XTREEEEME Sheep herding! [guitar riff]

OW!!! [devil horn hand sign]

Sent in by the truly wonderful Alan E.


  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I’ve working with these type of dogs before and I knew they were incredible, but OMG!

  2. Bluemenro says:

    Whoa. Talk about extreme.

  3. Nothing like sheep-herders with too much time on their hands. How amazing!

  4. Hey! I think the dogs should get screen credit! They’re doing most of the work!

  5. Poohbear says:

    Eencredeeble. Smart dogs. But don’t these farmers have way too much time on their hands ??

  6. Poohbear says:

    Jinx, Britt!

  7. Wow. Just, wow. I think the fireworks might have been the best part, or was it Pong…

  8. I’m simply speechless… thus i’m typing OMG, THAT’S THE COOLEST THING EVER (on a pasture at least)

  9. englishwoman says:

    Only in Wales…


  10. kibblenibble says:

    Awaits nuff-fest…….

  11. That…was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Is it real, though.

    I want to believe it was but I don’t think my brain can tolerate that much awesome.

  12. Holy crap, how much did I have to drink last night? I had this bizarre dream about sheep being wrapping in lights and berded into a giant game of Pong. Is there any cold pizza left?

  13. Un-freaking-baa-lievable.

  14. First time ever on CO that I audibly said “Oh My GOD!”…. someone please tell me this is real and not some internet hoax.

  15. Mary Jane says:

    That is one of the best videos I have ever seen! Thanks for an awesome post!

  16. And I thought I needed a life! Actually, I just spent an hour giving a spinning demonstration, so this awesome display of sheepishness was apt.

  17. Lerrinus says:

    *applause* 😀

  18. This seems to have been accomplished with time-lapse photography. I suppose it really happened, although the “walking sheep” sequence at the beginning looks a little *too* perfect and intricate.

  19. That was the most incredibly awesome thing i’ve seen in a long time! Yay for the Welsh!!
    Yay for smart doggies!! Yay for sheeps!! Yay for extreeeeme sheep herding!!

  20. Not to be a bummer, but this video is an advertisement for Samsung and is absolutely NOT REAL. More information: http://www.culture-buzz.com/blog/Samsung-Makes-Sheep-Run-Viral-2099.html

  21. I think it’s real. Sheepdogs are about the smartest animals on the planet. And sheep are the stupidest. Put them together and you’ve got Extreme Sheep Art!

  22. …pardon the vugar abbreviation but ….

    [brain hasn’t even got the capacity remaining, that it would need, to explode…]


  23. NTMTOM — yeah, they definitely sped parts of this up when they edited it together.

  24. Ariel — that link is to one blog post written by one uninvolved person who thinks it could possibly be fake, and frankly I’m XTREEEEMELY dubious about his/her reliability.

  25. anonnymous says:

    I got this as an email today and wasn’t positive it was really real. Now that it’s on C.O. I know it’s real. AMAZING stuff!

  26. I have to say that was great! Herding dogs are extremely smart and would be able to control the sheep like that.

    The pong game was great! Great vid!

  27. I love CO, but videos are blocked at work and I don’t have internet access at home so the whole front page right now, pretty much, is just vast, blank whiteness *sobs*

  28. That was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. *rewatches*

  29. Border Collies…the best…if it weren’t for them, this never would have heppened.

  30. Holy cow. This is the new Diet Coke & Mentos! I want to see more of these guys!

  31. From another source
    They acknowledge that they did use some editing to buff it up but for the most part it was the sheep, dogs, dogs, and herders who made the initial shapes.

  32. I watched in open-mouthed wonder as it got better and better. I don’t care HOW they did it, I LOVED IT!!!

    [goes to watch again]

  33. paulajeanne says:

    Have to agree with Trisha: this is the first CO that had me uttering certain phrases which I normally don’t in public, but they were forced out of me BY THE TOTAL AWESOMENESS OF THIS FREAKING VID! HOLY CRAP!

  34. katiedid says:

    Wow!!! so cool.. I loved how they made the big sheep out of little sheep!!!

  35. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    Holy Shamoleys!!! That was freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!

