Today’s episode: Winston-san goes for walkies

In today’s installment of What Is Heck is Winston-San Up To, we take you to the sidewalk, where his owner is clickety-clackety walking down the sidewalk with a kitteh buggy. [eye roll]



  1. Bucket your seatbelts, here comes winston-san!

  2. Cute!
    But, I can’t imagine trying this with my cats. They’d absolutely have to be restrained in the walker, and I could see them giving me the eyebeams-of-death. Travel never went over well with them!

  3. Is Winston-san wearing a cow suit? My goodness!

  4. Did you not notice the cow costume Winston-san is wearing?! ‘Cause he’s wearing a COW COSTUME.

  5. Mr. Cow outfit, love it! I saw the cutest pet accessories in Tokyo and was so tempted to buy some, but I knew my cats would hate me for life.

  6. There are some people in this world that should never have kids.. and then there are some people in this world that need to have kids .. this woman is the latter…

  7. PS.. love the mini moo outfit ;-D

  8. Route available power to the Nuffer Shields!

  9. I miss normal Winston, he’s snappier!

  10. Yawn…..Winston I love ya but you need some new skits. Love the outfit! BTW, yes this woman might want to consider having a child but think about what she might try and train the poor thing to do and then post it on the web! “shivers”

  11. That was the most boring video I’ve ever seen on CO.

  12. i think he hates all this cutesy stuff….. he had to duck when someone walks past…

  13. I think the purpose of the cow suit is to “suitably” restrain Winston-san so that he can’t jump out of the silly kitty buggy. He sure looks like he would be waaaaaaaaay out of there if he could just get his paws high enough.

  14. Strange cat, this lazy Winston.
    Bit boring i think…

  15. blueheron98 says:

    Poor Winston-san, wish we could see his face. He DUCKS down when someone comes by, he doesnt look happy… I would jump out of that buggy and run run run…

  16. I now would dearly like to see Winston-san in his cowtfit and the real Winnie dressed as a sheep, doing an on-the-road buddy comedy. It could work!

  17. Its not that I mind Winston or Winston-san, but if I wanted to watch every video of them I’d follow them on YouTube or whatever. Every once and a while wouldn’t be bad cause they are adorable, but I have to assume there are other cute things out there.

  18. Why is Winston-san taking over CO?

  19. It’s not like these are the only CO posts you get to view. These kind folks average 4 to 5 new pictures/videos per day, and come up with very clever storylines to entertain us as well. So I don’t think it’s asking too much to simply enjoy the pictures/videos you like, and skip the ones you don’t. Not everyone will like everything. That’s simply impossible. At least try to refrain from insulting the kind people in the pictures. Especially when they are doing nothing wrong but sharing their lives on the internet. /highhorse 😉

  20. floofles says:

    Seriously… I’m getting a bit tired of this.

  21. Wait.
    Cow suit?

  22. Come on, folks. If I wanted to follow the life of some crazy, lonely woman who dresses up her cats, I’d go visit my mom. Enough with the Winston San!

  23. wow looks like a pretty day

  24. Paunchie says:

    but who puts their kitteh in a cow suit and walks him in a baby buggeh???

  25. skippymom says:

    Raise your paw if you’re tired of Winston-san! (It’s OK, Meg, you do so much for us that we can wait out your obsession with this guy.)

    To all the wonderful people who gave me advice and good wishes when Francesco was having medical troubles: I don’t think he’s completely out of the woods yet, but he’s much better. Thank you again for your support. I’ve started using a Feliway diffuser to try to calm down the atmosphere in my three-cat household. Anybody have experience with this?

  26. The Button says:

    i’m generally against nuffing, but…i’m going to make an exception for Winston-san.

    it’s not that he’s not cute, because he is. but these videos are quite boring. it’s a fact; they’re uneventful. and when videos are boring because nothing cute is happening, well…one has to wonder why they’re on CO.

    also, i prefer the REAL Winston over at fourfour.

    nuff session ended. :o)

  27. scooterpants says:

    kinda makes me nauseous.
    like a first person shooting game or something.

