Floppy manatee rescued!

According to newsite Sina:

"A Brazilian environmental police holds an Amazonian manatee calf after rescuing it from a resident who had purchased it from an animal trafficker in the Amazon city of Silves, Amazonas State, March 4, 2009. Manatees are a protected species in Brazil."


Meanwhile, over at Save the Manatee Club, also in Brazil a calf (perhaps the same one, we’re not sure) receives behbeh formula and takes a bref:




More photos and news on this story over at Save the Manatee Club and  Sina.Submitted by Stephen H.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Excuse the nuff for a moment, folks.


  2. kibblenibble says:

    Never saw one so small…so glad they resQte heem….:-)

  3. GingerBean says:

    Nice story, I like happy endings. Where the heck did those people think they were going to keep that manatee after it grew up?!

  4. AuntieMame, the kind of people we’re dealing with, know that very well. They just don’t care. They just want what they want and have the means to get it.

    That said, what a precious floppy bebeh!

  5. Wait…I’m not supposed to have that baby manatee in my tub? *walks off sadly to return him*

  6. yay resQte! I want to give it a hug!

  7. Jewelz_4_U says:

    This is long. I hope you enjoy it. It is from Veggie Tales, and believe me, if you can find the song so that you have the music to go along with it (even better, if you can find the actual video!) you will enjoy it SO. MUCH. MORE.


    Larry: Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee)
    You are the one for me (one for me, one for me)
    Sent from up above (up above, up above)
    You are the one I love (I love, I love, I love)

    Bill: “Please don’t cry Bar-ba-ra,
    Your a nice Manatee,
    You’ve been so good to me
    But I must go into the world and do noble things for the good of all
    And you cant come because you don’t speak Frrrench.
    Au revoir”

    Barbara: But if you leave Bill
    Who will take me to the ball?
    Whose going take me to the ball, Bill?
    I have a new dress and shoes
    A new manatee lipstick
    Who will take me to the ball?

    Larry: I’ll take you to the ball Barbara Manatee!

    Barbara: Please don’t go

    Bill: I must

    Barbara: don’t go!

    Bill: I must!

    Barbara: don’t!!

    Bill: Must!!

    Barbara: don’t don’t!!!!

    Bill: Must must!!!!

    Larry: Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee)
    You are the one for me (one for me, one for me)
    Sent from up above (a manatee from heaven)
    You are the one i love
    Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee)
    I’ll be your mon amie (mon amie, mon amie)
    I’ll take you to the ball(to the ball, to the ball)
    I hope your not to tall (they might have trouble dancing)

    Barbara: Bill, I’ve learned French

    Bill: You have?

    Barbara: Mais, oui. Je suis Manatee. See?

    Bill: Oui, oui mon amie
    I always knew you could
    I really hoped you would
    Now can we go into the world and do noble things for the good of all?”

    Barbara: Yes, but first, will you take me to the ball?
    Oh, Bill, will you take me to the ball?

    Bill: …I cant dance

    Barbara: You cant!?

    Bill: No

    Barbara: I must go

    Bill: Please don’t go

    Barbara: I must

    Bill: don’t go!

    Barbara: I must!

    Bill: don’t!!

    Barbara: Must!!

    Bill: don’t don’t!!!!

    Barbara: Must must!!!!

    Larry: Barbara Mantee (Manatee, Manatee)
    You are the one…

    [ DOOR OPENS ]

    Bob: Larry…what are you doing?

    Larry: Just watchin’ a little TV…Bob

    Bob: Well….maybe you should read a book

    Larry: Yeah, ok


    Bill: “Oh Bar-ba-ra, ive learned to dance”

    Barbara: “Oh, Bill!”

  8. Jewelz_4_U says:

    Barbara Manateeeee

    You will enjoy, I promise!
    (Just a silly little song about Manatees…)

  9. ZOMG! Floppy manatteeeee! I’m glad he got rescued. …Thought I’ve never even SEEN a baby manatee that small. I hope he makes it.

  10. Whiskey's mom says:

    What about the poor mommy Manatee? She must miss her baby terribly.

  11. I couldn’t even imagine a manatee this wee and tiny. Who wouldn’t want to protect such a cute little face?

  12. OMFG hes sooo cute when he snorks :’)

  13. *ded!* These are amazing, gentle creatures. I grew up with them in my back yard (I mean waterway.) I’m very happy this one has been rescued!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    Poor little guy looks chilly. Someone give him a manatee-shirt to put on.

