Customize your puppeh

It’s reaaaaaaaally easy to turn your boring, run-of-the-mill, straight-from-the-factory white puppeh into something MUCH MORE EXCITING.

Give your toddler some markers and an hour alone, and VOILA PEOPLE:


Cartoon_dog_warhold_110 Josh N., I like how the kid emphasized eyelashes and ribs in his drawingk.



  1. reminds me of the friendship puppies from the 70s. Get all your friends to sign. 😀

    Most patient puppeh indeed!

  2. bunnystew says:

    Well if nothing else…the dog is loving the marker massage

  3. bunnystew says:

    side note…that is a HIDEOUS couch/cover/blanket thingy

  4. Cheweysmom says:

    i just snorted out loud looking at this… the newest fad in coloring books?OMG!!! I love the look on the dogs face.. “just keep giveing me food under the table and we will call it even…”

  5. Oh, wow. Are those washable markers?

  6. Tygress22 says:

    Awww…too cute! Bull Terriers are such wonderful dogs 🙂

  7. That is so sweet! I can see these two sharing a popsicle outside when it gets warmer.

  8. uh…is that safe? seems kind of…poisonous?

    [Oh yeah. Crayola. Most poisonest marker EVAR. Which is why the little kid has them. – Ed.]

  9. Anonymous Coward says:

    whoa. that is one patient puppy! an extra bone for him tonight!


  10. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  11. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  12. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  13. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  14. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  15. lucy's mommeh says:

    OH MY GOD!
    That’s seriously one of the funniest things…
    Turn goggie over & do the udder side nows!

  16. I got $20 on nuffers complaining about doggy ink poisoning!

    But anyway,I could probably try this on my dog, she’s so lazy!

  17. Well, if that’s what the kid does to his own dog, I can’t imagine what he’d think of other people’s property in 10 years…

  18. my dogs would poop in my shoes if I tried to do this to them. That is indeed the most patient of all the puppehs.

  19. Young Shepherd Fairey gets his start… 😉

  20. Pimp my puppy?

  21. Hilarious post. Little kids and animals = best combination ever.

  22. The parents are going to be explaining this on walks for weeks…

  23. Shaz the Original says:

    I’m really amazed that she stayed still while he drew all over her face! Yup…she’s definitely patient!

    And for the nuffers: Crayola markers – non toxic and washable, therefore no harm to puppydog.

  24. Creative kid!

  25. Not only a patient puppeh, but a seriously patient parent too…how else can you explain grabbing the camera to capture the moment rather than calling for a time out?! So funny.

  26. P.S. Is that blue and brown marker on the white carpet behind the boy, too?

  27. in before nuffers…
    LOL this is great. that is one patient pup! I bet he and the boy are the best of pals

  28. MoonCatty says:

    Very cool. The markings remind me of the way American Indians would paint their ponies… especially the design around the doggy’s eye.

  29. the mommy in me can’t think anything other than, OMFG GET THAT UNCAPPED PEN OFF THE COUCH RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE IN TRUBZ, MISTER!

  30. 😦 That’s horrible. I don’t find this cute in the slightest. Hopefully the dog doesn’t mind, but he certainly doesn’t look happy. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope this kids parents teach him that pets are not toys.

  31. Cindy Bangart says:

    Just another example that Pits (either English or Amercian) are awesome family dogs!!

  32. I think he is just trying to give his puppy pajamas that match his..notice the shades of blue and brown are so very similar to the jazzy pj pants the little artist is sporting.

  33. The only thing that caught my attention was the red in the corner of the eye.

    Otherwise bull terriers really are that good with children — I used to have one. At least they’re crayola markers by the look of it – they’ll wash out.

  34. Transpogue says:

    Ollie, it’s no worse than when kids draw on each other out of boredom.

    I’m sure whoever’s in charge told the kid that doggie is not for drawing on.

    It’s harmless silliness…a kid being a kid. Puppy seems very contented. 🙂

  35. In before someone cries cruelty.

    Other than that it’s pretty hilarious. xD

  36. What a sweet pup — doesn’t look that young, or is it? Anyway, the dog seems perfectly relaxed and happy. I bet it tickles nicely. Maybe this boy will grow up to be an artist.

  37. Michelle S. says:

    This has to be one of my favorite CO pix of all time. I love that she seems so patient with her makeover, and the results were worth it. She’s gorgeous! 😀

  38. Oh yeah, Transpogue, it’s the same when two kids draw on each other. Since the dog can draw on the child too.

    Also, this is a display of AWFUL parenting skills as yes, I’m sure the parent did tell the child the dog is not for drawing on… after the twenty minutes of drawing on the dog AND taking a picture?? Right.

