OK OK One last Winston-san for Caturday

In our final episode, we find Winston-san, in front of food again, chomping away. But this time, he looks SO MUCH LIKE WILFORD BRIMLEY it’s mesmerizing. Take a bow, Winston-san.



  1. Is it me , or is this kitty spoilt? How about going to work winston-san?

  2. Winston-san is a beautiful cat. And: what the heck is playing in the background?

  3. What with Winston San, Super Station Agent Tana, crazy box jumping cat, and the music in the background of this video, I’m picturing Japan as a very strange place, indeed.

  4. Okay. Now, if somebody here on this “the-sun-always-shines”-site would be annoyed about the fact, that overfeeding is not good for pets, things would make ME much happier than silly and boring videoclips.

  5. by golly, this kit-ten DOES look like wilford brimley!

  6. Or, does Mr. Brimley look like the puddy-tat?

    Delightful-it makes me want to stay on my healthy eat patterns though!


  8. OMG at 0:33 where he reaches out! Squee!

  9. Aw man, Zorbs, ya beat me to it!

  10. @qwertz
    Your comment makes no sense. What the devil are you talking about?

    Bye, Winston-san. We hardly knew thee.

  11. Transpogue says:

    It’s like they merged Wilford Brimley, the Chinese Buddha, and a persian.

    Oddly mesmerizing, this mix. 🙂

  12. katiedid says:

    wow.. are they taking pictures as they are filming??
    “aww.. and here is winston-san when he was eating.. and here’s him taking a bath…”
    “Mom don’t you have any pictures of me growing up?”
    *long pause* “and here is Winston-san with his first sippy cup…. awwww”

  13. lol, I believe someone in the background is playing a video game.

    They sure love this lil (whoops, fluffy) guy.

  14. The description of the video says it’s Winston san’s birthday and he asked for sashimi 🙂

  15. Well, Persian cats have hug hair, and look way bigger than they actually are. If you really want to see how fat he is, you’d have to see him taking a bath!

    I love this kitty.

  16. *huge

  17. i think he’s a manatee

  18. metsakins says:

    He’s just so relaxed because he doesn’t have to rush to the drug store to get his testing supplies.

  19. DumBunny says:

    He’s not “sitting” in the most flattering position, even my extra-skinny Muggzie would look chubby sitting like that. And yes, I’ve tried to fatten him up a little.

  20. At the risk of being flamed, I just have to ask: Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t find this cat the least bit appealing? With all the truly cute critters out there (hedgehogs, pugs, normal kittehs), why the fascination with this monstrosity of an animal?

  21. … This cat has strange owners. Seriously. I have cats. But I also have, y’know, things to do. With my life and all. Other than film my cats, whom I am pretending are human children. This whole Winston-san thing just. creeps me out.
    And he’s no Winston! Winston has personality.

  22. snorglepup says:

    Happy Birthday, Winston-san.
    No, no don’t move a bit. I shall feed thee.

  23. balamuthia says:

    So he’s Wilford-San!

    And much like Wilford (if they keep over feeding him and not making him exercise) he will soon share in the DiabeEEtus!

  24. Certified Cutologist says:

    No no no no no… not one LAST one… one of many more to come!

  25. Did anyone notice that the sashimi was rolled to look like roses?

  26. Winston-san is so freaking boring. Pls to stop posting him all over the place. What is up w. the cheesy knock-off name?

  27. Yay, happy birthday, Winston-san (or is that Brimley-san?)! I for one love your zen-like serenity in all your vids.

  28. Hon Glad says:

    Winston san says, get rid of this rubbish and bring me some tuna.

  29. kibblenibble says:

    I really feel I must stand up for this kitty, because I have a Persian kitty who looks quite similar. Some cats have really mellow personalities, unlike Rich’s beloved Winston, who is quite lively. Also, people often think my cat is larger than she is because of her long fur. (She’s under six pounds!) One last note: I think my Isabella is the most beeyooteefull creature in the world, but the camera never quite captures what I see when I look at her. It’s just her sweetness. I bet this fella is super sweet, look at the twinkle in his eyes when the treat is coming, and the gentle way he takes it! Each cat is so unique; I enjoy this guy for who he is. >’.’<

  30. Paunchie says:

    ha ha hee look how he’s got hims feets propped up against the table

  31. lol @ Zorbs!

    There is a striking resemblance…

  32. Lovin’ Winston’s stash. Very stylish. 🙂

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    Apparently since some people haven’t been paying attention:

    1. Why Winston-san? This cat is from JAPAN. Hence, the “san”…it’s name is not Winston, it’s just what he became known as on CO.

    2. Okay, it might not be the MOST entertaining thing on the internets…but it’s a lot better than having no CO. For more mobile entertainment, go to YouTube and look up the Maru videos. The one of him in the bag is quality entertainment.

