First we had the Kitteh Slide treadmill…


IT NEVER ENDS! Literally!

Sthuper Sthender-Inner Josh N., you are a FOUNTAIN of well, unrelentingness



  1. Chet, Ruby, and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    it’s like they greased the wok! poor hammie~

  2. Chet, Ruby, and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    it’s like they greased the wok! poor hammie~

  3. Chet, Ruby, and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    actually, now i’m kinda hungry….for tofu, not hammie!

  4. Chet, Ruby, and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    actually, now i’m kinda hungry….for tofu, not hammie!

  5. LOL!!! Hamster can’t wok in the wok ^^

  6. Would he taste better Mandarin style or Szechwan style? 😉

  7. Hammie says…First the wheel, now this! I’ll never get anywhere!

    Soooo slippy, but at least it’s good exercise. I love how when he stops to rest he falls over and just starts up again.

    Has anyone seen the new car commercial with the Hammies in the wheels on the road and then the new red car pulls up with Hammies driving and acting all cool inside? I can’t remember what car it’s for (not very effective advertising huh?) but I saw it last night nad the Hammies were cool and I immediately thought of CO.

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    The secret to great stir-fry is to keep everything moving in the wok. I usually use a chopstick or a wooden spatula, but from this video, I can see the advantages of self-stirring ingredients.

  9. Awww! A little stir-fried ham with “jelly” bean! 😀

  10. I like to play them both at the same time.

  11. @Noelle: Sounds like the ad for the Kia Soul.

  12. Lauren the Lurker says:

    Best use of teflon ever!

  13. berthaservant says:

    LOL! Go hammie, go!

  14. Noelle-that’s an ad for the Khia Soul. We saw it at the movies and I thought it was ADORABLE!!!

  15. Patty P says:

    We need to see a commercial with the guy that hawks “Sham Wow” to sell the “Hamster Wok”.

    Why walk you hamster when you can wok him? No more cleaning messy plastic balls or wire wheels! Best of all, it’s teflon coated for easy cleaning!

    But wait! There’s more! Hold onto your seats! If you take advantage of this incredible offer within the next 30 minutes, we’ll throw in an extra Hammy Wok for free! Just pay separate shipping and handling…

  16. Yakkety-sax music improves any video. This is just fantastic.

  17. NTMTOM and Shazza…That’s the one! I just about died when I saw it last night and the first thing I thought was that this has to show up on CO at some point. I love the hammies jamming to the music in the car. And the reaction from the first hammie when the car pulls up is priceless!

  18. Beth (in NC) says:

    This is a schweeeeeeet new layout. I love it!!! ❤

  19. Yummy… Hamster Teriyaki!

  20. Mary (the first) (and now confused) says:

    Wha’ hoppen!? I was just here a bit ago and now I look again (boring day at work) and it’s all .. changed?!?

  21. Whoa, new site!?

    Lookin pretty slick, Meg! Not sure how I feel about the big links across the top just cause it pushes the content down.

  22. aww he’s so small & cute! He’s little kicking feet are so adorable. I hope he’ll be able to go out whenever he likes to…. No i’m not nit picking, and going to go off into animal abuse, just hope he is having fun and not struggling to get out!

    anyway this new cuteoverload layout, is going to need to some time adjusting to for me….

  23. The Shazinator (formerly Shaz the Original) says:

    Oh, please tell me they never used that wok again…hammie left a little something in it…

    We used to put our gerbils and hamsters in the bathtub (yes empty!) when we cleaned the cages. They did the same thing trying to scramble up the side. It was so cute. (Said gerbils and hamsters were from different generations and therefore not in said tub together.)

  24. thenlisasaid says:

    holy new layout, batman!

  25. Samantha says:

    Oh my, the site is different! I like it, though. …I think

  26. Well, come on…Noelle, NTMTOM, & Shazza… let’s git that commercial up on this website so we can ALL see it. K?

  27. This new format… it needs a little de-bugging. Litterally.

  28. doooodzzzz, were m i? o well, change…

    I bet the hammi prefers the veg only folks.

