Mini Moos

Knox News is reportin’ that the Memphis Zoo is featuring some mini cow action.

The two cows "Cloudy" and "Darwinia", are 25 and 36inches at the shoulders respectively. They were bred from heritage breeds that date back to the 16th century, when farms and homesteads were smaller.


This article wasn’t enough to satisfy my new miniature moo quest. My mission led me to the mini cattle website (I am not making this up) where there is some proshness goin’ on. Check out:


Love these names… Here’s "Britches"






And bringing up the rear… "Huckleberry"!


And one more mini moo pic to wrap up the post:


Great article suggestion NTMTOM 😉



  1. What a huckleberry!

  2. Cutie-cows,

  3. GreyhoundMommy says:

    Good heavens these little cows are adorable.
    You must click on the web site, they have a children’s book named”Mini Moo Adventures at Happy Mountain Cattle Farm”!!!
    I’m thinking it’s a must read..specially if it’s got lots of pictures.

  4. Nice digging, Meg! (I only found the one picture; she must have found the rest.)

  5. Holy Cow! These are adorable!! (But I wonder if mini cows are where sliders come from…)

  6. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Baby MooMoos !!!! I miss living on the farm .City life is not all it seemed to be when I was younger ! I even miss that lonely sound of the coyotes howling at night! (sigh)

  7. Gail (the first one) says:

    Good lawd, there are mini moo-cows FOR SALE??? I call “dibs” on Primrose!!!!! (she’s already dog-friendly…hope she likes kittehs!)

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Waha! The retriever is bigger than the cows are!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Ridonkulously moo-tastic! :-O

  10. BabyOpossum says:

    The Primrose photo has “Incredible Journey” written all over it.

  11. Mini cow, kitteh, and puppeh in one picture! Too much to handle!

    [Wait till the nuffers see such language though! :P]

  12. Baby cows also have a stubbular stage! Photographic proof!

  13. Cassanova = chocolate, vanilla, chocolate!

    Suddenly I want some ice cream.

  14. OMG the cat is almost as big as Primrose or should I say Primrose is barely bigger than the cat. Hmmm these would fit on my 1 acre plot nicely.

  15. snorglepup says:

    I’ll take two. They’re small!
    I won’t have to mow this year. Yeay!!

  16. Tee hee, white belt <3

    Casanova says “I love your wife… YOU love your wife… we’re on the same side.”

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    Cassanova looks like an ice cream sandwich. ^_^

  18. Too bad I don’t do half-and-half.

  19. kibblenibble says:

    There are cows like Casanova near my home (although not in mini version.) I believe they are called Belted Galways. They have chocolate brown in place of Casanova’s cinnamon brown. We refer to them as “Oreo cows.” :o)

  20. Now I can make my miniature farm a reality! Mwa hahahaha!

  21. This explains where those little milk packets come from.

  22. I lurf them!

  23. umm… Primrose has a curly dog tail? How weird.

  24. “I’m your huckleberry “
    This is JUST my game !

  25. You know what always drives me nuts about those creamers? The apostrophe in “Moo’s”! What can a moo possibly own?!

  26. OMG! Sooooo adoribible! Can they be house broken???

  27. duck au vin says:

    Huckleberry, wish I had a
    good place for you to stay.
    We don’t have that nice
    country comfort.

  28. Mud Bug — Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday, right? Stole the spotlight from Kurt Russell, that’s for damn sure.

  29. berthaservant says:

    Still no ’nuffs on hovertext. Waiting….

  30. Meoowmom =^..^= says:

    I want One!
    I want One!
    I want One!

    oh sooo cutes, so they
    have enuff moo-milk
    to fill those lil creamers.
    oh I want one.

  31. Thanks for spreading the mini-moo word NTMTOM. I still have a Cute Overload crush on you.

  32. It looks like Cassanova is wearing a cummerbund and not a white belt. Much thicker. (or cowmerbund, if you will) For those winter barn formals of all occasions.

  33. It looks like Cassanova is wearing a cummerbund and not a white belt. Much thicker. (or cowmerbund, if you will) For those winter barn formals of all occasions.

  34. apologies for the double…and now the triple 😦

  35. Juniper Jupiter says:

    My dad (who’s dad used to be a farmer) came up with the perfect name for any farm animal in mini size…POPCORN! 😀 It started when I mistook sheep for mini horses because I only had a chance to glance at them, and when I pointed them out to him a second time, it was then I realized they were sheep. After he teased me a little bit, he thought it’d be great to mini-size sheep and call them “POPCORN SHEEP!” like the popcorn shrimp! And the popcorn chicken!!:D Isn’t that brilliant? What would we call these girls?

    Popcorn Bessies?
    Popcorn Bossies?
    Popcorn Cows?
    Popcorn Cattle?

    ….I’m not sure, but any way you slice it, they already come with their own buttah! 😀

    We’d hafta work on the salt aspect, tho.

  36. Hon Glad says:

    Specially bred to fill yoghurt pots.

  37. Felicityanne says:

    In the UK in the 1950s/60s there was a radio programme called Listen With Mother. In between sections there was a musical ‘sting’ to which I as a small child added the words ‘mini moo, mini moo ,mini moo, mini moo, mini moo, mini moo, min, min’…and here they are as coffee creamers! NOSTALGIA!

