Houston, You Have No Problems Whatsoever…

… because your Houston Zoo has the world’s cutest animal (says so, right there on their Internets), making his grand entrance this weekend!  His name’s Toby, a red panda, and he’s probably putting the finishing touches on his cute moves even now.

First, we start with the slightly vacant-eyed goofy grin…

Daaawwww... and you will hug me and pet me and squeeze me and hug me...

… with a smooth segue into the pensive, thoughtful expression…

I am intrigued by your proposal.  Speak more of this thing you call 'Amway.'

… and wrapping up with the yummy-smacky feed-me face!

Say, you wouldn't happen to have any spare bamboo, would you?



  1. apotheosis says:

    Oh dear, the “sqeeeeeeee”‘s on this one are going to shatter every pane of glass in the world.

  2. WANT! Oh my gosh he’s *so* adorabuhls.

  3. Looks like senior picture day!

  4. Ooooomg… I don’t get all gushy over animals that often (unless they’re my own lol), but red pandas are the most amazingly adorable lil critters ever! My wife even got me a stuffed red panda from the Sacramento Zoo a few years ago, and he sits happily on my desk!

    It’s about time Cute Overload has them some red panda cuteness!!

  5. TheIglets says:

    L M A O @ 2nd hovertext!

  6. Vaguely reminiscent of some of the photos of me and my sisters when we were kids. If this photog could replicate that setting inside a studio, he’d make a mint! All they need is a superimposed, half transparent, face forward shot in the lower corner of the second pic.

  7. katiedid says:

    this panda doesn’t have squat on schoolgirl-stance panda!!!!

  8. catloveschanel says:

    I would buy Amway
    from a red Panda
    any day.

    I wouldn’t even blink…

  9. L-O-V-E Red Pandas!!!

  10. Red Panda-YEAAAA!!
    I wish he was in the NomNomNom song! The second pic would have been perfect!

  11. David (the first one) says:
  12. Oh my ever-loving lord–I must go home–it is too much!! Next to my grandson, Morgan, that is the KEWTIST face EVAH!!!!

  13. I totally got to feed that weally, weally cute face a few grapes. The Houston Zoo is our client, and ever since we heard about the Cutest Animal in the World coming to our town, well, we haven’t stopped talking WEALLY CUTE TALK around here 😉

  14. I can hugs the panda?

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!
    Most adorable animal EVAR!!!!!

  16. YAY! I shall go visit him at the Houston Zoo and be mesmerized by the cute! I’ll just follow the sounds of the mighty “squeeeeees” coming from his area of the zoo.

  17. Just one of the many reasons Houston kicks ass.

    Make sure to read the Houston Press writeup on Toby: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2009/03/red_panda_houston_zoo.php

  18. Bagpipe_mouse says:

    I got to see Toby yesterday for the media preview, and the pics don’t do him justice. He’s even cuter in person, so if you are anywhere near Houston, stop by and visit him. His habitat is beautiful and he has a whole crew of keepers cooing and swooning over his Jedi mind powers of cuteness, so he’s a lucky little panda!

  19. carol m. says:

    Fayza–I am feeling weally envious of you right now! Twuwee!

  20. scooterpants says:

    are you kidding me?, this is too too much even for a friday.

  21. Amway – LOL

  22. Amway? Mike, come on. There are impressionable young children here.

    [More like SPAMWAY, am I right? Buh hawww.. – Ed.]

  23. So cute….I’ll have to go the Houston Zoo again, just went a few months ago…had a great time.

  24. kibblenibble says:

    Holly, I thought the same thing about pic #1! and:

    Squeeeee!!!! Such fruffy earses!


  25. Finally! Although this isn’t the red panda story that I submitted over a week ago (that was Pemba the red panda in Australia – Google him: you won’t be disappointed), Toby kind of makes up for that oversight.

  26. GingerBean says:

    Red pandas are perpetually in that big-head-small-face kitten phase where you can fit their entire face into one of their ears.
    Yes, I know I’m weird.

  27. More Red Pandas PLEASE!!!

  28. The only one I would buy amway from is a red panda, but none have approached me yet.

  29. What a furry entertainer!

  30. Nooo, little panda, don’t do the Amway!! You will end up in brightly colored suits with helmet hair, yelling that you want to get rich.

  31. Gorgeous animal.

    BTW, I tried to submit a pic, and I haven’t seen it. Is the line backed up, did I do it incorrectly or is this
    picture – http://www.flickr.com/photos/necilbug/3367394357/

    not C.O. worthy ?
    It’s by Jennifer Florence, who owned the late great Bug. I asked her permission to try to post this adorable shot of her baby rattie girls.

    Her photostream is here:

  32. i am so ded.

  33. GingerBean says:

    Thank you for sharing, those are some cute pics! Just an FYI: it’s not easy getting a pic on Cuteoverload. I’ve submitted lots. Never seen one. 😦

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    I would love to pet that soft, beautiful little head, but those teeth and little claws would give me pause.
    (An unexpected rhyme; gee, I’m good!)

