My Schnozzle is so long it’s out of focus

[Splink Splink eyelashes sound]

(Usually, I would use the words ‘Plink Plink’, but these eyes are unusually juicy.)


Mini dachshund “Beans” was sent in by Sara E. and photographed by Sam O’Hare.



  1. chanpon says:

    After juicy eyed kitties, we move on to juicy eyed doggies? Perfect. Furrowed brows a plus.

  2. That is the most adorable schnoozle I have EVER seen…

  3. Babelglyph says:

    Rather like eyesplashes, I’d say.

  4. Do they have another wiener dog named Frank by any chance? If not, they tewtally SHOULD.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    So silky! (LOL, DKN! Frank ‘n’ Beans!)

  6. GingerBean says:

    hehe, I love the word “shnozzle”. 🙂

  7. SHNOZZLE!!! love iT!!

  8. Katiedid says:

    What juicy eyes you have there mr. puppy!!!


    A baby humpback whale is swimming around New York Harbor today! Can we get some good thoughts to keep the baby safe?

  10. PS: Nose BEEP!

  11. snooooooooooot

  12. When you have such a cute schnozzle for a noesickle as Beans does, it’s OK if it’s out of focus; *consults old photography manual about depth of field; gets overwhelmed by the tech-talk; shoves manual back under the couch; comes to the conclusion that Beansie is kyuooter than ever*

  13. miaouxme says:

    safe thoughts to baby whale! Beans we love your juiciness!

  14. Rebecca says:

    I want.

  15. Beanee Weenee!

  16. Birdcage says:

    Half a dog high, and two dogs long ……. I lurves me some dachshund. No one does furrowed-brow quite like a dachshund. And a black-and-tan one, too! What a maundy thursday treat! My doxie is red.

  17. Dachshunds are able to compel you with their eyes, didja know that? At least mine can.

  18. katfighter says:

    Oh, Beans, you look so squishy – I just want to snorgle you til the cows come home. I’m sick of work and need some puppy lovin’, but alas, my boys are at home. 😦

  19. BEANS!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    Mini dachsund “Beans” is beautiful. His/her (?) schnozzle is just in snorgle range.. all except for that stupid glass screen in the way . .. Sending good thoughts to the baby whale, I hope he/she is resQte!!

  21. berthaservant says:

    Beans!!! What a perfect name!!!

    Super pic.

  22. So shiny. *melts*

  23. stuck@work says:

    I luuuuurve my doxie. Black and tan, long nosie. Eyes that make me fulfill his every scratching desire. And, as the hover text suggested, he easiers are the best for nomming. So soft, so warm, so delicate. Have exactly 48 minutes before I’m no longer stuck@work for the entire weekend.

  24. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Meg, your captioning for this was so perfect that I accidentally inhaled the smartie I was eating.

  25. herzliebster says:

    They are definitely breeding dachshunds for longer and longer noses. The dachs I had 40 years ago wouldn’t even in be the same league in the schnozzle department.

  26. Concerned says:

    Are images no longer going to be embedded in the RSS feeds? Since the change to the new feed I’m seeing nothing but text since Badgers.

  27. CoffeeCup says:

    People, I’m thankful for CO. I’ve been bedridden (well, sort of) for the last few days due to a horrendous sinus infection. Between the schnoz dog and the demanding cat, and the dozens of Maru videos on YouTube, I’m feeling like I might feel better from this terrible, terrible illness. Keep up the good work.

    /eats another cough drop

  28. kibblenibble says:

    Love the teeny brown eyebrow markings. Ever notice how many people either choke on, or spit out whatever they’re eating or drinking whilest perusing the Qte? Kinda says something about how we live our lives, multitasking, eating in front of the computer. Maybe there should be a warning to eat/drink at your own risk while on CO! 😮

  29. Actually I think this qualifies as dachshunds in racks. Yes, it doesn’t rhyme but it really is!

  30. Smooch to the schnoz!

  31. copperbat says:

    *crosses eyes and smooches Beans’ schnozzle*

  32. copperbat says:

    Oh. And CoffeeCup, please feel better and take good care. Sinus infections can be very serious.

