A Lean, Mean, Surrogate Mom Machine!

You're such a dear deer, dear.Back again we go to the Daily Mail, this time for a story so incredible that the hoax hunters over at snopes.com stepped up to verify it: The story of Jasmine, a rescued greyhound who has returned the favor by serving as surrogate mom to 50 creatures, ranging from puppies to deer.

“She simply dotes on the animals as if they were her own,” says Geoff Grewcock, operator of Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. “She takes all the stress out of them and it helps them to not only feel close to her but to settle into their new surroundings.”
This is so absolutely totally NOT Photoshopped, okay maybe a little.

Pictured with Jasmine are, from left: A pup, a deer, another pup, a bunny, and a barn owl.  Not pictured: A unicorn, The Yeti, an alien face-hugger, Wally Gator, Phil Spector’s hair, The Chicago Cubs, and Abe Vigoda.



  1. Sarah F. says:

    Aww! She’s darling!

  2. villyjean says:

    How Sweet!!!

  3. Sarah F. says:

    Should I have said BLEEEEEN?

  4. Snopes has ruled on this and it’s for realz, except for some photocorrection on the owl:


  5. The “not pictured” list kills me! A unicorn…LOL! Hilarious!

    Oh, and the greyhound story is cute too.

  6. The “not pictured” list kills me too! Abe Vigoda…..

  7. AWWW

  8. Jezebel says:

    Just read the whole article. Good dog!

  9. Ahhh! Matching long legs!

  10. 1knitchick says:

    snort – Abe Vigoda!

  11. freetomato says:

    The most loving creature in the world…..look at her sweet eyes in the second picture! Anyone who says animals have no soul does not know Jasmine.

  12. ellie007 says:

    ❤ aww animals are so much nicer than people sometimes…

  13. I don’t think Phil Spector’s hair shows up on film, or in mirrors, etc.

  14. She really looks like she’s eyeing the pup on the far left, like, “You better BEHAVE for this picture, Mister!”, and the pup on the left has taken to hiding behind his dear deer sibling, like, “Oh crap, she sees me!”

  15. I’m in love with this dog. She’s just amazing.

  16. hon glad says:

    Sweet, especially how she looks after the three legged ant.

  17. Greyhounds win for most loving and doting. My Colby was the same way. (sigh)

  18. chanpon says:

    And does she instill “good will” in all of these animules too? How is that barn owl not trying to tear into the bunny there (I guess the bunbun is a bit on the big side for Mr. Owl)? So cute and so sweet…

  19. We have 2 greyhounds and this doesn’t surprise me a bit – they are incredibly gentle creatures. This is just too cute – wish there were more pics of her family! 🙂

  20. katfighter says:

    These stories always make me get all teary. So sweet.

  21. Sight hounds and deer are my favourite animals and I’m a sucker for interspecies rescue stories. It’s like this was tailor-made to make me cry.

    And it did, at work. GO HORMONES!

  22. ellie007 – don’t you mean MOST of the time? 🙂

  23. Until someone accidentally says ‘there goes Yankee’ too loud…

  24. I love this story!! Makes me wish that I had money to buy land and start my own sanctuary. Good job Jasmine…keep it up!!

  25. Soooo cute! Until someone yells ‘there goes Yankee!’ too loud…

  26. That is an officially weird family portrait. Talk about diverse! No wonder that fawn’s confused, she’s about as leggy as her (biological) mom.

    BTW, did you mean Abe Vigoda the man or the band?

  27. Sweet!! That’s adorable. I think Jasmine must be a cuteologist reincarnated- even as a puppy she can’t help but nurture [and more importantly, snorgle!] all kinds of animals.

  28. copperbat says:

    “…and a barn owl” heehee

    I love the last photo where they’re all piled on the cowsche with their ‘chothers and brothers. Sigh.

  29. kayouko says:

    “‘She has done the same with the fox and badger cubs, she licks the rabbits and guinea pigs and even lets the birds perch on the bridge of her nose.'”


  30. “Not pictured – the yeti…” snicker snicker.

    what a lovely story.