  35. 1st pic = “Heeeeere’s Johnny”
    Who’s with me?

    Gah, must stop staring. Overdosing on cuteness as I type.

  36. Oh. My. Pretty much the cutest panda ever!

    Donna – those ratties are adorable, too!

  37. By the way, for the world’s cutest animal (for me it’s still a toss up between red or regular pandas), shouldn’t they have their own category by now?

  38. First of all, I am so totally jealous of Fayza!!

    Second…OMGOMGOMG…I was not prepared for this level of cuteness AT ALL!!! *thud*

  39. Red Pandas! They are the People’s Panda!

  40. lol stumbled on this funny pic while goggle searching http://fc20.deviantart.com/fs24/f/2008/024/a/b/nom_nom_red_panda_by_Water7.jpg

  41. I hope at least one of these makes it to the 2010 calendar! Those first two are super cute, love the leaf in the mouth!

  42. I would like to point out that the zoo in Syracuse has teh pandas as well! <3

  43. Donna: I doubt that there was anything wrong with your submission. I’m sure they even thought it was really cute! But they get SO many submissions each day that they can only put up a few. Nothing personal!


  44. You should go tell Toby how cute you think he is. He Flickrs!


  45. Samantha says:

    Any being named Toby is almost inevitably going to be cute, or kind, or gentle in some way.

  46. zeldapie says:


    Can’t take the CUTE!!!!!!

    *faints dead away

  47. I think the next CO calendar should feature a red panda every Monday. That would make the week start so much better!

  48. Thanks for the info. I’ve never tried to submit before- I thought that maybe I didn’t do it right !

  49. squeeeeeeeee!

  50. I was in Houston for business last week and was disappointed that Toby was not out yet. I only got to see the empty exhibit.

  51. Raemie L. says:

    Ahnn, the second pic is my favorite with the single leaf sticking out of his mouf. *imagines Toby wriggling the leaf*

  52. Awwww… red pandas. The only beings that top porcupines on my list of favorite zoo animals… *rolls out thudmat* *faints*

  53. vegas vickie says:

    I’m going to call him George!

  54. Thats so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  55. duck au vin says:

    Well, you really did bring on the red panda…What a happy post! Love the portfolio…

  56. kathleenb says:

    Am now ded of teh cute. My parents went to China and brought back pictures of regular and red pandas – did not do their horrible cuteness justice. Of course, this was something like twenty years ago, and the habitats were big concrete rooms with windows. They might have been to cold to be properly cute.

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Samantha: You are so right about the name “Toby”!!

    Meanwhile, doesn’t the 1st pic look like the BEST school photo EVAR?????

  58. Catalina says:

    Oh my it’s a firefox!!


  59. DaytimeDeb says:

    Cute, but doesn’t hold a candle to Winston San.

  60. eikoleigh says:

    so cute!!

  61. DAWWWW that is so cute!

  62. If I eat Bamboo and get a crazy die job, will I ever be that cute?

  63. I live in Houston! I will get to see Toby! I will kidnap him and keep him for my ownses!!!

    Ok, maybe not that last part…

  64. Hon Glad says:

    Toby don’t go to an Amway meeting. I did and it is like a religious revivalist rally.

  65. Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiieeee!! Teh cute!! The first pic looks like it came straight out of a Sears portrait studio, hahaha

  66. Right on! This is what cute is all about, right? PS: Ever watch one of these guys walk down trees? Head first. It’s totally cool!

  67. I live in Houston and on my drive to work every day I go past a huge billboard with a wonderful picture of Toby on it — it really makes for a great start to my day!!!

  68. Red pandas are indeed the most cutest adorablest!!!

    FYI, red pandas french kissing ^_^

  69. Oh, my gosh! That is so freaking adorable! I think I will go take it home now!!!!

  70. He’s so much awaker than the San Diego pandas! all ours do is snoozz

  71. gravyboat says:

    I’ll take four.

  72. Yitzysmommie says:

    OH! OH!
    I feel a sudden strange urge to go to Houston.
    What an delight Toby is….isn’t it nice that he exists to counter the ugliness in the world?
    I propose that every picture of an economist on the news be immediately followed by a Toby pic.

  73. red pandas are the BEST!! ;3

  74. Sweetnyss says:

    Yeppers, went to see him today, and he is as cute as advertised. Especially in his “sleeping-like-the-lion-on-the-library-steps” posish. Major awwwwwwws all around.

  75. chelonianmobile says:

    “Work hard, panda, and someday you will have ears like mine …”

  76. Yes, Zoe, yes, you can.

  77. that is 2 kute!!! i want one just like it!!!

  78. lifeisruff5400 says:

    omg this is so cute he looks like a fox/mydog, Lola LOL tha is hilarious my dog, Lola is a purebred yorkie and she is SO CUTE! THIS PANDA IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!