  29. Allison says:

    well this was adorable… until he pooed in the wok

  30. Dont like it, the little guy looks like he’s not having any fun. Seems rather mean to me.

  31. Oh yes, i forgot the poo – thats probably a sign of fear. Like i said – mean. Keep in mind this is an animal, he doesnt have the intellect to figure out that there’s nothing actually wrong, that it’s just a joke. Mean.

  32. I am sorry, I don’t like the new format. Everything is so big. Endless scrolling.

  33. Actually as a former high school reading teacher the thing that bothers me the most is the difficulty I am having with tracking the larger font across the page.

  34. kibblenibble says:

    I’m so disoriented now…Wha hoppen to the site, dudes? Anyway, I felt kinda sorry for the little ham, but at about 50 when he almost tips over backwards, sorta cute.

  35. CoffeeCup says:

    We have icons next to our names now?

    The little ham could have just stopped running…no need for the huffing and the puffing! And I did catch his little “oops” in the middle, but only after someone else pointed it out…poor ham. I don’t think he’s afraid. He’s an animal. When you need to go, you need to go.

  36. CoffeeCup says:

    You know, I like the font. I was really tired of squinting because it was just much, much too small. You can adjust the font to be smaller, but I found it extremely difficult to adjust it to be larger under the old format.

    Why does the site automatically save my info? Is there any way to turn this off?

  37. No more images in the RSS feed? I’m outta here.

    (PS @CoffeeCup: Just delete your cookies, this will clean your data)

  38. LoveTAP says:

    I LOVE the new site! Looks so clean! Great job! =)

  39. I love the new layout! Very clean!

  40. Michael says:

    I often incur wrath by posting negative comments about things everyone else finds cute. But in this case there’s already a negative position staked out, so I want to support it. The cats on the slide had no NEED to get to the top. They could stop any time they wanted. That’s cute. A hamster on a wheel, running voluntarily, so fast that he throws himself off, but then he gets right back on, is cute. But this little critter shows every sign of NOT being able to get out of the wok, and of being in a panic to do so, feeling trapped and helpless. That’s not cute.

  41. Halp! I are lost! *feels like wok-walking hammiepants*

    These side images frighten meh.

  42. Okay, my angry lobster-ish icony mabob is kinda funny…

  43. Priscilla says:

    that is so cute! good exercise for hammie! new layout (y)

  44. DejaMew says:

    Ok, this will take some getting used to. Why can’t I comment on the foxy post? I don’t see where to click to post…anyone?

  45. DejaMew — looks like that’s just a straight-up announcement, so, not a commentable post. No worries, this is pretty new to everybody. 😉

  46. Holy crap, EMBEDDED SMILEYS!! 😯

  47. DejaMew says:

    Thx, Theo..i was wondering. The new site layout looks good. Guess we’ll see how well it works for the peeps.

  48. DejaMew says:

    Does Meg have control over time/space? Here in Texas it’s 11:42 pm on April 2, but there seems to be a time differential happening here.

  49. DejaMew says:


  50. testing date/time stamp… ping

  51. …OK, “local time” on Cute Overload is back to Pacific Time. Looks like comments already posted won’t be retroactively changed, but what the hey. 😉

  52. (so it looks like Meg doesn’t have COMPLETE control over time and space, at least for the moment)

  53. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Wait, you mean it’s NOT nine in the morning? But I was about to have breakfast!

  54. DejaMew says:

    Theo, you are so cool!

    [Woohoo, I can EDIT again! I’m so jazzed I could almost BLEEN!! – Ed.]

  55. Felicityanne says:

    I’m probably just being stupid, but…I can’t see how to add a comment now unless there are already some here. Under the new hammies-in-the-kia post there is no ‘comment’ button!?!

    [Actually that post shouldn’t be showing up at all, yet; it’s still in progress. We’re still getting the hang of the new control panels here… – Ed.]

