Ew! Perpe!!!

[Cover head with flipper but peers out with one eye in shame]



Amelia J., this photo made it into the 2010 calendar DESPITE OUR DISTINGUISHED EDITOR’S DISGUST!



  1. A little club soda’ll get that right out.

  2. Awwwwww don’t worry hunny, accidents happen *smooch*


  4. whorps!

  5. With all the zillions of cute pics out there, this one made it into the calendar?

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Oopsie. Did I do that? *blush*

  7. Hon Glad says:

    What else do expect on a diet of fish? You need some fibre , young man.

  8. Poopsie-daisie

  9. Yer darn right I’m a-slappin’ the “GEEE-ROSS” tag on this one.

  10. Subhangi says:

    Awww, he looks pewped 😀

  11. very swim

  12. Hee! I think it’s cute.

  13. Better out than in…

  14. Are you guys crazy or blind? That animal is covered in OIL (as in pollution – oil slick) and is probably dying or at least very ill.

    [Exactly who are you calling “crazy or blind”? This animal is covered in fur and sand. Do you even know what oil looks like? – Ed.]

  15. It looks clean and sandy to me. What oil?

  16. He who smelt it dealt it!

  17. snorglepup says:

    Perpe happens.

  18. if this little guy is covered in oil, it’s only his own natural, waterproofing oil.
    But I agree with mel2, perpe ain’t the cutest pic.

  19. *Ooops, hee hee*

  20. “Oh! The shame of it all!”

  21. Seal pup must have been upwind there. Yikes!

  22. I also don’t see any oil other than the natural kind. Although, is it normal for then to have such loose BM?

  23. LMAO! Wow. What a way to start off spring – an out of blue snow shower in NYC and seal perpe!!

  24. lil gross, but perpe=poopie? That’ too much of a stretch for me.

  25. Dii…perhaps you might want to utilize the Great Google to locate pictures of seals and other critters who are covered in oil from an oil spill, and then compare it to this little fellow. You’ll quickly see just how silly your claim that the little one is covered in nasty oil is. After all, the sludge from an oil spill is thick and black. See anything thick and black on our little friend? I mean, other than his oopsie…..

  26. Mini-sealie tailio definitely puts this in the cute category. Surely those with over-delicate sensibilities can photoshop the poopy out. I guess kitties (HA!) and hamsters (HAHAHA!) don’t produce anything offensive.

  27. elledoubleyou says:

    Yep, I concur — not an oil spill victim. Seals have a nature oil in their fur and this guy looks like he’s been in the water, then rolled around a bit in the sand and is half-way through drying. Depending on the species, they don’t always look all sleek and shiny, and babies have thicker coats than their sleeker-coated parents. I think this pup is just fine. And cute!

  28. SH** happens… What??? Like someone else wasn’t gonna say it.

  29. Everybody Perpes!!!!

    This one also had to be said.
    I mean really it had to.

  30. What do you think all those adorable kittenz leave in their litter box? LOLZ?

  31. I had no idea what perpe was suppose to be and looked at the pic a few times before I picked up (eww) on what was so odd about the pic.
    poop=perpe? nah, poo is just funny and fine to say as is…doesn’t need to be cuteified. Just as Mike Rowe of dirty jobs fame!!

  32. IT is a teeny baby and probably has not even been in the water yet. And since his only diet right now is mommas milk then this is what his perpes are gonna look like
    Hmmmm I shall go get you all some information.

  33. Everybody suffers from the diarrhea sometime…

  34. jackie31337 says:

    This very well may be baby seal’s first perpe. Not exactly my idea of a Kodak moment, but I’m sure mama seal was very proud. (Although I doubt she’s the one who snapped this photo.)

  35. Okay, Theresa, I’m calling the contents of my cats’ litterbox LOLZ from now on!

  36. @Mel2: Waitaminute. YOU’RE signing in as Mel2? Crud! I’ve been signing Mel2 also. To avoid confusion, I shall change mine to Bruce.

    Kidding. I’ll become Mel3. Is there already a Mel3?