    THe goggies should have gotten some credit too, as Dorothy stated. How many were there?



  36. Why no credit to the doggies? Baaaa-d Video men…..

  37. berthaservant says:

    I’m no expert, but my first thought was that portions of the movements had been filmed separately and edited together (sometimes perhaps getting sped up or run backwards, etc.) That doesn’t at all take away from the “real” work that went into it, though! Why must we persist in having this impossible conversation about authenticity and just enjoy it for what it is? Oh, for a world where everyone is Foucault.

  38. They said right from the start that they were baaasterds.

  39. Wow. Um, WOW. I was seriously exclaiming “WOW” repeatedly and laughing loudly while watching this, and my border collie mix came over to see what the heck was getting me in such a tizzy!

    Oh, and he doesn’t know any of those pups personally, but he assures me that this video is *totally* real! 😀

  40. So there were me and the lads down at the pub one Sunday afternoon and O’Malley says …….

    Impressive…but guys with a lot of extra time on their hands.

  41. Sheep-herding PONG.

    Brain hurt now.

  42. Just b/c it’s advertising something doesn’t mean it’s fake.

    Anyways…. saw this when it was first released and was just wow’d by it. Love the pong, and love the fireworks. Very cool.

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    I understand that those massive coordinated card displays in North Korean stadiums in honor of the Dear Leader are all directed by border collies.

  44. Hey, a little editing and speeding up is nothing in the scheme of what these sheep, men and dogs accomplished. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES???!!!

  45. WOW! *applause*

  46. “Baaa-studs”! LOL

  47. KatieKat says:

    This video especially makes me smile b/c I had to put down my beloved little Border Collie on Monday. They are amazing dogs.

    CO and all your great comments have been helping me cope. Thanks guys!!

  48. Kinda cool, BUT…

    doesn’t anyone feel kinda bad for the sheep? All that work, wearing lights that the farmers turn on and off…. poor sheepies!

  49. go to –http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7961889.stm for the story its Wales natch’! best sheep, best shepherds and welsh border collies!!

  50. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    To reiterate: Men with too much time on their hands.

  51. old skool but now mostly absent ariel says:

    no. way.

  52. Collies + Sheep + Welshmen = Awesome!

    All that was missing was singing!!

  53. To everyone who keeps saying “these guys have too much time on their hands”- they got paid to do this. It’s an ad. They apparently quite enjoyed doing it, but they did get paid.

    So not only NOT a waste of time, but a brilliant an hilarious video!

  54. I, personally, would not mind being wrapped in LED lights…

    And I’m really glad I was already home when I looked at this. Otherwise I likely would have gotten fired for laughing (and “squee!”ing) loudly enough for my bosses to come see what I was looking at. This really just makes me want a border collie even more.

  55. Sheep with little LED tshirts…

  56. *peers into fridge*

    There’s anchovies and, um, tuna with something green, Decca, which one do you want?

  57. Why no credits to the cute fluffy sheep and the dogs? Other than that, i loved eet! 😀

  58. Helps me keep having hope for this world1 YAY Sheepses! Those dogs are amazing, and so are their owners/coworkers!

    Too funny!
    THIS goes to UCONN!

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    OMGOMG OMG I finally got to watch this and I am in PAIN from trying to laugh silently at my desk OMG I have tears in my eyes I laughed so hard. This is now my all-time favorite! OMG those guys have way too much time on their hands but I am so glad they do. PRICELESS!!

  60. Mary (the first) says:

    omg and I didn’t read the comments before making mine so apparently the “too much time” had been said and I know it’s an ad. BRILLIANT

  61. *Types while giving a standing ovation…* That was spectacular! LOL at “Baa-studs.” This was genius.

  62. sorry but that’s totally fake but still cute.

  63. catloveschanel says:


    Sorry about your lil’ dogie.
    Please see Little House on the Prairie, Episode 79, for proof positive that border collies go to heaven.

  64. OMG! That was so cool! It was sped up, most likely through time lapse, but still, the amazing coordination just to have done this in the first place is outstanding! Go sheep and Go sheepdogs!


