To Style Man

"Citizens of Earth!  I am the Grand High Blayvin of the planet Fabulon!  We offer your civilization the blessings of our advanced hair care secrets!  Our scientists have perfected a neutronic conditioning lotion that can cure split ends for all time!  We come with peaceful intentions, and not to ship your people to our home planet for horrific beauty school experiments, honest, we mean it!"


I, for one, welcome our impeccably-coiffed overlords, Stacy N.



  1. No split ends?

    Come back with slimming margaritas, mint chocolate ice cream, and beer, and I’m packing my bags. 😉

  2. blurred tailio ahn!

  3. biscuithead says:

    Can’t look away from the antennae!

  4. Doggy looks just like Falcor from the Never-Ending Story.

  5. Phentex kleenex box cover?

  6. happypiano says:

    halleluja! my hair woes have finally been answered! *bows down*

  7. metsakins says:

    must bury face in fluffiness (being carefull to avoid antennae)

  8. He looks like White Gandalf 🙂
    Love it, just too cute!!!!

  9. biscuithead says:

    Thinking about it… are they antennae or just hair knobs?

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Or horns?

  11. @Jane — Gandalf the White! LOL!!

    BTW, great Simpsons reference!!

  12. totalee puppy says:

    to Katrina and to happy piano…Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful dog as much as I am. Can’t afford but can admire.
    Sorry I’m not a nearby peep for Katrina’s orchestra concert. I did get a ticket for a symphony concert featuring
    young performers-“Future Stars”. So glad I will be at Trinity University tomorrow. Featured soloist is Ellen
    Pavliska, pianist, who is 16.

  13. I’m more fascinated by the ‘stachio-tails myself. :stares:

  14. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Are those antlers growing out of the poor dog’s head?

  15. nice coca cola in the background, hehe

  16. ha! great cap (and hovertext). are you sure those aren’t giraffe thingies on top?

  17. carnegie says:

    This little doggywoggy should be entered into

  18. JoyBell — yeah, I was wondering what part it had to play in the styling process…

  19. WTF is this little doggie made of? Cotton candy?

  20. Ha! High Blayvin! I call your bluff!

  21. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “People of Earth: We order you not to hate us because we are beautiful.”

  22. Jennie: LIARRRRRRRR!!!

  23. scooterpants says:

    the fact that the tail is a blurr in the background tells me this puppeh likes
    the ‘look’ too.
    or is just enjoying the photo session. how beautifully beautiful.

  24. HMMM Can I have hair like that… Perhaps horrific beauty school experiments would not be so bad……

  25. Jennie Mello says:

    wow…. just wow. I really need to take better care of my own hair. That dog puts me to shame@!!!!!! wow…

  26. I think the Planet Fabulon is somewhere in the vicinity of 43rd Street and 9th avenue.

  27. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Is this how the two long bearded guys from ZZ Top get ready?

  28. I know what I would do with that dog and a trimmer. Little doggy would be running outside chasing rats in no time.

  29. YEs little doggie I am staring at your antenae .. their nubbiness knows no bounds

  30. What does that do to the dog after the thingies get taken out? does it look just the same as before it got put on?

    Does it enhance their looks someway?

    LOL @ White Gandalf…

  31. berthaservant says:

    I can just hear the perfectly-coiffed voice of Criswell reading the NTMTOM narration.

  32. luvbunnehs says:

    Personal-a hairstylist-a come-a forward-a!
    (Some Italian accent sayers may be offended.)

  33. I didn’t realize Gandalf the White had a look-alike doggy!

  34. hamster-on-rye says:

    “Mr. Fabulon is booked until 2:00. If you’d care
    to have a manicure in the meantime…”

  35. You’ve channeled Craig perfectly, Mike. Well played!

  36. 哈哈 它很可爱!

  37. darkshines says:

    He looks like Pei Mai from Kill Bill 2…..

  38. cachorro says:

    This tag guarantees you that this couch is covered in 100% Fabulon–never worry about spills or
    perpe again…just wipe clean… it won’t be seen.

  39. I could use before and after photos-just curious what all the little rubber bands are supposed to do.


  41. LOL Sami… how long before somebody registers that domain, do you think?

  42. Does our new Overloard shed?
    Just askin’.
    Totalee-thanks so much! You are the greatest! I’ll be thinking of all our Peeps as the CCCYO is playing. Anner- there will be other times, my friend.

    I’m off to the Festival! Report tomorrow!

  43. tracylee says:

    It’s a beauty book! It’s a beauty book!

    don’t get on their ship, guys.

  44. Hon Gladr says:

    Dear Grand high Blayvin. As long as you keep all the telephone highgienists on fabulon, your welcome.

  45. hey it’s GANDALF!!!!

  46. Festival Report: As much fun as I could have hoped for (a lot), educational, fun and went smoothly. The CCCYO performed very nicely and they looked fabulous!

    Back to the, the, redonkulouslness, where can I sign up for this Overloard to start dominating me?

  47. Paunchie says:

    sure looks soft! waggin hees tailio

  48. just call me a walking mop!