Give an inch, and kittens WILL TAKE A MILE!


They just take and take and TAKE, Hyura C.!



  1. Birdcage says:

    What a great photo story!!!

  2. Gray kitty is so gentle. Prolly never engaged in such antics when a kitty…no, surely not.

    You know, I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of this trick with my kitties, too. It’s a kitty-tactic I’ve learned well. 😉

  3. Is that a bengal kitten? I’m planning on adopting one later this summer and can’t wait! Very cute photos 🙂

  4. codlark says:

    What kind of pattern is that on the black and orange cat? Is it some sort of tortoise shell?

  5. The exact same thing always happens with my furballs … And then after my yellow lab gets kicked out of her bed by the kitty … She proceeds to kick me out of my bed 🙂

  6. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Uhnnn…can’t type. Slayed by the gorgeous kittehs…want…must have…

  7. The face on the last photo is priceless. a mix between “how did that happen?” and “aren’t you gonna do anything about it?”

  8. foxyinbanff says:

    These are great pics. And you really need to look at all of them to get the big picture.

    But zee hoover text! Zey are sreeeeeming for zee hoover text!

  9. The gray kitty in the last picture looks like she’s thinking, “What just happened here?” : )
    Beautiful kitties!

  10. Ok, those photos aren’t quite real-time accurate (judging by the sunlight – or lack thereof – and the position of the cat bed on the sofa). Still, an entertaining photo illustration and beautiful cats!

  11. I love the kittehs! This happens in any multi kitteh home, sighs, too cute for mo words!

  12. It looks like a marble-bengal. The grey one looks like a Korat, or they could both be oriental short hairs.

  13. Oh yes, I agree I think this kitten is a Bengal…the most snorgable of all kittehs!

  14. hon glad says:

    What a great set of pictures, grey cat needs some assertive training.

  15. CoffeeCup says:

    Photos 8 and 9 are my favorites, with the bengal cat in the bed pawing at the grey/blue cat. You can see the look of annoyance on that grey cat’s face! And then in photo 9, in which bengal cat takes over the lair. Fantastic.

    Can we get capshons??

  16. what a stinker! i love the ‘with crossed paws i weel grab yer face & take-up most of the bed’ photo the best. this is the same relationship my two cats have had since the little one was a kitten. 7 years in they still have it 🙂

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    Photo number 7: The gray/blue cat has the exact expression of certain late Roman emperors when they began to realize that it might not have been such a good idea to let the barbarians have colonies within the borders of the Empire.

  18. chanpon says:

    Haha, I love that! So much for the image of “ebil” cats. How ironic that the little cat and the big cat have a similar look and pose at the beginning and end of the photo sets. The expression on grey kitty’s face is indeed priceless with a “Well how do you like that?” look.

  19. KittyKye says:

    I ❤ the crossed toesies on the Bengal in the third last picture! *snorgle*!!

  20. Trabb's Boy says:

    Heather in Oregon — the “most snorgable of all kittehs” huh? I think that grey one would come up with some different adjectives!

  21. Von Zeppelin that is hilarious!
    This beautiful picture story is the BEST way to start the day.

  22. nomnomkittehs says:

    I want to know the secret of having kittehs and LEATHER couches??!! whats the mystery?!?!? mine would be destroyed!!!

  23. I like to think that this is honor of ME since my birthday is today! Kittehs for everyone!!!!!! xo

  24. kittyadventures says:


    Mine leave the leather alone versus using all other furniture as scratching posts while ignoring the scratching Posts. I have not tried the expensive rope kind yet and am considering just a real tree hunk attached to a platform.. would real tree trunks be more acceptable to kitties?
    One more kitty mystery!

  25. Lerrinus says:

    Wow, these kittehs are so pretteh, I want them both! 🙂

  26. alwayscataddict says:

    Little babeh just wants to snuggle with the bigger one! Why’d she get up and leave??

    @kittyadventures: have you tried the cardboard scratchers? My cats use these more than anything else.

  27. Charles says:

    There is a kid’s book called Ginger that this reminds me of. Ginger, an orange cat, lives in a house with a little girl. The little girl brings home a kitten, who kinda takes over. The last straw is the kitten taking Ginger’s basket.

    I won’t spoil it for y’all.

  28. This is such a typical scenario. When my kitty Candy was younger, she did the same to her older brother Blueberry. She also stole his food all the time. He was too unagressive to fight back and gave way. Candy also managed to chase me out of my bed by starting extensive cleaning sessions on top of my blanket and hitting me when I tried to stop her (by the way, this would be a good story for the cartoon Simon the cat). Today Blueberry chases her from her favorite places to take revenge.

