Oh, that’s attractive

“Give me grasseses!”


Delicious grasseses nom nom


I just lost my appetite, Lily C.



  1. 😦 I think that’s too cute.

  2. hon glad says:

    People give grasses
    to asses
    who make passes.

  3. Aynngh is the new nom.

  4. Maribeth says:

    From his/her coat, it looks like it might be the end of a long winter – I bet the green stuff tastes GREAT!! Of course, this is pure speculation. Could be sheer unremitting greed, too.

  5. Oh, and hon glad – don’t forget the gasses.

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Out here where I live, you see a lot of guys who look just like this, except they’re generally stuffing in Red Man chewing tobacco. They spit a lot more than this donkey, also. Come to think of it, the donkey is more attractive in most ways than some of my neighbors.

  7. cobratoes says:

    That is a silly donkey. =o)

  8. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    That’s what my kids look like at breakfast time. Aynngh aynngh aynngh…pass the syrup…

  9. Nice ass. 😉


    OMG donkieeZ!!!11!!!!

  10. ummm esscuze me, you have somefing in your teef… little to de right… no higher.. ok, its everywhere, I can’t lie..

  11. VonZep, you live in a minor league ballpark?

  12. “You have some teeth in your spinach”

  13. the dahwnkeee kinda looks like a UNICORN in that second pic. a big, hungry, slobbering UNICORN.

  14. Poohbear says:

    I love donkehkehs and their gentleness. They like carrots too, with their grassesses.

    Ah, CO, place of perfect calm and sweetness. Was mugged on the street yesterday in broad daylight – it happens in peaceful Switzerland too. Am going to need a few good postingks now while I get my wits about me.

  15. also: EEEII-AWWGHHH! (redonkulous donkeh noise)

  16. hon glad says:

    Poohbear. So sorry to hear about your mugging, I hope you weren’t hurt.

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    Actually, Theresa, I live in the home state of Mickey Mantle, Warren Spahn, Johnny Bench, and Pepper Martin, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain and carries off the tobacco juice as you aim it at your spit cup. When you follow a pickup with a gun rack down Interstate 35, you want to make sure your windshield washer reservoir is full.

    As to minor league ballparks, when I attend games at the nicely-groomed stadium of YOUR OKLAHOMA REDHAWKS (echo-ey stadium PA announcer effect), it looks like the more popular chaw these days is sunflower seeds. A skilled outfielder can hold about a half a pound in his mouth and expertly separate the kernels and spit out the seeds. I suppose this is healthier than chewing tobacco.

    Whatever happened to training on cigarettes and booze like old Mick did?

  18. kristabelle41 says:

    Oh dear, Poohbear! (((HUGS)))

    Says the lasses with glasses, “Asses who eat grasses is likely to pass gasses…”

  19. @Poohbear, the purring Dante is sending you soothing purrs.

    @VonZep, WOW. Where in Oklahoma are the Red Hawks? Is it far away from the Drillers?

    (Theresa, a provincial city girl)

    Don’t you know you;ve got to stuff the donkeh!

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    The RedHawks (note cutesy spacing and capitalization) play home games at the Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City. They are an AAA club in the Texas Ranger farm system. The Drillers are in Tulsa, about 90 miles away.

  21. alwayscataddict says:

    I was going to have a chance to see my first baby donkee this weekend, but had to postpone. Hopefully, it won’t get too big in a couple weeks when I can go

  22. Hey! I absolutely looooooove your blog!! I couldnt get the smile off of my face the whole time!! I have to let everyone I know know about your blog! hehe, my mom will die when she sees some of these pics 🙂 Keep up the art of making people smile! You are very good at it!

  23. Birdcage says:

    The old gray donkey stood by himself in a thistly corner of the petting zoo, his front feet well apart, his head on one side, and thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, “Why?” and sometimes he thought, “Wherefore?” and sometimes he thought, “Inasmuch as which?” and sometimes he didn’t quite know what he was thinking about.

  24. StormCat says:

    Manny – you made me laugh out loud with that one!!!

    PoohBear – I hope you’re ok!!! I’m surprised because my trips over there were always peaceful!! I hope things work out for you!

  25. scooterpants says:

    holy cuteness-
    iz a mule not a cow.
    can mules chew their cud?
    i’m really not an authority, but
    i dont think so. they will be much
    cuter after a nice roll in the mud .
    watch yer fingers!

  26. chanpon says:

    But do asses like molasses with their grasses as they’re passing gasses?
    A mass of crass sassy lasses, but not meaning to harass, wants to know.

  27. skippymom says:

    It’s EEYORE!

  28. Allison U. says:

    Donkey!!! YAY!!!

  29. kittyadventures says:

    PoohBear..(((HUgs))) glad you are okay!

    There once was an ass named Molasses
    who spent all his days eating grasses
    HE ate them with glee
    and grinned wickedly
    as he passed on the grasses with gasses.

  30. DONKEEEE!!!

  31. hon glad says:

    Don’t give molasses
    to Asses
    cos there wind
    which they passes
    causes crevasses
    in which lasses
    can fall.

