Winston-san does his “I’m in a box!” mime thing

It’s such a realistic performance! [clutching chest]




  2. A box of melted floof!

  3. GingerBean says:

    Meg, you seem to be smitten with Winston-san.

  4. bleen!

    aaaand poor Winston-san… do they not have boxhab in Japan?


  5. CoffeeCup says:

    I believe he is so fluffy, he’s sitting on his own fluff being propped up in the box.

  6. Hon Glad says:

    I’m living in a box
    I’am living in a cardboard box.

  7. you said it was the last one!

  8. before I was willing to think he was all fluff.. but fluff contours to fit the box, this cat is FAT and it’s going to take a shoe horn to get him outta there!

  9. Birdcage says:

    The great Jabba the Catt will now listen to your pleas ……

  10. Aww, Winston-San, you’re so floofy and inscrutable.

    I love the visible sigh when his toy is pulled away ‘you expect me to chase it? I’m in a BOX’

  11. Its just like watching Mewcel Meowceau!

  12. Do the writers for this site have alzheimers or something? Because you guys really do just get obsessed with ONE THING over and over again.

  13. I’m just wondering if Sir Fluffs-a-lot has the capacity for lateral motion.

    Adorable cat- so calm!

  14. Today must be the White Fluffy Things day.

  15. Northern Tigress says:

    Meg and the gang can only work with what they are given. If everyone who is complaining about “too much Winston-san” sent in one photo or video… problem solved.

  16. I’m not usually a cat person but if I ever get a cat I want one just like that!

    By the way, the cat’s real name is actually Shirobu.

  17. Box o’ floof! He’s like the world’s most mellow jack-in-the-box. He won’t scare, he’ll only stare.

  18. It’s flooff all the way down!

  19. katiedid says:

    one word: Blorb…
    lol 😀

  20. Jessi, say for the sake of argument, the “writers” do have “alzheimers or something”? Or say they don’t. Either way, how exactly is your nasty remark supposed to help?

  21. I’m still waiting for the cute. Getting a bit tired of looking at the same cat being stationary.

  22. Han Solo says:

    Jabba the Hutt in a cat costume O_O

  23. I have a black pointy nose persian but she only likes petted on her head. How dare she have all that floof and not want to share it!

    WINSTON-SAN! what is his/her real name :> they are a cutey blorp!

  24. Yes, Jessi. Alzheimer’s “jokes.” Super funny.

  25. Oh noes, Winston-san needs boxhab! Please get him some help immediately. I am willing to help counsel if you want to send him to the States. I will cuddle him into sobriety.

  26. K^2: Right, because there has been nothing else cute posted on the site. Get over yourself.

    I love that Meg is giving the middle finger to the nuffers who keep complaining about Winston-San and what she posts on HER site.

    For those of us who enjoy Winston-San (and even those who don’t but can appreciate the fact that this is Meg’s site and she can post whatever the hell she wants): Meg and Teho and NTMTOM, you guys rule.

  27. Winston-san IS the Box! Now that is Acting!


  28. Winston-San u r soooooooooooo fluffy I’m wondering if I tie a string to you will fly like a kite?
    Winston-San fluff kites-can u c it?
    Attn. Nuffers-You are more than welcome to start your own site-I’ll visit you too. Can never have enough cute!

  29. JUAN PADILLA says:


  30. I LOVE Winston & Winston-san!

  31. gravyboat says:

    I love the little tuft of fuzz sticking out the side!

  32. The only one more bored than Winston-san are the people watching him languish.

    Even so, it is better than watching the news.

  33. to those being snipe-y …
    1) you haven’t a clue, how many peeps there are who have responded over & over again, to enjoying Winston.
    2) Do you, yourselves, manage a webpage? If not, then try to remember being glad that something once “made your day” & also that what “makes your day” might NOT !!!! do it, for 3000 other people. It ain’t yer personal agenda being assembled here. jeez.
    [ps:sorry that my own frustration w/ their expressed sarcasm, got me feeling pouty, myself…]

  34. Has it crossed anyones mind that this cat is being drugged because to be honest I have never seen a cat that will sit still for that long-and beleive me I know some lazy cats. I don’t know of any cat that will sit still no matter where you stuff them or position them. Either she has the mellowest cat in the universe or this cats on valium.
    Peanut butter and fluff anyone?

