Whoooo-HOOOO!  Cute Overload just won an award in the 2009 Weblog Awards announced tonight at South by Southwest!

We were nominated in the category of "Best Topical Weblog," which is a special category for weblogs that can be applied directly to the skin.

Thhay, thath's thupendouth!

Thanks for bringing dessert, Christina V.



  1. Congrats to to CO, Especially evil overlord, Meg.

    Also, there is something special about the puppy on the left, and I do mean “special”.

  2. Subhangi says:


  3. [applies CO directly to forehead]

    [and it feels like dog tongue]

  4. huzzah!

  5. Poohbear says:

    Yaaay ! I voted and stoated way back in January and then forgotaboutit. Thees time CO won purely on its own merits, no advertising. CO is a FACT OF LIFE ! besides being the best antiwrinkle cream around. *slathers it on*

  6. Yay, congratulations!

  7. I always knew that CO was special, now EVERYONE will know too!!! CONGRATS

  8. The cute shall inherit the Earth!

    All hail our Cute Overlords!

  9. Congrats!

    That little dog is the best thing I’ve seen all dang day.

  10. Congratudalmatians!

  11. I also voted like a stoated!! Hoorah! And the puppy with the floppy tongue is one of my C.O. faves!! Soooo adorabuhls!!

  12. Hon Glad says:

    Congrats to teh cute and thanks to the cute I am wrinkle free.

  13. eikoleigh says:


  14. Congrats!! And also, can I have teh papillon?

  15. Beauregard says:

    “We were nominated in the category of ‘Best Topical Weblog,’ which is a special category for weblogs that can be applied directly to the skin.”

    Ok, that was one of the funnier things you’ve posted in a while, NTMTOM

  16. snorglepup says:

    I rubs it on and it warms ma heart.
    Yep, feels like dog tongue.with cake breathe…

  17. Huzzah!!! Congrats all aroundI It’s so true I would turn to dust without a daily topical application of teh cute.

    And since papillon with the crazed eyes and floppy tongue is already taken… does he have a brother?

  18. OOOOOOOHHHH, I feel so silky smooth! My rough spot have all disappeared and I no longer snag my hosiery! Such a wonderful topical transformation. AAAHHHHH, Thanks Cute Overload!

  19. lucy's mommeh says:

    The little goggie is so asscited he can’t keep his tung in his mouf!

  20. lucy's mommeh says:

    The little goggie is so asscited he can’t keep his tung in his mouf!

  21. lucy's mommeh says:

    The little goggie is so asscited he can’t keep his tung in his mouf!

  22. lucy's mommeh says:

    The little goggie is so asscited he can’t keep his tung in his mouf!

  23. lucy's mommeh says:

    The little goggie is so asscited he can’t keep his tung in his mouf!

  24. renee in TX says:


  25. woo hoo! i woke up with a rash ~ can i have some of that topical?

  26. Well Done Cute Overload!! Well Done!! I am glad to see you are celebrating with cake – is it dog biscuit flavour??
    Love Henry

  27. Mazel Toff! 🙂

  28. metsakins says:

    CO has done wonders for my elbows, much better then that expensive cream.

  29. Woohoo! Congrats! Yay!

  30. I took CO internally. Is that bad?

  31. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Congrats!! And it reduces wrinkles, too.

  32. Doesn’t anybody notice the sidewayz tongue aksion on the party hat pix???

  33. psilopathic says:

    Sideways tongue aksions 🙂 I noticed, RoxxAnn.

  34. Birdcage- call the poison control center in your area immediately.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, CO! If it weren’t for you, I would have gone crazy years ago. Keep up the good work!

  35. I think maybe the Papillion just ate his cake, candles and all- poor tummy!
    Congrats again Meg and Theo and NOMTOM and, and, oh, damn, the other incredibly handsome, sweet-smelling, perfect-pitched, clever and wonderful autuer, I’m sorry I can’t think of your moniker right now, (so I threw in a few more adjectives to make you feel better or, to smooth it over, as it were), Congratulations,all!

  36. wannadance says:

    mike!! topical!!!

    man, i ain’t even had tea yet and here you are nailing me to the floor…

    hep’. am laffing and cain’t git up!!

    i lurve you, mike!!

  37. Topical is ok only if they are washable markers.

    Oh, and yay!

  38. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


  39. Gail (the first one) says:

    @chanpon: LOL!!!

    Congrats to our wonderful team: Meg, Theo and NTMTOM and all youse commentatorers….You all make my day, everyday!!