  31. Strawberry says:

    What a fantastic story. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  32. The love and compassion emanating from Jasmine is overwhelming;
    what a fitting story for Holy Week; ( whar ar mah tisshues; I needez them..
    .mah eyes ar leeking….)

  33. X3 Aww. Jasmine needs a book written about her or something. I demand a book!

  34. Caitlin says:

    Awwww!! I call matchingks on the first picture! 😀

  35. I always knew greyhounds were the bestest of dogs.

  36. lillith2 says:

    So sweet. I love greyhounds, when I get a bigger place I’d love to get a rescue.

    True story; a few years ago I was out with a guy at a popular diner on the west side of Manhattan, in walks Abe Vigoda. The looks at me and says “Wait, didn’t he just die?” Bless his heart that was well over 10 years ago and Mr. Vigoda looked 100 years old then.

  37. kittyadventures says:

    I just Love this story

  38. NTMTOM:
    “Cubs to Continue Tradition of Playing Baseball”

  39. scooterpants says:

    ya know it is TOTALLY possible that Abe Vigoda could be fostered by the puppeh.
    he is alive dont ya know (contrary to popular belief)
    BARN OWL?? the second pic looks really bad.

  40. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    Look out! Phil Spector’s Hair has a gun!!

    *ducks and covers*

  41. Yup, it’s the “not pictured” list that really had me LMAO! The Yeti! Abe Vigoda–LOL!!

    And the greyhound is adorable too, although I’m having my doubts about that group photo.

  42. kristabelle41 says:

    What a cool dog. I was wondering how long it would take for this to get posted on CO.
    That’s just love, love, love.

  43. kristabelle41 says:

    Personally, ‘alien face-hugger’ was the one that had me laughing!!!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    Actually, I almost thought that dog on the left IS Abe Vigoda. Is it just me that sees a resemblence?? As for Jasmine, I think she’s wonderful.

  45. Paunchie says:

    @Wendy I am also having my doubts about the group photo!

    Sweet dog though, lovely story. I love her long legs!

  46. Paunchie says:

    PS “I’m the Mom!”

    (No she’s not!)

  47. Tygress22 says:

    This is such a great story…i love it! Now i’m trying not to cry at work…lol

    Did anyone else find this comment weird?…
    “‘It is quite amazing, particularly as she is a greyhound breed and they are usually quite aggressive, That is why they are used for racing.”

    I’ve never heard of greyhounds being aggressive before.

  48. Did your feeds change to remove images?

  49. @Tygress, they aren’t really aggressive, they tend to be sweet and quiet– but they have a strong prey drive. They were bred to chase stuff down and catch it, and when they see little things moving around, that drive can kick in.

  50. Tygress22 says:

    Thanks Theresa 🙂 That makes sense. I guess i just never thought of that as aggression….just instinct…lol

  51. Awe! This picture warms my heart! What a sweet puppy!

  52. Hélène says:

    Who submited this? Is it your find NOMTOM?

  53. OK, extremely cute story and sweet puppy and stuff. However, does anybody else think the fox pictured with Jasmine in the Daily Mail link looks possessed? I mean, “I think I’m gonna have nightmares about this” possessed?


  54. Angelina, is that you?

  55. The poor lil’ scruffy fella on the left is looking for an *ehn!* place to fit in…guh!

  56. I love this story so much I’ve read it multiple times. That’s it, my next dog will be a retired racer. Not only are they beautiful, they are teh awesome!

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theresa: Ya gotta love da Cubs. They tried to remove the curse *AGAIN* the other night.

    I call “ResQte” on this little darling. The pic with Miss Fawnlette is too much!!! Talk about your “long-leggedy beasties”!!! I would love to rescue a greyhound….if it could be trained NOT to chase the kittehs. Or perhaps certain kittehs would train the greyhound—-that’s kinda how it worked with Nicky the dog. After 9 years, he’s still like a Marine recruit at boot camp, all “eyes front” and not looking at Chloe the cat despite the fact the she now loves him.