  65. This makes me wonder what else they could have created if there was a very polite piglet doing the herding instead of the dogs… 😛

  66. Elisha B. says:

    OMGGG!!! That was just the best thing I have EVER seen!!! Those guys have way too much free time, but ya know they were very productive with it.

    I love sheep and herding dogs and it just goes to show you how smart and hard working those dogs are.

    Best video EVER!!!

  67. Greatest “sheep wearing brite-lites and playing pong” video EVAH!!!

  68. *jaw drop*

  69. Oh. My. God. Maybe the best thing I’ve seen all day! And I’ve seen a lot of things…

  70. This must be what androids dream of!

  71. Allen E or Lalelaine? I sent this, and either someone else did as well, or you guys really messed up my name! ::really hopes it’s the latter::

  72. OMG! OMG! OMG! That is all I can say..That was so awesome. I usually don’t have to watch videos more than twice but I must replay…

  73. Definitely digitally enhanced and aided, but still very creative and cool! Love sheepies…and border collies.

  74. My favorite parts of the video were when the fantastic sheepherding menfolk would burst into incredulous, joyful laughter at their own insanity. Pong???? Cuh-wazy. Love the sheep, doggies, Welshmen. xoxoxo

  75. biscuithead says:


    Nice one. 🙂

  76. Honestly, this is the best You Tube Video EVER!!! Much better than anything on that top 99 list! Thanks CO!

  77. @Dale:
    electric sheep! baaa ha ha!

    Love the Welsh accent as the farmer heaves an LED sheep over ‘hyah’ .

    Love the fireworks, too, and the ‘i’ of ‘fin’ going from cap to lower-case.

  78. Fake, smake. Come on people… of course it was video enhanced, etc. That was the whole point! It made it a hilarious vid. SheepPong! Ha!! And yes, they are very clever pups. They should’ve gotten credits.

  79. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t care if it’s as fake as the Piltdown Man. It was hilarious and creative, and I loved it.

    (And am I the only one who thought the sheepherder guy sounded like that cranky old man in One Foot in the Grave?)

  80. That’ll do, Pig.

  81. duck au vin says:

    I learned how good border
    collies are when I visited
    Prince Edward Island, Canada. The border collie at bed & breakfast didn’t want me to leave. I couldn’t get near my car.

  82. Epic!

  83. Personally, I hate the phrase “those people have too much time on their hands.” It seems to be used when folks have done something incredibly creative just for fun.

    I think more people should have too much time on their hands.

    [Hear hear!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/spoonapult/ – Ed.]

  84. This is not for the faint of heart, but the first thing I thought of was this Billy Connolly joke:

  85. @Reidell: BAH RAM EWE

    @Theresa: That’ll do pig

    BABE RULES!!!!


    SO DO SHEEP!!!

  86. Goblue562 says:

    SOME people have entirely wayyyy too much time on their hands. Or paws.. or hoofs… or..

    Aw shucks, It was just neat.

  87. snickers says:

    @violet: ditto.

  88. dr.lowem says:


  89. Hon Glad says:

    I always new the Welsh were Bonkers.

  90. This is what happens when men spend too much time in the field with a lot of sheep and dogs.

    I love how they have corporate sponsorship!

  91. I am truly astonished by the variety and versitality of the whistles those dogs (and peoples) know!

  92. Wow, I was suprised that only one other person felt bad for the sheep. Sure, I wouldn’t mind wearing an LED thing voluntarily, but to have it done without my consent would be lame. And isn’t the only reason the sheep run from the dogs because they’re TERRIFIED? That’s a lot more being terrified than normal just for the making of this ADVERTISEMENT.

  93. Raemie L. says:

    O.O Wow…

  94. THAT is just amazing!!!!

  95. eternalcanadian says:

    i saw this at another place on the internet and i was gobsmacked. so totally cool! some people may think the sheep are terrified of the dogs, but more often than not they know the dogs, the dogs know them, and they’re just trotting away, maybe a bit annoyed, but they’re most likely not terrified. i do think those sheep herders have a lot of time on their hands not to mention money if they were able to catch and put on those lights on each of those sheep! hehe.