  38. We use to have the mini moo’s at the bottom in our office for our coffee (required no refrigeration – scary). If I had known they came in a different variety, I would have lobbied to get the four-legged furry kind.

  39. I wonder if all cows looked like this, would everyone be vegetarians?

  40. zomg itty bitty cows! life is good!

  41. @berthaservant: You asked for it; you got it. I object to the profanity in the hovertext of the last photo. A site like this should be more child-friendly.

  42. We’ll take Huckleberry- he and Killer can be bestest of friends-they are the same colors! Can you imagine having one of these? Oh, how udderly delightful.

  43. you ever poke your mini-moo with a fork and hold it over your coffee squeezing it and going “moo, moo, moo”?

    yeah. me too.

  44. At last, an apartment size cow. Think they can be paper-trained, or would I have to take them for walks in the park?

  45. Dexter Fishmore says:

    +1 for “Wassup Britches!”

  46. They’re the size of dogs! Cows the size of dogs OMG!!

  47. scooterpants says:

    Primrose is SUCKING ON THOSE FINGERS! (and of course doofy retriever is just smilin and thinkin, “I want to suck on those fingers too”)
    yes, get Huckleberry some UGG boots before she launches into a string of expletives.
    Cassanova is so adorable , all dipped in caramel on both ends!
    Love them all, I cannot chose.

  48. scooterpants says:

    holy crap people.
    they have VIDEO on the link.
    Prepare to be overwhelmed with the cuteness.
    ridiculous. Lets all go there now… come on…

  49. marsheeeee says:

    Cowlets!!! Where Riblets come from.


  50. I totally know what’s going on my wish list for my birthday this year.

    @berthaservant: I tried really really hard to come up with something to nuff at so that you wouldn’t be waiting in vain. Alas. I just don’t seem to have it in me when there are adorable mini moos around…

  51. The breed is “Galloway”–my family raises them. The little one in this shot is a belted dun; they come in various shades of brown, champagne, and black, with a white belt. The belt is a dominant genetic feature–most calves resulting from Belted Galloway x whatever will feature a full or partial belt.

    Galloways also come in solid colours 🙂

  52. OK, I have to say there is a Jack in the Box commercial for Mini Sirloin Burgers that has digitally altered mini-cows, with mini horses and little people. At least I thought they were digitally altered cows. There is a ear worm song, yippe kay yay, mini sirloin burgers…. I’m just saying, wow. And now that song is in my head again.

  53. “They make great mini-milkers.” That is all. *thud*

  54. elledoubleyou says:

    it must be said. But Huck really is my favorite…

  55. Cute Cute Cute! Finally, a cow that will fit in the apartment. And the question still lingers- can these adorable babies be house trained, or should we be expecting “cow parks” in the near future (hopefully VERY near)?

  56. Okay, when I see a “sold” that means as a pet right?

  57. Ooo!!! i love em! i have three Minis! and i love them too! these are So cute!

  58. I’d ask for one for my birthday, but then I’d have to become a vegetarian!

  59. Mary Kathryn says:

    I must have them for my mini farm!!! I just want to keeees them!

  60. Awwww… I think they should call them “Sliders.”

  61. “I object to the profanity in the hovertext of the last photo. A site like this should be more child-friendly.”
    -Deckard Canine

    Why should it be? Because you say so? You act as if she has broken a rule, or failed to be responsible.

    First of all, Meg can put whatever she damn well pleases on her website. As long as she doesn’t claim to be child friendly (SHE DOES NOT), then why is she in the wrong? “Well, this site seems like kids would like it” is not a valid argument.

    More significantly, no one is more responsible for what one`s child is exposed to than they themselves are, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Internet, which is so very easy to regulate.

    Unless it is you who`s offended, in which case I wouldn`t recommend going outside your house. I`ve heard there`s strangers and bears and muggers out there. Oh my!

  62. Ermine — I’m pretty sure Deckard was kidding.

  63. gosh, Huckleberry is sooooo cute ! Ilove the name : )

  64. Some cats need to be bathed, all parents should know what their kids are doing and then take appropriate actions and I want that Hucklberry so much I could scream. All of these are true.

    I am so grateful that my life has taken a turn for the better, 54 was the best year yet, and I have you to thank, Peeps, as you contributed to a wonderful year. Thank You.

  65. Lerrinus says:

    Anyone see the cat behind Primrose!? Great pics! 😀

  66. Paunchie says:

    “britches” haw haw haw haw!

  67. Flamenca Mama says:

    I so want one!

  68. Even prosher: Small children use mini oxen to drive little carts.

  69. They are so adorable! Can i just get a few? I’d get to have fresh milk everyday! XD

    But are they healthy? I mean did they get their small size from excessive breeding previously [as in very long ago]. I can’t find much information about them on the net. @.@

    Some are even smaller than dogs! And there are panda prints on the mini moo!

  70. lifeisruff5400 says:

    awwwwww………{goes bezerk} HOW COULD NO1 WANT CASANOVA, PRIMROSE, AND HUCKLEBERRY!!!!!???? WHOEVER DOESN’TWANT THEM R STEENKING BRATS! ……….awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……….