We got our green bandannas at O’Grady’s Pom Shoppe.

And we’re still getting pinched.



  1. oliver sacks says:

    What very bleentastic tongues and noses!

  2. Och, what happy little Irish laddies! (say in thick Irish Accent)

    *walks off whistling When Irish Eyes Are Smiling*

  3. OMG when I saw them it reminded me of the nabourhood squirls! Fred from Youtube anyone? lol

  4. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    I like how their little leggies are in 2nd posishe (ballet). Or maybe 4th posishe for the one on the left.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    These guys are adorabuhls but I still think I like the doglet that was offering me beer better. Even though I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, I won’t pinch. But what about nomming? Is that allowed?

  7. More matchingks! What is it about pomeranians that always makes them look giddy?

  8. Hon Glad says:

    Top of the milk to ye’s both.

  9. Miki Yamashita says:

    Please help! WHERE do I find a Pom like this?!! I want a Pom but online it is SO hard to tell who is a legit breeder and who is sketchy. I really want one that looks like that dentist office one that Meg posted a while back. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?? Thank you!

  10. scooterpants says:

    hi miki
    please dont buy a pommie on line, you can google breeders in your area and find someone that does not sell on line or at a pet shop . you should be able to go to their home and pick out your puppy. you can also look for breeders through the AKC website.
    they ALL are so very cute, and when you get one you really never know what they will look like exactly when they are all grown up,
    but i think you are just talking about a way they they cut their hair, they can be cut to look like little bears (short), or have very long luxurious hair. I hope you can find a wonderful puppy.

    These guys are so cute! the link has extra special photos of them. I dont even like st patricks day, but cant help it when i see these two!

  11. Oooh! Look at the furry, happy little leprechauns! These are happy little puppehs…

  12. Oh they look so hap hap happyyyy! 😀

    Hey Miki, I got both my dogs (Border Collies, not Poms) from a breed rescue group. Search for a Pom rescue group or see if any nearby shelters have poms through As far as possible I tell people to get rescue doggies. They’re awesome, and you are literally saving a life. Please don’t go to a pet store or backyard breeder whatever you do!

  13. or you could just ease up on your “standards” and go to your local humane society, where i’ll bet they have plenty of small dogs that look similar to pomeranians but just aren’t pure bred.

  14. Ahhh! I am puking rainbows and glittery clovers on my desk!

  15. Well little pups, sorry to say but we keep pinching you because we are Protestants, and think you should be wearing orange today! 😉

    But wait, your fur is orange. Perhaps the Catholics and Protestants *can* get along, if just for today! 😀

  16. Thank you scooterpants for that post.
    Miki, please check with the AKC for local breeders and once you talk to a legitimate breeder, if they don’t have puppies available, they will make a recommendation to another breeder.
    Another option is to look up the national pomeranian club and their rescue group. Here’s the link for you:

    These pommies sure are cute…but I’m not sure they’re Irish! haha

  17. katiedid says:

    MATCHINGKS!!!!!!!YEY St. Pattys day!!!

  18. berthaservant says:

    St. Muzzlepowsche, Patron Saint of Nommage.

  19. honeypants says:

    I like how they each appear to possess only one canine toof!

  20. OMG! They don’t even look real! Too prosh!

  21. “St. Muzzlepowsche, Patron Saint of Nommage.” *Snerk*

    Is there a Patron St. for CO? St. Francis, I suppose? Or, do you have another suggestion…hmmmm???

  22. Oh geeze!@! Cutest little critters I’ve ever seen!

    I found this neat site that takes pictures of my cat Cornelius and turns them into talking videos – my voice out of their mouth! It’s so freaking cute! I send them to my mom, post it on facebook, it’s my new favorite toy!

  23. Desdemona says:

    Ahem! Threadjack/
    While we are on the topic of rescue puppies, I’d like to mention a great new source I recently found. This woman makes a variety of products but also makes special kennel pads to comfort doggies who are being recued from puppy mills. The pads go with the dog to foster care and on to their forever homes, to give a sense of continuity. For every product you buy from her, she donates a specially made kennel pad. It’s called “Amanda’s Legacy” after a sweet doggie she had for years. See

  24. Rescue dogs are the best!!! My 14 yr. old puppy was a rescue. She had been beaten and dumped to fend for herself at approx. 4 mo. old. It took a couple of months of love and patience, but she turned out to be the best dog evah!

  25. Pomeranians kind of freak me out. They are just SO cute that they seem unreal, like stuffed animals.

    But that doesn’t mean I want to NOM NOM NOM them!

    And Miki, here’s hoping you can find a lovely pom puppy who’ll suit you!

  26. Wait, they’re wearing green, but they’re orange in color!!


  27. Hey, that’s just what my two pommies looked like today – they just came home from the groomer with green shamrock bandannas!
    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Katrina–St. Hubert is the patron saint of dogs. I’m not sure about cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, frogs, anole lizards, goats, sea lions, or baby jaguars.

