Pit Bull hatches Easter Chicks

Complete with awesome “chick hatching” sound!

Karen S., there are no bad breeds, just bad owners, right?



  1. QT! You need to have this again for mother’s day!

  2. Sharky the PB! I love this video. Too cute.

  3. How sweet! I have a pit bull lab mix and people always think the worst of her becuase of the pit part – until they meet her. She is a super sweetie.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Sharky seems to be a big softy…there’s another video of him/her with a bunny. She licks the bun, too. Some might say she’s “tasting” them. He he. But I don’t think so.

  5. duck au vin says:

    Hippity Hoppity…nicest pit bull around.

  6. purple_phoenix says:

    I wonder what people would say if they didn’t know the dog was a PB until after watching the vid. I love PB because they want to be loved by people and would do anything for that love. They remind me a lot of people I know. We had a boy bully at the vet clinic I worked at. He was in for a surgery and he adopted a kitten while he was there. It was the cutest thing to see him walking around with it in his mouth. He was like ‘this is my baby. We are cute. Treat please?’

  7. OOOB!

    I had already decided that my first animal best friend when I finally get my own place again would be a rescued APBT, but this stuff confirms it! Most people really have no idea how loving and sweet these dogs really are.

    Punishing pit bull breeds for their attacks is kind of like sending an abused child to jail when he hits a playmate.

    On a side note, I want to lick those chicks, is that wrong?

  8. gravyboatk says:

    What a lovely doggie!

  9. Beth (in NC) says:

    Now that I’ve been volunteering at the local SPCA (where most of our dogs are American Staffordshire Terrier mixes– I’ve been told that they are actually pitbull terriers, but they use that potential “misnomer” as a way of combating prejudices), I have a new found respect for them. And a purebred pitbull “puppy”, with the largest paws I have ever seen, 20 pounds at three months, decided that she was a lapcat and took a nap on top of me. I almost was ded right there.

    What I was planning on saying waaaassss: haven’t I seen this pit meme-ing around on the intertubes??

  10. Awwwwww!!! Too much, too much!!! I love how in the vid with just the bun and dog, the bunneh’s back was wet from the leeking!!!

  11. kittyadventures says:

    What a precious dog… so sweet.

  12. I loved it! The St. Patrick’s video with the dog and rooster was great, too!

  13. twokittymama says:

    I like the one with Sharky, the cat and the chicks. Talk about interspecies snorgling.

  14. *asplodes*

    It doesn’t get more cute and more overload than this…eeee.

  15. That’s the Great Sharky!!! Don’t miss the one of him swimming with the chickies climbing all over him!

  16. I “awwwed” all over this one!!! Real “Just Born” Peeps!!!

    Happy Easter/Passover/Spring (choose your flavor) to you dear peeps!

  17. yaaay cute repost =D

    [Sorta, but not exactly… – Ed.]

  18. DaytimeDeb says:

    Don’t forget to check out the boxhab video that pops up as one of the options after you view this one. It’s a CO two-fer!

  19. platedlizard says:

    For the record, my cat is telling me that she would also like to hatch some chicks. And then play with them, to death. (she’s been practicing her killing bite on her plushie border collie, lol) Which is why I lock her up when my other pets are out! Gotta love those predatory instincts.

    Fact is, most pitties are super nice dogs. As long as they have proper socialization and training they’re no worse then any other breed. Unfortunately with their rep they tend to attract people who aren’t as nice… plus they put their heart into anything you ask them to do. Ask them to do obedience they’ll do that. Ask them to fight, they’ll do that. Ask them to raise a bunch of chicks, they’ll do that! It’s up to the owner.

  20. sleeeepy says:

    Awwww….That just made my day!

  21. Too cute for words! Pitties are wonderful animals 🙂

  22. metsakins says:

    Even though I’m just singing to the choir, I’ve been walking dogs at the pound. So far the “attack” I received was from a part pit named Rita. She put her paws around me and tried to keep me from leaving her alone in her pen. When I still tried to leave she continued to try to get me to play with her. It was deadly, from the cute! If I had all day to spend with her, it wouldn’t be enough, becuase she needs the lovins seriously. Fortunately they found a foster home for her and hopefully they will find a forever home soon.

  23. I thought this initially said “Pit Bull HATES easter chicks” and I thought “leave poor pit bulls alone!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  24. I have met some scary, thick skulled looking, muscley pitbulls…and every one was a softy. They are big loves, and are usually the ones most ready to adopt other creatures. It’s people who breed them wrong and train them cruel.

