THIS JUST IN: “Jimi welcomes our new kitteh, Scrambles.”



"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!!" [Hissing sound]


"Whuuut?" [Say in Keanu Reeve voice]


What a nice little story, Sarah W. 😉



  1. Chet, Ruby, and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    my cute nose will win him over….

  2. is somebody wearing a Santa suit?

  3. Peg of Tilling says:

    Is there a person under the red blanket? ‘Cause his day’s about to get a lot more interesting…

    (That cute nose would win anybody over…except maybe Jimi.)

  4. Hey, I want my bathrobe back!

  5. FredZeCloud says:

    I have a feeling lil’ Mr. Scrambles shall win ze epic evil eye stare down that will shortly occur. I mean, who can resist such a gaze with its top layer of adorableness but with the strong undercurrent of sheer kitteh evilness?

  6. That’s pretty much what it looked like in our house when the new guy moved in. However, in our case the little guy was the one doing the hissing, even though he was the new kid! Luckily our big older guy is easy going and did not let his little “brother” faze him one bit.

    BTW, I love the name Scrambles. Too cute!

  7. he’s hissing with regular (non-flat) ears, it’s an opening remark.

  8. OK there has to be a gazillion LOLcat potentials here.

    Im in ur fambly, pissin’ off teh first born

  9. Little marmie appears completely unfazed.

  10. Poor Scrambles.

  11. [happy sigh] …marmie freckles

  12. @Peg — I lol’d at your comment about his day getting a lot more interesting. Just the mental image that conjures up is worth the stares I’m getting from my coworkers!!

  13. HAHAHA so cute!

  14. DaytimeDeb says:

    Wait a minute: He was here yesterday, and he is still here today? When is he going home? What do you mean he IS home? Where are your slippers, I need to leave you a silent comment.

  15. catloveschanel says:

    Jimi is crying because they’re tearing down the house where Hendrix lived when he was 10-13.

    And the wind cries Mary

  16. Sasha's mum says:

    I wonder if “Jimi” is as in Hendrix. That sort of puts the facial expression in a different context: not a hiss of displeasure, but a welcoming song.

    [I dunno, I’m getting more of a “Crosstown Traffic” vibe here… – Ed.]

    Yes, I am wearing my rose-coloured glasses. Why do you ask?

  17. Gail (the first one) says:

    2nd pic: “Awww!!!! Ain’t I the cutest??? Oh and Mom said you have to be nice to me because I’m the baby.”

  18. Gail (the first one) says:

    Whoops! Make that the 3rd pic!

  19. That final pic says it all! Lol! Really, really funny.

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Apparently the late Bela Lugosi has been reincarnated as a cat.

  21. Who sent this in? Santa Clause? Because it looks like the kitty is sitting in Santa’s lap!

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    Took a similar photo years ago, Kitteh1 “GO AWAY LITTLE MISSSSSY! NOWWRRRR!!” and BabyKitteh2 “hi?”. She kept cuddling up next to him when he was asleep.. he’d wake up and “HSSSSSS” but she just looked at him, “huh? what’d I do?” It only took a few days before he gave up and let her cuddle. Soon he realized, he liked the cuddling….and they were BFF forevermore…. ahh happy memories.

  23. berthaservant says:

    Um, the pose clearly sez,


    I think this is what will happen if I ever get a Marmie. Bertha has longer hair but the expresh is just about right when she encounters other living kitties.

  24. Vampire kitty identifies his next victim.

  25. Wee—my kittehs are famous!!

    Jimi is named after Hendrix actually. And, no that isn’t Santa in the pic…just a hoody we used as a “receiving blanket”.

    Scrambles, named after scrambled eggs, is now 1 yr old and these two guys spoon each other at night. They’ve since become best buds, but they certainly like to play fight and cause general mayhem around the house. Meow!

  26. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Scrambles has a dirty nose!

  27. It has been almost 3 years since Buddy came to live with us and just over a year since Horus came to live with us and I experience this scene repeatedly every day with Scarlett. She’s a torti with tortitude and will never accept the “intruders.”

  28. Balthesia says:

    “I will keel you where you stand…er…sit. I am the Angel of Death; you will NOT defeat me!”
    “Calm assertive…calm assertive…”

  29. Love the part about the Keanu Reeve’s voice. hehehe

  30. Melissa H. says:

    Lemme guess, they’re total buds now, aren’t they?

  31. It cracks me up how laid back and sphynx-like Scrambles is, not a care in the world, while meanwhile, Mr. Hendrix over there is having his own private hissy-fit…

  32. LOL Jimi’s face is exactly what our kitty Badger looked like when we were given a new kitty, Dooley, from the neighbors. Our other cat, Smokey, just looked and walked away.

  33. Aww, looks like my kitties. Good thing is, they were like that at first, but now they get along great!

  34. kibblenibble says:

    One of the great joys of having more than one pet is observing the relationship between the two. Happy endings…*sigh*

  35. Scrambles the Death Dealer? If anyone gets the reference they win many internets.

  36. Dan Bledwich says:

    South Park’s episode ‘Major Boobage’ features a young Scrambles too!
    I had hoped that this guy was named after THAT guy. Oh well. Good choice anyway Sarah!

    Also, never has a catfight looked so cute. I think Jimi is fierce!

  37. Scrambles as in ‘eggs?’ Ha!!!

  38. uh oh. basement kitteh not happeh.

  39. I know Jimi is trying to be all tough, but a hissing cat is just adorable. The scrunched nose gets me!

    That’s a good thing too, because our 17 yr old tuxedo hisses at my 1+ yr old Maine Coon mix cats multiple times a day. The MCs each weigh double what the Tuxedo does, but the crabby old lady has them convinced she could kick their butts if she wanted to.

