You’ve been pretty good

So you may have a cookie.

a little corgi girl
, by _groszek_.

Oh, and don’t talk with your mouth full mMmmmf mmmmf.



  1. starling says:

    Is it really a corgi? It’s got such widdoo ears.

  2. corgi pup, corgi pup,
    oh corgi corgi corgi…

  3. OH, oh, oh, yes, it has floppy-downy ears. The snout and the paws look like a Corgula.

    I’m thinkin’ a Corgula met someone else along the way-German Shepard, maybe?
    What a sweetums! Killer approves.

  4. So. Damn. Cute!

  5. What a sweet pretty puppy! Corgis are the one of the few “small” dogs I love; Myself, I have two mammoth furry slobbery Newfies.

    Look at that little face! Awwwww, it could make me do anything!

  6. Marjorie says:

    I love CORGYN!

    I want to smell those puppy feet….

  7. I’ve just sent this puppy all my money.

  8. ScoutsMom says:

    I don’t know which looks more nommable – the cookie or the puppy???

  9. I want to give her keeeeeses….. rub her widdle belleh!!! Too cute!

  10. Those are the thickest, most nommable earz EVER.

  11. LOL Alice, you totally read my mind

    *smooch* to puppy head

  12. Those peenk toepads are adorable! Well, everything about this little girl is adorable.

  13. There is a convenient white mark to help you know where to kiss the puppeh!!

  14. Aloria-you have no idea, until you have nommed the ear of a Corgula. They are just the definition of soft!

    The puppy is sooo nommable. Mine is as an adult, too.

  15. oh puppeh, you are the sweetest littl thing I have ever seen!

  16. Lerrinus says:

    Good heavens, I don’t know which to nom first, the ears or the toebeans!?!

  17. Trabb's Boy says:

    Splthweeee! Oh, thorry. I’m thalkin oith y outh thull oth fuffy ears.

  18. I am now a puddle.

  19. GingerBean says:

    Um…TOEBEANS!!! Ack..choking…on…the cuteness!!

  20. awesome paw-pad acsh.

    Is that what you mean by “toebeans” Ginger?? :–)

  21. scooterpants says:

    looks, so, sad.
    Maybe thats not the flavor she really wanted?

  22. Oh my gawshhhh….thud (sound of me falling right outta my chair)

  23. omg puppies!! she’s too cute.

  24. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Can… barely… hold up… head…

  25. I cannot HANDLE the corgi cutes!

  26. I mus have a corgi! Just like Queen Elizabeth… 🙂

  27. CORGI!!!!

    I don’t normally squee so hard over puppehs, but CORGI!!!!!!!

  28. teehee adorable!

  29. berthaservant says:

    There’s something very cat-like about corgis. Not in the sleek, slender kind of way, but something in the face and that little pugulous bod reminds me of beefy little kitties (Bertha is has a corgi’s body).

    This one looks kinda sad, tho, despite the status of cookie. Quite the beepable nose, too.

  30. Ohmigod. I just want to squeeze the life out of those stumpy Corgi legs!

  31. Ooooh, three little toebeans! I want to snuggle!!!

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    heh heh ..I thought the cookie was her tongue .. oops (although it actually looks like a slice of puppehroni, to be honest.) So that means the TOE BEANS are the most delicious part showing.. or the ears.. or the toes .. or ..aaaugh

  33. First the puppy!Then I looked at Heather in oregon’s kittens! My no good very bad has definitely improved.

  34. ::dumps 3 gallons of cookies on corgi pup::

  35. He needs a little smooch on the tip of his adorable nose!

  36. Do you people realize today is NATIONAL PUPPY DAY??

  37. lucy's mommeh says:

    Even my hubby chimed in with me on the “awwwwwwwwwwwww”

  38. corgi’s are so adorable. gosh.

  39. Hmm… I wonder what those toebeans would look like in my Easter basket? I could even paint them like Easter eggs! Let’s find out….. [starts painting computer monitor]. Looks great!!!

    Hey, it’s spring!

  40. This needs… PAWHANCE!

    I want to see a closeup of that schnozzle!

  42. omg i just noticed the jelly beans!! eep!

  43. those leetle pink toedies slay me

  44. duck au vin says:

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  45. cutest corgi girl want
    ginger snapper? Happer, happer with ginger snapper!

  46. Awww! The pawsies *__*
    With widdle pink padz <3
    Hehe, floopy ears X3

  47. I aww’ed my way through the WHOLE PHOTOSET this afternoon, and it looks like this little lass is indeed 100% Corgula–there’s a picture of the daddy near the end of the stream.