  35. Beth (in NC) says:

    I *love* how lazy this man is. He’s like: Sweet, a toy. Whatevs. I’ll just look at it instead of batting at it.

  36. Flavia A. says:

    Hahaha. That’s a fat and fluffy cat.

    I’d like to see him and real Winston together. That would be funny 😛

  37. How much fluff can the fluff-nuffs nuff, when the fluff-nuffs nuff the fluff?

    And how much nuff can the fluff rebuff?

    The battle of fluff vs. nuff is looking tuff. I hope it doesn’t get ruff.


  39. Cutest box of fluff.

  40. Cath
    Nuth can nuff my fluff.
    When the nuffs nuff fluff and the fluffs nuff the fluff nuffers.

  41. Nuff take your stuff off Winston’s fluff!

  42. Okay I got one more..
    So sue me.. Bwahahahaha!!!!!

    There once was a nuffer named Fluffer
    who Nuffed all the time about fluffer
    One day he huffed fluff
    and fell on his nuff and that was the end of the nuffer.

  43. Nuff take your stuff off Winston’s fluff!

  44. Jessi, you know that moaning can be an obsession too right? That’s what old nagging senile people do all the time too isn’t it?

    Do you really want to judge others based on that which you can’t understand? Take the plank out of your own eye first, and then maybe we won’t pity you for the inability to appreciate all the fascinating things Winston-san has to offer.


  45. Charlie, I hear you. My Dante has one of the world;s most tantalizing tummies. It’s a trap!

  46. Annie & bhm: I’m chuffed at your stuff!! 😀

  47. Charlie & Jessi: I hope this doesn’t come to fisticuffs!

  48. Eeheeheehee. I lurve that big sigh in the middle. “Toy, yes, very exciting. Whatever.”

  49. I’m as much a fan of C.O. as the next gay, but the videos of the white cat doing not much have become tiresome.

    I know it’s Meg’s blog and she can do whatever the hell she likes. Just sayin’.

  50. Wow. Fake Winston’s parents put him in a box. Amazing. Honk shu. Winston is shaking his fist all the way from the 11211.

  51. YAWN

  52. misscrisp says:

    Visible Sigh!

  53. Dear HomoDM there are otters to look at now so you can just pass right by Winston san if you want ; )

  54. Fluffernuffer

  55. Sorry, but I’m really tired of Winston, I’d much rather see more of baby otters & bunnies & the like!

  56. The more anti-Winston-san nuffs I see, the more Winston-sans I predict we’ll see (rolling eyes and whistling) . . .

    […becomes a Tootsie Roll to me! – Ed.]

  57. Enough Winston already – seriously – an earlier commenter said it correctly that if any of us wanted more Winstone we are capable of going to You Tube ourselves.

  58. Katscats says:

    Meg, Teho, and NTMTOM, you are fabulous and keep me going. I know this site is yours and you will post what you like, and I will *always* visit and enjoy. Still, in case you also care about feedback, I weigh in: more REAL WINSTON, less boring Winston-san, however fluffy s/he is.

  59. I like the big SIGH too!
    Can we have all All Maru Week now?

  60. renee in TX says:

    I’m telling you, Jabba the Hut and Wilford Brimly had a baby, and it is Winston-san!!! LOL

    And post away, my CO Overlords… I shall faithfully enjoy it all!!


  61. Ouch, I now have a headache from trying to keep up with all the fluff nuffing nuff fluffers….or is that nuff fluffing fluff nuffers….ow, drat, now I’m craving a “fluffer nutter”.

    Anyway, I love Winston-san in the box. He looks kinda like I feel today.


  63. Whoops, should be “He looks kinda like HOW I feel today” missed a word in there. Darn headache!

    {still want a fluffer nutter}

  64. Theo…quickly scroll up and concentrate on cute otters, that should erase the unplesant mental image.


  66. hahaha what a lazy cat… SIGH. You expect me to MOVE outta this box for your toy on a string? SIGH.

  67. I love the sigh – he’s all, Really? You’re pulling the toy away? Has that ever worked? Even once?

  68. i want winston to be my persian’s boyfriend! he rules!

  69. The Button says:

    i did a big sigh when i saw another fake winston post.

    for those of you who resort to “this is meg’s site; she can do what she wants!” when we complain about the content, you are correct. but we can comment however we want too.

    ps–this cat should actually be named wilford brimley-san. diabeetus.