  56. NTMTOM, hope you have a warming oven. If not, just use the mikey-wave.

  57. btw, Mike, breakfast is a state of mind. Go have a spinach croissant & some fresh-squeezed OJ. (I wouldn’t mind one myself, if you’ve got extra)

  58. Ham’s little back legs are a blur! He is scrambling to get out of that wok. Poor little guy. 😦

  59. the bug man says:

    Theo, did you just… did you just BLEEN???

    Is nothing sacred?

    (Actually, I’m just posting ‘cuz I’m filled with ‘satiable curtiosity about what strange icon is going to accompany this post. I hope it’s a bug.)

  60. the bug man says:

    Jeepers, what is that? It looks like a saber-toothed toaster!!

  61. What’s the dealio with this potato-ish icon?! I am personally way cuter than this wacky spud.

  62. I was the FIRST BLEEN, Bug Man. You gotta undastan’.

  63. Theo, is bleening a bad thing or a good thing?

  64. Nik — start here. Then, once you’ve skimmed that, head over here.


  65. hon glad says:

    Wok bopaloopa a wok bam boom.

  66. hon glad says:

    I like the new layout, do I get to keep my crabby Christmas tree. Who is the designer.

  67. Woa, that is Awesome!
    I wonder how the sender-inners capture those clips?
    It never ends.

  68. cobratoes says:

    Awwww. He’s gotta be tie tie!

  69. Love the new look. Think Hammie is cute. And want to see my bug!

  70. Whoa!!! it is like a whole new world here…. Hai everybody. I love little mr hammerpants skittle bottom.

    ::Holds up Hand:: I just saw the new Kia Hamster commercial and I was about to look on line to see if it is there yet to of course submit to CO.

    ; )

  71. awwww, it’s CUTE!

  72. Hey Teho when ever you are back on in the morning can we put up our own avitars????

  73. HEheh Reality casual Friday came early!

  74. Annie — this is now WordPress. If you have a WP login (and you do, right??) then you can change it in My Account –> Edit Profile –> Change Your Gravatar.

  75. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey! You’re not supposed to oil the wok! 😀

    Great layout, btw! I’m trying to figure out how to get mah fat girl Rizzo’s pic up here!

  76. At first I thought I was on the wrong site. Looks really good! Do I get assigned a special Icon? Cool!

  77. What is that thing?

  78. i like this music better!!!

  79. i mean the hammie music over the kittie music

  80. Awww, poor hammie! Get him out of there before he has a heart attack or dies from exhaustion… :O

  81. I’m sorry to say I did not find the video funny at all… Looks like the poor thing is in a panic and can’t find a way to get out. I’m afraid they put the little hamster inside the wok purposely and that’s definitely mean.

  82. earlybird1 says:

    Love the music! But he’s going to scratch the Teflon… and is that a hammy poop I see before me?

  83. anonnymous says:

    Looks like the hammie is stressed – I don’t think he is having fun at all.
    On the other hand, the kitties do seem to be having lots of fun 🙂

  84. snorglepup says:

    I’d like my hamie and eggs over-easy please.

  85. birdcager says:

    lurves me some hammy!

  86. birdcager says:

    once again with more intensity!

  87. Lerrinus says:

    ROTFLMAO! It’s back legs are a blur!

  88. clydesdalegirl77 says:

    This is halAAAAAArious!!!!! Even my bunny isn’t that spazzic! And that’s SAYIN somethin! The hampster is so cute!

  89. I feel like a fuddy duddy but why change Le Cute? It was perfect the way it was!

  90. Sil,

    Sorry to break it to you, but a hamster cage isn’t any more humane than a wok. Don’t act all sanctimonious on us, please.

  91. kittyadventures says:

    Hi Teho This is Annie. Well I didn’t have a word press account but now I do.. only now I have a new name too
    Any way thanks I still have to go upload my avatar. But thanks for the instructions.