    Interesting colors on that fellow.


  48. TEH PAWSES!! *grabs them*

  49. I… don’t know what the ‘ula’ in ‘Corgula’ is, and I’m imagining a cross between a corgi and Dracula.
    I mean, it’s still cute, but awfully bitey.

  50. Sarah, you’ve actually nailed it on the head (so to speak). Corgi puppies are awfully bitey.

  51. eikoleigh says:


    SO CUTE!

    Unmistakable CORGINESS – Just adorable!

  52. I’ve looked at this photo several times now, and each time it makes me want cookies.

  53. DaytimeDeb says:

    Thank You So Much For This Post! You don’t know how much this perked me right up. Yes, this is a purebred corgi — we don’t get to see many little baby pics, but I love ’em! (taste like chicken!) It takes a few weeks for the ears to pop up…

    Someday, I will again have a corgi (‘s, if lucky). For now, I will remain content with my baby who just spent the last hour crying as I rocked her to sleep ’cause she is teething. Sigh. Right now, if someone would pour me a drink and hand me a corgi, I could give my heart away…

  54. DaytimeDeb says:

    PS, Summer, thank you for the flickr link. Talk about Corgi overload — there is no such thing!

  55. Awww puppy looks so sad!!
    Come here leetle one.. Let me neeble on that back paw of yours!! It’ll cheer you up!

  56. Hon Glad says:

    Cookie Corgi.

  57. Subhangi says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! What an adorabuhl little puppeh! The belleh! The ears! The feets! Lookit her jellybean toes!


    Oh, and this was posted on National Puppy Day, too! 😀

  58. gravyboat says:

    I could never own this dog. I’d give it a biscuit whenever I thought it was cute and it would become morbidly obese.

    And Subhangi…”JELLYBEAN TOES”?!? You rule.

  59. Subhangi says:


    Gravyboat – I don’t – “jellybean toes” is an old term here on CO! 🙂

  60. Hey,
    You’ve been awarded the “HONEST SCRAP” award. Congratulations!! This is just to let you know how much I like and admire your blog. To claim your award, go to “

  61. I spy: the pink toe beans!!!!

  62. Damn cute pup, wish to hold it on my arm…..

  63. He’s got floppy eyebrows! They make him look so sad and so cute at the same time!

  64. Corgis (or the proper plural name which eludes me now) are:
    always hungry,
    cat/dog like
    and manipulative.
    Having said all of that mine is (“Killer Corgi” or “Abbey” as she was named by her breeder who abused her and thank goodness sent her off to a Corgi Rescue, where I got her,)
    Happy My Birthday- anyone else today?

    [Plural is “corgyn”, and the corgi I met on Sunday doesn’t exactly match your description… – Ed.]

  65. Paunchie says:

    lubbs her paws n her stubbeh little forearms!

  66. Corgi puppies’ ears don’t come up until they’re about 8-12 weeks old. This lil’ bit looks about 6 weeks old to me. She’s definitely all Corgi. 🙂 Oh, and while there are things just as cute, there’s nothing cuter than a Corgi puppy. 🙂


    Wait until your Corgi gets a little older- they get quirkier as they go along (I guess we all do, don’t we?!)

  68. Oh, no no, that’s not MY dog; sorry if it sounded like that. Ein is Dave & Sarah’s dog.

  69. My mistook, Theo. One of the fun things about having a Corgi is seeing how they adapt to their environment. They really do get quirky, you have some fun times ahead with your friends’ Corgi.

    DaytimeDeb- ice works well, put her teething ring in the fridge and Anbesol for babies is a life-saver. It lets you both sleep. There is nothing in Anbesol that is going to hurt her, and crying for hours is only going to give her gas. Congratulations on your baby, if this is your only child, sleep when she does. That will help you get through teething! Yeah, I know, you didn’t ask, but as an experienced Mom, I just couldn’t help myself. Best wishes, your friend and fellow Peep, Katrina

  70. stuck@work says:

    Where’s the toe-hance?

  71. Kristin says:

    Awwww little pink toe beans!!

  72. so cutteeee!! yuummmm….

  73. earlybird1 says:

    GASP! I want! I was actually reduced to baby-talking mush when I laid eyes on this prosh baby. ADORABULS! Oh yes you are!

  74. earlybird1 says:

    Must be filed under “stubbular”!!

  75. smilessss says:

    Cute puppy! So adorable♥