  58. The Cubs already have a surrogate mom-Lou Piniella.

  59. I was forwarded this story by my local Greyhound Pets of America rescue
    that I’m involved with.
    I have two rescued, retired racers, both of whom have a birthday this week.
    I couldn’t keep from crying while reading this story. Greyhounds are so awesome!
    My two girl greyhounds are very maternal as well. Much to the dismay of our giant long haired hamster who bears the the wet mohawk of greyhound lovingks all too often.
    I have pics on Flikr by the name hope4greys.

  60. BabyOpossum says:

    The fawn is named “Bramble.” Yay!

  61. Isn’t amazing how humans claim to be the dominant species on earth and yet we are constantly upstaged by the “humane” actions of animals?

    I also loved the “not pictured” list, but are you sure Phil Spector’s hair won’t eat the Alien face hugger? I’m just a little concerned.

  62. thank you for this story. i was having a stressful day at work and this really brightened my day 🙂 what a sweet dog.

  63. kallisto73 says:

    An alien face-hugger? That tops it.

  64. eternalcanadian says:

    lol, oh now that is just unfair, making me go awwww then giggle at the end with the “not pictured.” i was like there’s an owl on the dog! well, i guess that’s the way things go, hehe. but so cute, and how lovely to read about different species all getting along. it’s difficult to resist a baby, eh? even the most stoic heart will go aawwww when they see something like this. 😀

  65. Yea! I read this a few days ago at snopes and sent it to everyone on my contact list. I knew it would end up here!

  66. *standing ovation*

  67. eikoleigh says:


    but the commentary, esp the not pictured list, cracked me up

  68. Is there no Interspecies Snorgling tag on this? This is the I.S. to end all I.S.!!

  69. Another splendid caption, another reason to lovelovelove NTMTOM. (Call me!)

  70. victoreia says:

    “Abe Vigoda” *snerk*

    I very much enjoy being breathless from laughter, as opposed to just being out of breath. (D*mn asthma!)

  71. That’s a Whippet, which although is part of the Greyhound family, and is not a Greyhound.

  72. Ha-ha-ha! ;D

    What a great post. I don’t remember the original one, but I’ll scan the comments. No doubt some sleuth here has a link.

    This sweet dog is an angel. I mean in the real sense too. ❤ Great, great story.

  73. catluvr says:

    This dog should be called:

    “St. Greyhound of Asisi.”

  74. Blink- That’s definitely not a whippet. Their eyes are larger and their heads have a different shape than greyhounds- look at the picture of her standing with the fox on snopes. I have two rescued racers- they really are the most laid back dogs.

  75. edmundh says:

    OK, dogs, bunnies, deers, foxes, guinea pig, or anything 4 legged I can understand. But the >Barn Owl< totally knocked me over.

  76. wildviolette says:

    GO CUBS!!!
    (And adorable, kind-hearted greyhound bebe.)

  77. lorisboston says:

    @Gail (the first one) Fear not for the kitties. I had a greyhound for 10 years and my three cats terrorized him. (a 10-pund cat was able to push my 85-lb dog off the dog’s own bed, at will.)A reputable rescue group will make certain to “cat test” a greyhound before it is adopted out. You need to be careful, because there are some who are not cat-safe, (the aforementioned prey drive) but again, if you really want one, just work with an agency that cat-tests. Some even have foster families who take the dogs home and they may even live with cats before they adopt them out.

    I lost my beloved Logan 5 years ago at the age of 15 and I can still tear up when I think of him (his dog-walker, too!)

  78. Gail (the first one) says:

    @lorisboston: Thanks so much for the info!! I will do that!

  79. aw! what a good mommy 🙂 she’s as cute as the babies she’s helped!! 🙂 i love stories like these.

  80. WendyZski says:

    I was very surprised at this as well – many greyhounds have a VERY strong prey drive, and racers are trained on prop rabbits. That this loving mama would take in a rabbit of all things absolutely floored me.

