Maru places bag on head, loves it

NTMTOM brought us this latest installment of Maru…



  1. I think this cat is quite smart and just a bit bored so he’s making up his own entertainment, like him getting into a bin here:

  2. CoffeeCup says:

    YES! MARU!

    I love Maru!

  3. Maru is huge!

  4. I love how he strolls by the door with the bag STILL on his head. This cat is great and seems very smart.

  5. Danushka says:

    Whatever medication this cat’s on, I’d gladly take some.

  6. I strut right by with a bag on my head..(sang to stray cat strut)

  7. That cat is the funniest cat ever.

    I love him.

  8. David (the first one) says:

    Oh Maru, does your physical skills know no limits?! Honestly, he’s like one of those chubby but super agile ninja raccoons that occupy Central Park. I know there’s a small hole on the bottom of the bag, but still… What is he going to do next, escape from a straitjacket in a water tank?

    /What is Maru, a regular tabby?

  9. Glad Maru got another post

    He totally deserves it 😀

  10. David (the first one) says:

    Oh, just found out via Boingboing that Maru is a Scottish Fold. Are there even other types of cats in Japan?!

  11. I cracked up super hard at this video. He looks so regal walking around with that bag on his head!

  12. Just agreeing with the others; he seems quite bright to do that, then test his memory by wandering around a bit. It’s like something a small kid would do to pass the time on a rainy day. Except Maru doesn’t knock stuff over.

  13. Ahhh Maru, we love you 😀

    also I think this apartment would make an excellent location for one of them little room escape games. Yes?

  14. He’s like, okay, I’m blind. This is a cool experience. Can I find my way around the house? Oh, yeah.

  15. Love it so much! Too funny. Oh Maru, how I would love to squeeze you.

  16. thicktortiethintabby says:

    The Unknown Kitteh?

  17. the bug man says:

    I am incognito.


  18. David (the first one) says:

    @Nana – it’s like he just saw Bourne Supremacy – “okay Mr. Matt Damon, you’re free-running in a strange city at top speed with no map, no help, and not a moment of hesitation. I think I can top that. Look, I’m putting a paper bag over my head. It’s small, not even I can dive through it. No eyes, no ears, no whiskers – no problem. How do you like them apples?”

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Awwwwwww! Whatta beeg cuddly boy! And soooo seeelly!

  20. hhmmm… never seen a cat with thighs before…

    I’m sure he knows exactly what he is doing, must be some odd hobby… who knows?

  21. lucy's mommeh says:

    It says on the right that there is a small hole that Maru can see through.
    My husband chuckled with me when he watched it. Funny pusskins…:)

  22. lucy's mommeh says:

    It says on the right that there is a small hole that Maru can see through.
    My husband chuckled with me when he watched it. Funny pusskins…:)

  23. P.Erasmus says:

    Imagine the ?!WTF!? moment you would have if you came by to visit this person at their apartment, and sat down on the couch exactly at this moment 01:20 in the video –>

  24. temperance says:

    do you think maru was an orphaned kitten raised by hedgehogs?

  25. lol, p.Erasmus I was thinking roughly the same thing. That moment is all kinds of odd+cute+disturbing+wtf

  26. 1)”Gosh, what could this be, and what’s inside it?”
    2)”OMG, getitoff getitoff getitoff!!!”
    3)”Ah, that’s better.”
    4)”Gosh, what could this be, and what’s inside it?”

  27. “And once again the city will know the terror of… Hammerhead Cat! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  28. berthaservant says:

    First of all, I love how Maru is (not) watching the WBC — it was a game w/ Korea (couldn’t tell who they were playing) so this is within the last couple weeks, FRESH MARU, peeps.

    Completely, completely awesome. The section from 1:24-1:42 was just teh awesome.

  29. PS There’s BASEBALL on that TV!! Go Yu Darvish@

  30. Maru was putting the bag on his head in fear of watching Korea beat Japan in the WBC! Daehun Mingok!

  31. I like this cat.

  32. (wow does this mean I’m **not** the only one who was following the WBC? AWESOME!!)

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    I KNEW Maru was a Scottish fold! I love Scottish folds. Though if you look in other videos in which his head is not entirely encapsulated by packaging products, his little ears aren’t that folded.

  34. omg this is the weirdest cat ever.
    love it. he *must* be really bored.

  35. He is just so casual about it all. I love how he strolls around like it is perfectly normal to have a bag on his head! This cat just cracks me up.

  36. Interesting that no one quoting Maru’s thoughts above used lolcat or even Qte-speak. It seems fitting that such a smart cat would be fully fluent in English (not to mention his first language, Japanese, and at three others). Such a clever boy!