  28. Sick of this. His 15 minutes are SO over.

  29. Um..Cow Suit?! HUH? Although I like the Road Picture idea Katt put forth. Can Winston or Winston-san sing?

    To the nuffers….How many times do we have to tell you people this is Meg’s site! She and her chosen posters can put up whatever they want! If they want to post only videos of hamsters going around on wheels from now until the end of time that is their right. We have no say over this site. Personally I just feel privledged that Meg, in her infinate generousity, allows me to share in the immense amount of cuteness she is presenting. If you don’t like what’s on the site, don’t visit. Stay away a few days, then come back and I’m sure there will be something new and to your liking. Just don’t bore the rest of us with your inane and irrelevent nuffs. Geez!

    (I now return you to your regularly scheduled Winston-san episode)

  30. Junior-we watch CO to be entertained-not bored to death. We are simply saying enough-there has to be more cute things out there that are worthy of being posted on CO. We all love Winston, but not every second of every day. Off the highhorse and relax.
    Go Winston! XOXOXO

  31. SugarPlum says:

    This kitty doesn’t really do anything. Boooooooor-ring kitters.

  32. Hon Glad says:

    Dear winston San’s owner, he is a cat, treat him as such.

  33. Yeah seriously enough with hating on people. We are allowed to post our opinion whether its positive or not so positive! We all love CO or we wouldnt be here saying what we think about the posts. I’m addicted to it and come here at least 4 times a day to see whats new. It’s my pick-me-up if you will..Winston San was cute…but if we want to see other things we’re allowed to say it.

  34. Winston San cannot walk on his own?

  35. Bored of Winston-San. Move on please. Please. (Also bored of Winston FWIW).

  36. Alright nuff already! This is nothing more than a copy-cat (harharhar) and it’s not even cute or funny anymore. This Winston-san is getting more coverage than the real Winston. The person posting has absolutely no originality. This officially makes me a nuffer where Winston the king of all cats is concerned. I’m not watching anymore Winston-san.

  37. Hiding from the papparazzi, I see….

    As for those who find Winston-San boring….um, consider it like a Beckett play?

  38. kibblenibble says:

    Anyone else feel a bit of motion sickness after watching this one? O.o

  39. Hey if somebody was willing to push me around in a carriage I wouldn’t complain either. XOXO Winston! Soak it up while you can. My cat Sammy is green with envy! I don’t think I’m going to let him watch Winston anymore-he’s giving me the mean Mommy look.

  40. Ok, I thought that Winston-san was wearing a Hello Kitty suit.

    I don’t think that he minded the walk in the buggie. I also enjoy these videos of him. I do wonder, however, why there are so many of these while a submission of mine over a week ago of an adorable RED PANDA in Australia didn’t make the cut.

  41. The pram does indicate that this kitteh does not walk much. I would behave badly if confronted with this situation in person, sorry to say. I’m glad it is on a video, so I can snicker privately. I would find it very difficult not to laugh at the cat in this situation and I know they hate that.
    Hmm, if the porkitudocityishoiousness is the problem– well the pram won’t be any solution.

    So I say live and let live. And I bet his owner knows that already.

    Cow suit, X-tra Large?

  42. “A Becket Play” ftw!

  43. I want to see the RED PANDA!
    Never get enough of those guys!

  44. I don’t want to blow the lid off this place, butI’ll come right out and say that No, I don’t think Winston or Winston-San-Cute-Simply-By-Virtue-Of-Being-Japanese is cute. Multiple times a week? C’mon!

  45. skippymom says:

    Amanda: Becket play! Heh heh, suddenly I can appreciate this with a whole new perspective….

  46. Yes……Bring on the Red Panda! (No offense Winston-love you too!)

  47. The joke is on anyone who didn’t appreciate this video.

    The repetitive click-clack, click-clack. A cat in a cow suit in a pram. The unchanging shot of “nothing” happening. This is existentialism at its finest.

  48. Are you kidding me, people? Seriously?!

    If you don’t like Winston-San, don’t watch the videos. Be thankfully for what Meg, NTMTOM and Teho post and quit bitching. It’s not your site and you don’t control the content.

  49. Thankful, even.

    Oh, and I love Winston-San. I love Winston, too, and when Rich over at Four Four posts new Winnie videos, Meg usually posts them here for our viewing pleasure.

  50. No more negative-you’re bringing me down. Cutness kisses for everyone-now on with the show!
    Bring on the Red Panda!
    Great Kitty outfit Winston-I didn’t know they came in xxxxxs!

