Patience is a virtue


Sent in by none other S.S.I. Josh N.



  1. That is one patient kitteh!

    I would love to know what it was saying/thinking when they put a voice in. Any translators in the crowd?

    Also just proves that cats really can fall asleep anywhere…

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    calendar kitteh! what a patient and mellow puss.

  3. marissposa says:

    cute or sad? 😦

  4. #11, Science Cat, asleep in his textbooks. Yeah, that’s me. If I manage to even get them open. Sigh….

  5. Awww! I love him/her swallowing the bubble whole. Poor kitteh!

    Must really be annoying to be dressed up over and over again. He/she is clearly planning each of the crewmembers’ murders separately.

    “Okay mister director, I’m thinkin’ strangled with your own film…”

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Doesn’t the United Nations Declaration on Universal Feline Rights have some provision prohibiting outrages against the dignity of cats?

  7. berthaservant says:


  8. Sometimes the cuteness that comes from Japan confuses me.

    Darling, patient cat, but – HUH?

  9. My cat would be laying down the law: “you give me the goldfish, and I *may* reward you by cooperating. Maybe.”

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Animals are not toys!

  11. ha! they used harry potter music ^-^ and yes, it’s a calendar theme. 月 means month.

  12. There’s a special place in hell reserved for these people.

  13. That cat is on drugs. There’s no other explanation.

  14. CoffeeCup says:

    Really? Why so angry about this, saying that there’s a special place in hell for them – what’s so wrong with this? Is it demeaning? I remember being paraded in frilly outfits when I was a child, why should a cat be spared? Because it has cat dignity? It was far more embarrassing for me to be in frilly dresses at Easter than it’ll ever be for a CAT.

    And also, this video is pure win and awesome. PURE 100% undiluted win and awesome.

    *Plays it again*

  15. I want that kitty! So precious.

  16. Kitty is not impressed. I, however, am. My cats would be running around in little frantic circles meowing “GEROFF ME! GEROFF ME!!! RAWR!!!!” We have a little hat that one of my cats will wear for a total of about two seconds. Then he uses it as a fetch toy.

    I just love how this kitty is like “WTF ever. I’m gonna go grab a nibble and a nap.”

  17. I want to try bubbles with my kitteh now! 🙂

  18. Dorkus Malorkus says:

    Who are these smiling people in the corners of every Japanese video I’ve ever seen on the internet? Is every show some kind of game show? Does the girl in the corner have to guess what kitty will be dressed in next? It always confuses me.

  19. And I thought I had seen in all in TV when I watched as show about 2 girls who just watched Martha Steward and made annoying angry comments. But this, a TV show with the theme of a cat calendar, this is kinda blows my mind as to what there is out there to watch. None the less, I love it.

  20. The amount of japanese redonculousness continues amaze audiences around the world…

  21. berthaservant says:

    Let’s also remember that this kitteh is likely very well taken care of (and very well fed from the looks of it). If it’s demeaning to anyone, it’s to a culture that finds this sort of thing entertaining.

    And if that’s the case, call me demean-ted because I’m gonna watch again. Yay stoic Japanese kitteh!

  22. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    CO peeps who can translate Japanese, we need you! (You were awes w/those Japanese animated commercials w/all the beans.) Please help us! [bows respectfully]

  23. GIGGLE AWW poor kitty. That cat looks like he/she is used to being dressed up.

  24. I have been trying for 9 months to put a little sweater on my cat. I get one leg in, but I can never get both legs in. How did they get that cat to sit still in order to dress it?

  25. mrsbucket says:

    I wish he would pee on these people. Poor Puss!

  26. The Button says:

    I mean, the Japanese…what’s going on over there?

  27. Sorry peeps, but I think I may nuff here. Kitty did NOT look thrilled.
    That being said, he ate a bubbble!!

  28. Poor cat.

  29. Kawaii ^__________^!! But the last cat looked very angry lol

  30. I’m guessing kitty puts up with this because they give him sushi!

  31. Meaghan says:

    That is so wrong 😦 I lived in Japan and I didn’t see a single pet NOT wearing clothes. This includes rabbits, cats, ferrets and dogs. Sad.

  32. Theresa says:
  33. I used to work at this shelter called the Cat Care Society that was run by a bunch of crazy old cat lesbians, and they had a cat named Cajun who LOVED to get dressed up and have his picture taken. He loved it so much that they created a charity thrift store in his memory. Some kittehs just like to be fabulous.