    St. Francis, incidentally, was not fond of mice. In his later years, he lived in a cave hermitage and the mice infesting his straw mattress would torment him by running over his body when he was trying to sleep (yecch!). Some younger brethren came up to the cave to gain some wisdom from the gentle saint, and found him running around naked trying to smash the mice with a shovel. (This was before humane traps were invented.)

    Perhaps they were the same monastic mice that you have been communing with.

  29. I pinched my puppies this morning because they were not wearing green… wait, that doesn’t sound right…

  30. “Blarney Pom Guild,” LOL.

  31. Thanks for the comment about my dog beds. Please see my website for those and anti puppy mill items and much more!!!

    Love them Poms. My 5 doxies send their kisses to all yours.

  32. VZ – there is a great dog training facility called St. Hubert’s! It’s also a dog rescue of sorts…

  33. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Please don’t support puppy mills by buying your puppy from a pet store. That’s where the dogs come from, in spite of what the pet store personnel tell you.
    The Humane Society and any reputable rescue will tell you that 99% of pet stores procure their dogs in this manner. By the way, amost 1/4 of shelter dogs are purebred; check there first. Thanks for your attention.

  34. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Miki–NEVER EVER buy an animal on-line or from a pet shop. Chances are VERY HIGH it came from a puppy mill. Instead, google for the particular breed rescue nearest you. You will not be disappointed.

  35. Samantha says:

    These guys are toooo cute.

    Seriously, I think I have to sue CO for damages to my computer and head, as both have exploded from cuteness.

    …I am typing this by magic.

  36. cataddict says:

    Rescue animals! Please, please get a rescue animal. They need loving homes and maybe if everyone got rescue animals, breeding mills & such would eventually go away (at least that’s my hope).

  37. Is it just me, or does the cutie on the left look like he has THREE delectable front pawsies??

  38. OMG Ladybug, it’s a tripod! I can’t quite decide if his torso is facing left or right, he’s an optical illusion pup! lol

  39. What makes Poms always look so happy? I want it, whatever it is!
    On another note,here’s my baby’s St Paddy’s photo shoot:

    Are y’all on Cute Overload Appreciation Society?

  40. Miki Yamashita says:

    Thank you all so much for your useful advice and links! Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all!

  41. Nads! Gasp!! The little pisser!

  42. Want! Want! Want! NOW!!!

  43. @Von Zeppelin, the poor mousies probably just wanted to be near the holiness. St. Benedict of Nursia also wanted solitude, and kept trying to get away from his would-be disciples who kept following him around. He gave up and founded the Benedictine order.

  44. @Theresa- I just walked in and there she was-paws up and boiled as an owl! I took the picture to remind her that she is a kitty and not a frat boy lol 🙂
    @Chambc-that’s awesome! But the talking baby is creepy.

  45. Boiled as a owl– SNERK!

  46. sunnymum says:

    Not only are these pommies the cutest reps of St Patty’s day evah, but I absolutely love what their daddy wrote about them:
    They’re the reason I wake up every morning. Nothing makes me happier than to see their smiles and hear their barks when I get home at night. They’ve been wonderful, loyal friends to me through everything and I’m happy to return their love ten fold. Teddy is 14 now, and his son TJ is 11. Still full of life.

    Way to be an awesome animal dad Brian!!

  47. The patron saint of C. O. is the 13th century abbess Saint Nommeril. During a particularly brutal Bavarian winter her convent ran out of wood, and dozens of kittens and puppies and baby squirrels appeared to cuddle up with the sisters and keep them from freezing. To commemorate the miracle the sisters of Saint Nommeril’s order added two tiny triangles to the headpieces of their habits, one over each temple, to look like kitten ears.

  48. Not only will I pinch dem, I weel kees, smooch and cuddle them.

  49. Peg, that’s definitely the Church I Go To. 😉

  50. Peg of Tilling, you really had me there. 😛

  51. Peg, ROFL!

    The hovernext has created pommies singing in Munchkin voices in mah head!!!! Eeeek!

    *put hands on either side of skull, trying to make teh music stop*

    [Hehe. My fault, I’m afraid. I am the Earworm King… – Ed.]

  52. Nommeranians!!!!

  53. Nommeranians-owwwwwwwwww.

    Peg of Tilling- Please tell me more about the Abbess and her life! Theresa, Hamster-on-Rye, Von Zeppelin, and other loudmouths-myself included- let’s let Peg of Tilling tell the tale!
    THEN we can embellish it! Oh,boy,ohboy,ohboy…Take it away, Peg of Tilling!

    By the way, all of my hopes are pinned on one “Don”, (yeah, I know Don Juan) who tomorrow, at 1:30, will investigate the Knights of St. Ratius. I mean Brothers of St. Ratius and their lair. Wish us luck, film at 11.
    Peg, you still there? I’m done now. (looking very attentive with chin on open palms).