  51. AlbertaGirl says:

    Dear Meg: I believe that the appropriate response to the Winston-san nuffers would be to post every single Winston-san video available. Twice.

    Also – cow suit!!!

  52. Paunchie says:

    omgosh if he were in a hello kitty suit!! ha!

  53. I stand corrected-Cow suit-so sorry! Adorable either way!

  54. Does anyone else thing these Winston-san videos are kind of creepy? Seriously, I keep thinking of Misery when I watch them. I’m pretty sure that cow costume was doubling as a straight-jacket.

  55. AlbertaGirl…I agree with your suggestion, that’s certainly what I would do.

    Pasickie’s all around.

  56. *snicker* AlbertaGirl, you and I are on the same page (should I call myself BCGirl?)

    I am imagining them living in an apartment and the owner, wanting to get kitty some fresh air, and amuse herself at the same time, came up with this.

  57. Wow, this was even more boring than the last Winston-san video. Can we please have more cute and less Winston-san?

  58. now you know that you nuffers are only causing Meg to post more Winston-san videos, don’t you?

  59. AlbertaGirl…excellent suggestion. Eeeeeeeexcellent (rubbing imaginary beard).

  60. Is it a coincidence that the people that see a cow costume rather than a Hello Kitty costume don’t think this is cute or funny? Methinks not…

  61. 2cute4u…I was going to disagree with your post but then I viewed the video again. It totally is a Hello Kitty costume! I saw it as a cow at first, because it’s white with black splotches. But this last time I saw the “face” of the costume and the bow on the little ear. *Sigh* I love Hello Kitty.

    PS I find the video both funny and cute. Especially how Winston-san seems to be trying to make a break for it but just can’t get over the side. He’s thinking “This is so embarassing. If I could move better I’d be sooo outta here. Humph.”

  62. Justsayno says:

    Advice-if we just ignore the hecklers maybe they’ll just go away-why fuel the fire?
    Enjoy the show!! I know I am!

  63. Janice of the Nine says:

    Okay, enough of Winston-san. Please? Yes, he’s a cute kitty, and yes, what we could see of the costume is also cute, but this was a truly dull video and we’ve now had more than enough of one animal, IMHO.

    And, people, please stop attacking every comment that dares to say “this doesn’t do it for me”! Meg and team need to know what works and what doesn’t in order to keep page hits up, ’cause that’s what pays the bills. Yes, some people post negatives because they’re soulless trolls, but polite, reasoned comments don’t deserve “If you don’t like it shut up and go away.”

  64. 2cute4u…I was about to disagree, as I think the vid is both cute and funny and I thought it was a cow costume. However I decided to view the video agin to make sure. *slaps own forehead* I’ll be darn, it is a Hello Kitty costume. I totally saw the face and the little bow this time. I must have been focusing on the cute kitty and not paying close enough attention to the costume. Thanks for setting me straight.

  65. Bummer, I posted twice. I didn’t see my post the first time. And, yes Ed. I did refresh the page. In fact I hit f5 three times then I hit the refresh button on the tool bar and then I went back to the main page and then came back to comments and the first post was still not there. *SIGH* Sometimes I really hate computers!

    Well, I liked the second post better anyway.


    Some of you seriously need to lighten up. >_>

  67. Lets move on to the next one please. I think we’ve chewed this poor kitty up enough. He doesn’t even know whats going on.
    OK Winston you can take your nap now.
    Anyone seend the Red Panda pic yet?

  68. Not usually critical but I do not like Winston OR Winston-San says:

    Sorry but I find nothing appealing about Winston or Winston-san.

  69. kim’s comment makes me feel a little sad. I don’t know, I think it’s very sweet and cute to spoil your pets, for some of us that is really all we have. Granted, my cat would murder me in my sleep if I dressed her up but really I don’t have much else. So, I guess maybe I’m the sad one.

  70. Sooooooooooooooo…………hope everyone is happy now! Guess maybe you should look at the big picture before throwing aroung negative comments that may ultimately hurt somebody.
    We’re here for cuteness-its not a competition to see who can make the best comments.
    Hats off to all those who try and keep this website the way it should be-CUTE!
    Go Winston!