  70. that was

    I need more dots…

  71. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Winston-san is using his mind-control (sent over the Internet) to compel Meg to post him again & again! Keep up the good work, Winston-san!

  72. How can you think this cat is drugged? My Tasha is just as fat, and could match him for laziness any day of the week (and attitude – love it!)

  73. TheBladeRoden says:

    Maru > Winston-san

  74. Mimi says “MORE WINSTON-SAN PLEASE!!”


    There you have it… the full range of opinions. And now, back to the qte.

    By the way, aren’t there some cookies called “Hassen-fluffers”? Or is it “Hassen-nuffer-fluffers”? Well, anyway, they’re yummie.

  75. That is REDONKULOUSLY cute. I love Winston-san and Winston. 🙂


  77. Wilford Shirobu Brimley Winston San. What’s in a name? LOL No matter what you call him,he’s the King of his universe!

  78. Paunchie says:

    LOL@ Wilford Brimley-san!


    you got nuff in my fluffer!
    You got fluffer in my nuff!

    Two great tastes that fit in a box! (barely)

  79. This thread only gets ruffer and ruffer.

  80. I warned you Peeps over at another thread (can’t think of which one now,) but I-I-I warned you about this Winston-San obsession. Did Peeps listen and try to use reverse p-sychology on Meg? Noooo, you didn’t.

    Now we can bring an end to this tom-(cat)-foolery, if we had a TOM!(NOMTOM that is!)

  81. duck au vin says:

    All right…Thank you,
    Winston-San…(who else have we got?)

  82. My favorite thing about Cute Overload is the DIFFERENT animals posted each day.

  83. Susan L. says:

    Winston-San is a nice flame point himmie. I haven’t yet noticed him doing anything exceptional or that he is any cuter than the usual flame point. Now my blue cream point himmie, Sugar, long departed, would put a lamp shade on her head and dance in the center of the room at parties. Unfortunately I got no video and it was before cuteoverload existed. She was a star. Winston-san is just a cat.

  84. As Homer once said, nothing like a good sit.

  85. Such a fuzzy and chunky monkey. 🙂

  86. I love it at 0:12 when the toy is pulled away, and he just sighs. “Eh, there it goes. Too lazy to chase it.”

  87. berthaservant says:

    The death stare at the camera at about :18 did it for me.

    “MY NAME IS SHIROBU!” (I imagine kitteh was thinking)

    I don’t mind the vids. I appreciate their minimalism and anti-qte meta-episteme. I just want us to call him (her?) by his (it’s?) real name.

  88. Now I’m starting to get concerned that Winston-san might not have use of his legs at all. Have we seen his majesty touch the ground? I haven’t. of course maybe he just forgot what they’re there for. Lol! Hope so.

  89. Eh I have noticed a few bad seeds have been super cranky about Winston-san (I wonder what makes people so mad! He’s rather boring but still just a harmless poof ball!)

    I’m not a huge fan of Winston-san but I must say his little disappointed sigh after his toy got out of reach was very adorable. Poor Winston-san is too fat and poofy to get out of the box.

    By the way, this blog is probably the most amazing blog EVER, which is why I check it everyday (sometimes twice a day, which shows how much free time I have on my hands). It really is fabulous, with Winston-san, or without him.

  90. They don’t repeat photos the same thing because they don’t get enough photos or videos. Ive sent in several and none of them have been used. By the way, they have been equal in cuteness to the other stuff that’s posted on here. They are using this same Windston San for some other reason. Someone is either friends with the sender or smitten with them big time, which is what I believe also happened with the real Winston obsession.

    It’s getting really boring. It’s not that he’s not cute, it’s that we’ve had enough of him already. I don’t personally want to see every move this cat makes in his entire life span. If I wanted to do that, I would just go to his Youtube video page.

  91. Enough with the negative wav–oh, nevermind…

    You know how sometimes a Three Stooges rerun will come on, and it’s one of the ones with Shemp? And you’ll be like, “Ugh, Shemp!”