  54. At Saint Nommeril’s convent, every Christmas Eve, every child from the nearby village of Snorg got a kitty or puppy to take home after midnight mass. The puppies and the kitties lived in harmony together and the mice and rats of Snorg agreed to stay out of the graineries, so all was peaceful.

  55. Furry Snaggletooths

  56. Did they feed the mousies, Peg? Like the deal St. Francis made with the Wolf of Gubbio?

  57. kibblenibble says:

    Poms are wonderful. They are very sensitive and adaptable. My grandma had one when I was little, and since my grandma was a grumpy old lady, Princess would just sit quietly by her side to be petted. But when I came to visit, rambunctious young thing that I was, Princess would frolic with me and smother my face with doggie kisses. She really made herself into whatever her humans wanted her to be. Such a sweet, generous-spirited baby.

  58. Who could resist pinchink those little pompoms?

  59. I love that picture! In Snorg the puppies, kitties, and mice all ate cheese together. Residents of Snorg were identified by their greeting, a kiss on the neck, just under the ear. It was polite to make a little snorfling noise when meeting special friends.

    The sisters of Saint Nommeril’s abbey supported themselves by making fine lace from the fur of angora rabbits. The sisters would sit in the refectory with the rabbits on their laps, combing them to gather the fur, and listening to Saint Nommeril read from the works of Adorablus the Cynic, whose works were preserved through the Dark Ages in the abbey’s library. When they spun the fur into yarn the sisters would make up songs about the rabbits, but Saint Nommeril would have to Cough Meaningfully if they sang too many verses about “multiplying.”

    The lace was so fine and soft a special tailless rodent was bred to help finish the edges of the blankets and shawls. The sisters called the rodents “golded hem-sters” because they were so useful.

    When Saint Nommeril passed to her Great Reward she was wrapped in a lace shawl and buried under the altar of her abbey’s chapel. Unfortunately, her sisterhood was disbanded soon after by a bishop who was offended by the sisters’ habit of saying “SQUEE!!!” at the Adoration of the Host during mass.

    Thee end.

  60. Also, teh poms: magically delicious!

  61. Cute Dogs!

  62. Peg– Awesome!!!

  63. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Peg: What a wonderful tale!!!! I would join that Order!

  64. Peg, Peg, Peg. Where to begin?! That was spectacular! “Adorablus the Cynic”, “Cough Meaningfully”, “Village of Snorg.” So creative. Please tell us another one tomorrow, okay?

  65. Oh Peg, how come YOU didn’t teach my CCD classes when I was a kid?

  66. totalee puppy says:

    Can I be a loudmouth? (feeling left out)
    Thank you Peg of Tilling for your magical stories.

  67. cachorro says:

    Meg…Thanks for bringing
    us two of the happiest poms
    in their green shamrock
    bandanas. Really made my

  68. goodlookingelf says:

    Funniest HoverText ever. I actually ‘barked’ when I read it.

  69. Saint Stryfe says:

    Miki: My mother is connected to a rescue operation called Furbaby Rescue, and they help place little dogs like Poms with good families. They’re rigorous with testing, they find very good homes, and they work with you. I would recommend checking them out: (this is the NY branch, but they are pretty close to Nation Wide)

  70. 汪汪~

  71. Good gravy totalee puppy, you are an OFFICIAL “Loud Mouth”!

    Who else would like this anerable distinction? Loud Mouths of the world! Unite!
    Theo, consider yourself a Loud Mouth, too, dear.

    Peg of Tilling-and all night I was hearing “Peg ‘o My Heart” I bet you get that a lot.
    Your creativity is a soothing balm to the jagged, crunchy, broken world, thank you. Great history lesson there, I will never look at a Angora rabbit again without thinking of the gentle combing of the hair and the meaningful coughs of St. Nommeril’s gentle spiritual leadership. What miracles did St. Nommeril perform? OR is that lost to antiquity? No, it has to be in the guilded pages of the Abbey somewhere-I wonder if we can unearth it, along with some more of the words of the Adorablus the Cynic.
    You’re not going to Hell for this are you? Hope not.

  72. Peg, that was an excellent story! May I have some more, please????

  73. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pom O’Ranians!

    [LOL, faith and begorrah… – Ed.]

  74. eternalcanadian says:

    omg, fricking poms. so fricking cute. little button eyes. little pink tongues. those little pom smiles. dang. makes me want to trot down to the shelter and see if they have any poms.

  75. Patricia says:

    Just one thing I would like to mention, not all pet stores are evil. The one near me has an agreement with a local shelter and features several shelter dogs right near the enterance, to adopt. But it is a store that focuses more on selling pet supplies than actual pets.

  76. Patricia — that sounds like PetSmart. We have those.

  77. jennipher hardy says:

    those dogs are so cute what breed are they

  78. financialpanda says:

    it’s always time for pomeranians 😀 more please!

  79. yihaaa!!! cowdogg!!