  39. It’s not like the dog is being tied down. If the dog minded this type of attention, it would get up and walk away. I know that mine would. As far as I can tell, the dog seems to be enjoying this type of attentions. Kind of the way I enjoy getting my hair, face and nails done at a spa.
    I would definitely tell junior not to do this ever again though.

  40. Friendship puppies! Ah, SAS, that does take me back. 🙂

  41. “I have a dream. Someday, I really want to doodle on a dog. Can I draw on whiskers? Can I make him look like a panda? I’ve asked many times to draw on the pets of my friends, but nobody ever lets me. ‘Get your own dog to draw on,’ they say. Are they crazy? I wouldn’t want a wierd-looking dog like that.”

    – Eiichiro Oda.

  42. Oh for god’s sake, Ollie & Rachel…

    Do you honestly think the dog would just be lying there if it didn’t like it? I’ve had 6 dogs in my lifetime, and if I did something they didn’t like, the least they’d do is move. And several of them would’ve told me in much more certain terms to quit it 😛

    I also draw on one when I was little. She didn’t mind, it came off very easily, and I’m neither a gangster nor an animal-torturer. I adore my pets, more than most people, and the doggy I drew on was washed clean as soon as my parents noticed 😛

    Maybe this isn’t some big sign of a little Damien in the making. Maybe it’s just a kid being a kid and a dog being patient.

  43. LOL, I can’t believe anybody is worried about that couch. Quite possibly the most hideous piece of furniture on the planet. But the kid and dog are adorable! I want my very own living Friendship Puppy.

  44. To the idiot who believes this to be cruel: You are belittling real acts of animal cruelty.

  45. As a momma to four kids:

    I can totally picture my kid (let’s say he was supposed to have been sleeping), get this bright idea to colour all over blank canvas (and mellow happy puppy) laying in the corner, while I sit in the kitchen having a cup of coffee.

    Also, upon hearing nonsensical happy chatter of my child, I would have waited for him to come out, and if he didn’t, it wouldn’t concern me at all.

    And if I would go peek at him, only to see THAT, the FIRST thing I would do is grab my digicam.


    That is so freaking cute on so many levels.

    Bad parenting? Huh. That’s not very nice, and you know it.

  46. There’s even marks inside her ears!! haha. I would have loved to see the kid carefully drawing the marks up and down her nose..patient pup indeed! This is one of my favorite C.O posts, for sure.

  47. CoffeeCup says:

    Oh please, how is anyone supposed to call this bad parenting? Crayola markers are nontoxic and washable, and the puppy has A LOT of marker on him, so obviously he sat still for a lot of it. It looks to me like a loving and creative relationship between boy and dog.

    I love the blue whiskers, love them.

  48. Does everyone realize that when you make negative comments about the sender-inner’s furniture preference, clothes, fingernails, parenting skills—in other words, stuff other than the subject of the photo—the sender-inner is reading it. Think about how you’d feel if you’d FINALLY got a pic cute enough to be on CO, and people were insulting you. I wish people wouldn’t be so mean. Who cares what their couch pattern is? Maybe that’s their taste.

  49. When I was a kid, we had a big fluffy orange cat that I loved dearly. On my birthday, I gave him a “makeover” for my birthday party by putting vaseline on his fur. My mom just thought I was going to the bathroom! I remember honestly thinking I was doing a really good thing. Of course, my mom washed him right away (vaseline is prolly more harmful than non-toxic markers). Anyways, the point is that he’s just a KID! There’s nothing disturbing about this.

  50. Look like he’s trying to recreate the dog from Our Gang!

    And how many think the couch used to be white?

  51. angelbeast says:

    This is totally one of those “OMG *THAT* is why he was being so quiet!” moments of parenting. You grab the camera and sneak up on the kid and get the evidence on film before they get in trouble, then you save the picture for when the boy is old enough to date and show it to all potential girlfriends.

    I have similar pictures of my toddler sneaking into the fridge and drawing on the front window with the whipped cream from a pie at 6am when we were all asleep. Occasionally things like this happen, and this is damned cute.

  52. totalee puppy says:

    Let’s hear it for creative
    ideas! Did Meg and NTMTOM start out like this?

