Secrets of Pocket Pet Photo Shoots

This is how it’s done, People. When you’re lining up your hamster, hedgehog, bunny you found in a hole for a photo shoot, DO IT RIGHT.

Don’t just get RUN OF THE MILL dollhouse props, get GOOD, hand-painted ones, even if you have to CHOP DOWN THE TINY TREES AND MILL THEM YOURSELF.

Don’t cut any corners on your narrative—make sure you bring the DRAMZ

MAKE your models cooperate even if they HAVE NO MUSIC SKILLS WHATSOVER

TAKE matters into your OWN HANDS for the sake of your audience

Choose your backgrounds wisely—high contrast will set your shoot apart from ALL THE OTHER POCKET PET SHOOTS OUT THERE

And only, ONLY IF your model cooperated and the shoot went well, should you rest.

Pyza sets the standard again with: *POMPON* (news..), "I want play!" ~ Pompon, "Nooo, I scared!" ~ Pompon, "I play Trumpet!" ~ Pompon, Feeding baby Pompon 😉, "I not Baby!" ~ Pompon, ond "I am Pyramid" ~ Pompon, are all photos by the wonderful and hilarious pocket pet chronicler pyza*.



  1. omg that is so cute. but a lil freaky at the same time. he looks possessed

  2. Dear god, powder puff hammie with mini-hammie bottle!! Where is this magical kingdom and how do I get there asap?

  3. Poohbear says:

    Welcome Pompon to the magical kingdom of Pyzaland. Looks like he’s still a baby, awwwwww.

  4. It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

  5. bisciroaches says:

    Could sombody please confirm this poor ham is alive? He looks exactly the same in all the shots, down to the paw positions and the head tilt!

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Bisciroaches is right! His eyes look like they’re glued on!

  7. Paunchie says:

    no. 5 LOLOL!! Little hammie goes “glorp”!

    queet peenchin’ mee!

    And : OMG my eyes!! The red is so vibrant it hurrrts mee!

    Last pic hims so sweet, sleepin’…

  8. BabyOpossum says:

    Triangle ham, triangle ham
    Triangle ham hates person hand
    They have a fight, triangle wins
    Triangle ham.

  9. BabyOpossum: LOL!!!

    BEF to the max!

  10. Oh how absolutely darling! I love this little guy!

  11. henri coleman says:

    I am LOL! Commentary and pics priceless. 😉

  12. Those are Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters toys…Perfect fit, don’t you think?

  13. AlbertaGirl says:

    OMG! The eyes! The eyes!

  14. Paunchie says:

    OMG baby possum! they might be giants! I FINALLY remembered, it’s been buggin me all afternoon.

  15. scruffylove says:

    Those eyes are so expressive,I first thought that it was some sort of Japanese creation. A robo-hammie or something.

  16. omg look at the positioning of his back legs in the trumpet pic. lol. good lawd these pics are too cute.

  17. what’s wrong with these ppl

  18. those are some beeeeg buggy eyes

  19. kittygreens says:

    that is a really cute hamster but, I feel like the pictures are exploitive. Sorry to say that on such a cute and wonderful blog and, I really hope I don’t insult anyone but, that hamster doesn’t look like s/he’s having fun :/

  20. Yeah I recognised the Sylvanian Families style baby bottle right away. I had SF when I was a kid. 🙂 Adorable extreeeeme.
    (Footnote: Why did they pick “Calico Critters” as a re-name for sylvanian families anyway… it sucks! Poor SF having to deal with such a bad re-name.)

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    Omigosh, it’s the guinea pig from “Bedtime Stories!”

  22. omg that’s a teeny tiny baby bottle.

  23. This is my new favorite cute overload post! The eyes! The wee mouth! The pawsies! *dies*

  24. this hammie looks like a bit like a Moomin!!

    Sharon Wilson – I was gonna say the same thing! It’s Bugsy! “Those eyes would be big on a cow!” 😀

  25. kibblenibble says:

    He looks exactly like George’s toy that hangs on an elastic string in the doorway. If you have a cat, people, those doorway-hanging toys keep them busy for hours! Beyond that, though, this baby has darling feeties and remarkably huge, sparkling dark eyes. I can’t wait to see the hovertext. 🙂

  26. It just occurred to me that in the last pic he looks like an onigiri (japanese rice ball, often triangle shaped)… hehehe… scrumptious!

  27. Nikki, I thought the same thing! Haha 😛

  28. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Was this poor creature drugged to get these pix? O dear…

  29. those where so CUTE

  30. Hmmm. Is this cute, cute or kinda sad…?

    Well, he’s certainly well taken care of. Lol!

  31. Aw hamsters are so expressive! If I’m sad my hamster will give me a worried look, if we’re playing he looks really awake like this lil’ guy. Tres cute!

  32. Aw hamsters are so expressive! If I’m sad my hamster will give me a worried look, if we’re playing he looks really awake like this lil’ guy. Tres cute!

  33. Aw hamsters are so expressive! If I’m sad my hamster will give me a worried look, if we’re playing he looks really awake like this lil’ guy. Tres cute!

  34. In the last pic he looks like he’s saying the tiniest of bedtime prayers. Leetle hands clasped fervently to one side! Head bowed, eyes squoze shut! ADORABLE!