  40. Scrambles has kitty cleavage! Must put my face on it!

  41. Laura E. says:

    Our family dog was named Scrambles, so I think it’s quite brilliant : ).

  42. scrambles: “sir, though i’m small, i will fight back”
    jimi: “oh ok”

  43. Hon Glad says:

    My dopey pair would welcome him in, they let a local tom in who sprays and eats their food.

  44. LisaHoneychan says:

    Joha: That’s the most metal thing i’ve heard in my whole life…HIGH FIVE!

    Of course, it’s Metalocalypse!

  45. HRHQueenCat says:


    this could be my place, with a new Intruder, a 5 year-old adoptee with Cattitude …

    I bear scars & hear 3 lots of hisses in my dreamz …

    7 weeks & little sleep …

    I’m SO pleeezed your boyz are best buds now, tho 🙂

  46. gooeyctr says:

    “Suddenly, Nurml’s vacant stare triggered a bizarre sense of deja vu in Garfield. He had a sudden flashback to the first time he had been brought away from the Daisy Hill Kitty Farm, brought home as a Christmas present to a girl named Lila who already had a cat named Jimi. He hadn’t stayed very long, but he had learned to affect his bored, half-lidded look in that house, and to this day, it had never left him.”

  47. My kitties Oscar and Niko (brothers) are 9 years old. Murphy is 8. So they were a year old when Murphy came home from the pound. The three of them were so funny, because Murphy would follow them around like the little brother no one wants to play with. They rebuffed him again and again, wouldn’t let him into their club, and they finally figured out that he had amusement potential. Now the three of them are inseparable.

  48. Happy cat doesn’t too too happy…

  49. Holly Bees says:

    From someone who calls her cat “Scrambles” just warning you, cat parents, it’s really hard to say “he’s scrambles!”

    even harder to sing it.

  50. I love the yeah whatever look on the kitten’s face. This is how it went down when I brought home the new one home two years ago. Why can’t they just get along.

  51. @Mandy-my tortie Brontë is oozing with tortitude too- your post makes me lose hope for bringing another kitty home. She HATES cats-once a kitten wandered in the back door and I ran and shut the bedroom door just in time where B was sleeping. She could only SMELL him and she was scratching and howing at the door. I let her out once I returned the little one to its owner and she hissed (which she NEVER does) and gave me the stink eye all night. I was hoping tortitude was a myth! I guess your Scarlett confirms it-torties really like to rule a one kitty household. Le sigh.


    Scrambles: Whatevs….

  53. Intruder alert!

  54. Fabiola says:

    He doesn´t look just like the Pet Cemetery cat (after being buried)?

  55. zeldapie says:

    Holy cow – some Welcoming Committee!

  56. omg, that was totally safin (the firstborn) and rafter (the baby). rafter was all “whut?” and oblivious. SO cute!!!

  57. I just had the joy of experiencing this same scenario for a number of weeks. They’ve bonded now… the thirteen-year-old has taken the (polydactyl!) kitten under her wing and spends much time cuddling and grooming her. Still hisses at her occasionally, but just when Miss Lola Haze is being a huge jerk and totally deserves it.

  58. Gah! This could be a scene from my very own living room. Our resident beastie just does not like the new cat that we inherited from a friend that moved away: it’s been months, and the hissing, while less intense, still continues. Will they ever learn to be cuddly?

  59. What an adorable pink nose! I love it

  60. We have a winner! You may pick up your free internets either at Burzum’s or Marduk’s mini-golf. Lisahoneychan, come on down!

  61. Mrs. Capers says:

    You GUYS! That’s clearly a Snuggie.

  62. January says:

    Thanks for the close-ups…it is something like an instant replay. Luv it.

  63. RE: Bronte and tortitude – I don’t let Scarlett win. She is all pissy when the boys are around, but she tends to keep her distance. And, a few swipes across the nose of the boys have taught them how far they can pester before it gets violent. Last year I lost Tabby Sue. I had her for 7 years with Scarlett and it was the same way. THere’s a lot of hissing and swiping and evil eyes at first, but they set their own boundaries eventually.

  64. LisaHoneychan says:

    I’ll take the mini-golf at Marduk’s, thanks so much Joha. I’ll be sure to bring my extra-creepy, overly-repressive parents, and go into a catatonic state for the entire day.


    (ohyeah, the cats are pretty cute, too)

  65. I love how smug and self assured scrambles looks. Obviously becuase orange cats can go superheated at any time. Especially if they are given a hat and cape.

  66. and possibly a monocle.

  67. LisaHoneyChan — :ahem:

    [kaff kaff hork gasp wheeze]
    I tell ya, doing the Cookie Monster voice that loud *hurts* when you’re out of practice. Oy.

  68. Scrambles doesn’t seem to be fazed by all the hatred. He’ll be fine. 🙂

  69. The Cookie Monster ever said “DIE!DIE!DIE!”??

  70. No, but fake Scandinavian death metal bands sometimes borrow the voice.

  71. riolinda says:

    I love Scrambles calm face! cutest name!! XD

  72. I see that every day around my house. When you have a bakers dozen anything is possible. They will be budies before you know it.

  73. Katrina says:

    Theo-Plagiarizing Scandinavian death metal bands? Go outside and play this minute, young man, you need the Vitamin D!

  74. clydesdalegirl77 says:

    If that big kitteh gets one MILLICENTIMETER closer. . . He’ll die of heart attack. . .and Scrambles will just laugh. . .