  37. i think he gets a rush with the tunnel vision effect simulated by the hole in the bag…

    “i’m in the zone…. i’m in the zone…”

  38. CoffeeCup says:

    Check out Maru at 1:12 in this video:

    How Mission Impossible is that?! Made me laugh.

  39. This video made me laugh to tears. The segment where he’s just strooollling back and forth in front of the door is pure win! I daresay, Maru is just the goofiest feline ever born, and that’s saying something.

  40. @thicktortiethintabbiy, loved the Gong Show reference!

  41. fish eye no miko says:

    Do-do-do… don’t mind me, just walkin’ around with a bag on my head…

  42. misscrisp says:

    Temperance you’re right! If Maru could dive into a paper towel roll, you know he would. God I love this cat.

  43. @temperence: snirk snirk. you are so bang on with that 🙂

    as soon as my belly stops hurting from laughing i’m watching it again.

  44. jackie31337 says:

    My 5-year-old says: “Silly little cat, you shouldn’t put your head in a bag!”

  45. googlie eyes says:

    You can see him being careful placing his front paws. Very conscientious.

  46. bunnystew says:

    HA! Maru gets his ears cleaned. His human needs to just start a web page for him already. Stop making money for youtube and start making money for more boxes, bags, cups, and q-tips for Maru.

  47. Robredyak says:

    OK- I’ve gotta ask…..
    Maru OR Winston???
    If you were stuck in an apartment for weeks on end, which would you want to have to entertain you? I love em both! Tough one, I know! I actually cant say. Maru with the sliding box hab?…Or Winston with the redonk nomming sounds?….

  48. aimee (the first one) says:

    I love this stuff, also reason why I don’t have (yet) more animales roaming my spacious abode. they’re bored out of their walnut brains. so sad and Cayute. Might get a hamster and make a 3 story story. Hm
    And, gee (it’s late-I’m horny) whadda look like first david?

  49. googlie eyes says:

    I’m thinking it’s a good thing Maru is an indoor cat :o).

  50. Fan-freakin-tastic.

    Gotta love that look at the end, “Oh, right, like you’ve never seen a cat walking around with a bag on his head before.”

  51. Robredyak, I was just thinking “If I had to make a choice…” and I would have to choose Maru. Especially after watching the other posted YouTube links.

    No offense meant to Winston at all! And now that I think about his shaving video… hmm…

  52. “His human needs to just start a web page for him already.”

    Maru’s blog ->

    [Yes indeed. Check out this entry written by Maru’s poor crocheted panda toy… – Ed.]

  53. LyhjeHylje says:

    Maru seems like extremely curious cat, I just wonder what tricks he comes up when there is no bipedals around?

  54. For a kitty on boxhab, a small bag on the head is like a nicotine patch for a quitting smoker.

  55. “Now people will point at me and say ‘there goes the kid whose father was thrown out by a mouse’! I’m ashamed to show my face in public.”

  56. katrinab says:

    awwwww! i think maru has respiratory alkalosis and is treating himself by breathing into a paper bag 🙂

  57. @Wolfwatcher, yes, I watched the WBC. I’m a Mets fan, they had the most players in the tournament, so I had to keep an eye on all of them. Some of the other countries’ handling of pitchers (i.e. Mexico and the DR) made me very nervous. It was hard to watch USA/Puerto Rico, but it was one of the best games I’ve ever seen– so many guys were so great! I think international baseball is a lot of fun, and wish more USA-ians would get into it.

  58. @RevWaldo– Junior???

  59. maru has got to be the weirdest cat in the universe. love him!!!

  60. RevWaldo says:

    @Theresa – Yep! (I couldn’t find any videos of “Who’s Kitten Who?” on YouTube etc. to link to.)

  61. Hon Glad says:

    How an indoor cat brings some variety into the day.

  62. hilarious!

  63. This cat clearly has issues. And he sure does not seem to be bothered by them whatsoever. Give him the blue ribbon!

  64. I really, really need to figure out how to put hovertexts onto YouTube embedded video again. This clip just PLEADS for it.

  65. katiedid says:

    Thats one big kitty.. and his head seems to fit the size of his body.. lol…

  66. Maru is the very definition of “cool”.

  67. What a nutty, charming little cat, lol. I wish we could peek into her head and find out what she’s thinking when she’s doing this, hee hee.

  68. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Jen8: LOL!!!!!!!!