  33. cheesybird says:

    Must. Kees. Schnozzle!

  34. I hope you are better very soon, CoffeeCup! Drink LOTS of water! Hot soup, too.Your friend, K.

  35. Snoot Dog! (Snooot, Theo! I was going to submit a post with a baby elephant and a baby tapir with that very subject! SNOOOTS!)

    Dachshunds: the sports car of the dog world!

  36. lucy's mommeh says:

    Is Beans some sort of dacshie name thing?
    My friend has an adorable little girl whose name is Chili Bean….:D

  37. Sorry to be off-topic, but my friend & I haven’t received daily CO emails since last Friday, April 3. We each sent email inquiries to different CO addresses but received no responses from any of them. We each tried to re-start our subscriptions according to the instructions at the bottom of the last CO email we received, but still we aren’t getting them. Can anyone help?

  38. Love doxies, have never had one myself, but have had several friends who have. My favorite thing is the way, when they run to greet you, the schnozzle get there first, while the waggy hind end is still waaay back there, still workin’ on agettin’ here.

  39. Kristen Delaney says:

    The text is juicy but I can’t see the pics. I feel incomplete.

  40. My CO e-mails have stopped, too, and my day pretty much sucks without them, so I’d be interested if anybody has advice. I, also, am sorry to be off topic of this adodrable dog, but I didn’t get responses to my proper-channel inquiries, either.

  41. It’s Cyrano de Baroogerac!

  42. Hon Glad says:

    Nobody noes the trouble a schnozzle can wozzel.

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    @ janb–it rhymes if you call them “dachs in rachs” (pronounced with a suitably guttural Teutonic rasp, while clicking heels and adjusting monocle).

  44. Babelglyph says:

    Try signing up again for the emails, guys. I had to re-add my RSS feed. I think the new website layout has changed some things.

    It’s over there:

  45. Thanks Babelglyph. I tried signing up again but was told I was already signed up. I’ll try the RSS feed. I’ve gotta have my daily happy pill.

  46. Like janb said–it’s dox and racks!

  47. Babelglyph says:

    Perhaps unsubscribe and re-subscribe from the emails? Good luck!

  48. Thanks, Babelglyph. I’ve done that – tried re-starting my subscription a few days ago. The problem is that CO still provides the choice of RSS (which I’ve had bad experiences with) and email, and no one at CO will respond to our inquiries about what we need to do, or why the emails stopped. THAT SAID, I want to get Beans a pipe and a smoking jacket. Doesn’t he look like the lead in some 1940’s British movie about the upper classes?

  49. WEENIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sent out the sweetest most adorable pictures of my brand new dapple dachshund back in August and I never got posted.


  50. I second the “dachs in rachs” idea! After all, you never can have enough doxie in your life 🙂

  51. Steve from Yelowstone says:

    The schnozzle isn’t in focus, but that double chin action sure is. Overload on teh cute more and the Ben and Jerry’s a little less.

    I’m just sayin’…

  52. Von Zeppelin says:

    I don’t see a double chin. Beans looks pretty svelte, even for a dachshund.

  53. I Can Has Patty Melt? says:

    Not the dog. Look up…

  54. Existantia says:

    lucy’s mommeh – Chilli Bean! How perfect!

    Love the schnozzeliness. Bean tewtally deserves a pointer-finger nose beep!

    I want a Weenie Beanie!!

  55. Let me declare here and now how much I love doggie eyebrow spots.

  56. Let me once again remind all of you that while the schnozzle may be long, the legs are eternally stubbular, therefore dachshunds are ALWAYS cute according to the rules of cuteness!

    And eyebrow dots…well, I’m with Noelegy on this one. Eyebrow dots make me weak in the knees!

  57. There is also some baroo going on with the eye brows, right?
    Totally adorable!! Also this dachshund reminds me of my cousin (?!)