“I better not have peanut allergies…”

“Because this bird feeder is brimmin’ with ’em.

Guess there’s only one way to find out!”

“Down the hatch!”

(Throws head back) [Glurp!]


yes, we can!!! by bvshort.



  1. So strokabuhls!

  2. mmmm… enormous peanut.

  3. CoffeeCup...needs a nap says:

    Wow! 13 hours! And the photo is really great, too.

    Btw, there’s a really awesome photo in the Associated Press archives called ‘hand of man’ …just search ‘squirrel’ with ‘hand of man’ and you’ll see some adorableness!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Nickname: Goober.

  5. zeldapie says:

    WOW. What a fab photo, and beeeyoootiful bird!

  6. i have peanut allergies!!XD

  7. I love the surprised look on his face 😀

  8. katiedid says:

    Peanuts are my parrot’s favorite too!! Except the likes to “soak” them in his water dish first….

  9. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Tufted Titmouse. I didn’t make it up, I’m just reporting.

  10. Lerrinus says:

    You’d be surprised too if someone suddenly took a picture of you while you were eating! LOL! 😀

  11. Wait for it…..Wow! Super cute picture!

  12. Hon Glad says:

    This bugger should shut the kids up for a while.

  13. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    titmouse. that’s the bird.

  14. AuntieMame says:


  15. BVShort…My hat is off to you. I too have sat, camera in hand, by the bird feeder waiting for the perfect picture, but I have never had the patience to wait 13 hours!!!!! Looking at the final product I’d say it was worth it. Amazing Photo!

  16. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Theresa-you are corrects.
    Tufted Titmouse.
    More than one, is tufted titmice?
    Regardless. Is fun to say.

  17. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Theresa-you are corrects.
    Tufted Titmouse.
    More than one, is tufted titmice?
    Regardless. Is fun to say.

  18. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Theresa-you are corrects.
    Tufted Titmouse.
    More than one, is tufted titmice?
    Regardless. Is fun to say.

  19. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Theresa-you are corrects.
    Tufted Titmouse.
    More than one, is tufted titmice?
    Regardless. Is fun to say.

  20. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Theresa-you are corrects.
    Tufted Titmouse.
    More than one, is tufted titmice?
    Regardless. Is fun to say.

  21. yup tufted titmouse.

    they LERVE peanuts.

  22. Gracious, peanut looks larger than his whole head. How is even possible?

  23. Just for the record, I am pro tufted Titmouse. I just thought I should go on record. Carry on.

  24. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  25. holligans says:

    Warning: extraordinarily juvenile comment ahead…

    (tufted titmouse ‘n racks)

  26. Martha in Washington says:

    Yay! I was right. It is a titmouse! (I love being correct when I try to identify things!) And so beautiful, too!

    I have flocks of Bushtits at my feeders in the fall. *giggles quietly at THAT name*

  27. I’d call him the freakin’ blue bird of happiness.

    Those claws are adorable! Though I bet they’d shred my arm in a ny minute.

  28. LOL!!! I’m laughing at bushtits too Martha!!

  29. Birdcage says:

    Katiedid – My parrot also soaks his peanuts before partaking. It’s the only food that he asks for by name.

  30. Martha in Washington-if one doesn’t giggle at Bushtits, one has no sense of whimsy, and one has no business reading this! Bffphhtt! Too much, just tooo much!

  31. Kristabelle says:

    I love the leetle TTM! They are like “Disney Birds” – big eyes with expression.

  32. Lovely photo! I love his little head-tuft.

  33. berthaservant says:

    Wait a minuto, WAIT JUST A SINGLE MINUTO!

    Okay, I’m going along, reading and smirking at the “titmouse” jokes. But here’s the thing, peeps, HERE’S THE THING:

    “Tit” is not the funny syllable in that nomenclature. MOUSE? Who calls a boid a MOUSE? Imagine the fun we could have if we applied this logic to other aminals:

    :: pic of li’l squwerl ::

    “That’s the Brown Spotted Poopwhale!”

    :: pic of twin puppehs ::

    “Look, a pair of Fuzzy Ballgeese!”

    :: pic of kitteh leecking hammie ::

    “Oh noes! The Marmie Snatchhorse is going to nom the Peruvian Buttstoat!”

  34. Snatchhorse????


  35. charliewabba says:

    b’serve, you win.

  36. Jenertia says:

    Seriously; it would be more apropos all round if this bird were a nuthatch.

  37. @Martha, but do you know in the UK, they have GREAT TITS?


    It makes me feel so . . . small. And tufted.

  38. PS. Buttstoat? I thought those were *gerbils*.

  39. holligans says:

    I like “poopwhale”.
    But of course.

  40. starling says:

    I’m with Berthaserve. It’s a BOID!!!!

    We have lost of great tits flying around the back alley, Theresa. They’re quite … small. Although not as small as blue tits.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    I’m gonna get fired, and it’s gonna be berthaservant’s fault. 😀

    (I’m a little slow…it wasn’t until I got to Snatchhorse that I got the joke…)

  42. MamaDawn says:

    These little guys are so bold, if you sit with peanuts or sunflower seeds in your hand, they’ll sit on your fingers and nibble away at the treats!!

  43. *Blue* tits!!!! Probably something you see at UMich spring break??

  44. Birdcage says:

    MamaDawn – Not THAT bold if that poor fellow had to spend 13 hours poised behind his camera waiting for the shot ……Just sayingks!

  45. Clearly a person with this much determination would never abandon post, so…One wonders about restroom breaks OR any hydration period. Otherwise that could not have been a pretty picture behind the camera. Hee!

