Step one: Toss the hedgehog

Step Two: See how close you can roll bocce balls towards the hedge

Step Three: Whomevah gets their ball closedt to the hedge wins a golden toilet paper tube trophy


Hopefully the hedge will stay still for the whole game. If he moves, throw him again!



  1. Oh!

  2. “I drive a truck…”

  3. He’s too cute to toss.

  4. not a very nice idea to put into peoples heads

  5. Paunchie says:

    here come the nuffers! Don’t toss Chuck, meanies!

  6. What a cute little baby! If you are going to toss him, toss him to me!

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    Aren’t you supposed to smack them around the lawn with croquet mallets?

  8. you tossers!

  9. Jennie Mello says:

    I really like how he is all ears and nose. And spines. snuff snuff snuff…

  10. Awww, i love little hedgies!

  11. Hedgehogs + a mention of bocce = favorite thing ever!

  12. Ahhn, I’ve forgotten which hedgie I tossed, they all look alike down there… plus I think someone’s may have wandered off during the game.

    … Now where can I get a couple of flamingos too?

  13. Those ears!!! So yummy 🙂

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Kit–Ah, yes. Flamingos. I was misremembering my Alice. Ordinary croquet mallets wouldn’t be nearly surreal enough.

  15. scooterpants says:

    dont they work better for hacky-sac?

  16. Hmm, that hedge doesn’t look like your typical African pygmy.

    He does, however, look like the cutest boar-bristle hairbrush evah! Let’s all go get some flamingos.

  17. starling says:

    What Von Zeppelin said!

    OFFFFFF with her head!

  18. It’s a handful of hedgie.

  19. The first time I ever noticed the little critters look like tawashi, which are used in Asia for scrubbing pots and stuff.[ ]

  20. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I’m a child of the 80s — I want to see him tuck into a ball and roll down tracks and tubes and collect rings. Go Sonic, go!

  21. Chuck….LOL I like that. 😀

  22. “Chuck”! Laffin’ my head off!

  23. Raemie L. says:

    I beep his nosicle for a bit of luck.

  24. Bluemenro says:

    OMG, the ears! Teh EARS!

  25. Not bocce, petanque! Petanque is the French game that is more or less the same as bocce. In that game, the little ball is called the “cochonnet” or “piglet”. Clearly, if you don’t have a conveniently-sized piglet handy, you could use a hedgehog like this!

  26. Aw! He’s just a little handful! So cute!

  27. berthaservant says:

    huh huh


  28. Cholmondeley says:

    Wait… what are the rules to this game, now? You say you roll the bocce (or petanque, whatevs) ball towards the hedge, but when does the aforementioned tossing take place? And who could stand to let go of those darling earsies and nosicle?

  29. That’s definitely a young one – probably 3-4 weeks old. looks like an European hedgehog – too brown for an African hedgehog. Very cute – nothing like a baby hedgie to warm the heart.

  30. toss a hedgehog against a styrofoam ceiling to see if he gets stuck?

  31. And after your hedgie toss, you can also use him as a Ped-Egg. He’s perfect for exfoliating!

  32. superboymom says:


  33. kibblenibble says:

    Never knew there were so many uses for a hedgie! :o)

  34. SO MEAN! I hope people aren’t tupid enough to try this, but I’m not so sure.

  35. I think the hedgie is a Middle Eastern Long-Eared hedgehog. GOD they are cute.

  36. I don’t mean to be a spoilsport but….. I don’t think this caption is at all in sympathy with the rest of this site. I completely realise it’s only a joke and the person doesn’t seriously want to do this etc etc etc. It’s just that I don’t visit this site to read stuff like that, unless “suitable size for pretending to throw” entered the Rules of Cuteness recently. I vote for removal to preserve the integrity of cute overload. Plenty of other sites to put stuff like this.

  37. Sorry, accidental triple post!

  38. Stevo — I cleaned up your duplicate posts, but as for your other issues, I ain’t touchin’ ’em.

  39. Cordelia says:

    LOl – so cute! He looks like a little koosh ball!

  40. This site never fails to make me smile.

  41. TIS CUTE HEDGIE!!! um, if jokes about tossing animals offend you, perhaps grow thicker skin. Preferably with spikes and moist nosicles!

  42. This caption is HORRIBLE in a so not funny way.

  43. Melissa H. says:

    I call nuffer-baiting! You bad girl, Meg, messing with people. They can’t help that they have no sense of humor. It’s a sad affliction, and science just isn’t doing enough to find a cure. (sigh) 😀

  44. Some people just never read Alice in Wonderland…

  45. LOL – I had the same thought when I read that caption.
    “Now I know what they play when when all the flamingos have have walked off…”
    They could use the dormouse, too – he’s asleep all the time anyway 😉

  46. Chuck the hedgehog. Cute. ^_^
    *splort* whoopsie.

  47. Melinda says:

    Nuffer-baiting!!! That’s the best! I think it should now be in my daily vocab- and it does have a tone of slight naughtiness, too. Meg, the Nuffer-baiter. Love it! Oh, and want that hedge. Now.

  48. Ok…I coach bocce for Special Olympics…and my athletes take things very literally…and they would cry at the thought of hitting a hedgie with a heavy bocce ball! However, I couldn’t help but lol when I imagined a bocce game with hedgies!

  49. I come onto this website to look at cute pictures of animals, and expect that everone else does too. This can really only mean that you all love animals? I accept that i am going to get smack for this, however I find it seriously disturbing that you would put captions and comments that are totally wrong and cruel? This is meant to be a nice website? And as for the People Eating Tasty Animals caption ive previously seen…?! Its crazy! I really could not care less if you all want to have a go at me for this because im sure there are some who agree with me.

  50. I’ve never seen so many people get worked up over an alice in wonderland reference before.

  51. >> I really could not care less if you all want to have a go at me for this because im sure there are some who agree with me.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the internet: explained.

  52. Melinda Fluffer says:

    OMG! Don’t throw the hedgehog! That’s just MEAN!!!!!!!