New Rule of Cuteness? The SLOW Blink?

What do YOU think?

Once again, Fiv3r DELIVERS!



  1. Aw! He looks so smart, like he’s just studying the situation.

  2. oh squeeeee! I love this little guy so much! He’s like a little red-headed monkey muffin.

  3. BLEENk?

  4. katiedid says:

    reminds me of my brother when he was a baby..

  5. Mini monkersons is pretty cute. But when was the slow blink? I think I missed it…

  6. awww how precious

  7. evie's mum says:

    I’m impressed with the professionalism of the nurses — *I* would’ve had my smoochies all over that little russet pate……(I kissed the monitor,is that weird?)

  8. evie's mum says:

    I’m impressed with the professionalism of the nurses — *I* would’ve had my smoochies all over that little russet pate……(I kissed the monitor,is that weird?)

  9. Jennifer says:

    C’mon, it’s been like two days since the last update on Elke the leaf monkey. I NEED MORE PICTURES AND VIDEO OF HER!!

  10. What a calm little fellow. So cute.

  11. apotheosis says:

    I don’t trust it. Nossir.

    Any primate that looks so calculatedly cute and harmless can only be some kind of alien ninja.

  12. Anne Boleyn says:

    Where’s her mama?

  13. sweeeeet. big smile during the entire video. my brother wasn’t that cute

  14. Theresa says:

    All those paparazzi! Doncha know you gotta snap the monkeh.:P

  15. Agreed on the slow blink, and propose another rule of cuteness – holding hands with your hooman.

  16. Michelle S. says:

    Awwww. She’s just precious. 😀



  18. MONKEH! What a sweet lil dude, especially since he was all, “Look at me, smiling at teh camera and such.”

    Wonder how many laydehs love on him in his lil crib!

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Is this Helena Bonham-Carter’s latest sprog.

  20. oh look another teletubbie!! i shall call eet “bleenky” and eet shall be the new rule of cuteness. (although “slow blink” ain’t quite accurate i think blinks in general are cute)

  21. Little guy is totally loving all that attention!

  22. GingerBean says:

    @Monica- holding hands with your human should totally be a new Rule of Cuteness! When is that NOT cute?
    And lookie the cute monkey! Just calmly taking it all in, how much power his cute has over the silly humans with the cameras. How can we call ourselves the dominant species when OBVY we are just servants of teh qte?

  23. Slow blink might be part of a more general rule about being really tie-tie. Think about the baby sloth video…

    And I’m 100% seconding Monica’s motion to make a rule about holding hands. Think about the koala and the firefighter! (But maybe not just with your hooman… think of the floating, hand-holding otters!)

  24. 260Oakley says:

    @Hon Glad Are you off your chump? No way HBC and Mr. Nightmare Before X-mas could produce something this cute. Made me laugh, though.

  25. SQUEEE!!1!!11 YES! New rule!

    That is the cutest minkey I’ve ever seen!!!!


  27. Katrina says:

    I support the ground-swell of excitement and approval for a “Holding Hands” rule and I propose a new “Holding Hands” category.

    Not that that amounts to a hill of cocoa puffs, but, just sayin’….

    Very cute baby. I hope his/her Mommy is OK.

  28. bleugrl says:

    that is super model BEAUTY. Way beyond cute.

  29. snickers says:

    I have never seen anything so preshe before. It almost killed me. I felt my heart slowing down from the cute overload…

  30. You know, my fiance and I have actually been talking a lot about the slow blink the last couple of days ever since we noticed that cat doing it when she sends out the stare of love/ adoration. It such an obvious rule of cuteness I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of it before!

    [Exactly! The kitty eye squeezes. ♥♥♥ – Ed.]

  31. katiedid, I was going to say the same thing, lol!

  32. He’s calm.

  33. scooterpants says:

    OMG! (covers eyes)
    “Its an angel straight from heaven.”
    cannot be realz.

  34. Jimbeaux says:

    Such a cutie! And (s)he seems to be saying, “Thanks for coming everyone. This is my house. Come on in!”

    I think I will, li’l monkey! Ahn.

  35. At first I could not figure out what li’l monkey had in her hands, and then I realized — fingers! She’s holding on to people’s fingers. So cute. And I loved the leaves in her incubator. I wonder where her mama is, though.

  36. Arr Arr says:

    Also loved the itty bitty unibrow.

  37. She is very curious, isn’t she? Just taking it all in and going back to her little bed…

  38. I want to hold hands with a baby monkey. What a doll!

  39. Beth (in NC) says:

    YES!!! Yes indeed!! And FYI, I love when my kitty looks at me and squeezes his eyes, it makes me fall even harder in love with him. I think he’s the tops!

    Anyone else notice the teeny monkey baroo about 30 seconds in?? I love this critter!!

  40. Alice Tanzer says:

    Awwww! She’s like a little Barrel of Monkeys monkey! So cute :3

  41. The slow blink should def be a new rule of cuteness! My kitties do it when they lie in the sun (another rule of cuteness!)