  32. Poohbear says:

    Thank you good Peeps for your comfort and good words. Hon Glad, cannot say I escaped unscathed but am in one piece and functioning thank Heavens.
    Theresa, Dante’s purrs much appreciated, goes straight to where it’s needed. After I came home and stretched out for a while, my Nohea (“loveliness” in Hawaiian, pictured right) climbed up along the 3rd and 4th (or something) acupuncture meridians, placing her feets exactly on the tenderest spots (ouch ouch) and settling onto my chest with paws tucked in, started the purr engine. Kitteh healing, just when it’s needed. They are so perceptive.
    My Thomas’s welcome home was more : Hi Mom, you’re back, what’s for dinner ? Boys… !

    And now for more donkeyisms!

    Birdcage, that is lovely and a perfect description of donkeyness. Where is it taken from ?

  33. skippymom says:

    Poohbear, Nohea looks like a very, very sweet kitty. They do always know just when and where one needs a little massage.
    Glad you’re okay.

  34. chanpon says:

    Oh, lasses falling into crevasses might cause paralysis. Bad, bad asses with gasses!!

  35. berthaservant says:

    I will say, for the record, that smokeless (and other) tobacco use has been banned from affiliated minor league baseball for a few years now. Also, people, do you want to know why baseball players grab themselves in the happy place? Because they are wearing an athletic supporter and a protective cup. In addition to being frequently dislodged in the process of walking, running, squatting, sliding, hitting, etc. (which baseball players do), said under-carriage often must be re-jiggered so as to remain both reasonably comfortable and effective. We’re not dogs licking our privacy area because it’s there. We really have an adjustment to make.

    Sorry – meanwhile, Hon Glad, don’t forget about the girls who wear glasses, either, and Poohbear, hope you recover well (sounds like you are on your way w/ the kitteh massage).

    Oh, and once again, I ask for a “nom” or “nommage” tag. Thank you.

  36. What IS that thing in the first picture?

  37. om nom nom nom!

  38. Birdcage says:

    Poohbear – My donkeyness is dedicated especially to you: it was an Eeyore quote.

  39. I like the big smile he’s got in the second picture! You wouldn’t think one could smile while having one’s mouth stuffed with grass, but he manages it!

  40. Pooh bear: sending happy thoughts and good wishes your way!!
    Maybe now you’ll win the lottery (or the Swiss equivalent of it) this week…lettuce hope!
    Well, Mr. Donkey is rlly happy anyway; he says: “Ommm, nom, nom, moar grass, yummers, gobble, gobble!!”

  41. Poohbear says:

    Birdcage – of course it is ! How could I have doubted it for a second. It’s the petting zoo that threw me off, I thought it was a modern take on Eeyore’s moods.

    Tiddly-pom, tiddly pom.

  42. Poohbear says:

    CheshireKittehkat : thanks for your good wishes, I’m sure it will all come right in the end. I’m probably the last of the Leibnizers, for I do believe that “There must be a sufficient reason [often known only to God] for anything to exist, for any event to occur, for any truth to obtain”, “in the best of all possible worlds.”

  43. Paunchie says:

    (hug and smooch to pooh bear, how dreadful!)

    I see everybody already said what I was gonna say about asses with grasses.

    Grassy – ass!

  44. Paunchie says:

    PS them bristly donkey leeps ain’t cute! Nope.

  45. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Sweet donk!
    @Von Zeppelin, I was all excited & envious you had easy access to AAA games, until I got to this part: “a club in the Texas Ranger farm system”. Doh!
    @Poohbear, feel better soon! My thoughts (& monads) are with you. Leibniz rocks!

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Tractatus, I try not to think about that Texas Ranger part when I go to the ballpark. The level of play is really pretty good, and I’m not going to be near Fenway any time soon.

  47. (Looking around) Who asked about the baseball player crotches?

  48. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, I think our colleague Berthaservant was just enlightening us about these matters as a public service. Think of it as the equivalent of the little boxes in the back pages of newspapers with filler items headed “Did you know. . .?”

  49. Yes, of course, VonZep. I am not one to eschew enlightenment wherever it is offered. Thank you, B-serv. Aha, only 20 minutes to game time, when I can now snicker *enlightenedly* at the players’ crotches. 😯

  50. Gail (the first one) says:

    Yes, well, thank you B-Serv for sharing. I thought it was just because they *could*.
    @Poohbear: So sorry to hear that. It must be very distressing. My eight send doggie kisses and kitteh-made biscuits and purringks your way.

    @Hon Glad and Theresa and Von Zep: Where, oh where, would I be without you to make me LOL and snerk and all manner of rude noises???? In a dull place, I think.

  51. haha~funny!~

  52. @Gail, why thank YOU. We aims to please. Hey, what’s that Edwin Encarnación’s doing with his pants? snerk snerk snerk :mrgreen:

  53. kibblenibble says:

    Bserv: I, too, appreciate the enlightenment re: adjustments. One never knows what one will learn next on CO…*shakes head in quiet wonderment*

  54. berthaservant says:

    The adjustments note was, admittedly, not really “called for.” But I’ve been meaning to make that clear for some time and the moment presented itself. So to speak.

    I mean, I hear women talking about women things all the time. So I just thought I’d explain.

  55. Not really necessary here, but donkeys are not ruminants. Cattle are ruminants, having four stomachs, and regurgitate undigested food in order to chew it over and over to extract maximum nutrition from it. Donkeys, horses, mules…all have only the one stomach, eat their food once, and then we all know what happens from there. Baseball players notwithstanding. (HUH? Not sure what that meant myself, but it’s a joke. Really.)