  25. I donut think foster-mother goggies come any kyuooter than Sharky! Wutta sweetie!

  26. Hon Glad says:

    Cute and innocent.

  27. @metsakins: Bless you for making that little sweetie so happy she didn’t want to let you go!!

  28. cinnamoo says:

    my doggies sure wouldn’t be that polite to a dozen eggs!

  29. True dat.

  30. Sharky is such a sweetie. Y’all should check out the videos of him snoring and of him with his “brother” in their Halloween costumes.

  31. Hey! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute!

  32. Great post. I have an wonderful, super friendly apbt. It’s a shame the breed gets such a bad rap. Videos like this def help their reputation. Super cute.

  33. SamanthaM says:

    Yesterday at Easter dinner my dad made the comment that while at PetSmart buying supplies for their dog that he and my stepmom nearly came home with a new puppy. I got very excited and asked what kind, and he said mostly pit bull, a mix. Their previous dog, who had passed away of old age/kidney failure, was the brightest, funniest, most loving pit bull/black lab mix named Buddy Girl.

    My grandpa drew in a sharp breath and said, “Don’t tell me that!” Dad looked at him and reminded him that Bud was part pit bull (a fact that my stepmom had tried to at first conceal from my grandparents because she didn’t want my grandparents to be scared around her, though she never did and never would show aggression toward them) and Grandpa said, “Well, that doesn’t mean I liked it when I found out!”

    Aside from getting an animal at PetSmart (I don’t know if they’re the bad place to buy from, sorry), I would have been thrilled. Full or mixed pitties are great dogs and my stepmom’s and dad’s hearts broke when Bud had to be helped across the Rainbow Bridge. When I can finally live in a place that allows animals, I know what kind I will be adopting.

  34. Kristabelle says:

    Samantha – your parents didn’t buy a dog from Petsmart – they adopted a dog that was on display there, most likely. I don’t think that Petsmart sells ANY animals and they frequently have rescue groups there with animals and have a in house cat adoption program…

    The only pitties I’ve ever met are nice. Even the one I stopped my car for the other day – he just jumped right in my back seat like, Cool! Let’s go! I had to let someone else take care of him, but I didn’t want to see him get hit!

  35. Kristabelle says:

    Check that – Petsmart DOES SELL animals – birds, fish, hamsters, etc. but not dogs or cats.

  36. Pit bulls can be softies and still be major problems. I know a pair of good owners who have invested a humongous amount of time, love, and money training and attempting to socialize their dog. However, their dog is still uncontrollable. It is spoiled beyond belief and pretty much does whatever she wants.

    The poor owners cannot even get a shock collar or choke chain because even the vet said it would not affect the dog.

    The dog is sweet, but if it is having a bad day, or has a mood swing, it is a problem. I have personally seen it go from ‘aww’ to OH SHIT SHE’S GOT ANOTHER DOG IN HER MOUTH in less than .5 seconds.

    If you can beat your pitbull into submission, or start with one who is naturally submissive, then you might be a good owner for it. But if you spoil them rotten and they think they are special, good luck paying someone else’s medical bills.

  37. now THIS is the kind of publicity that pit bulls need.

  38. Nthalk, just off the top of my head, I don’t think beating into submission is a good strategy for any dog or any creature.

  39. Just as with any dog breed, there are good pits and bad pits. But overall I think they are a loving, adorable group. My own dog is a pit-bull boxer mix (rescue) who has definitely had his issues, but is a complete sweetheart who I would never give up in a second. He’s a terrier mix, so intense, but not a mean dog in any way.

    And I agree, Theresa, beating them into submission is not the approach. It sounds to me like these “good” owners have let their dog rule the roost, maybe they need to invest more in people training.

    Love Sharky! Show more! 🙂

  40. Sasha's mum says:

    Yaaay! My first successful submish!

    Oh, and if you want more … check out the further exploits of put bull, chicks, and buns: http://www.youtube.com/texasgirly1979

  41. Carnivorous M. says:


    Now that I got alla mah squee out, I can say that I thought it was funny how there appeared to be fewer and fewer chicks each shot… XD

    What a sweeto-licious doggie! ^^ -snorfs-

  42. nthalk…

    please dont adopt a dog. the problem is not the dog, it is the fact that it is spoiled rotten.

    but there is a happy medium- beating dogs into submission makes them angry (and can you blame them?). you need to be firm and loving.