  34. Truly, a cat for all seasons…

  35. LaFeeVerte says:

    Oh you poor kitteh! The humiliating things they make you do to amuse us Amuuuuuricans ^____^

    (OT: This cat is TOTALLY Maru’s cousin)

  36. kibblenibble says:

    This kitteh is *very* patient…puts me in mind of Maru’s older, waddlier cousin. I imagined I detected a martyred sort of expression in many of the poses. So I cheered when kitteh knocked over the Easter eggs, and was relieved and happy to see him finally enjoy himself with the bubbles. What a sweetheart!

  37. Ahaha, by the time they get to the 12th part and there’s the whole “Merry Christmas” celebration, there is a look of murder in that cat’s eyes! Enjoyed the Halloween/Harry Potter part. Poor kitty, but very patient. 😦

    But, still…lolz!

  38. misscrisp says:

    kibblenibble- you touched on everything I was thinking. Well said!

  39. Melinda says:

    Love it! I really wish I knew what they were saying though. Still, the most patient cat ever, and without a translation, this stands on it’s own to be cute for no other reason except it’s cute.

  40. Oki, CO translator, here I come! (I translated various japanese videos here in the past… such as the one of hamster/cat friendship if anyone remembers)

    January: Oshougatsu = Japanese New Years.
    They said the cat is completely ignoring the Chinese lion poking him.

    February: Snowman
    Comment in red: oops?!

    March: Hinamatsuri = Doll festival or Girls’ day; he’s dressed as the emperor.
    Comment in red: he’s huge. Oh he fell asleep…

    April: Kindergarden Entrance ceremony (school years starts in April in Japan); he’s wearing the standard uniform for kids in Kindergarden.

    May: Koi nobori = Flying Carp decoration for boys’ day (5th of May).
    Comment in red: Fat carp

    June: Rainy season
    Comment in red: Wait, what is Piya looking at?
    Then they’re explaining how he’s checking himself in the monitor because he’s a professional model.

    To be continued…

  41. There is something wrong with the people in Japan.

  42. July: Going to the beach

    August: Summer festivals; he’s wearing a Yukata
    Comment in red: he’s in his dreams…
    (which was also the lyrics of the song playing)

    September: Otsukimi = the full moon ritual; the rice balls are decorations for that occasion. He’s dressed as a rabbit because japanese people see rabbits when they look at the moon (go figure).
    Comment in red: He prefers the rice balls rather than the moon.

    October: Halloween
    Comment in red: what’s this?! Oh he ate it…

    November: Fall spent reading books

    December: Christmas

    I love being (partially) japanese 😛 This vid is awesome.

  43. chanpon says:

    @ Coffecup – But the cat doesn’t do anything! It just sits there! (vs. my cats who sleep 14 hours a day, but they’re NOT just sitting there).

  44. RevWaldo says:

    You know how radio transmissions keep going into outer space, so if you go fifty light years out you can catch old episodes of “My Favorite Martian”?

    Alien civilizations are going to have entire think tanks and doctorate programs dedicated to working out Japanese television.

  45. The Japanese are well, Japanese. Viva la difference and all that.

    I kind of had flashbacks to all the Japanese fairy tales from my childhood. My guess is Akane did too. Next Kitty dresses up as little One-Inch!

  46. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Akane: THANKS so much for translating!!

    I was wondering if the people in the corner were game show contestants and the winner is the one who can watch the kitteh for the longest time without either a) SQUEEEING or b) saying AWWWW!

    Personally, I liked the “First Day of School” outfit best!!!

    @RevWaldo: Apparently, we receive those old “My Favorite Martian” transmissions here in Chicago! There’s a channel here that shows all those great old b&w shows……they have “Sunday Night Noir” where they show “The Fugitive”, “Thriller”, “Naked City”, etc. It’s my favorite!!!

