The Japanese version of Winston has been discovered by alert reader Josh N.! We shall call him Winston-san.

You must crank sound for hearing Winston-san purrs!

You will obey whim of Winston-san!

You will bow head and THEN press play:



  1. Cute… but Winston is cuter <3

  2. Angela L. says:

    AHHH!!! I love the snores

  3. Nice, but I like Maru better. Here’s what he’s been up to lately:

  4. Does that thing have just one big eye in the middle of its forehead?! :-0

  5. lol, I was expecting an anime Winston at first.

  6. gloom raider says:

    Purring, or really friendly snoring? 😉

  7. Anybody else resisting the urge to zerbert that fuzzy tummy?

  8. I agree about Maru
    He’s my favorite cat 😀

    I sent that link in to CO too
    Hope it gets posted ^_^

  9. CoffeeCup says:

    Andrew, thanks for the link to the Maru video! I love Maru!

    I really love this cream colored kitty… I think it’s a persian, but do persians come in colors that aren’t white or grey? I’ve never seen a cream colored one before. I love how it’s just propped up, kind of half snoozing. His little paws are so smooshy!

    Back to Maru. Check out the ADORABLE pink and white house around 1:15! And I really want that white couch…though I wonder how the owners keep it so clean and free of cat hair!

    And back to the cream kitty – I love that couch. I’m fixated on couches today, what can I say?

  10. NTMTOM, snicker! Evol
    Cyclops Kitteh is sleeping. Shhh! The Eye of Doom may open to sear you with laser precision.

    Love the floofiness. I was calculating a way to get hm to come dust my furniture.

  11. CoffeeCup says:

    Er, sorry, I meant Ryan, thanks for posting the video.

  12. I so want to rub my face in teh belly. So floofy. Cannot resist urge.

  13. If my hubby’s snores had sounded like that, he might still be my hubby!

  14. Here are more Winston-like videos of this kitty:


  15. OMG Tomo has his own little stroller to go for walks in
    Check this one out.

    Josh N nice kitty find.

  16. Winston-san? Haha, that’s cute.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks for all the extra links of this kitteh, and Maru, too. Cats are so funny. Each has a truly distinct personality. My Isabella is a tiny white Persian, and she snores charmingly, awake or asleep. She’s a sweetie. <3 <3 <3

  18. duck au vin says:


  19. Looks an awful lot like Wilfred Brimley.

  20. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    Sound more like snoring than purring. Poor smushed-faced kitties.

  21. berthaservant says:

    Bertha heard the purring and started snorgling the laptop. True story.

  22. Good call on the Wilfred Brimley. The resemblance is quite stunning.

  23. Karebear says:

    haha… he looks like Grandpa after Thanksgiving dinner!

  24. @Ryan LOL, I love that Maru video! All that trouble to get the bag off his head, then he looks at the bag and thinks “Yes, I shall do that again immediately.”

  25. Want to snorgle that belly!

  26. bunnystew says:

    WOW what a beautiful cat. Also a very smart one…he has trained his humans to hand feed him.

  27. His face totally reminds me of Wilford Brimley!

  28. Very cute cat! Give him a blanket, lol ^_^

  29. AuntieMame says:

    I’m waiting for him to wake up, scratch, and yell for a beer while he tries to find the remote.

  30. Hon Glad says:

    Wonderful cataloons.

  31. Billabong says:
  32. lucy's mommeh says:

    Looks like a grumpy ol’ grampa. The sigh towards the end made me laugh. He’s a cutey…

  33. lucy's mommeh says:

    Looks like a grumpy ol’ grampa. The sigh towards the end made me laugh. He’s a cutey…

  34. Awwwwwwwwww! (in high pitch voice)

  35. lol @ Berthaservant – similar reaction here 🙂

  36. lucy's mommeh says:

    OMYGAWD! Maru is hysterical! I would have drawn a silly face on the bag though…..

  37. lucy's mommeh says:

    OMYGAWD! Maru is hysterical! I would have drawn a silly face on the bag though…..

  38. duck au vin says:

    Isn’t this Wilford-Brimley-
    most-honored-cat the one we met at the Japanese
    teahouse? He was eating
    potstickers and (I think it’s called)edamde. Delightful.

  39. snorglepup says:

    I think Winston-san has reached his personal nirvana.

  40. Flowerfanatic says:

    He is a Flame Point Himalayan. They are a division of the Persian breed.

  41. eternalcanadian says:

    are you kidding me? there’s no cat that comes even close to the one and only winston! 😀

  42. Zoe Doom says:

    Man, I was beaten to a Wilford Brimley comment. Yes, this cat looks more like Wilford than Winston. He’s also less annoying than Winston.

    I mean “annoying” in an affectionate way. I love Winston!

  43. This looks like a flame-point Himalayan, though with the lighting I’m not sure, it could be cream point (and yeah, Himalayans are a kind of Persian. Persians come in MANY many colors!) My cat is a seal-lynx-point, and he sleeps in positions like this all the time. It’s ridiculous!

  44. rrrrrzzzzzzrrrrrrzzzzzz

    who doesn’t love napping in the crack between the cushions?

    French lesson! “To purr” in French is “ronronner” and “to snore” is “ronfler”

    Il ronronne ronfle. Ronronne ronfle.
    Ronronne ronfle.

    Repeat endlessly.

  45. maralisil says:

    “Sleep-apnea kitteh”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat sleep in that position. It probably helps it breath.

  46. I have spent more time looking at the cats this morning that I ever expected to spend on any one project today! It is addictive!

    The cat with the bag on its head- just tooo, tooo!

  47. duck au vin: I think you mean edamame? 🙂


  49. WOW I love his mustache. He looks just like a walrus! But does he do anything other than sleep, snore, and sigh?

  50. Lol…. it looks soooooo comfy… I would’ve totally just buried my face right in to that belly!

  51. Ahhhhh, thise purrink was very relaxink.

  52. peacnluv says:

    eh cute, but not at cute as our very own Winston. Our Winston has more personality 😀

  53. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Shrink my hubby and cover him in white fur and this is totally him sleeping on the sofa – the purrs even sound like him snoring.

  54. Tatianne says:

    So lovely

  55. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    I feel the sudden need to order some di-a-bee-tus testing supplies. Anybody know where I can get some?

  56. Life is good, ain’t it Winstonsan? Lol!

    Thoroughly enjoyed his, ahem, catalogue of videos. Seriously, what a doll. Wonder if he poops on his own or gets help with that too?

  57. Subhangi says:


  58. gravyboat says:

    That’s not purrin’, that’s snorin’. Look at his fuzzy head slowly nodding.

  59. OMG Deb!!! You are so right. I must BELLEH SNORGLE!!! *bleen*

  60. Paunchie says:

    he really does look like an old man taking a nap in his easy chair!

  61. Ahaha… that caption in the upper left hand corner reads “chichioya wo omoidasu”, which roughly translates to “this reminds me of my dad”. That is awesome.