    At that point you have a variety of options. You can shrug your shoulders and keep watching the Three Stooges. You can turn off the TV, or change the channel. OR you can get your blood pressure up, getting all upset that the network is airing another danged Shemp episode, and you can write angry letters about how Shemp isn’t a real stooge and you demand that they stop airing his episodes because he’s no Curly and he just doesn’t do anything for you.

    The third option might make you feel better about yourself, if you are of a certain personality type, but deep down you know it doesn’t accomplish anything else. If you could muster up five thousand other people who feel the same way, then maybe, just maybe the networks would pull Shemp from the air. And then you will have accomplished making a lot of other Shemp-loving viewers very sad, when it would have been just as easy to change the channel.

    You do have a right to say whatever you want, of course. No one’s denying you that. But the natural outcome of such freedom is that other people also have to right to say whatever they want about what you’re saying. You are allowed to have an opinion. I am allowed to be of the opinion that your opinion sucks.

    Where does that get us? Nowhere except sitting on the couch on a Monday afternoon, arguing with each other about whether or not Shemp was a real stooge. What a waste.

    Okay, the Oddball doth protest too much. I do apologize, but a week of these negative waves has taken a disruptive toll on my aura. All I ask is that you imagine the world we could have if we all refocused the energy we spend complaining about trifling, unimportant things, and used it to do something meaningful. Something nice.

    Imagine if we took all that energy and used it to make more cute cat videos.

    Isn’t that a beautiful world, man?

    Carry on and pass the pudding.

  92. Melissa H. says:

    You know what I think Meg and Co. really get off on? Watching people freaking out over nothing in the comments section.

  93. I love winston-san/shirobu but am not keen on the original winston.
    I have no problem with cute that’s not to my taste though, I just go away and come back tomorrow (or sometimes just an hour later, cos you never know when new cute will appear).
    Freedom of cute, say I!

    And thank you Oddball, you just reminded me I have a chocolate trifle in the fridge waiting for me to eat it.
    Mmm, trifley.

  94. winston-san is a robot. the world would explode if that cuteness was real.

  95. Jessi? Alzheimer’s jokes=NOT cute.

    Love the visible sigh at 00:14. It’s as though he had a precognition of the nuffing.

  96. Can’t believe all the annoying complainers!

    Just move on and ignore Winston-san if he’s not your cup of noodles! Jeez! There’s plenty of cute to be had, and many of us are digging this glimpse into Winston-san’s perfect world. This site still belongs to TPTB and they can do what they want. If I saw something that bugged me everyday at some point I’d MOVE ON!

  97. berthaservant says:

    At least they didn’t call Shemp “Joe-San.”

  98. berthaservant says:

    Or “Curly-San.” Although Shemp may have replaced Curly and not Joe Besser. I could look it up but I’m not a 3ST fan.

  99. Let’s see… hmm… less Winston San would be um… sans Winston?

  100. I hate Winston says:

    AHHHHHH I hate this cat, he’s not cute, stop posting him!

    [WAHHHHH you hate this cat, you’re not cute, stop posting here! – Ed.]

    [Yeah, that’s how you sound. – Ed.]

  101. My vote? More Winston-San, and more Winston. And more cute.
    Remember when Winston ate a carrot, or dressed as ET in drag?
    Remember when Winston-San just sat there?
    I never get tired of looking at the same cute animals doing similar or different or differently similar things all day long. This is why I visit Cute Overload at least 5 times a day (more if I have no work to do).

  102. kibblenibble says:

    I vow to call thee by thy proper moniker, Shirobu…and may I add I enjoyed the polite one-atop-the-other paw placement, which didn’t falter even when toys-on-strings were swinging around you! :o)

  103. Dia-beetus

  104. Gahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrgh!!!

  105. CuteOverload is one of my top 5 fav sites. Why? Because things posted on this site are CUTE.

    Winston is a very adorably cute and does some cute things. His bi-weekly appearances have gotten plain boring. We literally just stared at a 30-second video of a cat. Sitting there. Being fluffy.

    I’m not saying to totally get rid of Winston, because he has contributed in great ways. But really, it needs to be toned down. His owners seem to think everyone cares just as much as they do about every turn of the head he makes. But we don’t. Please, limit it to only CUTE videos.

  106. Christine says:

    I think Melissa H. is right. I think Meg and the crew get a kick out of puffing up the nuffers. And I love it. 🙂

    [Well it isn’t exactly the #1 kick we get out of CO… – Ed.]