    3. These people do not need to get a life – this is a minor diversion from the jobs they have. Obviously these people enjoy their cat, obviously he’s enjoying (or at least ambivalent to) the attention. Saying they need a life, or they’re weird – unless you live in Japan or are fully intuned to Japanese idiosyncrasies, lay off. Also, this is a heck of a lot more normal than this lady:

  34. Add me to the roster of people who find this off-putting. Is this cat ever allowed to be a cat instead of a doll?

  35. LOL Coffee Cup and Well said
    Winston-san is adorable. I doubt he is over weight as I have a long haired over weight cat and she makes two of this kitty. Maybe even three. My poersonal favorite videos of him are when he gets to go for rides in his little kitty stroller.

  36. @Paunchie
    My thoughts exactly!

    And for the record, I am very fond of the Winston-San videos. I usually skip over videos on CO, but I like these. Not quite sure why, just do.

  37. Awww…I think he’s a nice big fluffy guy. His people might be a bit nuts, but he’s a sweetie! Winston-san!

  38. Lifecoach says:

    @Leilani and Clara
    You gals are tellin’ it like it is!

    This globular feline obeys one of the fundamental laws of the natural world. Sequels are never as good as the original. The hilarity of Winston(TM) is lost in translation and Winston 2, the Gluttoning needs to go.

    Can I get an halleluja?

  39. googlie eyes says:

    I don’t find these videos off-putting in any way, just a little monotonous. I think he’s cute, but after a while it begins to seem like Cat Overload around here, and while I love cats, I also like variety (Caturday of course is understandable, but sometimes it begins to feel like Caturweek, or Caturmonth). There are so many different cute animals in this world. It’s not my site. I’m just askin’ fur a little variety.

  40. I love Winston-san, and wish a video of him would be posted every day. No such thing as cat overload.

    And really, extrapolating from roughly 5-10 minutes worth of total video time that this is how kitty lives every day? What’s next? Assuming the parents hold a daughter at gunpoint to spit out silly captions to cat books, 24/7?

  41. is anyone else tired of winston?

  42. DumBunny says:

    You should check out the baby clouded leapard over at YAHOO it’s adorable!!!

  43. Yes Shana, I second that. Enough of Winston-san already. We get it. He’s big. He’s super-fluffy. He’s spoiled. He’s lovable. But this is suppose to be CO, not the Winston-san show!

  44. And I second that googlieeyes!

  45. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:


    More Winston-san & sashimi roses, please!

  46. Who is playing tamagotchi??

  47. DumBunny says:

    Come off it people, it takes longer for you to complain about the video the to watch it. Move on to something else, and come back later, something else will be here. Talk about needing a life. Now I NEED a life, these people at least have fun with their Kitty. Me I just sit here at home waiting for the severe weather alert to be over. Isn’t it spring now?

  48. Guys, it could be so much worse…

  49. googlie eyes says:

    DumBunny, isn’t it that much sillier for you to take time to complain about us complaining? We’re all wasting time on the internet, some of us watching cat videos, some of us typing.

    Whatis.com defines a blog as “a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption.” In that case, I think it’s okay to comment. May not change anything, but that’s okay.

    And now, since I feel I’m running the risk of boring people, I’m going to shut up and surf.

  50. googlie eyes says:

    Point well taken :o). Checkmate.

  51. omg the whining! it’s meg’s blog, NOT yours. if you don’t like something, skip it, don’t whine. yes the kitty looks chubby, but we dunno why for sure. i had a persian with 4 inch fur, he looked HUGE.

  52. I don’t understand why people whine and moan when they don’t see everything they like, every time, on MEG’S blog. I, for one, find this kitty adorable. And for the person mentioning pugs, well, I think they are the most butt-ugliest creatures in the canine world, but I don’t complain when they are posted.

    If you don’t like all posts all the time, then start your own blog and leave CO alone. Geesh.

    Sorry, rant over. Time to go on my spa weekend and leave my three houligan cats to their own vices for 2 days. My poor apartment when I return… *shudder*

  53. Okay, so i don’t find him as amusing as Winston, but he is cute.

    And how can you say he’s being overfed? Because every video shows him having a nibble or two? No one knows if he eats everything we see, and he probably doesn’t. He looks chubbier when sitting like that, but who doesn’t. He looks like a normal sized Persian. *read- healthy poundage with a HUGE side of fluff!*

  54. Why do I suddenly feel like buying diabeetus testing supplies?

  55. Nooooo!

    Don’t cave into the Winston-san naysayers. There must be enough videos in that library to last us a good year. Please don’t take our Winston-san away! Once a week is all I’m asking.

  56. I’m with Leilani and Clara on this one! I love lazy cats, but at least let him DO something cute. (Geez, I could post my husband.)

  57. Hey nuffers, just do what I do. Don’t read the ones that offend you. I don’t play or support any of the vids/pics from Japan because I am boycotting all things Japanese until they stop murdering whales.

  58. Donttriflewithtigers says:

    Oh PLEASE, this cat is really annoying – can we pleasepleasepleasewithsugarontop skip this cat in the future…? And by the way, he’s not even cute. Not really, indeed.

  59. Wanna know something else that’s funny? Meg had all these “Winston-San” posts lined up ahead of time, written, and scheduled to go live (one at a time) back on Monday. Yep, Monday. All of them. Including this one.