  37. Well, I’d be embarrassed too if I’d just pooped for an audience!!!

  38. Okay I went for a quick peruse of web info apparently they do not hit the ocean until they are 3 to 4 weeks old depending on which type of sea lion they are.
    And I was gonna link in the Ana nuevo sea lion web cam but apparently no sea lions are there right now so no live cam. not surprising as it is the wrong time of year for them.

  39. cataddict says:

    Peg: Just what I was thinking :)!!!

  40. WTF is perpe?

    [Lerse erkscremernte, erpparently… – Ed.]

  41. scooterpants says:

    word of wisdom.
    always best to type message, preview, make adjustments, preview, think about it, review, re arrange, preview, then if you’re REALLY sure you want to say that.
    add your name and e-mail address. preview message again. then if you’re sure. Post.
    Best to avoid confrontation with ED. 🙂
    but your heart is in the right place i’m thinkin.

    oh and this is a very cute poopie seal- clean up on aisle one!

  42. bumcakes says:

    this is still cuter than 99.9999% of the cat photos.

  43. Paunchie says:


  44. As a fledgling nurse (nurselette?) I must say I’m no longer phased by poo but I can see why some folks wouldn’t want to wake up to that on their calendar. But c’mon, people! Look at his little flipper over his face!! Ahn!

    Oh, and I’m totally gonna start using “perpe” around the hospital units 😉

  45. Oops. I meant to say “fazed”.

  46. [uncontrollable snickering]

    …ohhh, that was fun.


  47. Wow. Pewp is 100 times cuter on the sand in this picture than it was on my carpet this morning. Of course, since I don’t have to clean the seal poop up, that might make me cooler with it.

  48. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    “S*** happens”, even to little seals. Good boy/girl!!

    [As one who has spent a lot of time around animals pooping and peeing, I have found that people who aren’t around animals a lot are most uncomfortable with “the product.” In fact, it’s a real important sign of animal wellness. OK, I’m done.]

  49. @Annie – actually the seals are there right now, the males start arriving Nov/Dec, and I think by now the pups are getting fairly good-sized. But the cam is apparently down right now, alas. There’s a video at http://www.parks.ca.gov/popup/main.asp

  50. It took me a moment to catch on there. I thought perpe = purple? and spent a couple confused moments staring at the seal. Then I caught on. Awwww, but ewwww! 🙂

  51. catloveschanel says:

    DKN – Happy Spring to You!
    Snow in New York, eh?
    We’ve got good old fashioned rain in Seattle.
    I wore my yellow sweater.
    How about a fluffy chick sniffing on a daffodil? or a marmy kitteh batting a purple crocus.

  52. miameows says:

    ok, is it pronounced per-pee or perp?? you know, so I don’t sound like an idiot….lol

    [LOL indeed. I think the only sure way to avoid raised eyebrows here is *not* to say it. But what fun would that be? – Ed.]

  53. Lerrinus says:

    When you gotta go, ya gotta go!

  54. Lerrinus says:

    What do you expect from a baby!?

  55. Why is this picture going to be in the 2010 calendar??? It’s disgusting! I have loved CO for a long time now and I have to admit I am dissapointed with the 2009 calendar photo choices. Some days I don’t tear off the page from yesterday becuase I don’t want to look at the one for that day. I need a daily dose of cute NOT ewww! You can do better CO!!!!!!

  56. Wow Sarah, are you sure you have a CO calendar? My 2009 calendar is FULL of cute. Haven’t see any eww at all.
    As for this particular post, what is cute is the way this baby has his flipper over his eyes, as if he is embarrassed by his oopsie. Why should he be left off CO just because he is next to poop?

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    I wonder if our Meg is doing a “Caddyshack” reference???

    “Spaulding, no!!!”
    “It’s no big deal.”

  58. prinbsn thanks for the link but I was looking to link in the live cam… I went to the main page and they said it was down right now but they hope to open it shortly.
    as in maybe in a few weeks.