  107. Please no more Winston. This cat is SO ANNOYING!

  108. RevWaldo says:

    Put your kit in a box!

  109. ingemary says:

    give me Maru everytime!

  110. LOL.

  111. My persian princess Janelle always disappears in her own floof when she sleeps. It must be so comfy and soft lying on all that fur! 😀

  112. As for the people here complaining about “Winston” – get your facts right, this is “Winston-SAN”, not “Winston”!!!

  113. duck au vin says:

    Winston-San…Happy Easter,
    Baby! Put on your bunny ears and come to my place…all the eggs you can find and Mama’s special
    teriyaki chicken with that
    great short-grain rice.
    Hey, we can have an mochi red bean paste cakes for dessert. Somewhere we have
    wandered onto Food Network…

  114. @ Oddball….Funniest comment on here. LMAO!

  115. Hands you a pudd’n w/spoon

  116. duck au vin says:

    Yeeess, I know what we’re going to say about all those red beans for Winston-San…Have fun, read your Berthaservant,
    keep coming back with those
    great comments…

  117. LoveMeSomeWinston says:


    I could watch big fluffy cats do nothing all day. Seriously you crazy people, if you dislike something, don’t watch it! Rocket Science?

  118. Somewhere I saw a video of Shirobu after a bath and he did actually walk. I have to admit I felt quite relieved to know he could. Would like more assurances he can actually move on his own four feet…

    Thank you CO, for being here. I LOVE this site!!

  119. The buff puff doth fluff and the nuffs do huff. Then stuff gets ruff and Theo gets gruff.

    Enuff guff! Stuff it, nuffs!

  120. Oh great. Someone pulls out the ol’ Shemp Defense. There goes the internets.

    (I keed!)

    If I were to plead a stop to the posting of Shirobu vids, it would only be because of the heartache caused by the fact that I can’t actually reach out and snorfle his lovely floofiness. My overlords are short-haired and won’t quarter any snorfling.

  121. Dr. Seuss, is that you? Have you been reincarnated into cath? cath-how old are you?

  122. Just a querstion… For those who hate this cat, if it’s sooooo boring and soooo tedious, then why take the time to comment? If you don’t like him, just keep moving. Ya know? Arrow keys and mouseses and toggling, Oh My!

  123. i left a “winston is cute” comment earlier. then i came back and actually read what some of you jerks are writing. settle down man. are you so boring that you get worked up over a few pictures on a website? you should feel as pathetic as you sound.

  124. Fat or fluffy,
    Winston-san is a lovey!!!


  125. I’m with Mr Solo on this one. The first thing that came into my head on seeing this was “Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.”

  126. berthaservant says:

    O, Shirobu-san
    Sedentary, like autumn
    On the edge of cute

    Floofy and restful
    You need not move or waddle
    Being is enough

    Hue and cry, be stilled
    The cat’s name is Shirobu
    Wide, still, and content

  127. when are the Winston-san t-shirts coming out?

  128. I love this kitty 😀

  129. Shaz the Original says:

    He actually does move…

    And play!!

    And if you think this guy is fat, look at his bath video. He might be a little chubby, but most of his volume seems to be floof.

    Oh, and here he is on a leash at the beach:

    So his family does try to get him moving!

  130. Dang, whoever’s Ed-iting the comments should chill out too. “Stop posting here?” Whatever happened to the all-inclusive speak-yo-mind happy CO family? Jeebus.

    [“Whoever” is me, Theo. You did read the actual comment I was responding to, right? …this isn’t some impersonal robotically-assisted cute-photo assembly line, this our house. We’re real actual people. And you’ve been here for a while; you should know by now how this works. – Ed.]

  131. more winston! i want him to be on spam pop up’s like celebrities! what do the whiners have to say about that?

  132. I’m sorry, but Winston videos are my least favorite part of cute overload 😦

  133. Luv this cat!!!! He is a real character, bring on more. Winston-san does what he does best and that is just being himself. Looks like he is lovin life and that is what it is all about

  134. omg. How I love Winston. He is I and I is he. I would love to see him react to my 4 pembroke corgis. I bet he would set them straight in less than 30 seconds. That vid would win me, CO and the 44 guys a million dollars on AFHV. fosho.

  135. Sal-Face says:

    Marlon Brandeow holding court