Big Wheel Keep On Turnin’

Wow, this looks like my commute: The dreary conformity, the mind-numbing crawl of traffic, the giant rodents (I think I need to adjust my medication)… But thanks to Kia Soul, three happy hammies escape the rat race.

Suggested by Noelle!



  1. Of all the car companies, Kia’s are far and away the best – and funniest.

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Madoff showed up to court in a Kia. Imagine my surprise. I bet he didn’t have hamsters in the back seat. I bet he wished he had hamsters in the back seat.

  3. Laieanna says:

    Of all the evil tricks…to use cute for selling a vehicle. I’m just lucky I bought a vehicle earlier this year and can’t afford another. Although the hubby’s car has been looking a little rough lately…

  4. CoffeeCup says:

    Okay…I have the wordpress account, but how exactly do i post using it?

    [Well, kinda like you just did, I think… – Ed.]

  5. jezebel2 says:

    I’m sold!

  6. brinnann says:

    😯 Oh noes! That poor little guy stuck on the train tracks! 😆

  7. Bethles says:

    I saw this on TV and squeed! Soooo cute!

  8. kittyadventures says:

    LOL Thanks NOMTOM When I saw it last night oin TV I just knew it belonged here.

  9. kittyadventures says:

    OKay this is me Annie I signed up for the word press acount only now I have a new name I guess it is okay becasue now there will only be one of me LOL

  10. Hmm, I kinda want the music.

  11. Camille says:

    Coffeecup – just post your comment using your WordPress username and email.

    kittyadventures – you can add a nickname to your WordPress profile and then tell it to display your nickname publicly instead of your username.

    And I added an avatar of my pup by uploading a photo to, though there may be an easier way to do it.

  12. Annie, I believe you can change your display name in your WordPress account settings too. (Mine used to be “Teho”; I decided I was tired of the misspelling.)

  13. er yes, what Camille said. Jinx. 😉
    (you can also change your gravatar icon right in your WP account)

  14. birdcager says:

    I feel really badly about the hammy whose wheel is on the train tracks. Am I alone in feeling that way?

    I wonder: if we hooked all the world’s hammywheels up to mini-turbines, and then interconnected those “hambines” to the power grid, maybe we could generate some hamenergy (hamergy?) for the betterment of the planet? Clean, cute energy. To be fair to the hams, I’d happily hook up my exercise bike to the grid as well – I just can’t guarantee I’ll ride all night …..

  15. Birdcage says:

    Oh and hey – I think I’m back to being “Birdcage”.

  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Birdcage: I’m assuming the rail system in this hamster world is also hamster-powered and doesn’t go anywhere either. (Thank you for riding Hamtrak.)

  17. I love this ad! I commute +1hr to work and feel quite like I’m spinning, spinning, spinning….

  18. brinnann says:

    Good point NOMTOM!

  19. that is a funny ad and a pretty cute car – but aren’t they worried it implies that this car would be roomy enough – if you were the size of a hamster? I’m just sayin’.

  20. Cordelia says:

    So creative – love it! 🙂

  21. I see you changed the tag cloud to a simple list. It was a little weird to see “unusual animals” dwarfing the other categories – how unusual could they be?

  22. cute commercial but they could have used more than one hamster wheel lol you could clearly see it was repeated over and over

  23. When I was a child, I had several pet hamsters. My dad kept saying that if he hooked the ham’s wheel up to a generator, it could probably power a lightbulb at least.

  24. kittyadventures says:

    Thanks everyone I got my or I should say a avatar uploaded

    I still have to go change it to my nick name

    Theo I will endeaver to stop thinking of you as TEHO.

  25. So cute!

  26. Aww, boo. Your website updates mean that your posts don’t show up right in GoogleReader anymore 😦

  27. chitadenita says:

    That is hi-larious!!!

  28. kittykye says:

  29. Most Awesome Commercial Evarrrrrrr!!!! Those are some rocking Hams!

  30. starlinguk says:

    I’m afraid I agree with kitty, you’ll always be Teho, Teho.

  31. I always identify with the uncool have-nots in commercials. In this case, the uncool have-hot hamsters.

  32. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Thank god no-one had taken my CO name in WordPress yet! *snerk*

  33. Hamster love gives me such a thrill. That’s what I want!

  34. firepikachu says:

    OMG, is that going to air or is it just a internet vid?

  35. @firepikachu – It’s been on TV for a couple of weeks now.