  29. So true. So true. Poor grey cat.

  30. Madeline says:

    This is so funny! And of course cute! The perfect thing to see when you turn on the computer 😉

  31. kodalai says:

    Aw, this was adorable. Grey kitty is definitely way too tolerant — look at her expression! No hostility at all!

  32. That Russian blue looks so confused in the last pic. Like ‘what happened and how did THAT happen? ‘ Kitten meanwhile looks so blissed out she fell asleep immediately.

  33. wow, Very Cute cats, can I hold that !

  34. fey handmade . com loves thisss haha

  35. Russian Blue’s site is occupied,hahaha~

  36. Ha. My Dante would push me out of the bed if he could.

  37. Sneaky devil cat! This is how people end up with king-sized beds…interloping kittens.

  38. Why did you change the site’s feed without noticing?
    And why the new feed doesn’t show the pictures?

    Please, pictures on the feed !!!!!!

  39. What an expressive face on that Russian blue kitteh! And I love the way the kitten is pretending to be all innocent–“What? You were getting up anyway!” Great photos, every one of them.

    @kittyadventures: Our cats love the cardboard scratchers, too, particularly the sloped kind. We have one that likes to start out scratching uphill, then he’ll turn around and scratch downhill. Sloped scratchers are more expensive than the flat kind, but a lot less expensive than replacing furniture!

  40. That was an awesome series of photo! How I wish I could snap such quality shots of my own kitteh… Great find!

  41. freetomato says:

    My friend has a bengal kitty that looks very similar – she is a nutty, hiliarious little thing with tons of personality. In the second pic kitty looks like something carved on the wall of an Egyptian tomb…..gorgeous.

  42. What a wonderful photographic capturing of an actual kitteh rout: where has she learned this technique? It must be innate in teh genes, absolutely, because she has done it so well: Long Live the King of the Hill Kitteh!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!

  43. rissapants says:

    Beautiful. No other word for it.

  44. Rissapants, I second that.

  45. kittyadventures says:

    Berg I have Two Cardboard scratshers which they love but continue to use certain articles of furniture as fancy scratch posts.
    ; D

  46. Veerle : ) says:

    what a beautiful little kitty ! I love it : )

  47. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @kittyadventures, our cat loves a piece of tree trunk! She goes crazy scratching it while arching her back cutely. We didn’t even get it for her to use as a scratching post, it was just for decor, but she immed’ly decided to make it her scratching post. It’s about 18″ tall & same in diameter, cut from a dead olive tree off a farm in Spain. If you can get tree trunk, it seems better than cardboard, etc. (enviro/green-wise)– it will last forever. Just make sure the wood doesn’t have woodworm or (like ours) has been treated to thoroughly remove it — you don’t want woodworm in your house!

  48. snickers says:

    That peekture story gave me loads of laughter.

  49. kristabelle41 says:

    @Bryn – our King sized bed was due to two Wheaten bed hogs, not kitties. Doggies stretch out as long as they possibly can. Why would you need a king sized bed with a cat? Don’t they just sleep on your head???

  50. What an anerable set of pictures. Just so they are comfy.

  51. kittyadventures says:

    And termites.. those are bad too.

  52. Anyone else notice that the pictures go from day to night.

  53. nypackrat says:

    love these cats and the get-comfy dynamic! wonderful pics!

  54. kittyadventures says:

    Beth I did and one other poster earlier in the comments.

  55. kallisto73 says:

    I really enjoyed that :o)

  56. Last picture: “So what do I do now???”

  57. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    @Bryn I literally LOLed at your comment because we are planning on getting a king sized bed when we move into a bigger place for THIS VERY REASON! Ha!! Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the courage heart to kick ’em out! ;D

  58. wannadance says:

    i want the kitties but also the house. why is it all the decorating i most admire has no ‘stuff’ in it? my stuff is everywhere and it might start off looking okay but soon, between jasmine and i, it’s a stuff parade.

    glad george carlin understood, anyway.

  59. I love the first picture! The kitteh looks like an Egyptian cat statue!

  60. Paunchie says:

    that is such a pretteh kitteh!! Well they both are.

  61. Paunchie says:

    PS needs hover text!