  15. Janeyferr says:

    i’m just an ass in the crack of humanity.
    i’m just a huge manatee.

    cept he’s not yet. BLOORRRP.

  16. And new manatee lipstick!

  17. That’s some serious blorpitude.

  18. skippymom says:

    What sweet floppy babies! I think it’s two different ones. –In the first picture, it looks like there’s a big cut at the base of his/her tail?

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Top picture looks like a gone wrong sealio.

  20. I usually can’t stand manatees, because they’re an ugly burden on society…

    but this one’s REALLY cute. >_< ;;

  21. Me next me next, now {{I}} get to have a backyard waterway with manatees, ok Cosmos?

    I hope he/she makes it, I agree his/her mommy must be very upset-they are good mommies. OH, *sheesh* now I’m anthropromorphizing this little blorpitude, but you know what I mean.

  22. Concurring with les autres Janey and Nismo on the major Blorpage situation.

  23. Gail (the first one) says:

    @jewelz: Thanks for the video!! That is really cute!!!

    I LOVE manatees!!!! On my very first trip to Florida a few years ago, I was swimming in the Gulf and everyone started yelling and I got to see my first manatee! (Of course, I would never have known that’s what it was!)

  24. Paunchie says:

    someone needs to wipe hims little face in dat first pic I thinks!

    Huge bummer animal traffickers BBBOOOOO

    huge bum hair.

  25. Dang! That little boy looks like a huge floppy rock!

  26. KatieKat says:

    Thanks Jewelz! My niece and nephew are very into VeggieTales. So of course my dad started calling our dog’s stuffed manatee toy ‘Barbara Manatee’. She’ll fetch it by name. Poor Barbara, all that puppeh slobber.

    Blorp indeed! Yay for the ResQte bebeh!

  27. “I usually can’t stand manatees, because they’re an ugly burden on society…”

    What the hell??? I hope you’re kidding.

  28. cheesybird says:

    Hooray for the manatee resQters! Let’s add them to the “men of CO” calendar! 🙂

  29. wow, until I read the text I thought he was a stuffed animal in the top picture.

  30. I love them. So squishy and mellow, floating around all sedate-like. Sea cows!

  31. Dugong! Dugong! Its the cow of the sea-hee-hee!!
    Dugong! Dugong! Also known as the man-i-tee!
    It doesnt have wings (cuz that would be silly!) Doesnt live in the trees (that would also be silly) Compared to the dolphin (his very close cousin) Hes quite ug-leeeee! (he’s so ugly) *repeat until your brain vessels kersplode*

  32. Is he REALLY holding himself up with his little manatee flipper in the last pic? Like its a leg or something? Like he’s PEOPLE?!?

  33. And yeah, are we really getting a ‘Men of CO’ calender? Cause that would be awesome. I’ve already ruined the 2009 calender experience by flipping ahead and looking at all the days.

  34. catloveschanel says:

    is it possible not to flip ahead?

  35. Kwistee : You have got to be kidding!!! In no way are they burdens on society. Humans are so selfish and irresponsible that we are pushing them to the brink of extinction. Do you know that if they made it a law to put prop guards on the boats that it would save so many manatee lives??!!!! But boaters don’t want that because it would just slightly slow their boat down. Of course cruising WOT is so much more important than a life. I live here in Florida and people sicken me. A calf (baby manatee) was found clinging to the jetties after its mother was killed by a boater and its little tiny tail was cut off by the prop. If a calf loses its mother, it will cling to the closest thing…even a rock.

    Manatees are valuable to the eco-system. They eat water vegatation. Thus they clear the waterways for the very people who kill them….boaters…..

  36. Oh…boats in Dade county FAR out number manatees in Dade county.

  37. Paunchie says:

    first Winston-san in a cow suit and now the SEA COW? I think Winston-san reads the future in his tea leaves!

  38. err kk3, I think she was kidding…

    you raise very good points though, when I was a kid I had manatee EVERYTHING.

    and would be the 5 year old telling everyone about their plight.

    heh. teachers *loved* me…

  39. I’ve heard that you can buy anything from Amazon, but this is ridiculous 😉

  40. I had no idea that they went that far South.

    And for you Floridians, raise your hand if you tend to drift towards the springs when it gets cold. Last time I went you couldn barely get into the state park.

