THIS JUST IN: Hero Parrot Saves Choking Girl!

Capt037773325de745d0b19e56f7b32ee_2According to Yahoo News, the parrot pictured at the left saved the ‘tocks of a choking girl by squawking: "Mama Baby! Mama Baby!" and flapping his wings until the babysitter returned to the room and gave the girl The Heimlich.


According to the report: "This undated image from video released by CBS4Denver, shows Willie, a Quaker parrot in Denver, Colo., whose cries of alarm alerted his owner when a little girl choked on her breakfast. Willie has been has been given the local Red Cross chapter’s Animal Lifesaver Award."

In his honor are a couple more cute parrot shots. Above, a McBeakersons named Ivan, and below, two puffballs.

Quaker Parrot (Ivan) was photographed by Jim B L. Pair of Quaker Parrots by Dr.DeNo!



  1. Yay Willie!

  2. Wonderful, the mind of a parrot is.

  3. yay!!!

  4. That’s a wicked smaht boid there. And so cute when they puff up like Jiffy pop.

  5. aawwwwww, good job willie you lil’ smartypants!!!! ♥♥♥

  6. Gail (the first one) says:

    I vote for the “ResQTE” tag!

    [Yeah OK, done… – Ed.]

    Totally off-topic: Did the pics of the Anner and Katrina meetup ever get posted????

  7. Demetrias says:

    So proud!!! Love that birdie — my own two are cheering for him 🙂

  8. Quaker parakeets! They are so cute! There’s a couple of feral colonies of Quakers near me, and they are a scream. Literally. 😛

    Another name for Quakers is Monk parakeets. But the funny thing is that they’re not silent. AND they’re not celibate. 😉

  9. We keep chickens as pets, and I would not want to face off against a bird. Our chickens love us and come running to greet us when we get home, but I’ve seen them stare down foxes and dogs…even a deer who wandered into our garden. Birds don’t mess about.

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Go, Willie!

    *Brawk! Bagok! Wah!*

    (Parrot-language translation for Willie.)

  11. Willie, You Rawk.

  12. I just came across these two sites that I thought folks here might be interested in:



    They donate 10 pieces of natural, organic kibble to an animal shelter with every quiz question answered (1 daily)

    Started by a little girl who wanted to help the cats and dogs, they get companies to sponsor it.

  13. That’s awesome and reminds me of this other smart bird which could also talk to some degree.

    It was some very trained bird that once accidently walked onto a picture of it’s master with a chimp and said “Who’s the monkey, mom?”.

    This in turn had to force scientists to rethink bird intelligence, the article said.

  14. a Parrot-medic! Amazings!!!

    [LOL! Of course it is! Why didn’t we think of that? – Ed.]

  15. Yay Parrot Hero!!


  16. “I shall perform my manoooover”

    Greatest comedian EVAR!

  17. Ree, was that the famous African grey parrot, Alex?

    My favorite Alex story:An accountant came to the lab to do their books, and Alex watched her carefully. Alec asked her “Wanna nut?”
    The startled accountant didn’t answer at first, so Alex repeated it. The accountant said no, and got back to business.

    Awhile later, Alex asked her, “Wanna toy?” The accountant, feeling silly to talk to a bird, said “No,” and went back to work.

    Some time later, Alex said (with impatience in his voice) “What DO you want?”

  18. Good bird 🙂 I remember seeing a program about birds and animals rescuing people and they said that with birds to squawk for help or to alert to danger is basically protect the flock. In the case of the little girl choking, the bird saw her as the chick of its flock in danger and cried for help.

  19. I heard about this. The parrot said “Mama Baby” over and over…. NOT a phrase he had been taught. Don’t tell me parrots just parrot!!

  20. kibblenibble says:

    Once my conure, Scout (RIP little guy) climbed WAY up to the top of his ladder, and said, “I’m a big boy!” I never taught him those words. That was the only time he ever said it. Wierd, huh?

  21. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I guess it goes to show, as my little sister would say, dis oily boid caught da woim!

  22. berthaservant says:

    TV Movie music :: creepy trailer guy voice ::

    “The baby said…she wanted a cracker….what she didn’t count on…was an encounter with DEATH….”

    “Now, the story of one parrot, who risked all to make a difference…”

    “Lifetime presents the story you won’t want to miss, in ‘Polly Wanna Rescue.'”

  23. Make sure to go back and tag the fireman and koala as ResQte, too! Except it was also very sad. : (

  24. I can attest to the vocal strength of these birds. We have flocks of them, escapees, that zip around here (Clearwater, Florida) and are really noisy.

  25. i just read an Alex anecdote today about him meeting Jane Goodall for the first time. he had seen pictures of her before, with chimps of course, & greeted her with “Got chimp?”

    it only makes sense to me that they think far more than they can articulate in human language.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    Luckily it wasn’t a Norwegian blue.

  27. Yea! I tried sending this in to share with all the CO peeps but it won’t work for some reason. I’m glad someone else found it too. Isn’t it amazing? I cannot believe how some people doubt animals’ intelligence or capacity for compassion and concern.I bawled when I read this!

  28. Beautiful plumage on the Norwegian blue.

  29. Samantha says:

    I just finished Julian Barnes’ book “Flaubert’s Parrot” and I have been on like parrot overdose since then!

  30. platedlizard says:

    I own parrots and I can tell you the sole reason why this one saved the little girl is because she probably feeds him goodies. They’re, uh, not exactly selfless.

    Or as the old joke goes: A cat looks at a human and thinks, ‘They feed and love me, *I* must be God.’ A dog thinks, ‘They feed and love me, *They* must be Gods’ and a parrot thinks ‘They feed and lo-HEY WAIT, FEED? I DON’T SEE ANY NUTS IN MY DISH, WHERE’S MY FOOD NOW!!!11eleventy’

    I love my little guys. I really do.

  31. That is amazing!

  32. i member when that was on the news it happened a little while back smart bird 🙂

  33. Ok, this story is totally cute and I’m glad the girl’s OK, but I still hate Quaker parrots. My aunt had two of them and they are both the most evil pets I’ve ever met. They sort of formed the basis for my dislike of birds.

  34. Oh, totally, Kara, I know exactly what you mean. It was the same for me. Except, um, it wasn’t parrots, really; it was more like roaches. And it was this fast-food place I used to work at, not my aunt. And… well, I guess I still even sometimes get food there. But, you know, pretty much otherwise the same. Mostly.

  35. Subhangi says:

    Awww, I love the chubbulence in the last photo!

  36. trinky dink says:

    Kara is wrong. Not evil, just territorial. So am I. Quakers rule, they know it, I know it, now you all know it too. I am allowed to share my home with three and all that they ask is that I feed them and give them water and make them toys and pay all kinds of attention to them and give them treats and love them and make sure that they have everything they want. And I do. Like I said, Quakers rule.

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  38. There totally needs to be WAY more parrots on Cute Overload. They are SO ADORABLE!

  39. trinky dink – are you perhaps, a parrot yourself, who has mysteriously learned to type? Hmmmmm….

    With the warmer weather our neighbor will be putting her cockateil out to scream at us!

  40. trinky dink says:

    Hee hee! You figured it out!

  41. Evin & Zizi says:

    OHHH NOOO!!!


    The skateboarding, beloved parrot was stolen right from his cage!

  42. Evin & Zizi says:

    OHHH NOOO!!!


    The skateboarding, beloved parrot was stolen right from his cage!