  42. GIngerBean says:

    Oooh, the kitty eye squeeze! Ok Ok, now I get it and yes, the slow blink should be a rule of cuteness!

  43. OMG!!! The cuteness is blinding…
    And Theresa LOLOL you made my morning.

  44. Forget the red carpet! Elke is the new “it” girl.

  45. Gail (the first one) says:

    Very cute, especially little baldheaded area! Comb-over, STAT!!

    I TOTALLY second the “Hand Holding” category!!! I have the pic of the koala and the fireman on my fridge and the thing that “gets” me the most is the dainty little handholding.

  46. Poohbear says:

    Hon Glad and Oakley2600 – Bwah-ha-ha !!! Couldn’t agree more, too cute to be their offspring. Though I still adore Mr. TB’s early work. And remember how lovely HBC was in Room with a View ? Anorexia is bad enough in teenagers, but after 40 ???

    On Rules of Cutenesses : Ed., Yeeeessssss, the Slow Blink or Plink, a.k.a. the Eye-Squeeze of Love!!! If you do it to kittehs, they do it back again at you, aaahh, *melt*

    I’m so happy, I’m back, the Cloned Cows ad was a fake, happy April Fool’s, yay for Ben and Jerry’s !!! *does happy dance*

  47. It’s a MonChiChi!

  48. misscrisp says:

    LOL @Jon it IS a Monchichi…”oh so soft and cuddle-ee.” I support both new rules…plinking and hand-holding.

  49. chanpon says:

    @Hon Glad – my goodness, I had the exact same thought!
    *plink plink* or should that be *p..l..i…n…k*

  50. RevWaldo says:

    (being put into his incubator for the night)
    Baby Monkey – Wait! I want to know…everything!
    Nurse – You need to figure that out for yourself. That’s the fun of it!

  51. LibrarianJessica says:

    I vote yes! Def a new rule of Qte.

  52. catloveschanel says:

    I think that Michael Jackson should aim towards this for his new look.

  53. Can someone provide a link to the koala holding the fireman’s hand picture? I don’t think I’m familiar with it. Thanks much!

  54. I literally just felt my insides melt when I saw bebeh monkeh. Happy bebeh monkeh!

  55. My cats is broken. I tried the slow blink with them and they didn’t get it.

  56. I agree with Lori. The very first thing I thought was, omg it’s a teletubby!

  57. ZOMG!!!!! /me faints

  58.,25197,25235299-30417,00.html For the people wondering about Elke’s mommy. The mother’s fine; she just rejected her baby.

    Still an adorable lil monkey and I keep re-watching this.

  59. That thing would be cute if it were taking a crap. Blinking has nothing to do with it.

  60. I’d like to add the following rule: perfectly spherical heads r cute!

  61. I wants to sweetch jobs right now vewy badly!!!!

  62. the baby definitely looked full of curiosity – like “i want to know everything!” what shiny eyes.

  63. My brother was born with hair all over him too! My mother did not consider him cute tho – fortunately it fell off 3 days later. I still think he has ape like qualities tho.

  64. Paunchie says:

    holy crap how adorable

    (shutter snapping sounds!)

  65. Texas2Step says:

    Usually I think monkeys are just creepy or gross, but this little guy is actually adorable.

  66. berthaservant says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first one to say it, but TOUCH ZE MONKEY! LIEB MEINE ABSCHMIENKEY!

    Agree on the new rule, Meg. Slow eye squeeze is teh awesome cute.

  67. Why is it only brothers who looked like monkeys? Why do sisters never look like monkeys? Inquiring minds….

  68. Gah! I don’t think I survived that!

  69. How can anyone doubt that this little critter is related to us? He looks so HUMAN! Just like a lil boy.

  70. Katrina says:

    Babs-your cats isn’t broken it is on the blink.

  71. he is a soul stealer!

  72. Doesn’t get much cuter than that!!!! You can tell they would totally be smooching all over him if the cameras weren’t there!

  73. Patty P says:

    Katrina, LOLZ!

    Very cute bebeh.

  74. WANT!!!! I always wanted a monkey and now I want one of these monkeys!!! GIVE!! NOW!!!

    *deep breath*

    All right, I’m ok now. I agree with the new rules for blinking and hand holding. My dog winks at me from occasionally and it’s so cute. It always makes me stop and wink back. Animals are so essential to a healthy happy life, aren’t they?

  75. definately!!!!! i love any animal blink slow or not

  76. Blinky dolly eyes. *plink* *plink*

  77. Thanks a lot! For killing me.
    While watching the video I turned to the cat and said “What are those things she’s holding in her hands?” Then I said “OH, they’re thumbs. She’s holding their thumbs!” Then we both (the cat and I) squeeeeeed. And then I was dead.

    Two thumbs up for a new rule of the qte: cute animals holding hands with hoomans.

  78. Meredith says:

    He looks like a toy that would have been popular in the Eighties!