  96. “sorry but that’s totally fake but still cute.”

    I used to live on a sheep farm. With a tiny bit of editing and some speeding up, it’s perfectly possible. Sheep dogs and shepherds are amazing, and sheep are really dumb!

  97. Katiekat-I’m so sorry about your wonderful friend and companion. I know it hurts terribly. Your friend is no longer suffering and you can be assured that you did everything you could for his/her good life. Maybe, just maybe this was put on CO to comfort you. I wish you the best, and I wish you peace in your heart and mind that you did the right things for your buddy. K.

  98. what fun to use a perfectly practical skill for such a ridiculously awesome project – and get paid for it!

    i’m sure the sheep were a tad confused, but i bet the collies were having as much fun as the men obviously were. awesome.

  99. Well, they’re Welsh of course. And even here, in rural Aberystwyth, heart of the sheep farms, we know that Welsh sheep farmers are completely crackers! LOL!! Brilliant!

  100. that was truly amazing. 🙂

  101. …..can’t….stop….laughing!!!!

    Having worked w/sheep, all i could think was:”’bout time the lazy things got some exercise”.

    And i think that’s the best game of Pong i’ve ever seen, wonder what the winning score was…..

  102. I was wondering if it was fake, but you can see the odd stray during the “pong” game. If it has really been done, I am totally impressed! Just goes to show you can make any job fun.

  103. Meg! That link – it’s an awesome mini Spoonbridge and Cherry catapult! I live in Minneapolis, so I love the Spoonbridge. (Or as the little kids call it, The Big Cherry.)

    And dale, love the androids/electric sheep comment!

  104. winglessfae says:

    Ok, that was the most amazing thing EVAR! I wish i could say I accomplished something so strange and randomly creative! HA!

  105. Pookie — that’d be my link, actually. We call it “Siege Engine and Cherry” or simply the Spoonapult. I even sort of invented a cocktail in its honor…

    Also currently being discussed: the Trebu-Foshay. 😉

  106. ARIEL:
    IT’s not FAKE.

    are ppl so stupid that they don’t believe ANYTHING is real these days?????


  107. Bucky — it used to be the other way around, y’know. (Meaning, people would believe anything they read. So, these days, I think folks overcompensate.)

  108. Paunchie says:

    “baaaabe, woooolves!”


  109. Greer Ashton says:

    It may be cute and the dogs were trained to do a good job, but the sheep are the real performers…however, no one seems to think that perhaps it’s also very stressful for them to be chased around by dogs and people!

    It’s enough to be herded in everyday life, but this is a bit too much for my taste…eventually they all end up in a slaughterhouse!

    Call me a party-pooper!

  110. bees on pie says:

    “I think more people should have too much time on their hands.”

    Pookie, I think I’m adding that to my collection of mottos! 🙂

  111. That was so freakin’ COOL!!!

  112. I bet I can count on one hand the number of posts on CO that DON’T have nuffers in the comment.

  113. Comments, my apologies.

  114. WoW

    Best Post Ever

  115. Who cares if its real, fake or otherwise……IT WAS AWESOME and you can’t deny it! Please just enjoy the show and don’t read into things so much. It’s called entertainment for a reason-TO ENTERTAIN!
    Hats off to all who made this possible!!

  116. KatieKat, very sorry to hear about your loss. I had a Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd mix growing up, and I agree, they truly are amazing dogs. Even though she wasn’t raised around sheep, she still had herding instincts, and would herd us kids around the yard. I know that her and my other dog (who was also a BC mix, but wasn’t nearly as smart lol) are up in a big field in the sky herding sheep for eternity.
    That said, I do think that with the right dogs and the right shepherds, this definitely could be achieved. Sure, they had to use time-lapse photography to make it seamless, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.
    I watched this first yesterday and I could not stop laughing after the video was done.

  117. graceofbass says:

    That was BRILLIANT! And I was glad they used LED lights b/c they don’t get as hot as normal lights. Oh man, that was so funny! I’m still chuckling as I write this. And don’t feel too bad for the sheep, they’re just going to get sheared in a week. I would imagine that to be much more traumatizing, to be naked in front of men you don’t know.