    Now, that doesn’t mean all the *other* non-W.S. posts were pre-recorded too. But some of the peeps who’ve been complaining the loudest — hello? Yeah, you. You been plaaaaaayed, suckas.

  60. PS — Rowan, this one’s my fave of the Diabeetis Remixes:

  61. marsheeeee says:

    Cats? All the Time? Let’s see, as I scroll down the screen, I have Winston/Wilford, several shotes of an adorable red panda, manatees, a puppy and an adult dog, a couple of penguins, a bored hedgehog, Winston-san again, and a stunning group of sheep, shepards, and herding dogs. I say non-felines outnumber felines today, and it IS Caturday. I think both Winstons, the Japanese and the American, are cute.

    So there.

  62. marsheeeee says:

    Shotes? I meant Shots. Sorry.

  63. googlie eyes says:

    Theo, I understand riling people up with sexy stuff might be fun, but I’m not sure how posting a bunch of videos of the same cat is pla[aaaaaaa]ying people.

    [Only the ones who’ve been complaaaaaaaining… – Ed.]

    As far as I’m concerned, you all can keep on keepin’ on (as I’m sure you plan to). I don’t mind watching things that bore me (the more mindless the better, as far as I’m concerned; I’m avoiding writing a paper). I just figure it’s okay to talk about what I like and what I don’t in the comments. Isn’t it?

  64. He has a better dinner than me!

  65. joan carlson says:

    I think I wanna hug teh cte Winston-san (I also wanna put him on a treadmill with a treat on a pole out in fronta heem). One thing that I think is super cute about Winston US, is his lilting meows and his commitment to obediently chronshe everything offered to him.

  66. I love Winston-san. I subscribed to the youtube channel. It just makes me smile when people really love their pets.

  67. oh my gawd, wilford brimley!!??? LOLOL hilarious. he really DOES look like wilford brimley!

  68. EEEnufff with the nuffers!!!!
    This guy’s mellow personality makes him extra cute and he’s so obvious loved. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

  69. Lifecoach says:

    @jujube I say Nay to the Enuff with the Nuffers.

    Nay! Nay! Winston-San must go to-day!

    I say we vote!

    Winston-San is cute: 0
    Winston San is a washed up manatee in disguise :1

  70. Ihave10cats says:

    I’ve lurked this site for a very long time now, and skip over the stuff that doesn’t interest me and look at the stuff that does. Simple, try it sometime. As for Winston-san, he is happy, healthy and loved. That should be enuff for the nuffers. If he bothers you, perhaps you could go on anti-cruelty sites and read dreadful stories about man’s inhumanity to the most innocent of creatures.
    Winston-san rocks!!

  71. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Lifecoach: I like Winston & Winston-san just fine, but you made me laugh with your vote!!

    @CoffeeCup: Well said!

  72. AuntieMame says:

    Googlie eyes, if people confined themselves to opinions, that would be one thing. But there are far too many people demanding that CuteOverload stop posting this or that, or trying to dictate what kinds of things can or cannot be posted. That’s not expressing an opinion. That’s just bad manners.

  73. kibblenibble says:

    Slightly off topic, but: Inspired by the U.S. Winston, I gave both my cats some banana today. One batted it around, seemingly puzzled by its presence in his food dish, the other ignored it completely. Are there many banana-lovin’ cats out there, I wonder? >’.’<

  74. Perhaps his name should have been Wilford-San.

  75. berthaservant says:

    sigh grumble

    [So do you, my man, so do you… – Ed.]

  76. I see your Wilford Brimley, and… I raise you a LORAX!


  77. I don’t like Winston-san or Winston, or any other squashy-faced animal (pugs!) but who cares? I just skip the videos and move on. That’s perfectly possible, you know, I’m still alive and everything.

  78. … ah, plate too far away…

    Winston-san knows exactly that he doesn´t need to go to the food, because the food *comes to him*! 😉

    And yes, persians look so huge and fat because of their fur. People have called my beautiful golden shaded persian princess Janelle fat so many times but when you pick her up she simply weighs *nothing* (she´s only 3kg) and the little body underneath is about a third of the size that she looks.

    Persians are indeed ALL FUR.

  79. i love the KRONSCH!

  80. I find watching the Winston/Wilford-san videos much like watching some of the Asian films that Westerners find boring; Understated and not particularly eventful yet somehow satisfying. Very Zen.


  81. Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

    Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.

  82. Oh my oh my… well, what can I say.

  83. you must hand feed winston-san he to lazy to move his head forwards to the food!

  84. i dont know about anyone else but i’m getting kind of sick of always seeing this cat on cuteoverload. yes, he is cute but he never really does much except sit there and this is probably the sixth video of him on here in the last week or so. it wouldn’t be so bad if he was really cute and actually did something instead of just eating…

    [ *snicker* – Ed.]

  85. Shaz the Original says:

    For those of you who keep saying this guy needs exercise…well…I think they try…

  86. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I love Winston-san. He’s hilarious! That disapproving expression on his face..and he totally does look like Wilford Brimley.

  87. Awww I love Winston/Wilford-San (a.k.a. Tomo). He looks like a grumpy lil person, but I bet he’s an absolute sweetheart of a kitty.