  71. Haha! I just love how each Winston-san video plays up how much the Japanese love little sounds… anyone ever noticed their love of onomatopoeia? They name SO many foods and products based on the sound they make.

    Ahhh it makes me grin.

  72. ilu Winston-San! (Btw, does anybody know what Winston-San’s real name is?)

    @ all nuffers nuffing about content: Don’t like it? Don’t watch it! Or better yet, go make your own blog!

  73. I also prefer the real Winston.

  74. Official HK expert says:

    I do see the bow, but that is decidedly NOT a Hello Kitty costume, as that is not what her ears look like.

  75. I LOVE cats, espesh fluffy ones, but, dare I say it… Winston-san is becoming so five-minutes-ago

  76. I don’t usually post negative reactions to comments, but I have to say this:

    I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE KIDS BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN THING THEY DO OR SAY REGARDING AN ANIMAL. Someone said this to me once because I couldn’t stop talking about how cute it was that a dog kept disrupting a casual softball game by chasing the ball (NOTE: it was really cute). I’m sorry, but this is really a pet (get it?? PET??) peeve with me.

    —–RANT OVER—–

  77. wow… that… was… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    that being said, Elaine, you made me appreciate the video in a whole new way.

  78. Paunchie says:

    It’s a cow costume, sillies! See the big black spots??

  79. berthaservant says:

    Beckett is a good call, but to me it was somewhat reminiscent of the films of Yasujiro Ozu (although Ozu tended to keep his camera still). Very long take, just everyday life. I really appreciate this as a performance piece, there’s something very sensitive and precise in this. It completely avoids suspense or conflict at all, and the fact that you don’t even see the can’t expression creates a curious metaphysical tension. I’m not sure if I’m identifying with the cat (it is, after all, essentially an over-the-shoulder shot, one of the most powerfully subjective angles); or, rather patiently observing the movement of contained, costumed living being, destabilized and detached from familiar states of mind and movement. Maybe Michael Snow’s “Wavelength” is a more appropriate analogy; if nothing else, it resembles the subjective documentary aesthetic suggested by some of the more lyrical passages of “David Holtzman’s Diary.”

    Not cute, necessarily, but provocative and I think worthy of more serious discussion.

    I renew my request to call the cat by his proper name. I’m sure the Japanese would refer to this site by proper name and not merely call it “Look at Feeble Ameirican Attempt to Prove They Are Superior to Us in Cuteology Dot Com.”

  80. berthaservant says:

    forgive misspellings i’m still recovering from the hilarity of the casablanca post.

  81. Surprised says:

    that nobody commented how dangerous this is. No matter how placid Winston-San is, if something should happen to make him panic, he could bolt into the street and get hit by the only car that drives by in hours.

  82. DaytimeDeb says:

    existentialism, schmexistentialism. It’s bigger than just this one video. I love that Meg keeps posting these every day! I kept wondering how long it would take for even Meg’s most ardent supporters to start begging for it to stop — it’s getting there, but the crowds haven’t been whipped up into a complete frenzy quite yet!

  83. Ooh! So, the white colored kitten’s name is Shirobu. And is 5 years

    There is another cat that is multicolored. Her name is Kurochoco… which basically translates into “Black Chocolate” lol 🙂 Cuuuute. It says that she’s also 5 years old, too! 😀

    I think the cats are cute!

  84. I love this woman! She is so content with her kitty. Lol! And you know, heaven forbid his paws touch ground! No, no, no.

  85. DaytimeDeb says:

    PS, I kept waiting for faux-winnie to get cart-sick. I know I was feeling the blechs with the shaky camera action.

    Oh, and how he ducked right when someone passed by — priceless!

    How can you say ths is boring? LOL!

  86. yeaaaaaaa!!!!! cow suit!!!!

  87. Winston is cute and I am always happy to see him here ^_^~

  88. @skippymom – I do use the Feliway facial hormone spray with great success, in a one-cat household. My cat (though I treat him with every possible kindness) had turned into a very angry pissy-attitude cat, biting and clawing my husband and I very badly once we weaned him off going outside. More and more people kept moving in near us with outdoor cats and he was being injured too frequently and could not get away from the “gangsta kittehs” that roam our area.