  92. Wok With Ham!!! (Any fellow CBC watching Canadians should get the reference :))

  93. Also, does one need need a Word Press account to comment now? I see my comment, but does the rest of the interwebs see it too? ‘Cuz when I tried to make a word press thingm they said ‘nads’ was taken and I use nads for everything. I can’t keep track otherwise! So I didn’t want to use another handle and did not procede with the account opening. So can someone vertify that they can actually read this? Sorry for the dumb request, I’m a bit computer logic challenged.

  94. bunnymama says:

    you should see a hamster in a fishbowl…

  95. Ragingnerd says:

    Words cannot express how happy this video makes me feel.

  96. brinnann says:

    nads, apparently you can set up an acct under any name then use “nads” as your display name. Just dun ask me how….

  97. kittyadventures says:

    Nads.. the word press account was to add an avitar but at the top of CO on the left there are avatar instructions so you can add one with out the wordpress account

  98. Best part:
    *sit up*
    *fall back— aaaand quickly resume running*


  99. WickedWendy says:

    Theo! I signed up, but how do I update the profile so I can add my avatar?

    Also, there’s no more link at the top of the page to go from one cutie to the next. Will we be getting that back?


  100. Comment100 says:

    Woo! Comment 100!!

  101. wickedwendy says:

    I found the links at the bottom…..Doh! 🙂

  102. kaitlyn says:

    Ok, the kittens was funny, they had a choice as to whether or not they wanted to try to climb up that slide. The hamster in the wok I think a bit cruel as it simply couldn’t get out. Next they’ll be putting the wok on the fire; no?

    [No. – Ed.]

  103. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, just posting so I can find out what avatar I get …

  104. Sasha's mum says:

    Yoiks! Looks like an angry Christmas tree that got attacked by a giant bat!

    BTW, I agree little hammie looks scared panicked.

  105. Yeah, I’m on the negative side on this one. Love the cat one to death, but the hamster can’t just get out of the wok when it wants. Sweet kia commercial, though!

  106. Theo, you’re my hero. I really appreciate the answer–I felt so un-hip not knowing the lingo! (I just can’t bring myself to buy a Bleenless Thong, but I appreciate the link…)

  107. Redbone says:

    Meanwhile, in the hamster’s mind: bood’n bood’n, screeee, neeryooom

  108. Wow! 57000+ views at time of writing. Cute Overload is accounting for some 17000 or so of those. Thanks for linking it and helping to make it such a wild success. I’d say link my site, but I’m pretty sure the only other animal related post I have up is the one a couple of days ago with “real life” animal names. Thanks again to everyone who’s watched and rated this!

  109. Northern Tigress says:

    To all those people saying how cruel this is, answer me one question. Exactly how is this any different than your standard hamsterball? They can’t get out of one of those either.

  110. omg not the Benny Hill theme song!

  111. Correction to my previous comment: Cute Overload has sent over 22K people to my video! accounts for 17K, for another 5K. Still amazed! 🙂

  112. Gary and Northern Tigress, I suppose you can take the position that keeping ANY pet (unless it’s allowed to run loose, and only returns voluntarily [and in most circumstances that’s irresponsible]) is a form of imprisonment. The issue is, do you have the animal in an environment in which it is comfortable/content, or in one in which is it distressed? Pet rodents normally are content in a cage. If I put a hamster in a ball (for “floor time”) and it appeared panicked or distressed, I’d take it out. I might try to find a way to introduce it gradually so it could acclimate, but if it was persistently unhappy, I just wouldn’t use the thing. I’m not saying this hamster was “scarred for life,” but to put it in a situation where it was panicking, and leave it there because its reaction was amusing, is not cute to me. If you want to take the PETA position that ALL pet owning is abusive, fine. But UNLESS you take that position, I think there’s a recognizable distinction between a comfy cage and what’s in this clip.