    @Theo: Yes, you really must. I keep looking for them 🙂

  69. @Theo: To add hovertexts to an embedded object, add a TITLE attribute to the tag, as I did in this post:

  70. I watched the WBC too, Theresa. It’s just a really cool event even though I worry about the MLB pitchers..
    Korea had a guy named Bum Ho Lee on their team. That alone made it all worth it. HA!
    More on topic, I laughed until I cried at Maru casually walking around like that. What a cat!!

  71. FRICKIN’ CUTE!! I laughed out loud. Maru rocks!

  72. @Theo: To add hovertexts to an embedded object, add a TITLE attribute to the OBJECT tag, as I did in this post:

  73. Oops, the system deleted my HTML in the first version of my response.

  74. Mike — but no hovertext pops up on that one. That’s the recent YouTube embed code, ignoring your conscientiously-added title tag.

    Good news, though: I figured it out by reverse-engineering an older one.

  75. PS — I’ll email you & Meg my HTML snippet.

  76. @Theo, I love the fact that a cat with a bag on its head has caused you reverse engineer a code. Ah the Power of Maru!

  77. I engineer’d the code
    And wrote Maru an ode.

  78. (aside: I guess I need to figure out my HTML nomenclature… so, the “title” portion is an Attribute of the tag, not the tag itself?)

  79. P.Erasmus says:

    Pics of Maru with bag on head ->

  80. kibblenibble says:

    Theo: I love your ode, but careful, your geek is showing. ;o)

    [I have no problem with that. Hehe… – Ed.]

  81. Theo broke the code
    to write a Kitty Ode
    Clever text with Cute Maru
    Makes my head go *splode*

  82. Alice Tanzer says:

    There is a video of Maru makin biscuits.

  83. gravyboat says:

    That Maru is such a goof!

  84. Hey now. I *fixed* the code. [ahem]

  85. Alice Tanzer says:

    I love this blog entry of him trying to eat his owner’s orange.

  86. LOL not sure which part of Maru’s blog is cuter Maru or what his owner writes about Maru… and it puts me in mind of that video of the cat and the owner who spoke french Badly … Remember it was very Noir.. I just loved it.

    LOL Cats they are an inspiration. and a conundrum

  87. I’m amazed at how clean their place is, no cat hair anywhere.


  89. what was that on the couch at the end next to maru and the bag?

    did the couch have a puppy?

    was it what came in the bag?

    where do i get a big round-headed adventurecat like maru?

  90. Whoa, I think the couch is hideous but I was going to say so before I saw your post, yubnub.

    Hilarious cat, however.

  91. Paunchie says:

    he prolly needs some toys to entertain hisself

  92. @Theo–sorry, I meant “cracked” the code!

    [Ahh yes OK, got it. – Ed.]

  93. If I didn’t already share my home with Miss Emily, I’d have to vote for Maru as the world’s cutest cat (sorry, Winston, you have to settle for 3rd).

  94. “O Cat with sock on upraised head . . .” Theo, you rock like Samuel Taylor Coleridge!

  95. I can’t wrap my head around the AWESOMENESS that is this cat. Love!!

  96. Paunchie says:

    love the blog. looks like he’s got an awesome kitteh perching thing

  97. I love that couch clean lines very nice and this is the funniest video of MAru I love how he just marches all over the house with the bag on his head. YOu can hear him thinking Doot de Doo… lets see how the halway looks in this thing… doot de doo now lets check out the bedroom LOLOL

  98. @David (the first one): he is a scottish fold.

  99. wow! no nuffs of cat mistreatment so far. yay!

  100. That is hysterical! Why on earth would he like having a bag on his head?

  101. I was thinking that Maru has it all over Winston-san, but he is also more entertaining than Winston.

  102. Countess says:

    This may be one of the funniest posts (among many hilarious posts) yet on Cute Overload, I’ve been laughing out loud! He is so big, so silly, and yet so dignified. Look at all the posts, he needs boxhab, he needs binhab, now he needs baghab. More Maru, please!!

  103. So funny! I love it at 1:22 when you can just see Maru walking through the background with his bag on!

  104. 1) The logo on the bag looks like a little face; that is awesome.

    2) I wonder whether the cat might be “huffing” — the bag would increase CO2 concentration and poss. deprive him of oxygen, generating a cheap high.

  105. Stephanie says:

    Maru channels a hedgehog

  106. Janice of the Nine says:

    Okay, maybe I nuffed a bit at the preponderance of Winston-san vids), but can I now say “I want some more please?” MORE MARU!!

    Maru is Action Cat. He is inventive. He is not afraid to look like fool. He is my hero. *sigh*

  107. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Marooooooo
    I love yooooooooooou!
    Robredyak: No contest – I adore Maru. Winston is not my cuppa tea at all.
    Maru is definitely the number 2 cat in my world following my Yitzy, who is The World’s Best Cat hands down.

