There Otter Be A Law Against Being This Cute

Sea World may be famous for its killer whales, but two new arrivals may have guests saying "Shamwho?"  The San Diego park welcomed two Asian small-clawed river otter pups, born Feb. 7 to first-time parents Leo and Giselle.  A new otter/sea lion show debuts next month.

( Hmmph. Mom always liked HIM best. )

( You are getting SO noogied after dinner, ya little kiss-up. )

From Sea World via Cute Otters.

UPDATE: Four more otter pups born at Sea World Orlando!  It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!



  1. 260Oakley says:

    The look of otter disapproval from that pup is killing me.

  2. Soooo cute! I’ll take them all, please! Perfect hovertext on the first pic.

  3. Kilt me. Totally. Ded.

  4. Is there a CO approved term for those cute ear nubules??

  5. How can something this cute be evil??

  6. I think that otters, red pandas and kittens are the Holy Trinity of cute animals.

  7. I agree with Estlin. I wish they were domesticated – my house would be teeming with them!

  8. Leo and Gisele?

    I hope Bar Rafaeli and Tom Brady don’t find out about this…

  9. so chubbbbs

  10. Leo and Giselle? Is that for real?

  11. Ohhh Gooody I saw this the other day and knew it would end up here.
    Isnt that just the cutest picture… Okay and I rarely say Squee but SQUEEEEEEEE

  12. z’long as there’s no killer whale/otter show debuting.

  13. Awww, baby muzzles and fat tum tums.

  14. Cheesygirl says:

    Awwwwww, lookit Otter McGrumpersons in the bottom corner of the first pic. ::loves::

  15. OOOH, otterettes, I love them swimming in my (just perfect temperature for them) soup!

  16. Aww, poor bebe looks otterly ticked off. C’mere little one, I will give you kisses…and fish.

  17. What cute little swines!

  18. I nearly died when I saw these on Cute Otters the other day. Otters are one of the few animals that are lethally cute as pups and almost equally so as adults.

  19. You do realize that the cute factor is why there will soon be otter world domination don’t you!

  20. Thats so cute, those earsssss

  21. Just keep ’em off the pole. That’s all I ask.

  22. The bitter-looking dude in the first photo totally needs a “XCO Pup-hance.”

  23. zeldapie says:


    Lurve the little pouty guy on the right. Okay, lurve them both. And mama.

  24. Enough otters! I’m friggin sick of otters! Otters otters otters, nothing but otters! If I see another otter, I will grump a second time. 😛

  25. PS squeeeeeeeee!

  26. PPS “small-clawed”? How stinkin’ cute is that?

  27. In complete agreement with Estlin’s trifecta

  28. [ahem]


  29. Theo, it’s those burritos, man.

    [Depend on a smartass to make *that* call. sheesh – Ed.]

  30. I also saw this on, which, incidentally, would make a great More!More!More! link. [hint hint]

  31. Katscats says:

    Otters-my favorite Qte! CO rocks the Web again…

    (laughing at my Winston-san nuff. thx, Theresa!)

  32. GingerBean says:

    Even their name is cute! Those muzzlepoushes! (My family call it a “moosh”)
    I love me some otters *sigh*

  33. I love how crabby the guy on the right looks in the top picture.

  34. Annie…I for one welcome our Otter Overlords! The world would be a much better place if dominated by Otters.

    {well, except for the fish}

  35. StarSkunk says:

    Long as they don’t decide they wanna eat our entrails…on their tummeh.

  36. Otter kissies!

  37. ::runs to pet otturrrs::

    ::steals all 3 otturrrs::


  38. That little pout in the top picture made me snort coffee out my nose. Too funny!

    I may just need to make a trip to San Diego one of these days. It’s only 1200 or so miles away…

  39. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    *ack* thems otturs are sooooo cute. I heart otturs big and small. Never saw an otter I didn’t like

  40. Whitney Waters says:

    More otter!

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    The otter plush adorableness of these two just makes me want to nom them little ears to distraction. (I could get arrested for that.)

  42. Oh my! These must be the non-evil kind, huh? Or maybe they get evil when they growd up? No, I don’t think so… mom looks totally non-evil. Theo? Your input?

