Teh Qte™ is Strong in This One

For those of you unfamiliar with Tatooine and the Dune Sea, what you’re looking at is a Gammorean Guard, one of the giant green pig thugs who usually work for galactic gangsters like Jabba the Hutt.  They are loyal and strong, but they’re also notoriously susceptible to Jedi mind tricks.

Let’s get a closeup of that caption:

Yep.  Out of frame, little moppet Anakin has just opened up a Box O’ Ewoks.



  1. Carolina says:

    And this is cute because?
    I guess you have to be there?
    Sorry, don’t get it at all.

  2. Mousesong says:

    Ah, Gammoreans. Even they are not immune to Teh Qte, as the caption clearly indicates.

    Why did none of my friends who played KOTOR point this out to me? 😦

    Better yet why don’t I have a system to play KOTOR on BIG SIGH

  3. What is this? Hows it cute? *is confused*

  4. skippymom says:

    A friend just dumped on me for loving my cats too much, I’m feeling crummy because of it, come here to cheer up and see–this? This is, like, the Anti-Cute. In my opinion. But then, I’m just a crazy cat-lover!

  5. What is this crap??? Do.not.want.

    Not cute. actually, complete opposite of cute. The *squee* does not make ugly scary computer generated pig man = cute. kthx!

  6. I think it is hysterical!
    Teh Squee is a powerful emotion.

  7. snapsz18 says:

    This is April fool’s right? please?

    [Well, OK. Since you said “please”. – Ed.]

  8. Oh THAT’s why I never heard anything about it from my KOTOR friends. Cos it’s April First. Sadface. I was taken in after nimbly dodging every other assault on my gullibility all day. Fail.

    The idea of a Gammorean saying “squeee” is still amazing, though, so I call half-dignity on falling for it. Because. I mean, come on. Gammorean. Saying squee. AFD or not it is clearly made of win.

  9. Lol -just realised- this is april fools joke? yeah? haha.

    but srsly can you guys post somethin new & cute nao 😦

  10. Birdcage says:

    I’m a fool for Theo!!

  11. Laureling says:

    Squeee! I wish I had a Box O’ Ewoks.

  12. divinebluesky says:

    I think it’s hysterical too – the thought of something so ugly succumbing to teh qte AND game programmer geeks documenting it, plus the explanation about the antics of the moppet anakin 🙂

    Not to mention that I totally fell for it being a real screen capture and Theo striving valiantly to get the goods.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know doodly about Gammorean Guards or the Dune Sea or whatever, but I’m still giggling like an idiot over this picture. The idea of a huge, mean, ugly pig guard squeeing over a box o’ anything is hilarious. And adorable.

    My next character on Lord of the Rings Online is totally gonna be named Squee. And she’s gonna have a pet named NomNom.

  14. The part that ISN’T an April Fool’s gag is that this really *is* part of Knights of the Old Republic. I didn’t make that up. (there’s no Box-O-Ewoks, though, sadly)

  15. Camille says:

    Wait, does this mean that Ewoks need to go to boxhab?

  16. I guess it’s only funny if you know what the hell this is, lol. *coughcough*

  17. harhar! April Fool’s!!
    Isnt this cute though?

    🙂 Trish

  18. I don’t know about this game but the caption IS cute xD

  19. Paunchie says:

    this is not the peeg you’re looking for….

  20. scooterpants says:

    ok so this IS April Fools right?
    Cuz if its not I am feeling SO left out….
    i dont know what to say.
    me no likie.

  21. hahaha

    Love it. XD

  22. JediPirate says:

    SQUEEEE! =D Just another reason for me to love Star Wars. And Teho.

  23. Statement: Disregard the meatbags who disapprove of this post, master. I like this.

  24. A lack of humor is completely un-cute. The ability to make me laugh is totally freakin’ adorable.

  25. KittyPants says:

    Good gad, so many nuffs, so little time. Does it ALL have to be kittens in Precious Moments poses?!?

  26. As un-cute as Gammoreans are, I was kinda happy to see something from KotOR here. Love it!

  27. chanpon says:

    Yay, monster pig thing said “squee”!!

  28. Selphie le Boffin says:

    This is funny. But what is the peeg squeeing about if not a box of ewoks?

  29. Gawd like people can’t have an opinion that isn’t completely positive? I don’t care if you like it, go ahead.. I thought this site was for cuteness and I don’t find this cute at all! I don’t see why people would, but I don’t care if you do, and I aint callin you a meatbag for havin such an opinion. Nuffers inDEED.

    And I happen to have a good sense of humor, at least that’s what i have been told. Thxverymuch.

    I still <3 cute overload. :)

  30. westingtown says:

    Love it! Uber-geek tongue-in-cheek Qte. Made me squee!

  31. JediMistressX says:

    Like this, I do. Teh Qte, strong it is, amongst nuffers and uninitiated not mayhaps, but takes away that nothing from the Jedi.

  32. Paunchie says:

    snickers @ “meatbag”


    back and forth nuffinks like table tennis….

  33. alalalal says:

    you guys are lame with your “NUFFERS!” comments. lame ass cat freaks.


  34. “Squeeeee!” is my chihuahua’s name.

