The Worst Part About Having Roommates

It’s not that they’re always two days late with their share of the rent, or even that they go through your CD collection and mess up your alphabetical order.  No, the worst part is coming home to find they’ve piled the kitties in the sink for you to wash … again.

Touch that handle, buster, and you are SO scratched.

And I thought they were self-cleaning, Regina S.



  1. I think this will require some reality-casual Friday treatment tomorrow, involving spiralling and draining.

    [Hmmmm, tricky… I don’t suppose you have a photo of the same two sinks *without* the cats, do you? – Ed.]

  2. Seven Paws says:

    Wow…ordering one Cat In Sink…wait, make that a double!

  3. homer mariner says:

    The dirty water is the one on the left?

  4. Oh that is cute! I wonder why they would want to sit in the sinks though? I didn’t think cats liked water. 🙂

  5. tinypinkflowers says:

    If you like them, you’ll LUV these:

  6. @seven paws :: guffaw ::

  7. chanpon says:

    D’oh, I thought the worst part of roommates was when they start copying everything you do.

  8. LOL Not one but TWO cats in sinks side by side I like how they have invoked the cat physics law about cats filling up any size container they are in.

  9. Theresa says:

    Hey, at least they each have their own. When there’s only one basin to fight over, that can get ugly.

  10. My cat does this sometimes! She hates to get wet, but she will climb into the sink and curl up. We also had a water fountain for her that would give her continuous running water (it just cycled the water back through itself) — we had to take it out because she kept batting the water out of the bowl!! She almost ruined the carpet by getting it so wet!!

  11. The worst thing about roommates is that they hog the *bigger* sink and you’re left to smush yourself in the smaller one.

  12. Paunchie says:

    wash yer own spaghetti dishes cat on right! Ew, Prego sauce everywhar.

  13. Not only that, they always take the bigger room.

  14. biscuithead says:

    Don’t get me wrong — I really do like cats.

    But a photo like this makes me want to get them both with a spray gun.
    It’s just too tempting.

  15. The worst thing is how you always catch your roommate’s cold. Looks like orange is contagious too!

  16. CoffeeCup says:

    Great…now we need sinkhab too?

  17. berthaservant says:

    I’ve always wanted a sink with hot and cold running marmies, and a little tabby dispenser.

    // THREAD JACK //

    Big news peeps — I’ve gotten a job teaching full time (as a lecturer) at ASU! Bertha and I will be moving to Phoenix over the summer.

    We now return you to your regularly schedule qte.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat with that bright of orange fur. He’s gorgeous!

  19. cataddict says:

    I wonder how they decided who would get the smaller sink?

    b-serve: Congrats! That’s great news.

  20. Katrina says:

    Oh, Bertha and Servant, I am so happy for both of you! Concatulations!

  21. Katrina says:

    Now, these roommates wouldn’t have this problem if they had giraffes instead. I’m tellin’ ya, giraffes are the way to go for the young person these days!

  22. If my sister’s cat could get up to the sink I think he’d do this. I’m kitty sitting while my sister’s away and he loves to curl up in tight spaces. Worries me sometimes because I have to hunt around to find him. I swear he can become invisible when he wants to!

    Congrats Berthaservant! Best of luck in Phoenix to you and Bertha!

  23. scooterpants says:

    probly need a good over night soak first though.

  24. Camille says:

    Now my brain is filled with an image of giraffes curled up in bathtubs…

  25. charliewabba says:

    do cats below the equator curl counter clockwise?
    and congrats, b-serve. will you be able to handle winters away from Chicago?

  26. Katfighter says:

    Congrats, BerthaServant! Too bad in my opinion, though, that you’ll be a Sun Devil and not a Wildcat! 😉 Heehee. Tucson rules, Phoenix drools!

  27. GIGGLE AWW Those kitties look SOOO comfortable

  28. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Whut? The new layout eated my comment!

    I was trying to send congratulations to Bertha and her manservant. Is it marmie kitteh time now?

  29. kibblenibble says:

    That’s just cute. I think that the marmie is bigger, and therefore needs the bigger sink. However, it could also be explained by cats’ natural “liquid” properties, and how they manage to fit anywhere, (like recent waterbowl sham-kitteh-wow.)
    Congrats, bserv!

