Chef cat dreams of baking a soufflé…

…when suddenly, the center caved in!!!

Image (1) souffle-10.jpg for post 10

Halp! Gut-hance!


Ever have that sinking feeling, Wendy D.?



  1. Elisha B. says:

    Look at those feet!!! Love the toeses:)

    Purrty red kitty!

  2. Liquid cat flows through economy sized strainer.

  3. Boneless kitty souffle. Maybe the toebeans weighted down the recipe…

  4. cataddict says:

    Just further proof that kitties can sleep in ANY position!

  5. Desdemona says:

    Proof, once again, that cats can sleep anywhere.

  6. This is not helping my attempts to remain conscious for my last 10 minutes of work.

  7. & also
    Belleh tickles!

  8. Pink toesies!

  9. TOEBEANS!!! I just lurve toebeans!! Such a cute kitty — I can has?

  10. Paunchie says:

    I read “kitteh dreams of BEING souffle”…

    I think they have twizzlers for spines.

  11. My cat’s 3rd birthday was yesterday, but he looked just like this when he was a kitton 😀 Wanna kiss the belleh 🙂

  12. revolution724 says:

    I love how cats are only semi-solid. I would never be able to resist tickling that belly hanging down.

  13. Don’t let those two catty doggehs see this! “Oooh, saggy in the middle!”

  14. The cat IS the hammock.

  15. “Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.”

  16. Kitty looks a little too doughy. What’s the recipe for this kitty?

  17. Jennie Mello says:

    Muffin top became a muffin bottom. He done loped over.

  18. Jennie Mello says:

    Love it, anon!!!!

  19. I’ve got one of those pictures, too – looks nearly like the same kitty condo

  20. eikoleigh says:


  21. Urgh! Why aren’t I also perfectly adapted to sleep in trees?? I am angry! Urrrrrrgh! It’s not fair! Urrrrrrawrrrrgh! Annnngry! [hops in pool where you cannot hear all that yelling underwater]

  22. Melissa H. says:

    This is another one of those situations where I think “How is that even comfortable????” My cats aren’t willing to explain it to me. Apparently it’s a trade secret.

  23. Does anyone have a name for this color kitty? My Butters is pure white with the gorgeous carmel-colored mask & tail. I think that’s why he chases it so much – thinks it belongs to a different cat!

  24. Theo, they can take my pool from my cold dead hand.

    Wait.. I don’t have a pool.
    Now I’m sad.

  25. But Theo, without Frisbee parks, where will the dogs play?

  26. What DO you call a Kitty with this coloring? My Yiska looks like this one, except for an orange nose instead of white. With pink toe beans in white fur… delicious. I think the color – orange on the outside, white on inside, should be called Dreamsickle.

  27. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theo: Thanks for the link. I just love Joe. (No threat to your pool, Patito, LOL)

  28. Aren’t they called just plain ol’ orange tabby?

    Kitties are so bendy hehehe

  29. Awesome gut-hance there!

  30. victoreia says:

    But the banks say the pool increases our complex’s property value, Mr. Sheriff sir!

    Oh, and: TOEBEANS!

  31. CathyDee says:

    Rcoover–Ah, a Yeats reference!

    But surely this lovely kitteh is not the “rough beast” slouching towards Bethelehem–though that belleh is doing some SERIOUS slouching! Perhaps the anarchy will be loosed upon the world after kitteh has had a proper nap.

    (Apologies to the folks who didn’t major in English and instead developed marketable skills . . . . As you were.)

  32. It’s almost 10:30 p.m. here in Toronto and I’m still in the office (boo!) and all I want to do is EXACTLY what this kitteh is doing … and yes, that includes letting my belly obey the laws of gravity, albeit not quite so cutely …

  33. @CathyDee: by thy long grey beard and glittering eye, now wherefore stoppest thou me?

  34. Jenny Shain says:


  35. hahaahaha


    my sister has two sister cats (mixed Siamese or something) One is chubby, the other lean… and when the chubby kitty trots (lol), her belly flubs all over the place, I can totally see her belly hanging like that too if she were laying like that LOL

  36. Subhangi says:

    Further proof that cats are merely semi-solid!

  37. What happens when you leave your fur covered Silly Putty(tm) lying around for a while instead of putting it back in the egg thing.

  38. Hon Glad says:

    CathyDee. Thanks for the pome, most apt.

  39. I’ve heard Americans mostly call that coloring “orange tabby”, but with white added. I’ve heard my British friends refer to it as a “ginger” cat. Of course they’ve been called “marmie” here quite often, for orange marmalade.