  40. Congrats, CO!

  41. wannadance says:

    the TONGUE hangink out…

    oh, law, take me now!

  42. Hooray for Meg & Co.! Congratulations. Very well deserved.

    And I just love that crazy lookin’ papillion! So adorable!

  43. Marianne says:

    Edrai, “the cute shall inherit the earth” NEEDS to be the next tshirt that CO puts out!!!

  44. DumBunny says:

    And thanks to all you who send in the pic!!

  45. adorable picture and congratulations CO, you all RAWK

  46. congrats on the win!!!

  47. Congratulashuns;) You deserve it!

  48. CO ftw! congradulayshuns!

    (I’ll second Marianne’s request for a “the cute shall inherit the earth” tee! Want!)

  49. Congratuflagrations! I love all you guyz.

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    Well deserved CONGRATS to Meg, Theo, NOMTOM .. not to mention all the CO peeps who comment and keep the level up .. and love to the puppehs in the photo.. that hat is at a rakish angle indeed which I think probably fits that puppeh’s personality.

  51. Congrats CO! Truly the most magical spot on the web!

    I third “the cute shall inherit the earth” t-shirt. Please.

  52. Hey NOMTOM, if we apply it directly, will it help with the laugh lines I’ve gotten from this site?!?

  53. Anna in PDX says:

    1000 congratulations as we say in Egypt!

  54. berthaservant says:

    Congrats, congrats, congrats. This website is such a solace and relief from teh dryness and itchiness of everyday life.

  55. Shouldn’t those shirts say “teh qte shall inherit the earth”?

  56. I’d suggest “The Cute Shall Inherit the Mirth.”

  57. catloveschanel says:

    or “The cute inherits no girth”

    Way to go O _ H _ I _ O

  58. This just confirms what we all already knew: That CO is an invincible juggernaut (huggernaut?) of paw chub, moist nosicles, Tailio Iglesiases, ear flaps, rabbit disapproval, axes of snorgling, color matchingks, dangling feet, ‘tocks of every shape and size, stuffed muzzlepowsches, 90-degree barroos, and unadulterated, unapologetic proshness.

    We didn’t need an award to tell us that, but !!SHA-ZAM!! just the same. Congratulations!

  59. I had NO IDEA they were announcing at SXSW…I LIVE here and I bet there were wee baby ducks and pandas riding little cars and ALL SORTS OF STUFF at the announcement…I missed it all!
    Thankfully that goofy lookin’ dog up there makes me feel better.

  60. @ Alice: I live in Austin too! I can’t believe I missed it. Wah.

  61. I think those are weblogs that can be applied directly to the forehead.
    Congrats, Meg – you bring a lot of joy to the world!

  62. Is Mike single? Because based on his captions — which I can now identify before even glancing at the credit — I think we are meant for each other.

  63. CO has it all: cuteness in all known flavours [panders, pugs, poms to name but a few under the ‘puhs’] doobluh enntenndruhs, [topical: snerk!], brainworms [still singing ‘It’s Log!’, thanks a bunch].
    And all that at a click of the wrist. Really, thanks a bunch.
    Meg and minions rule.

  64. Conga rats to cuteoverload. You make me happy every day, several times a day.

  65. kibblenibble says:

    Trish, I think you’ll need to get in line; many are in love with the NOMTOM…(myself included)

    Congrats, CO!!!!!!!!!

  66. Aaaaaaawww! The little dog with its tongue sticking out looks so cute i just want to pick it up and give it a bit hug!!! ^_^

  67. Yay for cuteoverload!!! 🙂

    And Jay (special papillon) and Kasey (lab x) are always more then willing to dish out extra helpings of the dog biscuit cake! (but you gotta bring your own party hat)

  68. Hey, has that little papillon with the stick-out tongue been on CO before?

  69. That poor dog has no teeth!! how is he going to eat his biscuit???

  70. OMG OMG OMG OMG the tongue. THE TONGUE!

  71. to sk: yep! Jay’s been on here before, here’s one of them:

    and to Abby: he actually has 9 teeth left (he’s a rescue), but none of them are one’s that hold in the tongue!! So he eats great…..just likes to let it all hang out (and bonus: he always brings home cool things stuck to his tongue on our walks)


  72. “bonus: he always brings home cool things stuck to his tongue on our walks”

    oh fer LOL. XD

  73. Yay CO!!1!!!!!

  74. Congrashulations CO!!

    Christina V: Can I have your dog? Please?

  75. congratz on the winning
    lovely picture, the dog in the left looks so cute like that lol