CO Classics™: “Borrrrrrring!”

[This delicate snippet of social commentary is from Feb 23 of 2006.  Not sure what put this one into my head today.  – Ed.]





This Hedger’s name is Pascale. PASCALE, People! WHO names their hedgehog Pascale? Someone who obviously knows what they’re doing. Straight from ““, taken by Sean Soznik. Brillllllliant!



  1. First to say, “Cuuuuuuuuuuute”

  2. biscuithead says:

    Thanks for bringing back an old fave!

    Oh, the nosicle!
    The teeny tounge!
    The sleepy eye!
    Not to mention the eeeears!

  3. Anne Boleyn says:

    I think Pascal’s name should be updated to “Pasicle”!

  4. Prickly cuteness!

  5. Do you have any updated pics? I’d love to see what he looks like today!
    Looks like a finger puppet!

  6. “[This delicate snippet of social commentary is from Feb 23 of 2006. Not sure what put this one into my head today. – Ed.]”

    *giggles manically*

    Cute hedgepiggie, too 🙂

  7. i’ve missed these guys!!

    they were hanging at my desk two jobs ago and they’re going up in my current job now. PRONTO!

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I don’t see NO TEEFS! And is that a roll of FOREHEAD PUDGE that smooshes down over his eyes when he yawns? Squeeee! (Forgive me peeps, I know not of hedgie anatomy…this amuses me…)

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    Looks like this guy is in the bunker of a very small but well-tended golf course. Or, possibly, he’s on the worlds’ most uneven pool table.

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Commentroversy-Yawn, wake me when it’s over.

  11. This is spooky, this has totally been my reaction at work today! I need to save this little guy to my desktop. How adorabuls!

    (pondering why this would have occured to Ed. today, hmmm. Giggles along with Am)

  12. Karebear says:

    OMG he looks like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. Especially in the 2nd photo.

  13. OMG Karebear you are so right! I didn’t see it until you mentioned it, but he really does. Maybe that’s why I instantly liked these pics so much. The Dark Crystal is one of my all time favorite movies!!!

  14. Now if you can get a photo of the hedgehog in a cow suit eating a popsicle, that might really be soemthing…

  15. Spiny disapproval!

  16. Swellanor says:

    What gets me is that Pascale’s cute tongue must be several times larger than his tiniest of feet- if past CO hedgehog pics are anything to go on!

  17. I stare at hees leetle mouf.

  18. I so want a hedgie.

  19. ok… how does one GET a hedgehog as a pet?!?! ahhh we want one!!!!! it could be our mascot for suuure

    : )

  20. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    So small and so bored with life!!

  21. Pascal *is* a pretty perfect name for a hedge. That second picture looks like he’s laughing. 🙂

  22. Cute, cute, cute tongue

  23. berthaservant says:

    That is the teeniest hedgie I have ever seen.

  24. Double delight!

    What a sweet package. Me wants! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  25. sigh…this is one of my most favorite CO posts EVERRR. Makes me miss my hedgie…

  26. I LOVE this! Such a sweet little guy…

  27. BAHAHAHAHA! Oh lawd, that’s cute!

  28. duck au vin says:

    Leslie-Sorry you don’t have
    your hedgie. Having loved a little pet does us good, I think. This post is the
    cutest, and it makes me think of “Miniature Golf.”

  29. Raemie L. says:

    Cute hedgie… I’m usually lukewarm about hedgehogs, but I like these two photos!

  30. Yeeeeeh!! My name is Pascale…. Hedgehog’s name is Pascale… YEEEEH!! I’m very proud to share my name with a cute hedgehog like that 😀

  31. Who would have thought baby hedgehogs would be such cute little critters?

  32. snorglepup says:

    @ gryt. OMG!!
    You gotta see these little hedgeballs posing as easter eggs, peeps!!

  33. Jenna West says:

    I have been coming back to look at this picture about every two hours. Too. Cute!

  34. Pascale! She’s the grandhedgie of my hedgie, Wiki!

    Yes…the computer names thing is their standard.

    See the fambly resemblance?

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I say, while you’re up,
    can you get me some coffee?
    Oh, and some bean sprouts on the side! Much obliged.”

  36. little.miss.cutie says:

    sooooo cute i love the earsssss so cute to much!!!~faints from to cutea phoiba syndrom~lol

  37. in the first pic, he was trying to nom a huge invisible cheezburger

  38. whoops, i meant the second pic. *blushes*

  39. OHEMGEE!!!! The second pic is the cutest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN. You win, CO… you win.

  40. Eleri Hamilton says:

    I’ve been using a gif of this on LJ for years:

  41. sooo cutte!!! says:

    i think a kute name 4 a hedgehog would be “Popsicle”… Pascale sounds so…. SERIOUS! lol