  47. Procatstinator says:

    Kitty’s internal monologue:

    “Are you KIDDING? Brains the size of canteloupes, and they’re paying to photograph me dressed as a BUNNY? I’ve had scratching posts with more intellectual hobbies…”

    And I totally agree that he’s plotting their deaths from behind that cute lil’ raincoat 🙂

  48. Snowpea says:

    Must be an older cat: he seems to be walking with a bit of difficulty? Maybe that is why he’s so patient…

  49. Kimberwan says:

    This is why Japan is so far ahead of us in cute-they have the freedom to explore boundaries. If this was on tv here in the states, the nuffing would not stop-there would be demonstrations and riots in the streets…..congress would spend millions to form a committee to appoint a subcommittee to examine the far-reaching harmful effects on children….dr. phil would do a special month-long series with oprah.

    ah well….at least Ellen would laugh with us…..

  50. Dis makes me sad.

  51. Lily Omori says:

    I can help! In June, the kitty cat is saying: “Huh? Piya kun! (owners name?) What are you looking at?!”

  52. @Kar: the thought of an all-kitty ensemble acting out One-Inch, while admittedly stradling that cute/sad line this feline does with such panache, just made me DIE FROM PURE HAPPINESS!!!

  53. curefantastic says:

    Thanks for translating! And I thought it was funny how they play a Mariah Carey Christmas song for December 😉

  54. It’s cuter now that I know what the text is saying. Thanks Akane.

  55. beansie says:

    this really IS cute overload.
    my fav. was the harry potter kitteh in october, eating the bubble.

  56. Hon Glad says:

    Oh the indignity, kitteh must be sedated.

  57. snorglepup says:

    Yes, being a super-model is such demanding work.
    That’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

  58. give that poor kitah some sashimi and beg forgiveness!!! Kit looks really pissed and scared

  59. duck au vin says:

    I’ve had some difficult days, and this made me laugh–feel so much better!

  60. That is MEAN!

  61. Feralglance says:

    “I is not amused nya~”

  62. I really don’t see the entertainment value in this…who in the world did they make a TV show out of it and what are the people supposed to be doing?

    Anyway…just silliness and the poor kitty could hardly walk with that snowman suit on. There are boundaries.

  63. CoffeeCup says:

    kk3, unless you’re Japanese, it’s not your culture – things such as this are acceptable in Japan and it is not for others to judge so harshly what is acceptable and rationale when faced with such stunning cuteness.

    This cat has his whiskers set on stun, and his paws on kill.

  64. I think I’m in love with the Japanese now…..

  65. katiedid says:

    I tried to dress my cats up once… ONCE.. it did not end well… but got some cute pics!!! lol

  66. I have to say, I don’t think the Western mind can ever comprehend the CUTENESS FACTOR of the Japanese.
    How do they do it?

  67. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Theresa, thx! Unfort. I feel skeptical about the book as the author’s entire career seems a product of nepotism (even more rampant in the UK than the US).

    @Akane, thx for your brilliant work! We are all in your debt! [humbly shuffles away backwards]

  68. That’s so mean.

    But…oh so cute. *giggles*

  69. The only thing cuter than a kitteh…A KITTEH IN CLOTHES. Adore!!!!!

  70. omysquee…the cutest part when kitteh-chan knocks over the mochi? & the girl (I just spelled it goil, when did I orientate towards Brooklyn?!)…Anyhu, one of the ladies goes ‘oh, konekooo!’ which is ‘oh, kitten’ in japanese. I did the same thing in english & laughed even harder when i heard her…we really are one people *sings the perfect harmony song wildly off key*

  71. My old cat (will be 20 in September) loves attention of any kind. I could put a hood on him and lead him to the gallows and he would just be all “don’t you think I’m cute?” Just goes to show, some cats love it, and some don’t.

  72. Obviously, it’s the mellow cats picked by trainers who go into show business. I’ve known a few. But my furballs are all neurotic.

  73. What a cute patient kitteh. And how many annoying noises and voices IS one able to cram into one vid? Clearly, that question has been answered today….

  74. claudia says:

    the cat is obviously much loved and pampered beyond what many of us can comprehend, so he will sit through this “indignity” because he’s chill like that.

    honestly, if he hated it (like 99% of the cats we know), he would have made it known.


  75. What’s so weird about seeing a rabbit in the moon? It looks about as much like a rabbit as a man. Or a lump of green cheese.

  76. Jenn in IL says:

    Sometimes, the Japanese kick our butts with cuteness and sometimes, they just have really weird TV shows.

    I think this is the latter.

