OMG Awesome platforms1!!


She’ gotta see these new black two-toed numbers!



So dainty, so awesome, Marieka K.



  1. I would get one but it would totally ruin my hardwood floors.

  2. sterling says:

    Oh my gosh. They are so small and adooorable.~

  3. And this precious ungulate is what now?

  4. sweet face, cute outfit and awesome footwear? want!

  5. metsakins says:

    I think I had those in the seventies!

  6. Hope they arent as unconfortabuhls as platform shoes :>

  7. How pretty! Is it a baby? A baby what?

  8. Lerrinus says:

    Awww! what a cute…whatever this cute critter is!

    Love the hooves, doubt I could pull off this look…!

    Great picture!

  9. LOL, very fancy and cultured.

    Those remind me of geta (traditional Japanese footwear) that are worn with kimono, hakama or yukata.

  10. um…is he/she a bit dead?, as in, stuffed?

    [No. Are you? – Ed.]

  11. SJP did the two toed thing already:

    My back aches just thinking of wearing those…

    Also, Posh is on it in a different platformy way:

    Who knew fashion came from nature??

  12. I’m no expert, but it looks a lot like an adult Dik-Dik, which is a more-or-less doggie-sized antelope. They must be pretty prolific because there were lots of them last time I visited the local zoo.

  13. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Toe shoes for ungulates.

  14. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m guessing this poor thing is stuffed, as in, ded.

  15. This works SO much better on McHornersons here than Sarah Jessica Parker:

  16. It’s a klipspringer! They’re so cute! You should see them in action (there are some at the Detroit Zoo, if you’re in the neighborhood). They look like hard rubber toes. And the adults are small and cute, so the babies are totally prosh!

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    IMAGINE the tap dances you could do with her! 😀

  18. Klipspringer ARE adorable– nobody is better at SPROINGING!

    Re: the footwear, check out this pair from 15th-c. Italy:

  19. Wincey — yes indeed it is… and I’m even going out on a thorny limb and guessing that it’s one of THESE klipspringers, specifically:
    Not the Detroit Zoo, in this case, but the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha:

  20. Hon Glad says:

    Oy vay, tap your troubles away.

  21. Darn you, Kristabelle, _I_ was going to post those! *waves fist impotently*

  22. Sorry Risha! I LOVE GFY!!!! Do you have your brackets printed out for March Madness??? SWINTON for the WIN!!

  23. Oh no way, these are WAY too good for Posh Spice. She’s a nasty number!

    Unlike this pwetty pwetty platform ‘nanimal! 🙂

  24. scooterpants says:

    hmmm. looks like taxidermy.

  25. OMG. This is like a child-friendly version of one of those creatures Matthew Barney turns himself into.

  26. I love me the klipspringer. They’re not only fashionably tiny, but their faces are SO SNOTTY. They really look like they think they’re better than you. And they’re the sproingiest thing in the world.

  27. Green Is Good says:

    *SNAP* That beech is fierce!

  28. cute, but that one looks definitely taxidermied….

  29. JUST SAD
    why are you posting stuffed animals on cuteoverload? That’s not cute, it’s sad..

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Starlet Bambi Van Horn in “Deer Gone Wild!”

  31. don’t you mean Prosh Spice? 😉

    [Maybe if she was cuter… OH SNAP – Ed.]

  32. It will be my birthday in about a week. That day, March 24th, I am declaring is a READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE WRITING DAY! Thank you.
    I used to have a pair of platform shoes like that, and they were cork, so comfy!
    Are these LuurkensproingeneenKlipspringers?

  33. ju-ju bean says:

    Kinda reminds me of this too:

  34. Katrina: My b-day is just a little after yours — April 4 — and I will declare it SOMEBODY MUST SEND IN A PICTURE OF A CORGI AND A RATTIE SNORGELING DAY. Now, I’m not sure which of our birthday wishes is less likely to come true…

  35. temperance says:

    huh??? ummm…oh,yeah- i get it now! HORN. good one!

    now that ana mentioned the stuffed thing i can’t get the image of the fake mountain covered in dead animals i saw the first (and only) time i stepped into a cabela’s (shuddering at the memory).

    this little live one is MUCH cuter.

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    Although the toes and the lurkensproinging etc. are all very well, why has no one noticed the very beautiful eyeliner? Nor the fact that this little lady appears, to me, to be expecting? (Or possibly just a little chubby. Nothing wrong with that at all.) She’s quite lovely, I gasped aloud when the photo came up. Nice way to start the day..

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    (Upon more careful observation I am thinking maybe not p.g. and now someone will say the horns indicate a male which will be too humiliating if that is the case… I have not checked… regardless, he/she is lovely!)

  38. Jennie Mello says:

    I have a purring tabby on my lap. Just felt like sharing. Thx.