  59. prinbsn I reread your first post SOrry that is what you said too. PS excellent video of the sea lions

  60. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    (Formerly Mel2, and briefly Mel3, now and forever Argyle Donkeypants)

    @Sarah: Chillax, girl. Numbah 2s are as essential a part of nature as floppy ears and mini-tailios. Just look at the Strategically Placed Flipper of Embarrassment! How can you resist?!

    If you don’t like it, there’s nothing we can do about it, but for my part, I’m in for at least 3 of the 2010 calendars. Fetch hither teh Qte!


    Hehehehe. Excellent.

  62. Cambridge Rat Mom, it might be a little bit the other way around. I’ve noticed that people who are obsessed with poop don’t want animals around– they see them as walking poop dispensers (which they are, of course), but they miss out on the Qte.

  63. Erk.

  64. Ar… gyle… donkey… pants.


  65. “The Doook of Arrrr-Gyle . . .

  66. Sarah — well, I’m disappointed too. It’s because of your spelling. Thppppp.

  67. charliewabba says:

    Yay, argyle donkeypants!!!
    I’m going to go scoop the LOLZ out of the litterbox.
    Steenky LOLZ.

  68. Is it Friday?* Is teho having his wiley way with us?* Are we taking the bait?*

    Sweet little sealio.

    Argyle Donkeypants, I salute your creativity, or if more to the point, the creativity of your parents/creatures who named you.

    * yup.

  69. charliewabba says:

    after some cogitation, it occurs to me that perhaps the stuff the cats leave in the litterbox are lulz.

  70. Charliwabba, they leave it after *cogitation*? That must be the scientimific word for it. 😉

  71. Holy perpe, it IS Friday!

  72. Theo, we’re not afraid of no raised eyebrows.

  73. Birdcage says:

    Argyle Donkeypants!!! I lub it.

  74. [raises an eyebrow]

  75. Does anyone else notice the leetle, tiny bubbles in the accident? Even sealio’s excrement is cute!

  76. charliewabba says:

    Theresa – if I had phrased it,
    “It occurs to me that perhaps the stuff the cats, after some cogitation, leave in the litterbox are lulz,”
    I could agree with your confusion. But you know, judging by the looks they sometimes get on their faces, maybe they are cogitating first. Not that I spend lots of time watching their faces while they are doing their business.

  77. Does anyone else notice the leetle, tiny bubbles in the accident? Even sealio’s excrement is cute!

  78. charliewabba says:

    I might be intimidated by the single raised eyebrow, but I can raise one eyebrow right back at you. And wiggle it, too.

  79. scooterpants says:

    T- Vicious Beast.

    i think you should have threw caution to the wind and used the ‘S’ word.
    LET THE NUFFIN BEGIN! why hold back on fryday?

    Seal says “*hit!”.

  80. catwhisperer says:

    My brother-in-law refers to the contents of the litterbox as “cat-a**-trophies” because their dog likes to dig them out. How’s that for gross?!

  81. To those taking issue with the spelling, “perpe” makes as much sense as “heylerhe” and “nyerhe.” Which is to say, a great deal of sense here in CO Land. Also, I already call my cats’ productions “perpes”, due to Meg pointing it out in that classic blushing budgie pic. I don’t think I could ever call them “lolz” or “lulz”. But really stinky ones I call “eggs”, as in “Did you lay an egg?”

  82. Paunchie says:

    Oh, possum! Since when is excrement cute?? Even with bubbles! (barfs)

  83. I’m getting flattered eight ways to Sunday, today. I mean, “Distinguished Editor”? “Vicious Beast”? Err… “wiley”? Heh.

  84. (OK, so actually three ways to Friday, whatevs)

  85. I think inspector Clouseau might pronounce poo as “perpe”

  86. Hon Glad says:

    Plenty of perpe-el prose.

  87. superboymom says:

    “Perpe – el mountains majesty”? Yes I’ve scooped my fair share of those.

  88. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Theresa, I don’t disagree. You take the good with the bad!