  77. Theresa says:

    @Tractatus, or you could look at it this way- Waugh is the product of an intellectual “dynasty” of sorts, so he might have some special insight into another one. Not saying I see it that way, just saying one could.

  78. scooterpants says:

    couldnt watch the whole thing… to ridiculous.

  79. I can’t believe what that cat is willing to put up with! I can’t even get a ribbon around my cats neck…I would lose an eye in the process!

  80. Kitty didn’t seem upset. Heck, he fell asleep half the time! Not poor kitty… very lucky kitty, obvy has some attentive hoomans working for him.

  81. First Maru, then Winston-san, now this dude. Japanese pets seem quite patient! Not a trace of ADD!

  82. If this was a calendar shoot… I want the calendar!!!

  83. valerie says:

    I love it when he eats the bubble!!

  84. cataddict says:

    I guess I’m the only person that can’t see this video – not even at home….. I think I’m missing something!

  85. That cat is so fat! I just want to pick it up and cuddle with it.

  86. Warm, fat, furry snorgles.

  87. jackie31337 says:

    Apparently my 5-year-old is a nuffer: “I bet it’s not feeling comfy in any of those.”

  88. What’s up with the people watching in the upper right? Is this some kind of experiment to determine people’s reaction to a cute overload?

  89. MamaDawn says:

    He looks very calm and not at all freaked out to me. We have catnip scented bubbles from a local pet store chain and my furkids LOVE to chase and bite them.

  90. Very cute and patient kitty.

    I’m curious…why do so many people think someone made a TV show about a calendar shoot and not that this may be a segment of a TV show. American talk shows do segments on all sorts of things, such as Halloween kid costume fashion shows and the like. Maybe this is a segment from a Japanese talk show about a kitty that poses for calendars. One should not jump to conclusions without proper information.

    Now, where can I get this calendar?

  91. that is a very cute fat cat. HUGE soft paws. mmmmm. soft…..and those eyes are omniscient.

  92. I think the cat ate the bubbles because they have catnip flavored bubbles for cats. Regular bubbles being eaten by kitties is probably not a good idea.
    My cats love catnip flavored bubbles.

  93. brinnann says:

    Did anyone watch the linked Cat Weight Lifting video? REDONK! I especially loved the kitteh with the Van markings who seemed to be afraid of everything.

  94. Sharon Wilson says:

    This kind of reminded me of the end of “Cats and Dogs” where they show the cat villain being put in various costumes. I loved when the cat knocked over the moon cakes!

  95. Rooanne says:

    I don’t know how anyone could think this cat is mistreated!! Clearly he/she is very much loved, loves the attention, and is a sweet, mellow kitty! Sign me up for a calendar also.
    (Rabbits in the moon????)?

  96. Rooanne says:

    Also – it was halarious!!! I want to visit Japan. *bows*

  97. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Theresa, I should try to be more open-minded… like those Winston-san nuffers should try to be…

    Oh & by the way, Winston-san rawks!

  98. Not only Japanese see a rabbit in the moon! Mexicans do also. There’s an Aztec legend about that 🙂

  99. Check this out! Cute!!!

  100. I’d like to know where the nuffers got their degrees as cat body language experts. Newsflash: cats ALWAYS look mad. If you can take a look at an image you see for a few moments and instantly deduce what the creature in it is thinking, you should be out fighting crime, not reading cute overload.

    uh, by the way, that cat ate a bubble. while wearing a witch costume. omg.

  101. Noelegy says:

    Akane, thank you for the translation! I would imagine this calendar sells very, very well.

  102. Patricia says:

    Not all cats mind being dressed up. When I was little I used to dress my cat Orangey (I was 4 when when I named him and he was I’d dress him in doll clothes and put him in a stroller and high chair. He could care less as long as I pet him and snuck him peices of what ever meat was for dinner. He even wore hats with no complaint.

  103. Man I just love Japanese people and their creative antics! As long as they don’t harm the animals or anything I’m fine with it.

    Anyway… cute!

  104. Paunchie says:

    How much can kitteh take, how much can WE take, gah!! turn the sound down!

  105. Boof said “Cats ALWAYS look mad!”

    Totally! I mean, that’s what makes have the lolcat captions work. Those closeups of cats with their eyes half closed looking sarcastic? THAT’S A HAPPY, RELAXED CAT! Also, angry/sad/frightened cats do not tend to bat languidly at bubbles, paw curiously at props, or FALL SOUND ASLEEP. It may be going a little far to say the cat *likes* being dressed up, but he certainly appears to enjoy all the atten-shons.