  113. Northern Tigress says:

    Michael, You got my position exactly backwards. I’m as as un-PETA as you can get. What I was trying to say that you can’t tell anything about the pet, or its owner, based on one minute of video. “Oh my, the poor thing can’t get out.” So… it’s a hamster. Its whole life it being kept in places where they can’t get out. Cages. Hamsterballs. City-sized Hamster Habitats. And no matter how luxurious their environment might be, they will continue to try to “escape”. I know. My friend’s daughter owned a hamster-houdini.

    Basically, my message was, and still is, “mellow out.”

  114. it’s hard to tell whether the hammie is exercising, or frantically struggling to get out.

  115. felicityanneuk says:

    Just checking that my new name and pic are working!
    I know it’s sad, but I sort of like the idea that I commented on a post before it was ‘really’ up…

  116. KleineMue says:

    Less claw, more pad!

  117. rissapants says:

    Ham looks like a marshmallow. *pops in mouf*

    (Space Cowgirl here, ensconced in my new apartment in Toronto after the international move from Hell – love the new site!)

  118. Like my dog in the bathtub…

  119. thebugman09 says:

    Sorry, I’m just checking to see if I really look like a bug now…

  120. thebugman09 says:

    No, I still look like a saber-toothed toaster. Darn it.

  121. Caremorethanu says:

    I’m sorry, but that is not even remotely funny. It is cruel and inhumane. Even if it your idea of a “joke”. Find a new hobby moron.

  122. mom2twinzz says:

    This only works with the Benny Hill theme music. But I have to say it is funny. I don’t care what the nuffers think. The Hamster Was Not Harmed in the making of the video. No one ate or injured the said Hammie and for all you do know – the Hammy liked the new environment and just pooped because well its what rodents do. I have had several pet rats and all pooped just where ever they were – even when sitting calmly cleaning on my shoulder. Tell me that is being mistreated. 😛

  123. takin’ a hammie for a walk in a wok!

  124. the bug man says:

    Ooh, that’s much better.

  125. That was soo cute!
    He pooped, and then fell right on his adorable little hampster buns.

  126. that was cute, but kinda sad:(

  127. Thank you, Michael, for saying exactly what I was thinking as I watched. The little hammie was clearly terrified.

  128. dawgpup says:

    okay new layouts throwing me off! lol anyways cute hamster! good exsersize for him but makes me hungry! Yay soy!! 😛

  129. aww so cute and funny

  130. SoCalSis says:

    Have I been ditched? No comments after April 6, 10 pm… I’m having flashbacks from my youth, when my big brother would pretend to let me tag along, until the sudden … “Ditch’em!” …. and all the big kids would scatter, laughing, leaving me mournful in the dust…

    Has CuteOverLoad changed it’s address?? And no one told me????

  131. snorglepup says:

    SoCalSis, My big brother used to play hide and seek with me.
    I wouldn’t see him for days. Waaahh!!11!
    I need me a cute fix. NOW!!

  132. DumBunny says:

    Why no new cute? I really miss it.

  133. TooMuch says:

    Hi……………………What happened??????????????? having withdrawals here! Must have more cuteness!
    Are you on strike? Have the nuffers finally got the best of you?

  134. SoCalSis says:

    Now I KNOW I’m being ditched. Looks like everybody went over to the new cool CuteOverload site, and didn’t tell Snorglepup, DumBunny, TooMuch or me. Okay, then. Let’s make our OWN new cool club. We could call it The 4 Mausketeers, and it would be really cool, and we wouldn’t let ANYONE else play. Okay? Okay!!

  135. SoCalSis says:

    Um. Well. Yeah. Now I know where everyone went. They went on over to CuteOverload HOME. See, I had the OLD CO site on my homepage and it didn’t update to the NEW one so I only had the OLD stuff and not the NEW stuff and… well… (as Emily Littelle would say)… ” OH! Then… never mind…” (See everyone over on the NEW home page). (Boy was THAT embarrassing).

  136. I just love it!

  137. The music made it just that little bit cuter.
    Congrats. =)

  138. Why am I not getting any new photos on Yahoo Messenger, for a few weeks now?????