    *raises hand*

  41. Ellement says:

    Take a bref
    Take a bref
    Smell a smell
    Sniff a sniff
    And take a bref
    There are many ways to play
    But you’re growing every day
    And you need some ventilation
    Take a bref
    You’ve got to do your breathing
    Take a bref (panting sound)

  42. RevWaldo says:

    – Yo, sea hog, what you gotta do is get an education and a job.
    – I…I..live in the ocean..
    – You live in the ocean cause you ain’t got no education and no job!
    – And Yo sea pig you gotta get on Weight Watchers or somethin’
    – That’s sea cow.
    – Talk to the hand, whatevah.

  43. Hollywood Marie says:

    Um…how am I the 42nd comment and no one has mentioned Jenny Schecter yet? Have we forgotten her and her manatee-speaking skills so soon? Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about!

  44. I get to Florida twice a year, but have never seen a manatee. This makes me sulky.

    However, I can see some delightful walruses close to where I live. 🙂

  45. ZOMG. How is that I have never seen a bebbeh manatee? Thank you, CO, for correcting an egregious gap in my Qte Education.

  46. Wow… having *never* seen Veggie Tales, I was laughing my HEAD off watching that Barbara Manatee song. ^_^ Awesome.

  47. He’s smiling in the first pic!

  48. I LOVE that song… and manatees!

  49. Apparently Amazonian manatees are smaller than other species of manatees, so this little bloop doesn’t seem quite so small and helpless as he/she did at first.



  51. Still on that ice flow are ya Theresa? You might want to consider some land soon.

  52. AuntieMame says:

    If you think Barbara Manatee is hilarious, check out the Water Buffalo Song and the Song of Cebu (also by Veggie Tales).

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL@A Thinker! I thought he was a plush, too! 😀

  54. zeldapie says:

    Manatees make me want to cry. I don’t know why. Maybe ‘cos they always look so forlorn. I LURVE THEM!!!!!

  55. manatee! adopt one now!
    in other news….

  56. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Lurve thee teeny manateeee! I am so glad he was resQte! Boo to the bad meany who tried to sell him!

    As for Veggie Tales, our family’s personal fave is “I Love My Lips.” A close second would be the “Stuff Mart Rap”.

  57. I’m done in.

    I’m going to be useless today thinking about holding and kissing this manatee. Man, for all the horrific trafficking in this and surrounding countries they have some of the fiercest animal advocates and God bless them! We need each one of them. These photos perfectly depict (yet again!) how incredibly vulnerable wildlife is. 😦

  58. I’m the one who has to say it? Really? *sigh* Fine…


    Who wouldn’t want a cuddly blorpity manatee to squeeze and kiss and hug and pet and call George… but yeah, no adoptee illegal aminals!

  59. Raemie L. says:

    So prosh and foldy, makes me want to hug heem!

  60. It’s like an intermediate picture that flashed by as someone tried to turn an elephant into a fish!

  61. @James- Thnaks for that song.It is delighful!

  62. duck au vin says:

    Appreciate the manatee song–lots of fun. I’ve always cared about manatees, for some special

  63. The floppy bebeh in the first picture looks like a plushie baby manatee – *hugs* they actually look very soft!

  64. Oh the HU~MANATEE!!!!!

    Sorry, just had to.

  65. Manatees are cute, their breff smells like old lettuce. One sneezed on me once…pretty gross…but still cute, he sneezed for Gods sake 🙂

  66. snickers says:

    I would like to have a pool in the back of my truck!

  67. I don’t think there’s any way I could look that solemn while cuddling a baby manatee.

  68. Beautiful, story AND baby. I love these stories.

  69. He looks JUST LIKE a stuffed toy manatee I gave my husband a few years ago (he LOVES manatees)!

  70. I adopted a manatee from Save the Manatee Club when I was little. His name is Howie. =)Favorite Simpsons episode? The one with the manatees…

  71. yeah manatees!!! my mommys favorite animal she thought it was adorable!

  72. manatee ^_^

  73. [sung to the tune of “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John]

  74. boilerdemo says:

    boiled manatee is delicious