  62. victoreia says:

    The expression on the grey cat’s face! “What the h*ll just happened?!” I know the feeling well……

  63. What a bastard!

  64. Beautiful kitties! Actually, one of mine (the youngest and smallest, though no longer a kitten) does this to her “big brother” all the time. She’ll sidle up, all nice-like, then start grooming him, then lie on top of him, etc, etc, until he just can’t take it anymore. Then the pillow/sun beam/blanket is all hers.

  65. Mary (the first) (and now confused) says:

    I have a similar set of photos that I call “Cat Bed Wars”. 2 kittehs, one bed.. the struggle for control .. the snide remarks and paws reaching out to fend off attack, the attempt to both squeeze into the bed at once (bigger cats, smaller bed than shown here.. it did not work).. then finally a second bed is purchased but they still both try to get into the same bed. Finally , peace.. each kitteh in a bed alone. Whew. As for the scratching posts, I have one of those fancy ones wrapped in rope that someone gave me. Nothing in the house has been so assiduously ignored by the kittehs as that post. Generally they like the tough entry rugs best… which is fine..

  66. Mary (the first) says:

    woops.. too long comment, sorry AND I’m not confused anymore.

  67. Katrina says:

    If only I could say the same, Mary (the first) if only….

  68. berthaservant says:

    This is awesome, but yes, it demands some kind of slideshow / hovertext enhancement. Which is NOT to say that it doesn’t stand on it’s own, it’s like a tableaux vivant from the 19th Century parlor tradition.

    At any rate, I hope some aspiring NTMTOMer or Teho decides to take it on as a project. (Me, I’m too busy today watching baseball).

  69. I’m sorry this is where my anti cat feelings come out. Man, cats are sooo annoying. They can have five, ten great places to sleep and they still want what someone else has! I can’t tell you how many beds I’ve bought and have personally created for our cat in every room she likes. But it’s still not enough! She’s such a pain, but yeah I love her.

  70. What kind of kitten is that? Absolutely beautiful markings!

  71. Suzanne says:

    This is similar to what happened in my first marriage.

  72. Em (The Original) says:

    Awesomes!! 🙂 and soooo cute!

  73. I love how flabbergasted grey cat looks. How dare that impetuous little kitten steal my basket!

  74. GIGGLE 🙂 The gray kitty looks like it is saying “Are you going to buy another cat bed? There is not enough room for the both of us.” while the tabby kitty is snoozing away 🙂 AWW 🙂 They both look so pretty 🙂

  75. kibblenibble says:

    Hyura C. your photographs are lovely, as are your cats. Thanks for sharing. It is so much fun to observe how our animal babies interact. Most cats do enjoy a companion, even if bed-stealing occasionally takes place!

    me wants…<3

  77. Great photo sequence!

  78. Sarah Virginia says:

    My two kitties do the same thing! The baby kitty will bully the older cat out of his bed by stepping in and taking over!

  79. Those are some gorgeous cats! If I had cats like that I would just look at them…all the time.
    And, you know, feed them of course.

  80. McCrapulence! I did hover texts for this post but they’re not showing up! I shall FEX EET!

  81. That little kitten looks like he has a coat on in the first picture.

  82. that is the most beautifully patterned kitten i’ve ever seen~! GASP!

  83. I love cats!!!

  84. berthaservant says:

    EXCELLENT HOVERTEXT, Meg! “I am hosed!” FTW!

  85. Ahhh! Made me lol! Kittens are just like that, they see what you got and they want it! They got that cutesy face too so they usually get what you got and leave you stunned as to how!

    Love the grey kitties face at the end, like: “and you just watched and took pictures?! Some help you are human!!”


  86. I used to have a Russian Blue kitty – so sweet!

  87. that was when rafter (the bengal) was a baby….he’s a big boy now.

  88. this sequence of photographs is great. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. My cat does the same sort of thing with my favorite office chair!

  89. Just adorable!

  90. hiya that is soooooo cute i love it

  91. Great photo story! That kitten is so funny. Love the fur coat of the kitten. Looks. very pretty.

    I think i am in love with your kitten. Just love the personality of cats!

  92. lifeisruff5400 says:

    OMG THATS SO CUTE I KNEW THAT LITTLE GUY WOULD TAKE IT LOL pic #9 is soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuttttttte!

  93. katiekat says:

    That’s totally a Russian Blue! They’re soooo graceful and slender… I’ve got what I’m sure is a Korat and they’re much more muscular and “solid” – also not quite as shiny silver blue! 😀 Check out this site for more info on how to tell “What Blue Cat Is That?”