  35. 鼠宝宝好可爱哦!而且生活的好多姿多彩呢!

  36. Poor tyke, pocket pets aren’t afforded even a shred of dignity.
    Do you see the face in the picture with the slide? He looks traumatized!
    Adorable little fellow, hope he got lots of good treats in return for his self respect.

  37. Wow, that hammie is just too cute! Look at those big beady eyes! Totally adorable!
    That first photo is just too precious. Looks like hammie is about to cry b/c it doesn’t want to pose anymore. Kinda like a “Moooooom, do I gotta??” lol

  38. Eeek, it looks like the hands are being a little rough with that poor fluffy darling. 😦

  39. seriously, i think i just messes m’self.

  40. i hope the photographer was using the utmost care in this shoot. please be gentile with the fragile hammies.

  41. hamster-on-rye says:

    I think we need some regulations here from Teamsters and
    Hamsters Union #163. Is this hammie getting enough breaks during the photo session? No minimum wage for this little guy–he deserves a lot more.

  42. Subhangi says:



  43. There. Hovertexted.

  44. Hon Glad says:

    You will pose wether you like it or not, now let me stuff the trumpet back in your mouth.

  45. Last pic: It’s an onigiri with ears!! (doesn’t look terribly happy in the rest of the pics though…)

  46. Im not usually a nuffer but he look like he being squeezled a bit 😦

  47. When I got to the hovertext “le toot”, I was officially ded.
    Thanks, Meg. Once again, you’ve saved my day.

  48. hamster-on-rye says:

    Make that Teamsters and
    Hamsters Union LOCAL No.
    Theo, the hovertexts are
    great. My favorite is
    “le MMPH”. I should try that one.

  49. Now, let us think about this Peeps, there is someone in the industry of creating, fabricating and then distributing (perhaps selling) those tiiiny objects. Doll house stuff? I don’t know it is soooo tiiiny.

    By the way- three mousies and counting from my attic, no, my house’s attic.
    Still haven’t found the portative organ. You don’t think the same people who make tiiny accoutrements for Pom Pom made the organ, do you? My Gosh, they’ve gone global!

    Back to PomPom, what a cutie! This woman is a “Hamster Whisperer”

  50. OMG that ham scares the crap out of me, especially the first one. I feel like he’s gonna nibble on my face in my sleep. I have never seen a ham with scary eyes like this!

  51. pics 4 & 5: umm pelletz??

  52. Feralglance says:

    He looks like an onii-giri in the last panel! I want him in my lunch.

  53. Are you f***ing kidding me? This is the first thing I’m seeing this morning (after panda tocks!)? I’m having a major cute attack here! I nearly choked on me coffee!

  54. Wow, BEF is off the charts to the point of squick instead of squee. Hence my fave, the very last pic, with the closed eyes. No scary possessed black beady eyes to contend with. But the leetle furniture it too cute.

  55. I lost it at “le toot”.

  56. Is that her new baby? I’m she has one.

    That last one kills me. Looks like one of those origami men I used to make.

    Very cute.

  57. wannadance says:

    le toot!! snork…

  58. zeldapie says:

    OH, I should’ve known this was from Pyza!
    I LURVE the hammies, and this one is PARTICULARLY anerable!!!

  59. MediocreDeity says:

    Adorable! (But do I spy some little poops in the background? Hehehehe. These ham models are so uppity they think they can just poo during a photoshoot!)

  60. Paunchie says:

    I wondered if those were ham poops!

  61. Paunchie says:
  62. purplepeepz says:

    In the second to last photo – is that his tongue in the bottle, or just the plastic nipple? I’m thinkin’ it’s just the nipple but man it would be cute…

  63. That finally did it. “Le toot” had me giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl. Whoee, I think I need to go drink some beer and watch football to restore my manhood.

  64. I love Pompon-Pyza captures her so well!

  65. Yes, to those wondering, you can get miniature accessories, made to go in dollhouses or roomboxes. There’s 1 inch scale, 1/2 inch scale, 1/4, and probably smaller. Just Google “miniatures” and you can find whole little worlds.
    I LOVE how Pyza adores & spoils her babies!

  66. This is one of the cutest hamsters Ive ever seen!

  67. Sarah-Jane says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEE eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee…k

  68. I always thought Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters) would be the next big thing since Beanie babies, since there are SO many rare types, discontinued types and so many animals. In Japan they even have an official SF Cafe with cute food you can actually eat.
    and JP:
    シルバニアファミリー Kawaii!

  69. Don’t be rude! Pyza (owner) takes great care of her hamsters and she would never hurt Pompon! Her eyes naturally bug out like that. She is not being squeezed to death. Don’t be rude!

  70. wahhh! his EYES. i die of the CUTE OVERLOAD!

  71. It just goes to show you can’t be too carefull

  72. this is what i always dreamed of !

  73. Poor ham looks a bit squeezed… Cute anyway! The last pic cracks me up. And I’m sure it is alive(the eyes!), and got plenty of treats. Some animals just look bored all the time! Man, I gotta send in some pics of my black teddy bear hammie. She is so KEWT!!!

  74. aw its like a baby playing with random toys
    until HANDZILA attacks in most of the pictures