  89. More like a perpel mountain of travesty. LOL

  90. Paunchie, are you perhaps Dame Edna posting under an assumed name?

  91. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    There are clearly far too many people here named Mel. :o) Though I cannot come up with a name nearly as entertaining as Argyle Donkeypants, I will need a new moniker as well.

    I have no problem with poop per se, and I deal with it regularly when taking care of my own lil kitty. I just didn’t think this photo, in all its perpe-filled glory, was among the best I’ve ever seen on CO, and I’m surprised it was chosen for the calendar.

    Also, ‘perpe’ reminds of the way it’s pronounced on South Park. :o)

    –Formerly one of the numerous Mel2’s

  92. Sorry, Paunchie, I guess it’s the nurse in me 😉

  93. katiedid says:

    POOOOP!! o.O
    The photographer must have scared it out of him hehehe…

  94. And in the end it’s the thing we all have in common–we all poop!

  95. Mary (the first) wishing she was named Mel instead says:

    Ilove the sealio and his/her perpe stuff. I have to jump gently into the fray on the CO calendar, I have one from this year and don’t necessarily LOVE every photo. But I didn’t buy it for that, I get my daily does of QTE right here. I bought it to support CO and its coffers in some small way. So whatev the CO editor(s) want to put in the calendar is ok with me. Sign me up for 2010!

  96. I for one am all for this being in next year’s calendar. How adorable is he, really, with his polite shame? Answer: very adorable.

    There’ve been some duds in this year’s calendar, but let’s be honest: there’s 365 pages in it. I am not going to adore all of them. It’s quite enough that I adore *most* of them. You cannot please all of the people… etc. etc.

    Also: if “anerable” can be “adorable,” then “perpe” can be “poop.” I think. I’m still having issues wrapping my head around it.

  97. DJNephilim says:



  98. to anyone who’s a little grossed out, just say “perpe” out loud and you’ll laugh.

  99. scooterpants says:

    M1WSWMI- But. dont ya like todays Bunny? is it not the cutest thing?

    I agree, I also bought a COL calendar so that Meg and her henchmen can go to Mega Resorts and cruise around on their Mega yachets (see I’m so poor I cant even spell big-boat)

    the seal poop post is gettin old.
    its fryday ! we need another post dont you agree?

  100. Hmph! dizzGUSTing. Don’t we come to CO so we’re not forced to have naus-inducing ‘Hello Kitty’ images forced onto our retinae?
    And is that a bucket?!?!?


  101. Mary (the first) wishing she was named Mel instead says:

    @scooter, I haven’t looked at my CO cal. yet today .. it’s at home. I’m lucky to be ambulatory at all in the mornings before coming to work. Hmmm.. maybe I should put it on my kitchen counter and look first thing in the a.m. to start out the day! What a brilliant idea! I astound myself!

  102. WTF? people are now criticizing the calendar?


  103. I think the seal is adorable in this picture, and Theo, nice job on the “corrected” version…

  104. Dr. Emile Schufhausen says:

    So he backed out the wee brown buick…To quote the inimitable Gayle Snokes (John Goodman) in “Raising Arizona”: “Well, it’s nay-chural.”

  105. kibblenibble says:

    He’s saying, “Aw c’mon picture takerer, don’t take one when I just made a stinky perpe! How embarrassing!”

  106. AmyJ, also not named Mel, and thinking she needs a better name says:

    Does anyone dispute that this bebeh seal is cute? I mean, come on, look at that sweet little body!! And is that cuteness really negated by a small brown blob? That we can’t even smell? (At least I can’t!) Wow. Maybe living in NY (yes, we had snow this morning!) where we sadly still often have to dodge dog perpe, and working at a botanical garden where we have plenty of goose perpe, rabbit perpe, raccoon perpe, etc., has inured me to the horrors of seal perpe…

  107. Dear Amy J. LOL
    Teho the special friday picture is awesome I salute you. and the seal is a wee baby and cute as all get out. with poop or with poop covered by a extra special scooper. (Wink Wink)

  108. I like how the perpe has bubbles. Like it’s the champagne of perpe. Like it’s the.. champerpe.

  109. Sara Sunshine says:

    Awww, and he’s so embarassed. LOLz. Makes me think of when I find the occasional, hidden, teeny tiny kitten dropping left over from when my Cat’s one-and-only litter were not quite potty trained…it’s like oh, look how adorable they left me a suprise. An itty bitty kitty poo.