  79. It looks like a baby wookie.

  80. kibblenibble says:

    My kitteh George does the slow blink when he’s being petted. I call it his “squinchy love eyes,” because he only opens them halfway between blinks. This monkeh is very poised. At first I thought she was holding a tiny egg, instead of a latex-clad thumb! :o)

  81. kibblenibble says:

    OMG it changed my face into a little animated face! Cute! Now I have to try another. >’.'<

  82. kibblenibble says:

    Darn! Guess there are no kitteh faces. :o(

  83. I saw this video yesterday on yt and i was like about to explode because of the cuteness lol so cuteeeeeeee looks like a doll

  84. This is a perfect little critter. I just love his little face and his firm grip on the hoomans’ thumbs. Too cute.

  85. I love how at the end of the video of a cute baby animal with sweet music in the background the web address is to something called “manlydaily”….

  86. JoJoFunBun says:

    So….I was really reluctant to check this lil monkey out because I firmly believe monkeys are a special kind of evil and are all adorable and cute until one rips your face off!!! However, neither Meg of the genius that is Cute Overload nor Michael K of the hilariousness that is Dlisted have ever steered me wrong…Ok, well, maybe Michael K has steered me wrong with a few of those Caption This Photos, but still… Point is, monkey is totarry cute. Who knew? Then again…it is a baby. It can still grow up to rip someone’s face off.

  87. sillypucci says:

    Emily- Manly is a suburb in Sydney close to where Taronga Zoo is located.

  88. Subhangi says:

    What a sweetie! 😀

  89. Ded from cute. OMG. *thud*

  90. Londoner says:

    Omigoddess, that is impossibly cute. Impossibly. I think that was genetically modified to be the cutest thing ever in the world. If we ever get attacked by Evil Beings from Space, all we have to do is show them that, and they’ll go all squidgy.

  91. I’m with Alice … the curve of her little arms made me think of a Barrel of Monkeys game.
    Too bloody cute. I love the teensy pink blankie she’s wrapped up in, too. Brings out the red in her fur :o)

  92. My husband and I discovered the cute power of the slow blink when our son did it as a baby. (Even better, it usually means the blinker is getting very sleepy.) It should definitely be a cuteness rule.

  93. Tiffany says:

    I didn’t really see a slow blink. This guy should be a rule of cuteness all by himself though!

  94. Michelle El says:

    He looks like Michael Jackson a little!!

  95. Katrina says:

    Just don’t go there Michelle El, it is fraught with problems, that is!

    I’m so sorry his Mommie can’t take care of him, but those ladies do look up to the task. Give them a few days, they’ll be smooching that little morsel all day long!

  96. Alice Cullen says:

    lol, i agree with apotheosis… i say that it must be destroyed. IMMEDIATLY. it is too cute to bee good, whether for itself or for US… just kidding, don’t destroy it. but don’t trust it either…….. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. srry, where did that come from?

  97. Alice Cullen says:

    If the mother rejected something that cute, it must be EVIL!

  98. nastassia says:

    aww this made me smile

  99. \\ _________ (:

    Cuteness swoon…..

  100. I was thinking, slow plinking! heehee
    plink, plink, plink…..

  101. :O !!!

  102. Sunstorm says:

    I know many people will have objections… but I have an issue with monkeys. That is NOT cute. Sorry, Meg.

    I DO, however, agree with the slow-blinking rule. Very cute!

  103. Painfully cute! He/she hardly looks real. And what a sweet, tiny smile.

  104. Lauralu says:

    Cutiest primate I have ever seen…EVAR!!

  105. WHERE’S HIS MOMMY?!?!! he needs his mommy.

  106. I think cute blond zookeeper lady is his mama now.

    What I don’t understand is how she can keep from smooching him all the time.

  107. Naaa. slow blinks. nope. holding hands with hooman – yeppers. that is the new rule o cuteness. the blinks weren’t slow enough and he was just tired and overall laid back. I’ve seen lots of other cuties do it too. But the holding hands – it got me. hard.

  108. actually the slow blink in animals especially cats communicates trust so he is just saying hello every one your all my best friends

  109. actually, this made me think of “if you look like you’re made of rubber” or “if you can’t control your limbs” as rules of cuteness

  110. i think she’s creeeeeeeepy! Looks like a little alien. Those eyes? Eek! Scary.

  111. Dale Prince says:

    Hal Sparks acts by blinking slowly or veeeeeeery slowly. Since he is more annoying than cute, the slow blink does not hold up as a measure of cute.

  112. Soooo HUMAN!

  113. Definitely with you on the slow blink rule. Maybe it’s slow-blink-with-otherwise expressionless-face, though?

  114. Dale Prince says:

    But the slow-blink-with-otherwise expressionless-face describes Hal Sparks, too. Maybe I’m just being too resistant to the charms of both monkey critters.

  115. Wow.
    Hes so tiny.
    SO TINY.
    Like a jellybean.
    Tiny jellybean monkey.