  35. happy april fools day =D

  36. On occasion, they are also tasty treats for the Rancor! 😉

  37. Pete — heh. The guy who did that voice showed up in Mass Effect, too, as the homicidal AI with a gambling problem.
    – Revan

  38. I was a bit confused for a moment, but then I saw the *squeee!* and laughed out loud! I don’t even play the game and I think it’s hilarious! I can just imagine this guy skipping through flowers *squee!*ing all over the place. And of course there has to be ewoks. Love those furry faces! ^.^

  39. auntbaby says:

    ok i have an open mind (and a cat in my arms hampering typing) so would some kind soul explain in detail for us who aren’t in the know, why this pic is funny,sweet ? a great many of us are obviously ignorant of this big guy’s CO appeal. which might change with enlightenment. thank you for the help

  40. AuntBaby… check your datestamp

  41. Raemie L. says:

    “Out of frame, little moppet Anakin has just opened up a Box O’ Ewoks.”
    I know Theo was joking, but I was grinning at the thought. 😀

  42. CoffeeCup says:

    I didn’t even get the April Fools context (I’ve become so dull to it) but laughed loudly anyway because of the squee. I thought it was really funny. Just me then? Okay.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought I was just hopelessly uncool so thank you for pointing out it’s an April Fool squeee. Whew.

  44. superboymom says:

    LOL @Paunchie: “this is not the peeg you’re looking for….”

    Move along!

  45. Gail (the first one) says:

    @scooterpants: Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, I didn’t get it either!!

  46. focogal says:

    what the f is this?!?!

  47. amaretto_bunny says:

    Pete: “Statement: Disregard the meatbags who disapprove of this post, master. I like this.”

    Full of win! HK-47 is awesome! =)

  48. He’s like K-9, only more so.

  49. duck au vin says:

    “The World of Teho”-coming
    just in time for Mother’s Day–HD and Squeeee-Master
    Sound. How can I reserve a

  50. snickers says:

    @Mousesong or anyone interested in KOTOR: You don’t need a system (I take it you mean a console?) to play it, it’s on the PC! And it’s a fairly old game so I bet your computer specs can run that baby.

  51. CoffeeCup, I am completely with you. The ugly green pig man said “squeee!” and that was cute and funny enough for me.

  52. Holy pig-cow! CO has gone all MMORPG on us for April Fools!
    Joke’s on you, nuffercakes. . .

  53. claudia says:

    hmm. I get it now, lol! Only took me all day, heh.

    Oh, and because I can, I will: If there is a site that is supposed to be this that and the other ONLY, it is probably better off being run by the government or something.

    Cool blogs like this are diverse and full of humour, which is why it’s one of my faves!

  54. Shannon says:

    Pete – excellent ref!!!

    Excellent game too, btw. Check it out if you haven’t. I have never been more “into” a game than that one. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, lol.

  55. Not cute! Ming!


    Also, Box O’Ewoks is my favorite breakfast cereal.


  57. katiedid says:

    doesnt one of those things get eaten in one of the starwars movies???? I do believe it squeeeeed, too. lol

  58. Marty's Mom says:

    Boooo! Not cute, fluffy, cuddly…

  59. how is this supposed to be cute?

  60. kodalai says:

    Runa: I suppose people have the same right to express non-positive opinions as you think the site has to post non-cute things.

    Oh boy. *sigh*

    Happy april first, cuteoverload! 🙂

  61. Uilleand says:

    KotOR Squee!!!
    Revan approves…

    @ amaretto_bunny…ROFFLES! You win!

  62. scooterpants says:

    i dont think anyone is trying to be negative, i just think a lot of us didnt get it.
    and thats ok. i dont mind.
    move along…

  63. … and THIS little pig went Squee, Squee, Squee, all the way home.

  64. berthaservant says:

    Wow, people ’nuffing an MMORPGNPC.

    I never played Star Wars. Played EQ for a while back in the day, kind of got into LOTRO last year but it didn’t take….

    Nice one, Teho. And quite qte.

  65. JoJoFunBun says:

    Really, Theo?! I mean…really??!!!! “*squeee*” is sorta cute…but really…

    Maybe it’s just my nerdiness only goes so far…

    Le sigh….

  66. Some one has been letting the nerds get into the “special” brownies.

  67. JoJoFunBun says:



  68. Indiscreet says:

    Oh KoTOR – one of my favourite games! I have a big crush on Canderous, heh.
    You can’t knock a game where you can pet and play hide and seek with a gizka, eh?

    [Let’s just say the gizka weren’t the high point, for me… – Ed.]

  69. Neither cute, nor funny. Boo, Cute Overload!!

  70. Wow… this was…. just plain stupid 😦

    WTF? Some sort of favor for a Star Wars nerd or something?


    Not cute. Not funny.


  71. Scooter says:

    This reminds me of the time I saw a Klingon at a Renaissance Faire. Damn sci-fi nerds seems to think everything is in their domain.

  72. kaitlyn says:

    Not cute, not at all. Now if it had a kitten in its pocket that would be cute.

  73. @Runa: Don’t worry, Pete wasn’t insulting anyone by calling the haters “meatbags”, it’s an in-joke from the game. c:

    This was hilarious, and I think I squee’d just seeing a screenshot from KotOR on CO! Last place I expected.

  74. no, no, no, not so cute…

  75. Does anyone remember april fools day anymore? Meg sure got you.

  76. Karen — it looks like I got you, too.

  77. Love this site, but this is the first real screw-up I’ve ever seen you folks do. Maybe Theo needs a non-cute vacation.