  36. frogboots says:

    wow, how’d they get those little hamsters to drive a CAR????


  37. dylanimore says:

    That’s adorable. My hammy will approve. Who needs hammy wheels, anyway? *hands Tangee keys to a shiny yellow VW bug*

  38. /gasp

  39. Man, they film a LOT of commercials in downtown L.A.

  40. varekai97X says:

    Yay, the hammies are environmentally conscious and carpooling too!

  41. Dexter Fishmore says:

    That horrendously boxy car design merits a “Cute or Sad?” tag.

  42. First time posting. Want to see if it works. Now to figure out how to get an Avatar.

  43. dylanimore says:

    Question, and I’m *really* hoping its not spam. How do I change my picture next to my name? And thanks.

    Environmentally friendly hammies are awesome. :3 I’m very happy my favorite little rodents are eco-cautious. Now, for Prius hammies!

  44. Bob Newhart says:

    I dunno. Those hams in the Kia look a little to streamlined to be hams. I think they hired rats to play the hamsters.

    And for the record, I don’t care how cute this commercial is — until they get rid of the “Seeeeeeeyaaaaa in a Kiiiiiiiiaaaaa” guy in the Phoenix market, they can shower me with cute all they want. I’m. Not. Buying.

  45. Paunchie says:

    there are instructions at the top left margin on creating an avatar.

  46. dylanimore says:

    Oh, riiiight. XD I just dunno if it’ll work for me.

  47. Paunchie says:

    Is a hamster like a teamster?

  48. kittyadventures says:

    Paunchie yes but we cal them grainsters.


  50. Why does everyone think boxy cars are ugly? I think they’re cute ='[

    Hammies!! I always wanted a hammie, but the parental units told me it would only be a snack for the kitties.

  51. My hamster would’ve approved. But, then again, he loved the cardboard box play structure I made for him.

  52. GENIUS! i was melting looking at this and now i’m a puddle on the floor. My mom is typing this for me. I just have a strong urge to grab one of those floofy hamsters and give them a huggie poo!
    sorry i got a carried away, my hammy just died 😦 Puffy was his name.

  53. ok. which one is called sisyphus then? and where’s his rock? or is that all just a myth? haha

  54. kittyadventures says:

    (((Hugs))) Winnie So Sorry your Puffy just passed away. It is so hard to lose our little furry friends.

  55. marthava says:

    omG!! I LOVE that commercial!!! Music is fab, too!!!

  56. marthava says:

    Um…how come my gravatar/avatar isn’t showing up…? I changed it this morning, and they said it took “an hour” for it to update…?

  57. oh and by the way, im a new user and REALLY impressed how many comments you have received! i would be happy with 1 , let alone 54! outstanding. share the magic if you like lol

  58. whitesonnet says:

    the car is cute too!

  59. Birdcage says:

    marthava – I had to delete some temporary internet files from IE before my avatar would show up ….

  60. I saw this ad in a movie theatre and SQUEED so loud it echoed off the walls.

    Target audience = reached.

  61. cat3crazy says:

    I don’t know what is happening but this is the latest of numerous pictures that do not show up on my system. This started about a week ago and to tell you the truth, it’s very irritating!

  62. Priscilla says:

    CUTE! good on ya hammies, making them other ordinary hamsters all “wahwah! i want that ipod.”

  63. Patricia says:

    The hammies rocked, great facial expressions. However if hammies could drive I think they’d probably drive something with a little more scamper room….lol

  64. Gail (the first one) says:

    Love the shot of the Hammie-paw, keeping time on the armrest!!!

  65. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Teho: Well, “Teho” is our affectionate nickname for you. Like “Snookieookums”…
    “All night long, she called him Snookieookums, Snookieookums….
    All night long, the neighbors shout,
    Cut It Out, Cut It Out, Cut It Out!!”

  66. berthaservant says:

    I wanna live in a city full of giant hammies! It would be like “Village of the Damned!”

  67. chanpon says:

    But..but..the wheels don’t move – why would they need to be parked? What would’ve been more cool is if the hammies were commuting in those giant hamster balls (kind of like American Gladiators), but I suppose then it wouldn’t have made the cars look as interesting.

  68. dylanimore says:

    @ winnie

    I’m really, really sorry to hear that. I’ve lost two hammies, and its awful.

  69. victoreia says:

    Wow….this is different! (Here’s hoping the html tags work….)

  70. victoreia says:

    …..or not……think I need to brush up on those…..