  110. GEEEZ. It’s a tiny smudge of brown. If you didn’t know what it was, you wouldn’t realllly be able to tell what it was. Pretend it’s chocolate pudding or a melted hershey’s kiss. Get over it.

  111. I think it’s still anerable- not like the perpe’s a big steaming pile or anything.

  112. The baby seal is truly lovely. Really! But it’s Caturday now and it’s been for-ev-ar since there’s been a new post. Just sayin’.

  113. totalee puppy says:

    Snorglepup–“Perpe happens.” ROFL

  114. Is that a Galapagos sea lion pup? Looks just like the pup I submitted that didn’t get in to CO (but mine didn’t have perpes).

  115. I took the liberty of editing the picture: http://ebony202.homestead.com/files/sealpup.jpg
    Sorry Editor-person…I hope I didn’t step on your toes, but Hello Kitty just doesn’t work for me.

  116. luvkittehs says:

    Awwww that seal is cute
    Its voice is no way mute
    There’s a poopsie on the floor
    I don’t want any more!

  117. mervtheflamingo says:

    Um. I just needed to say that yesterday’s CO calendar picture was so cute I actually at one point yesterday had to snorgle the picture.

    It was distractingly cute! It may be March 20th for the rest of the year!

  118. bailey boo says:

    might just be a spot of wet sand.

  119. Another post please.

  120. Paunchie says:

    LOL @ “pretend it’s pudding”!


    to whomeveritwas that asked, no, I’m not Dame Edna.

  121. holy crap! i’ve looked at this post like a ZILLION times in the past however many hours (checking in if there’s a new post of course) and i only noticed the poop NOW! what a magnificently surprising post. and now the header makes sense and everything! 😉

  122. This is so gross! I’m totally disgusted!

  123. tugs r us says:

    Coated in oil? NO WAY.
    Being I live on the water and I see many new born seal pups along with thier parents and the huge sea lions almost weekly, unfortunately I have seen a few coverd in oil. Remember the EXON Valdez oil spill? I was there helping the animals thru thier ordeal of surviving.
    A little pu pu LOL oh well, looke what a full grown sea lion leaves on the docks. the smell OMG, better stand up wind for sure.

  124. Aw, he still looks really cute! 😉

  125. Perpe? PERPE?!?! Only this site could come up with a cute euphemism (cute-phemism?) for scat!

  126. pewpie.

  127. uhh ohkay out of all the darlinkk pics out there i ssrslyy do not think this should go in the calendar. i mean, i know a LOT of people who wouldnt but a calendar just because of one picture., some people dont wanna see that every day ….

  128. Maggie — toooooo laaaaaaate

    (Besides, they’re “Page-A-Day” calendars. You won’t see it EVERY day.)

  129. Meoowmom =^..^= says:

    Sorry Ed, I gotta agree
    with the wtf is perpe comments. I thought I would
    find something in a shade
    of purple…poo or poops
    would have sounded ok
    that looks like what commercials for drugs
    warn of “oily discharge”
    oh I am so funny…

  130. Amelia J says:

    The photo was taken in the Galapagos, so I can assure you this little babe was very healthy and clean and playful. And I thought he and his li’l poo were very cute. He was very bashful about it.

  131. I thought it was the Galapagos! Go sea lion pups!

  132. LOL! Has anyone bothered to click on the link under the pic?

  133. Carlisa — I found out *later* that Meg wasn’t actually referring to *me*. (D’oh!) But by that time, I’d already done the ‘chop.

  134. HAHA! Well it was a cool cover-up. I feel stupid b/c I just realized CO has a NEXT and PREV button, so I went back to read the missed comments.