    This vid is full of win. <3

  106. Wow! I can’t even keep my kitteh’s collar on. And that cat is wear 12 different outfits.

    You can’t force cats to wear clothes. They will tear them up. The kitteh is loved and loves the attention.

    THe kitteh knows he rules the show.

  107. that is one patient cat!!!!

  108. Japan needs some kind of Humane Society organization.

  109. I’m pretty sure the show is “Petto Daishugo Pochi Tama,” or (as it used to be listed in our TV guide to TV Japan) “Pets Pochi and Tama.” The show itself is an hour long and features different segments all about animals, but mostly household pets. I’m not sure how much it’s changed from the last time I watched it (a few years ago, before Masao passed away), but there are four regular hosts on the show and they usually have a guest with them viewing everything for comments.

    There’s more at the website:

  110. ROTFLOL, OMG patience is a virtue indeed! 😀

  111. Raemie L says:

    Had me smiling. 😀

    Thanks for the translations, Akane!

  112. I doubt the cat suffered, but I do love how his expression in the first few months is basically “urge to kill rising.”

  113. duck au vin says:

    meggy…Thanks for mentioning sashimi–great dinner for any cat!
    I am loving this video–gives me a sugar-high-maybe that’s why I keep playing it again.

  114. duck au vin says:

    OMG…it’s ducky again…I forgot to mention that I’m
    waiting for the full moon to try to see a rabbit.

  115. Why should this be a sad video? The cat doesn’t seem to mind, anyways, I’m sure he/she gets lots of attention while doing these poses.

  116. LisaLisa says:

    This cat’s so like……whaaatever…love it when he/she licks his lips when looking at the fish though..planning a snack for later.

  117. bert belgium says:

    i can’t believe some people actually think this is cute?
    this video just makes me mad, if the japanese want to make an ass of themselves in tv shows that’s fine, but leave animals out of it!!

  118. miameows says:

    I also had a cat growing up (Seymour) that would let me dress him up in anything. Even pants, as long as I cut a tail hole. And he would let me put him in a stroller and wheel him around in his baby outfits. I think I used my doll clothes on him more than on my dolls! Of course, I was cross-dressing him, so that may have been a little mean :p

  119. HAH! The Japanese are crazy. So very crazy.
    I found this funny and adorable.

    And for all you people out there talking about how sad and angry the cat is…I’ve had cats since I was a kid, and in my experience, they let you know where the line is. If he wasn’t willing to grudgingly tolerate the indignity, it would be pretty clear.
    My kitty looks at least that angry about half the time she’s awake…and you don’t even have to be near her.
    Oh yeah, and cat’s AREN’T fragile little flowers.

  120. Jmoczy probably has the correct guess as to the show, which is just one of the many variety shows in Japan that could feature such a segment. Variety shows are really popular in most countries other than the US, partly because they are very cheap to produce and few other countries have domestic television industries with budgets as big as ours. You just need one basic set, some charismatic hosts, and plenty of celebrity guests are willing to appear to keep their popularity up.

    In the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese variety shows I’m familiar with, they all have the same basic formula. Wacky hosts goofing around with pop stars and actors, playing random “games” they make up with random prizes (although I never understood the appeal of seeing a millionaire pop star winning cash or a car), some musical performances by said guests, and video segments like this post or like those morning news “feature stories” with commentary. They’re basically extended versions of morning talk shows with more flash and comedy. In Japan, many are themed around food as well as “cute” culture. The food ones are pretty crazy, usually involving highly extravagant items or super famous chefs and guaranteed to make you jealous of the show guests that get to eat the $75 a pound Kobe beef prepared by the top chef of some 300 year old resort.

    The crazy voices of the guests and hosts are on purpose – to stay popular, you have to be exciting, which usually means acting in a really exaggerated fashion and saying crazy things to keep the audience’s attention. The most successful hosts can cross over and become successful actors and/or, occasionally, pop singers.

  121. My daughter would put doll dresses on our old scarred up Tom cat (he loved kids) and then would come to us for “rescue”
    That is one calm + cooperative cat

  122. gosh! make it stop O.o


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