  40. snorglepup says:

    That reminds me…time to see the chiropractor.

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    My family had a cat of this coloration. We called the markings mostly-white-with-a-few-patches-of-orange-tabby. A little awkward, but adequately descriptive.

  42. Soooo comfturbuhls…

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    Don’t they have Spanx for this sort of thing?
    Oh, how disgraceful to let yourself go like that!

  44. Kitty gut! Why is that always the softest, most squishable part of the cat?

  45. In my family they are butterscotch ice cream kittehs.

  46. I want a “butterscotch ice cream kitty”! Can I get mine in a waffle cone?

  47. scooterpants says:

    my big giant siamese used to do this , only he’d be laying on his belly with his paws all tucked under and his big old fuzzy tummy hanging down through the cat-tree hole. he loved it and i miss him so much.

  48. CathyDee says:

    Theresa: “Albatross! Get your albatross here!”

    Coleridge, as done by Python.

    My degree is going to be rescinded; I had to Google the quote (hides face in shame)!

  49. CathyDee, yes, your English Department is hunting you down right now.
    “A sight to dream of, not to tell-
    O spare, O save sweet CathyDee!”

    I got a million of ’em. I knew English wasn’t practical, so after I finished that, I went into music. 😛

  50. Re color – we usually refer to this color on cats as “marmalade.” Which only emphasizes their general nomminess!

  51. But there are so many shades of what professional cat people (whatever they are) call “red tabby.” It ranges from a deep auburn to a pale cafe au lait color, with all kinds of marmalade, creamsicle and butterscotch shades in between.

  52. 13bodies says:

    I call them Frankenkitties, ‘cuz they look like they’ve been sewn up out of pieces of white and tabby cats. (My yard has been infected with grey tabby/white Frankenkitties lately. Guess I’m just lucky!)

  53. Aaah, that looks so much like my cat! I can totally imagine my cat sleeping in that position too.. bwaha.

  54. As for colouration.. my cat usually gets called “Ginge”, due to him being ginger..

  55. CathyDee and Theresa-your skills are marketable right here. Keep on reading! (and writing)
    “Lark’s vomit, peacock tongues! Get them here! Tasty tidbits!”

  56. Paunchie says:

    Marmelade! I vote marmelade.

    Of course you can’t beat butterscotch ice cream kitteh neither!

    om nom nom

  57. Hon Glad says:

    Rat ona stick- Cut my own throat Dibbler.

  58. I think somebody let the air out of your cat. Please reinflate to recommended pressure.

  59. Customer: “Is that pork?”
    Dibbler: “In a manner of speaking.”

  60. BeckyMonster says:

    I want a butterscotch kitteh with karamel kitten sauce.

    Oh, and some insulin…

  61. zeldapie says:


  62. zeldapie says:

    P.S. I had me a YUMMY butterscotch malt just the other day, but I’ll bet THIS kitteh would be even tastier!

  63. TOE BEANS!

  64. zeldapie- a butterscotch malt? A milkshake? Dare I ask the ingredients? Onnacountabecause I have never heard of one, but now that I have, would like to try same. Thanks.

  65. Well, see, first you take some butter, then some single-malt scotch…

  66. YOu know, I think this is another example of a new rule of cuteness: Anything that gets into bendy pretzle poses is cute.

  67. OK, I’m out, no booze-burns the gut, Theo. You can try it and get back to me, though.

    Really zeldapie- the recipe, please-ez-vous?

  68. Hehe. I merely kid. Closest I get to booze is brews, or the odd cabernet. Though… a little dark rum is an essential ingredient in a good caramel sauce. Mmmmm.

  69. Ooh, I know of a good use for *light* rum too…

  70. I’ve got a cat that could be this one’s twin. Has anyone else with one like this noticed that the white fur is a different texture than the orange? It’s very strange. But he’s a delight. Lacks the concept that people don’t like cats/are allergic, and so befriends everyone.

  71. So tired, but too lazy to move. At some point he falls through and we all have a good laugh as he looks around in confusion.
    I aspire to kitty laziness.

  72. I too have this sort of kitteh – white with orange tabbly mask and tail – butterscotch or orange creamsicle if you may. Downy soft white fur and coarser in the orange areas. However, I’ve read in some catfancy circles that this colour pattern is termed ‘Van Pattern’. The more you know….

  73. This cat is totally a dead ringer for my furball. o_o

    Same nose and coat color and everything.