    Once I started using the spray, he immediately went back to the “baby” kitten atttitude he’d had some years ago, falling all over himself to be “good” and incredibly sweet. Even when he does get attitude now, he is able to restrain himself from reacting badly.

    My vet says from reports for her other clients, it either works very well or not at all.

  89. I’m sorry but that cat is ugly, why does he keep getting posted?!

  90. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    I love Winston-san! Can peeps not see his owner is genius? Half the hilarity is in her camera moves (like in the Winston-san at dinner table episode). Cf. the vids w/the stuffed-toy blorptastic seal especially.

    Plus, unlike too many (virtually all) Youtube vids, hers are 30 seconds long (ok, this one is 57 sec.), so even if you have the lame taste to be bored by them, at least they’re over soon.! & don’t have moronic “comedy” soundtracks.

  91. stfu Vany you’re ugly.

  92. duck au vin says:

    Only the lady is getting
    exercise…how can Winston-san earn his extra food points by working out? This reminds me to do more
    exercise myself before I need a cow suit…

  93. Love eet says:

    Am I the only one who loves this video? My God, people! The cat in the pram! The Hello Kitty suit! The clacking heels! The stroll where nothing happens!

    I guaran-freakin’-tee you that she’s wearing black pumps, a party dress, and rockin’ a Donna Martin flip. AND NO ONE NOTICES. BECAUSE THE VIDEO WAS TAKEN AT THE INTERSECTION OF BANAL ST. AND CRAZY AVE.

  94. OMG! A cow suit! You wouldn’t catch my cat dead in either that or the pram!

    My, but the Japanese kick our asses regularly in cute, and know how to baby their pets!

    On the other hand, a cat is better than a baby in alot of ways.

    I also have a plaque that says, “The more I know about men, the more I like cats.” XD

  95. Too many Winstons…. I think we have all seen enough of them.

    And before anyone gets high and mighty, need I remind you-
    THIS IS THE INTERNET. Someone is BOUND to disagree with you. And if someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t make them “mean”. I thought we all learned this in grade school…

  96. I think that Winston-San is a performance artist. In this video, he represents a rustic animal, being “pushed” into the world of men.

    Can you feel his struggle?

    Winston-San is a genius.

  97. “Meg and team need to know what works and what doesn’t in order to keep page hits up, ’cause that’s what pays the bills. “


    Okay, I’m not trying to be mean here, but since you’re such a vital and irreplaceable part of the site, answer me this: when has expressing disapproval, dislike, or non-cuteness of an item ever, EVER, stopped Meg from posting more of it? Have you seriously not noticed that Meg will go OUT OF HER WAY to post more of these items the more disapproval you show?

    Clearly Meg is flirting with disaster, ad loss, and the total eradication of her site by choosing to post whatever she feels like rather than what her audience thinks “works and doesn’t work” for a small percentage of the viewers.

  98. I do believe it’s a Hello Kitty Cow Costume.

    I like how he ducks when someone walks by.
    otherwise, 3 seconds of this would’ve been fine.

  99. This is the first thing that made me smile today.

  100. (the video, that is, not the comments)

  101. Paunchie says:


    love eet, Love Eet!

  102. Going on to Extreme Sheepherding..I can’t get enough of that. Or, (reverse psychology) Meg, why are you insisting on showing glowing sheep? Gee, I would be so disappointed if I find another glowing sheep video-oh, how I would wail and comment on another electric sheep thread. My, my, such a fuss I could cook up at yet another electric sheep video or picture…(let’s see how that works).

  103. You really need to get a life.

  104. I think what you mean is “your life really needs to be as dull as mine”.

  105. Teho-(knitting eybrows into a snood) did I just get dissed? Did someone just tell me to get a life? Ouch. That was uncalled for. allthearpenters-did you mean to hurt my feelings? You did. Buzzkiller. Feh.

    [re: knitting — might want to be more careful with that. It’ll only end in tears… – Ed.]
    [ – Ed.]

  106. a world without Winston-san or original Winston would not be worth living in. btw…what the heck has the real Winston been up to these days?

  107. 1cuteMorkie says:

    I must beg to differ about the costume Winston-san is wearing. It is definitely NOT Hello Kitty…it’s a cow. It has a big pink nose on the front (over his head) and the sides have black spots…Hello Kitty does not have any spots.