  30. Dontcha hate it when you find hair in your drain?! Drano won’t work in this case, no, no, no, this calls for specialty equipment. Milk and/or Tender Vittles ought to clear out this clog!

    Hooray for you BServ! Congratulations!

  31. @Meg & Co. — Snappy new web design! Looks all clean and minty fresh. (What’s the dealio with the little critters next to our comments? Do they mean something or are they just random paramecium?)

  32. Congrats BServ! Hope you enjoy your time lecturing in ASU!

  33. lucasaroundtheworld says:

    Cats in sinks. So wonderful.

  34. Cool new design… I had to leave a comment to see what creature would show up next to my post 🙂

  35. hon glad says:

    Cats make great sink scourers.
    Concatulations B’serv.

  36. I just got a brand new kitchen sink, but it didn’t have any kittehs. I want my money back!!!!

  37. themadcatlady says:

    OMG, I love the new website look! Well done! 😀

    Oh, and the kitties are cute too, hehe. 😉

  38. Katrina says:

    Camille- good.

  39. @ hayley
    The sinks were dry, so nothing terrible happened to Mini and her friend Charis.
    @ Jenn
    It’s that easy: The bigger one gets the bigger sink.
    @ Kiddo
    Yes, he is!

    Btw., both cats and the other 5 we adopted so far were thrown-away kittens on Crete, the “beautiful” Greek island… And I couldn’t tell which one I love most. They all are wonderful adorable creatures and I am so glad that I could rescue them. Read about our work on (in German only though).

  40. snorglepup says:

    I hate when they leave hair in the sink!
    Nik- I like your solution.
    B.S.- Enjoy AZ!

  41. Ms. Meggins, I lurve the site redesign. Very easy to navigate. Thank you!

  42. birdcager says:

    Lurve it!

  43. Did this picture come from someone in New York? Because those seriously look like my two cats who had a previous owner.

  44. Lerrinus says:

    @charliewabba: it would be cool it they did!

  45. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Hey, the last 30 or so comments that had been posted here right before the site was converted have vanished into thin air! What gives?

    Thus, I repeat: Congrats, B-serv! Academia rocks! & @Theresa, BJ Upton went to the D-backs? Lawks!

  46. Kallisto says:

    We can have Avatars now? That’s so smashing.

  47. o.o I love the new webby.

    Qte kitties too! Mine never curl up in the sink or anything cool like that…

  48. kaitlyn says:

    Turn the water on! Turn the water on!!! LOL

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    Yep, my Congrats to B-Serv are gone, too!
    Anywho, YAY Berthaservant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this has been a long time coming!!!! I think I’d like the weather in Phoenix, but I have this girlie-girl fear of the scorpions.

  50. AWW 🙂 I am so glad you were able to adopt those kitties from Crete, Regina 🙂 How were you able to get them from Greece to your home?

  51. For some reason this reminds me of Indian food buffet…

  52. ellie the one and only says:

    i wonder if they just randomly fell asleep there or if they were put there??

  53. The pictures are so funny! My mom has a acount and almost every day I get to see the sooooooo much hilarious pictures! 🙂

    Rachel Stephens

  54. Hi Teresa,

    I got the cats vaccinated, microchipped and the EU pet passport issued. That’s all you need to travel within the European Union (GB and Sweden excluded). Btw., as we live in both places, Crete and Germany, 6 months each, all our 7 cats and 2 dogs we have saved from the streets of Crete so far, always travel with us from north to south and vice versa.

  55. AWW 🙂 It is good to hear that your cats are vaccinated and microchipped 🙂 I am so glad that your cats and dogs are able to travel with you, Regina 🙂 I am also glad to know that a European Union pet passport will allow anyone traveling with a pet or pets to several countries 🙂 I read in a cat magazine (Cat Fancy I think) where a lady rescued a kitten in Italy and was able to travel with the kitty after getting the vaccinations and papers from a vet. She had to take a different plane route home to by-pass Great Britian’s pet laws in order to get her kitty safely home to the US 🙂