  71. Awww, winnie. So sorry to hear about Puffy. I’ll hug all my hammies tonight for you.

    (“Puffy”… ha! I’m sure there’s a story behind that name.)

    On another note, that bug to right doesn’t look a thing like me! Harrummff!

  72. She’s his jelly elly roll.
    He’s her sugey ugar bowl.
    Hear the way they bill and coo, poodgywoo,poodgywoo, poodgywoo?

  73. Deirdre says:

    The comments are almost as great as the commercial! But what I really want to know, is will I look as cute as the hammies driving that thing…if so, I’m buyin’!

  74. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theresa: LOL!!! Figured you would know that one!!!

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    Saw this ad last night and just KNEW it would end up on here. I think I need a new car.

    When did all this redecorating happen? I’ve been monitorless for a few days and just got back on the internets.

  76. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh, and what is with the weird little creature dudes off to the side? I know I’m no Julia Roberts but really, I’m not that bad!!

  77. What a great commercial!

  78. kittyadventures says:

    MArtha you can upload an Avatar.
    See instructions for three differetn ways to the left at the top of the page.

  79. 31 mpg/hwy? That’s what my 11 year old V6 gets! That is not worth bragging about!
    Er, sorry, environmental issues are enough to distract me from teh qte.

  80. And apparently I’m a mix between a Christmas Tree and the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Wow, how ironic.

  81. This would have been 10 times better if they used the “Hamster Dance” music.

  82. lukesmommy says:

    Ok, I was Jen2, but now I can show m’love for muh cat man with the new name….

    anywho, @ winnie- so sorry to hear about Puffy….he’s rolling around the Rainbow Bridge in a cozy lil ball now…..
    cutest commersh I have seen in ages! Makes me want to get another KIA!!!

  83. Too cute especially when the KIA pulls up and the hammie goes “whoa”.

  84. Katrina says:

    Dear winnie- I’m so sorry that your anipal has passed away. Yes, it is very sad and very difficult, and you take your time grieving. When you are ready, another little critter will fill another, different space in your life. We are here for you. Your Friend, K.

    Can Hamsters like Classical music, too? I’m sure they can tap out the beat of a symphony or an etude- or, maybe they are into Opera? Hmmm? Theresa, Anner, our other musical Peeps, what say you? Maybe they just listen to Classical at home where the fidelity is better. Yes, that must be it.

  85. Katrina, I daresay Hamsters would like classical music. Just don’t push them into Wagner or Stockhausen too quickly.

  86. Katrina says:

    I feel small enough as I is listening to Wagner-no, is not for hammies, I guess. Wagner has a very scewed sense of the food chain, imho. Boy, it is sooo good to have our 24-7 musicologists around, ya just nevah know when ya’r gonna need one or more.

    I bet they love P.D.Q. Bach, though!

  87. Katrina, I always think of exceptions as soon as I’ve made a categorical statements. I think the hammies could be freely exposed to the Siegfried Idyll without ill effects. The same goes for your orchestra. 😉 What a lovely piece (sigh)

  88. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Katrina & Theresa: I’m thinking Hammies would like fast music, like the Hungarian Dances (as featured in “Pigs in a Polka”, below:)

    Or maybe, if they’re Kosher, a little Hava Nagila or some nice Klezmer music!!!!

  89. Brahm’s Hungarian Dances? Excellent!!
    Speaking of PDQ, I’m sure there must be an instrument powered by hamster wheel.

  90. AlbertaGirl says:

    @berthaservant: Don’t you mean ‘Village of the Hammed’?

  91. shesabibliophile says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but CUTE car commercial!

  92. Elisha B. says:

    Just saw this last night. Best thing I’ve seen on tv for a week (incuding the 3 hours of the ER finale I sat through).

    Go Hammies!

  93. OMG, I got on the main page!!! So cool! I stop and watch this commercial every time it’s on. Go Hammies!

  94. ellie the one and only says:

    verrrrryyyyy funny i showded it to my dad and he was like thats me on my way 2 work, lol

  95. I just saw this earlier today, and I was like, this should really be on Cute Overload. And lo and behold- there it is!

  96. eikoleigh says:

    I need a car! Does the Kia come with hammies?

    This is the like the best commercial I’ve seen in a long time. I rewound and watched this commercial on Tivo like 5 times. The car is cute too.

  97. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. If you love any type of animal, this is the BEST ones I have ever seen.