  81. berthaservant says:

    Hmph. This dog is just hoping for some of the press coverage usually afforded to Angelina Jolie or Mia Farrow. Surrogacy and adoption run amok!

  82. Jessica says:

    I’ve seen this story before and it’s so heartwarming – there are other pics out there on the net with Jasmine and various animals that will make you tear up.

    Having said that – your comments made me laugh so hard I think I pulled a muscle (All of a sudden I can’t spell that word, I don’t think. I could be wrong) and perhaps coughed up part of my spleen. Well played!

  83. Best. Pupster. Evar. This canine deserves some sort of doggy medal. Srsly.

  84. Cindy McCauley says:

    where’d the owl come from? hoot!

  85. GOOD DOG.
    When’re you guys going to feature Sophie Tucker the cattle dog? She’s pretty cute, apart from eating baby goats instead of raising them.

  86. Subhangi says:

    Cute. But not all that surprising 🙂

  87. This is the best story I’ve ever read…I’ve always heard greyhounds were very kind and gentle dogs, but this is going above and beyond. I hope to rescue one eventually, and I would love it if mine were just like Jasmine 🙂

  88. Mizz Kitteh says:

    Thank you, Jasmine! 🙂 GOOD DOG!!

  89. It’s a Galgo (spanish greyhound) I got one too and he’s off chasing dear every day. Now I know he’s not hunting them, but loving them 🙂

  90. @Berthaservant. HA 🙂


    I sent this on to everyone I can think of. Viva Cute Overload for bringing this joy our way — much needed sometimes!

    Hey, everybody, I have three months to finishing my Ph.D.!!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! But boy does the cute (I mean, Teh Qte) help in this strange, strained marathon to finish the degree.

  91. @Shaz, best of luck. I just WISH CO had been around when I was doing my doctorate. All I had was the hamster dance. Try getting any work done with that earworm. 😉

  92. I hate bad photoshop work.. that second photo has GOT to go..

  93. That second photo is so awful, but the caption had me laughing out loud!

  94. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Just remember that Greyhounds and perhaps especially, retired racers will need a large, properly fenced area to live in.

    When that prey drive kicks in, you may well not be able to voice command them to stop. A squirrel or a cat on the other side of the road or an open wire fence is all it takes to have a bad accident. Off leash in an urban park is nuffable behaviour for a Greyhound owner.

  95. “Phil Spector’s hair”

    ROFL!! Hair only a big-hearted greyhound could love.

  96. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Shaz: Congrats to sticking with it!!!!!! I admire your diligence. I haven’t even gotten within spitting distance of a BA (and I’m 48!)

  97. I’ve never commented on here before, but I was surprised that no one noticed Geoff’s last name? That’s the funniest part of the post!!! I’m still laughing. Sorry Geoff!

  98. Weighing in about Greyhounds.
    If you adopt a Rescued Greyhound having a fenced in yard is a necessity .
    Their training kicks in and they will run till they drop from exhaustion.
    Also, because they are used to the sounds of the crowd urging them on,.
    the sound of your voice calling them back is often
    just interpreted by the dog as background noise.
    I have only been around a few but to me they seem to have a gentle, shy, soul.

  99. marissposa says:

    mother theresa reincarnated?

  100. Mary Magdalia says:

    I’ve got lots of greyhound owners in my family, so this story made me immensely happy. Although greyhounds do have a strong prey drive, even the lively ones that I have known were extremely gentle creatures. They have the most amazing personality. Anybody interested in owning a greyhound should definitely do their research first, because they have very particular needs, but they are an extremely rewarding pet, and there are so many in need of homes.

  101. hooray for greys! Although ours is not anywhere near tranquil near our kitties, unfortunately, but otherwise he is a gentle, almost too-sensitive pup.

  102. She’s a darling! I didn’t thought surrogate mother can be of different species. Jasmine proves it to not only be possible but also to be more than possible. She cares for all the “kids” as her own! Such a sweet girl she is! *heart melts*

  103. Is the dog all the way on the left a Welchon?

  104. What kind of mix is the pup all the way on the left?