  43. Typically, Theo got it rong:


  44. duck au vin says:

    Nancy–great point! LOL…
    I used to be a cafeteria
    lady for a while…Our most popular item with the
    kids was “Otter Pops.”
    Holding a box of “Otter Pops” is like catching the football…and HERE they come!

  45. Theresa-it took me a second to get that-nice catch!


  46. Feezie, dude, I wrote the *book*. I’m ALLOWED to get it rong.

  47. and Katrina — *BURRITO NOISE*

  48. (OK, so it’s not actually a book)

  49. Theo, you say that like it’s a bad thing . . .

  50. That otter’s disapproval in the first pic is toooo intense. Eat your heart out, bunnies.

  51. Paunchie says:

    otter pups – I mean POPS! nom nom nom

  52. Paunchie says:

    PS I love the whisk-hairs on mama-san

  53. Cordelia says:

    crackjob, ROFLOL!

    The little guy in the first picture is trying so hard to look fierce and it just makes him that much more adorable! Love it!

  54. Oooh, Grouchy McOtterson pup is the cutest thing evah!

  55. Teho, and you did again – I’m no “dude”!

  56. Everybody becomes “Dude” when a situation demands it. Dude transcends gender. [also, insert Big Lebowski reference here]

  57. I think that otter surpasses mere disapproval. That is CONTEMPT, I tell you.

    Complete and otter contempt.

  58. I’ll ditto mike d’s request for a COXCU pup-hance, and add a vote for inclusion in the 2010 calendar.

  59. Oh my Gawd,I LOVE Asian river otters (sea otters too but these especially). Wnaana know why? Because in rural India, in villages along the Ganges, fishermen use packs of tamed, TRAINED otters just like these to herd fish into groups, making it easier for them to scoop up! It’s absolutely amzing to see-I saw in it a documentary on the Ganges. They make the cutest noises when swimming around, doing their thing. And they get nice fishy treats after a hard day’s work! Yet one more reason why its my dream to live in India- otters as fishing companions!

  60. berthaservant says:

    Soooooo otterz. Wonderful, a-wonderful.

  61. Egads! Even MORE otter pups at Sea World Orlando!

    (updated post with link)

  62. Any moment I’m expecting some idiot to drop by and say, “Those otters are boring. They just sit there and do nothing. I’m sooo sick of otters.”

  63. So. Grumpies! 😀

  64. The hovertext on the first pic is spot on! That little grumpy face is so precious. I never knew otters could pout! Hilarious.

  65. They otter be mine!

  66. This goes to UCONN!

  67. kibblenibble says:

    Wittle round heads! I dub them Louie Blue Raspberry and Alexander the Grape (Inspired by duck au vin.)

  68. Subhangi says:


    Otters are my native American animal totems, btw. 🙂

  69. AuntieMame says:

    By all rights, these guys should be Tommy and Dick.

  70. Hon Glad says:

    How otterly otterly lovely.

  71. Is it just me, or do baby otters with their mouths open look like infinitely cuter versions of John Malkovich?

  72. OH! this is purrrrfect! My husband calls me “my little otter” and my favorite hobby is to take cute photos ad the most cheesy caption and make backgrounds of it!

    This is so much
    I luw you otterly


  74. Gorgeous little guys, allright.

  75. I just melted into a puddle of goo…. sigh ….

  76. Otter lovers should read a book called “Ring of Bright Water.” Can’t remember the author’s name, but if it’s available the title should be enough.Wonderful true otter story.

  77. awww! Dey has muppet moufs!
    Gotta go see the other otter pics…….!

  78. AuntieMame’s Smother’s Brothers ref FTW! hahaha

  79. Chanpon, because when they grow up they do this!

    And post it on the Internets! Watch your kids, parents. Watch them like hawks, I tell you.

  80. Momcat, only if they want to cry and cry and cry. Ditto double for the sequels and the movie.

  81. I must squeeeeee! Never saw baby otters before. Possibly the cutest litte critters I have ever seen.

  82. Brilliant, this blog is cute and snuggly! (Oh, aha, and the Otters too! Of course!)

  83. So So So So cute!!!! I wish u could own otters!!! 1 of 25 , being my favorite animals. ( And i totally am an animal freak.),( One time a cow was about to go into labor… and i stayed in the barn til 2:00 am!!!

  84. I would have to disagree with Estlins statement. It would be Otters, Puppies, and Fawns that are the holy trinity of cute things


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