  39. So sweet, I lovs leetle anteloops on the toe teeps! (Cabellas….Ptooey!!)

  40. Jennie Mello-I envy you that, I really do.

  41. Very sweet and all, but just realize, you’re all pining over a cute little wild animal that has been poached and put on display in a hunting store. I know, I’ve seen them. Check out the lighting and the positioning. And the glass-like eyes. It’s dead :\

  42. prosh spice!

  43. eikoleigh says:

    cute hooves/toes

  44. Mary, I think all these little cuties have liner and platforms, regardless of gender, but only the boys have the horns.

  45. bahahah hilar title

  46. Carolina says:

    Not a Dik-Dik.

    I believe its a Klipspringer, another small African Antelope.

  47. How on earth does that adorable little thing balance on those toes?

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Lotus, if the animal had been *poached* I doubt very much it would be on display in a hunting store. There are laws against poaching, you know.

    I see nothing amiss with the lighting, either.

    It’s a picture of an animal in a zoo. Why does it need to be any more melodramatic than that?

    And how does this klipspringer walk in those things without turning an ankle? Or three?

  49. Paunchie says:

    for clamboring about on rocks?

    My toes hurt just thinkin about it!

  50. It just makes tip toeing through the tulips that much easier!

  51. This reminds me of the short animation film “Boundin'”, the one that was shown before “The Incredibles” in the theatres. Tap-dancign antelope? 🙂

  52. I thought it was adorable at first glance… but the more I look at it the creepier it gets. I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s stuffed. Maybe it’s the lighting in the picture that makes it look that way. *shudder*

    [Please. This is a live animal in a zoo, which I have personally visited. See my comment (Theo) upthread… – Ed.]

  53. Both male and female klipspringers have horns. Doesn’t look pregnant to me, but I would guess female. Hard to tell without a slightly better view of the naughty bits.

  54. So we are awwing at taxidermy now?

  55. I’m pretty sure that thing is dead and stuffed…

    Still very cute hooves, though.

  56. OMG so cute!I love those critters!

  57. I understand that it’s alive and well, but it looks stuffed! No matter how long I look at it I just think “museum”.

  58. Woah! On trend and en pointe!

  59. AAAAAAAAAHN. Oh my goodness. I really really want one of those.

  60. @Kristabelle – I’m all ready to go with the voting, but I’m thinking that Solange can take it all this year!

  61. I’m not saying it isn’t real. I’m just saying it reminds me of Thunder Mountain.

  62. Gail (the first one) says:

    @ana, kiddo & t: I agree, they *do* look stuffed, even when they’re not!

    With those little hoofies, all I can think of is how slippery they must be!!

    And Katrina, I had a pair of platform cork CLOGS. Back in “the day” (Summer, 1977).

  63. Subhangi says:

    Egads. How do they stand on those?!

    Oh, and those shoes look AWFUL on Sarah Jessica Parker!

  64. Luxowell says:

    You are indeed correct! Here’s a photo I took at the Omaha Zoo of the very same critter! Same environment and everything. Good eye!

  65. Heh. Must’ve been a cloudy day outside, in that one. 😉

  66. @Gail and others: I’m glad I’m not the only one with delusions then. And I did see earlier posts, Theo. It’s like when you see those pictures that can be seen as two different things and someone tells you it looks like this and you can never quite go back to seeing it like you saw it first, even though you -know- what it looks like.

    I think there’s only one solution: go see it for reals. Roadtrip, anyone?

  67. Hey everyone – I’m the photographer of this picture. It is a klipspringer and it was at the Omaha zoo. IT IS NOT DEAD! Isn’t it wonderful?!

  68. Neigh- it is utterly delightful. Great job!

  69. Maybe they use those funky feet to climb trees like these dudes:

  70. Awesome wittle hooves!

  71. Kiddo — I fully recommend going to the Omaha Zoo. The klipspringer exhibit is one that they have inside a giant transparent dome.

  72. I too recommend going to the Omaha Zoo! The giant transparent desert dome is incredible. There were many things that would make a Cute Overload fan happy (see the slow loris!). The klipspringers were amazing and they really didn’t look real, they were so dainty and calm. Plus they were so close I felt like I wasn’t in a zoo at all. There were incredibly wonderful tiny owls in one section as well. Great fun! It’s so nice to be included in Cute Overload – I’ve been waiting for a chance for several years : ) Thanks!

  73. Gail (the first one) mine were navy blue suede and they made the most satisfying ‘clump’ when I walked! Yours?

  74. Heh – I totally thought it was stuffed as well. Too cute! And definitely a supermodel, good at posing.

  75. Greatings,
    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.


  76. Katrina — you know how a lower-case “C” and a lower-case “L” kinda look like a lower-case “D” when they’re right next to each other like that?…

  77. I do now, dear, I do now….

  78. kipperjipper says:

    its totally not stuffed! they like freeze and just stand there. and look fake. our zoo has them and they do that all the time. what zoo was this taken at? it looks an awfully like ours. ( Henry Doorly Zoo)