  108. Eeekk..! That is so cute okay! Hahaha when I saw it I thought of cats who would run berserk on the thought of someone putting a bag over their head because they might think someone is trying to strangle them.

    Oh sweet Maru~

  109. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Maru is ok, but Winston-san rules! In perpetuity!!

  110. I didn’t read all the comments, so forgive me if I’m repeating somethig..


    am I the only that thinks he looks like one of the Knights who say Ni?

  111. we need maru-hab

    and winston-hab

    or are we already there?

    ever think of that?

    (puts head back in bag)

  112. ‘theres sometin in dis bag i know it!’

  113. Is it just me or does he look like a Knight that says Ni?

  114. LOLOL! That´s got to be the silliest cat in the world. Love it. 😀

  115. It’s like he’s looking for someone so he can show-off.

  116. Bathos Q. Hauteur says:

    Arguably the filmmaker’s best work yet, “Maru and the Paper Bag” takes as its theme the oppositions of public and private, movement and immobility. Clearly informed by the works of Varda, Marker, Brakhage, and the anonymous auteur of the minimalist classic “Winston Takes a Bath,” the film’s long static shots and perfectly realized absurdist diegesis add up to a brilliant recontextualization of the latent order of space/time, and the subtextual question: Are we not all walking about with paper bags on our heads?

  117. Just a puddy-tat with the gift to enchant!

    Bathos Q. Hauteur-I’ll see your diegesis and raise you and exegesis. Silly person with a big vocabulary…your paperbag says “Target” on it.

  118. “an” exegesis, sorry about that.

  119. We are not “cat people” and both my husband and I thought this was hysterical. Maru is so blase about the whole thing.

  120. Katrina, don’t get all hermeneutic on us. 🙂

  121. Yeah, those hermeneuticles freak me out.

  122. am i the only person who finds this disturbing,my german shep,hector suffocated under similar circumstances,if this was a vid of a kid doing similar,child protection would be called in,think people!

  123. Christine says:

    It is so time for bag-hab

  124. Bathos Q. Hauteur says:

    @Katrina, Theresa–

  125. LOL! “I go for patrol” (on his blog)

  126. Seriously! That was too funny. They way Maru kept wandering around the house so nonchalantly made me laugh out loud. He/she is a big bruiser of lovin though.

  127. I seriously was laughing so hard my eyes were tearing up. That was absolutely hysterical!!!

  128. I agree that he is smart and finding ways to entertain himself. Very cute.
    I love the tail, it is short and chubby. Weird.

  129. One of my tattoos bears a great deal of resemblance to the logo on the bag!

  130. Oh My Fruity Grapes, that was funny.

  131. My two guys in daycare were constantly doing things that kept them from being bored. Killer’s bigger big brother waited until all of the children where in their cribs asleep and he, being outside his crib because he didn’t sleep, carefully pulled the socks off each of the five sleeping two-year olds. Nobody woke up, either! And I’m laughing my head off hearing about this and their teacher said “Truly smart children are never bored.” So, Mommies of young children and self-entertaining cats, you have very smart little critters on your hands!

  132. Brenda- Why not?

  133. berthaservant says:

    Bathos: I think this is kind of anti-Brakhage, really. I think there’s a bit too much “present” present for Brakhage, too involved with memory and (visual) perspective and not as much a meta-critique of cinematic form. There’s even a kind of mini-(non)-narrative. I’m reminded of some scenes in works by Jon Jost, although the low-grade aesthetic also kind of harkens to some of the work of Bruce Baillie (though this is not as impressionistic, obviously).

    Or, to put it another way.


  134. He’d make a great research assistant. 😀

  135. Bathos Q. Hauteur says:

    berthaservant: Well argued — I do concede many of your points. Especially “Ni.”

  136. Paunchie says:

    bring us a shrubbery!

  137. mcgheezer says:

    Maru seems perfectly content to accept the idea that he can walk at least a mile into this paperbag (that appears to be much larger on the inside than outside) then exit the bag only to find out that he hasn’t left kansas at all, and is only on his couch.

  138. laura C. says:

    okay I don’t play “favorites” with pets…but I’m kind of thinking I love Maru’s on-screen antics more than Winston-san. He is such a character! and rediculously cute…

  139. Maru literally made me a cat person! [Always been a dog person since i own a dog and have many friends who own dogs] But Maru here is just so adorable! Argh, hope to get a cat like that. I’d like a big and cuddly one. 😀

  140. Big cuddly cats aren’t all that hard to find.
    (Of course, they start small.)