  46. Wow, that’s just nuts!

  47. Peeps, stop acting like 7th graders…they love the forbidden words….what a sweet pic. Nice work or “good job” as some say.

  48. Whatta beauty!!!

  49. MamaDawn, when I was about 12 and much more patient than I am now I used to be able to get chickadees to eat out of my hand. I’d sit on the windowseat in my 2nd-story bedroom, stick a hand full of birdseed out the window, and read a book. Eventually the chickadees would come from the big pine tree a few feet away and eat. Very tickly.

    For some reason I always thought titmice (plural?) and chickadees were in the same “family” of birds (not necessarily in the taxonomical sense, though that might be true). Is that possible?

  50. Alexis– you’re absolutely right, they’re in the same family.

  51. Yeah, you wonder why they don’t wear coats, Theresa.

  52. Anyone else see this as photoshopped? The peanut is wayyy out of focus in comparison to the rest of the photo… but it’s still a really cute bird…

  53. Wait nevermind.. just saw the other photos… it just looks really weird lol.

  54. 它一定怕摄影师抢了它的花生~!哈哈!

  55. did anyone else notice its tongue? it matches its feathers!

    what smigoo said: the bird was surely afraid that the photographer was going to grab its peanut! haha!

  56. According to Stan Tekiela’s “Birds of Connecticut”:

    “Prefix ‘tit’ comes from a Scandinavian word meaning ‘little.’ Suffix ‘mouse’ is derived from the Old English word ‘mase’ which means ‘bird.’ Simply translated, it is ‘a small bird.'”

    I don’t know why he lumps “Scandinavian” into one language; maybe this word is shared among them.

    According to Peterson’s “Eastern Birds”, chickadees are members of the Titmouse family or Family Paridae:

    “Small, plump, small-billed birds; acrobatic when feeding. Often roam in little bands.”

    I love how the nuts-and-bolts descriptions in field guides can’t help but sound adorable. Awww, wittle bands of plump, acrobatic birdies!

  57. anner, I agree! Totally adorable description…

  58. Kunstlerbild says:

    An older neighbor lady is so prudish that she will only call bushtits “bushits”. I see a problem with even that itteration! >_<

  59. pic is so ‘shopped. puurfft.

  60. Anner–I so appreciate the
    education about little birds and where their names come from. I like
    tending a birdfeeder for the little guys and taking their pictures. The photo
    here is WAY better than
    any photo I took.

  61. kibblenibble says:

    @ Theresa: “Buttstoat? I thought those were *gerbils*

    Best. Comeback. Evar.

  62. Subhangi says:

    What a pretty birdie! What is it?

  63. Subhangi says:

    Oh, nevermind. It’s a tit!

  64. I am literally crying onto my keyboard i’m laughing sooo hard at BUTTSTOAT. OMG. Buttstoat. I’m ashamed that at 28 yrs old, something so silly is soo hilarious. Its a good thing that i work overnights, so people already think i’m a bit wacky. The birdy is adorable as well.

  65. Hon Glad says:

    Anner. “Often roam in little bands” I’m seeing a birdie brass band.

  66. gooeyctr says:

    Seventy-six blue tits led the big parade … with one hundred and ten peanuts in their bills!

    They were followed by rows and rows of fans from CuteOverload, all in love with their peanut-grabbing skills!

  67. Anner and Hon Glad- tiiny brass instruments, all being played with sharp, crisp intonation, yes, I can see/hear it too! gooeyctr-yes, my friend, yes!

  68. @ Theresa: Yes, we in the UK have Great Tits. We also have blue tits, coal tits and bearded tits. We have the BEST tits.

  69. Martha in Washington says:

    Theresa–Wow! I wish I had beautiful Great Tits. Um, in my yard I mean. Um, at the feeder. Oh, nevermind!

  70. cheesybird says:

    Great tits are abundant in my neighborhood. I watch them with binoculars through the window all the time. (Wait, that doesn’t sound too good does it?)

    There are also lots of Blue tits and Long-tailed tits around.

  71. Yay, Gooeyctr! Yes, Katrina!

    And [whispers to Katrina] speaking of bands…in case you’re interested, I’ll be singing with the Education Center for the Arts Student Chamber Orchestra on Thursday. The ECA is doing a concert of new music, including a piece my husband wrote for soprano and chamber group. Should be a good time!

  72. For anyone interested, this bird will fly to a nearby tree and hold this peanut securely in its feet (claws) while it pecks at it with its beak to open it up and get the nut out. Pretty clever and it is fun to watch!

  73. why is the peanut so blurry while the bird is in super-sharp focus?

  74. JustMe: fast exposure with a large aperture.

  75. eikoleigh says:

    just precious

  76. OK then, Anner-you have just won an all-expense paid visit form me! Thursday is rehearsal day 5-7, perhaps you can come and address the orchestra sometime-we’ll work it out. I’ll track down the time that you are performing, or terra-forming or doing whatever you are doing!
    Thanks for the invite!

    I guess we have Tits, I just wouldn’t know a Tit from a Starling right now, I am, as you do they hang around in pairs, like the Cardinals? Martha in Washington, I’m with you. Have a great day, Peeps!

  77. Katrina — so you’re saying you’re actually going to be at ECA already?


  78. No, but I think we’ll have on on Sunday, perhaps? I will apparently be there all the live-long day 11-5:30. Wish me good luck, Peeps. I hope we can meet soon, anner.

  79. Oh, I see, Katrina. Gotcha. But yes, soon!

  80. Barbara Wright says:

    The Tufted Titmouse is an adorable little bird with a big attitude. We are lucky to have several in our backyard. I love to watch them at the birdfeeder – they are little comedians, the way they try to swoop in for a flying landing. Great photo!!