters, or they just don’t care, which is sad.

    Not all shelter dogs are “crazy.” They may need extra socialization and training, but they can make great pets.

    There are more dogs than there are people who will adopt them, and that is a problem. Millions of dogs and cats are killed each year in shelters, and every dog gotten from another source (breeder, pet store, gift, etc.) is another euthanized.

    Yes, reputable breeders are better than backyard breeders and pet stores, but if you just want a companion dog, you can save the life of one at a shelter. Why did they have to get a Portuguese water dog? Why not some other “hypoallergenic” breed that is more common in shelters?

    As far as “putting my money where my mouth is,” I am a member of a no-kill animal rescue organization, and it is my charity of choice.

    I voted for Obama and would do so again, but I am disappointed in this decision.

  65. berthaservant says:

    A good friend of mine runs adopt-a-pet.com and I’ve had a discussion w/ her about this. The concern is more that there will now be a “run” on breeder-bred Portuguese Water Dogs as people try to be hip; the example of shelter adoption would have probably served the larger homeless animal community more effectively.

    FYI, since the economy has turned, “returns” and abandonments are up 20 to 30 per cent in some places.

  66. victoreia says:

    [stepping on soap-box]

    Can we please leave the politics out of this? The First Family got a dog. Where (or who) they got him from isn’t really any of our business, since it was a private, family decision. They did their best regarding getting a pound puppy; they couldn’t find one that matched their needs–and that includes the all-important emotional aspect. I’m sure that if the girls had really fell in love with one of the less hypo-allergenic breeds, they would have made adjustments. The point to remember is the Obamas are doing their best to be responsible pet owners, which includes doing research on the best type of pet for their girls.

    I’ve volunteered at a local Humane Society, and my first cat came from there. Should I join the political hit list because my two current cats didn’t come from a shelter? Yes, we have a problem in this country, and it needs addressing. But please, please remember that all those dogs and cats euthanized today would have been euthanized regardless of where the First Family’s new dog came from.

    [stepping off soapbox]
    And hurray for Bo Obama!

  67. The quote was: “We have two criteria that have to be reconciled. One is that Malia is allergic, so it has to be hypoallergenic. There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic. On the other hand, our preference would be to get a shelter dog. But obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me. So whether we’re going to be able to balance those two things, I think, is a pressing issue on the Obama household.” He stated that their preference was to get a shelter dog, but made the alternative choice due to his daughter’s allergies. Quite simple.

  68. And the message we take away from this is: Remember folks, when making a decision to add a new member to your family, YOUR personal wishes, hopes, and dreams, and YOUR personal health and allergy issues, are not relevant! What’s important is that you make the biggest charity case you can find to prove how socially responsible you are!

    Looking for a dog with a specific temperment for your kids? A particular kind of fur for your allergies? A specific size or configuration for your living situation? YOU are responsible for purebred overbreeding! The ONLY dogs you are allowed to adopt are shelter and rescue dogs, because YOU PERSONALLY are responsible for the welfare of these dogs, and you have an OBLIGATION to each and every one of them.

    Did you want a puppy to raise along with your children? WRONG! Anyone can adopt a cute puppy, but you OWE it to the adult dogs that also need homes to provide one. In fact, you OWE it to the dogs to get one with severe health or behavioral problems, because YOU are their only chance for adoption, so if a dog is put down in a shelter anywhere, it is YOUR FAULT.

    Happy adopting!

  69. @kodalai – thanks. anyone who hasn’t by now adopted multiple dogs from a shelter is selfish and responsible for the gassing of those dogs.


  70. All politics aside – according to the news this is the first dog for anyone in the family, including the parents. I’m a big believer in rescue pups – I grew up fostering dogs and keeping many – but at the same time, for newbie dog owners it’s probably a better idea to get a bred puppy related to the dog of a friend so you have a better idea of his temperament and likely behavior.

    I’m definitely not saying shelter puppies are a bad idea! Oh no. Best dogs in my life have been mutts from shelters. But in a high profile situation like this, with inexperienced owners, I don’t think taking a friend’s doggie-descendant is a bad idea. Especially one that’s lightly trained already. Toilet training is traumatic enough without worrying about the puppy going on an antique rug.

    Anyway, one news source described Bo as “already wearing his own tuxedo” which sounds adorable for a presidential pooch. 😀

  71. The Obamas didn’t adopt a shelter dog after all?! Nooooooooooooooooo! I just cried…. all over my cheeseburger…

  72. lurkingsmirk says:

    “Why not some other “hypoallergenic” breed that is more common in shelters?”

    I volunteer at a humane society too and I’m not sure what hypoallergenic dogs common to shelters you are speaking of. Currently we have one elderly bichon (great for two young girls to grow up with right) and then a nice range of pit bulls. I loves me some pit bulls but they’re not hypoallergenic. At any rate, the purebred hypoallergenic breeds or the hypoallergenic poodle mixes have no problems getting adopted out unless they have medical conditions, which again is not a great first pet for two young girls.

  73. The important things are: 1. the dog isn’t a pet store dog and 2. two little girls have a loving pet. PWDs are already insanely popular (at least where I live (Toronto) they are), so it’s not like they’re making some obscure breed suddenly popular.

  74. Black Ice says:

    I have one of those dogs. She’s a real sweety but she has a lot of energy. And she thinks she’s a lot smaller than she is. XD