How Pyza finds the time to dress up her lil’ hamsters in Easter gear and shoot them on fabulous blue backgrounds that REALLY make our logo pop—I’ll never know.

Fine, I'll do this photo shoot if I get ten thousand yogurt drops

What an adorable morsel this little guy is!

Psssssst! Can you believe we're doing this!?


Bułeczka update: BAD NEWS again… 😦, Two Turtles…, Happy Easter ~ from Pompon, “I don’t like you! ~ Bułeczka, all by the fabulous pyza*.



  1. fawn lust says:

    They are so cute!

  2. bluemenro says:

    KE-YOOT! Happy Easter, everyone! Hope Buleczka gets well very soon!

  3. OHMIGOD lookit dem! *dies*

  4. OMGOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! TOO MUCH SOFTNESS!!! *SQUEALS SEVERAL TIMES* oops, there I go again with the caps *blushes*

  5. Aww! Look at the little guy in the second picture down. I want to smoosh him!! In the nicest possible way.

  6. 可爱可爱!那个眼神,感觉是对这个世界的一切都很无知!

  7. duck au vin says:

    (Any way I can get a little pix of a duck?)
    Don’t need any chocolate or jelly beans in my Easter basket-just a few of these
    delightful little hamsters looking perky in their colorful egg shells. Tofu and alfalfa
    sprout sandwiches for Easter lunch, with grated carrots and chopped pecans in little cakes baked in thimbles. Just a few wheel spins will run off the extra
    calories. Anyone reading my little story had better brush with maximum strength
    toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

  8. Please, Easter hamster…let’s have eggs from free-roaming hens. Thanks!

  9. Wow, sure beats quarters in those plastic eggs!

  10. BabyOpossum says:

    Love the bed-head on the little white guy.

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    I agree with Duck. I just want a basket full of these when I get up[ tomorrow morning.

    Happy Easter Every Peeps (hee hee, “peeps” ,they are my fav Easter candy)

  12. Gorgeous, especially the white one.

  13. earlybird1 says:

    Wow, this person has an eye for design! Those colors are GORGEOUS! Awesome layout, not to mention the tiny bedhead hammies (SQUEEEEE)!!

  14. I *heart* Pyza’s little photoshoots!!! She and her hammies (and piggy) RULE!!

  15. Lovin the photoshoot!

  16. Good Grief: this is what I would love to do, if I had the hammies and the opportunity…
    I hope Buleczka gets well very soon: sending beems her way…..
    (BTW, Sweeda: if you are running out of caps, I will pass the hat around, and we can send you any spares we have: helpfulness: we has it! Happy Easter!! 😆

  17. That red hamster manages the “out of bed” look like a pro… hat’s off.

  18. I love the white hamster in the third pic! He’s really working the “fuzzy baby chick” look!

  19. Hammies and bright colours! I like!

  20. so gorgeously tasty

  21. O my god!!! so so cute

  22. they r soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy easter every1 xxxx

  23. they r soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy easter every1 xxxx