  118. Gail (the first one) says:

    Put me in mind of this Monty Python bit:

    “Once these sheep get an ideer in their head, there’s no shiftin’ it.”

  119. Effing brilliant.

    Also, loved the accent. 🙂

  120. Birdcage says:

    Here, here Pookie! I totally agree: awesomeness from someone should never be criticized with the loaded phrase “too much time on their hands”.

  121. Stephanie S. says:

    oh wow, i’m tearing up. It’s too amazing–I can’t handle it!

  122. Tewtoly Redonk. Epitomizes why I LOVE CO!!!

  123. Brilliant!

  124. i saw this vid last week on http://www.geekologie.com and i was so incredibly impressed. then i was impressed that i could still be impressed by things on the internet.

    border collies rock the joint up. they are smarter than some people i know, me included. i will never get over how incredibly brilliant they are.

    i dont think i need any drugs to enhance the already surreal and psychedelic awesomeness of this entire production!

  125. Now I REALLY have seen it all. Incredibly creative and cool. One can only wonder what was going on in the heads of the sheep. hahaha

  126. Fat Tabby says:

    Hilarious… loved it 😀

  127. Now THAT put a smile on my face!

  128. Just adding my “wow” to the thread. That’s incredible!

  129. its cool but i kinda feel bad for the sheep being herded around for our entertainment

  130. Where’s the credit for the dogs? They did 1/2 to 2/3 of the work!

  131. KatieKat says:

    Thanks Katrina, catslovechanel, and quincy for the kind words… they are much appreciated. Please give your babies a snorgle on our behalf.

    By a strange twist of fate, a little Aussie/BC has just turned up at our animal shelter. We’re debating whether we can withstand seeing his cuteness in person.

    Also, I agree with those who’ve said the dogs should’ve gotten their names in the credits. Not fair!

  132. (as continued from Winston-impersonator-prambulator thread)
    MY, MY, this is just so awful, and not the cleverest in a long shot-nuff, nufff. Gee, I hope Meg or anybody don’t find anything else as clever or as, um, funny as this again. No, no. Nuff, nuff.
    (There, now Meg and company will fill, fiiill I say, our lives with shiny sheep!)

    Just doing my small part for our mutual enjoyment.
    Thanks for the Monty Python clip – *Plummet* – K.

  133. Lonely old men dressing up sheep…creepy!

  134. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    Theo– I agree. All the writer at the link says is ‘obviously it’s fake’ with nothing to back that up. Even if it were an advertisement, being an advertisement doesn’t make it fake.

  135. Hahah! guess everyone had lots of fun (cept the poor sheeps who are probably having PTSD) and excercise (cept the farmers who probably only earn themselves singer’s nodules or laryngitis from all the hollering and whistling the had to do)

  136. so the big winner of the event are the lovable sheep dogs! 😛 ^_^

  137. SomeonesMother says:

    I just talked to my cousin about the sheep and the dogs. People have herded sheep for so long that the sheep dogs have evolved (or whatever you call it) to recognize a sheep as a special relationship from puppydom, and the sheep ditto. The dogs are very smart. I had one as a kid and he was smarter than my brothers . 😉 The sheep are not very smart but they don’t get stressed when the dogs move them around.

  138. My landlady in London was head of the “Taffia” as she said it. (Apparently this is a Welsh in-joke.) I vouch for their being charming, talented, and yes, nuts. Did I mention her son-in-law, the Oxford don, wearing a Sousaphone on the train?

    This was hysterical. Don’t know what else to say.

  139. Thad iz cude!

  140. gosh! all of the sheep must be tired and annoyed right? xD

  141. notashephard says:

    Well, I guess that is healthier than what they used to do with sheep on the farm.

  142. wow!!!! amazing
    increible, me encanto wow!!!
    estoy sorpendida
    gracias por este video

  143. I wouldn’t have figured I’d ever be saying this, but – awesome herding prowess! 🙂

  144. Elliot D Mozorosky says:

    So it IS TRUE!!!
    Where Men are MEN,
    and the Sheep are