  53. I think that doggie loves this little boy very much indeed! Clearly they are pals, and I think it is seriously sweet.

    @Angelbeast; LOL, you KNOW that this mom is totally going to whip out this photo to show to all of his girlfriends in about 12 years. Priceless.

  54. Awww what a patient dog~ For mom and dad, this is going to be great blackmail and embarassing baby pictures to show the girl friend later on. 😛

  55. Shaz the Original says:

    “vaseline is prolly more harmful than non-toxic markers”

    My cats eat Vaseline. It’s just fine…lol.

  56. Wow, I am anti-dye for pets, but Crayola markers….well I never thought of that! The money Crayola could make if they came out with a line for pets! HA! I bet that doggeh sleeps next to that sweet boy every night too. Way too funny!

  57. kibblenibble says:

    When I was little, my doggies were always my best friends. They were so patient with me, even though I might not have always treated them as an adult would. It’s unconditional love! Dogs are the best.

  58. Mario, I see your 20$ and raise you a 50$ that people are going to say that this is an evil evil child that must be punished and that has bad parents.

    Oops, Rachel said it already (the part about the parents).

  59. And to those saying the couch is ugly, look, there’s fringe all around, it’s a throw blanket.

  60. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  61. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  62. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  63. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  64. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  65. Fancy's Mum says:

    If this doggie is like mine – he’s just happy happy happy to be touched! He would have moved if he didn’t like the attention.

  66. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  67. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  68. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  69. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  70. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  71. Fancy's Mum says:

    And I can totally see my kid doing this to my dog – except he’s 14 and it wouldn’t be cute! I love this pic – a “boy and his dog” moment for the memory books.

  72. I love how very focused the boy seems to be at his oh-so-important task. And for all the naysayers: c’mon, a parent that is savvy enough to frequent CO will definitely teach his or her child that pets are not for drawing on after this! Just be quiet and enjoy the picture, as it’s probably not going to happen again.

    @Kelly: The fact that you remembered thinking that you were really doing a good thing just substantiates the lovely innocence of kids!

  73. Too cute for words!
    The dog looks like its having a fun time chilling there.

    /melodrama and tears of distress

  74. LOLz, he drawing little pictures all over her!

  75. Considering this is a website to promote animals…..did anyone think that drawing on a dog is not really that cute, maybe even a bit harmful?? I’m just saying.

  76. pittiefan says:

    I used to have a couple of pittie mixes. One was mostly white, and at one point our little boy (dog) grabbed a capless marker off the table and drew on her. So yes, dogs can draw on each other too.

  77. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Kelly! Vaseline is safe! It’s okay, cuz my Sis-in-law’s cat was REALLY hairy and the best harbl treatment back in the day was Vaseline! SRSLY! She basically just undid the cap and let Smoki lick away for aboot 30 seconds and that was her treat for the week. She LURVED the stuff!


    And as for the pic, I’m only nuffin’ aboot the couch, too! Holy crap is it oogly! 😀

  78. the dog’s probably in a zen state, contemplating the ticklish feeling of being marker-ed….

  79. Laughingdog says:

    The guy who took this picture has quite a few good ones he’s snapped of his dog (Politically Incorrect Dog, as he puts it).

    The key thing he pointed out when he posted it was that, when you have a “dangerous breed”, it’s vitally important that you don’t leave it alone with your child, because things like this could happen if you do.

  80. berthaservant says:

    I believe that the cap-shun should spell the word “drawringk.” And I am choosing to believe the boy’s name is Simon. And he likes to do drawringks.

    And yes, in fact, the doggeh wanted to dress as Petey from Our Gang.

  81. Dog drawing OK, couch throw OK, kid pyjamas OK… what makes this photo not cute to me is the horrible color oversaturation! Ouch. 😦

  82. sickasadog says:

    this animal is obviously poisoned to near death from all this toxic ink … such a sad tale

  83. For what it’s worth, we used to give one of our cats vaseline to help with hairballs so I don’t think that was a problem.

    However, I’m not sure that’s a couch. I don’t see any legs and that looks very uncomfortable to be perched FOR THAT LONG on the arm. Although I’m not really seeing any indication that he’s straddling an arm anyway.

    Could that be a (hideous) blanket on the floor?

    Regardless, that really is the most patient dog I’ve ever seen. I hope Mom and Dad have a steak nearby for her!

  84. caroline says:

    another example of how humans have taken over nature…totally disrespectful of the dog, don’t you think it might lick its fur and get poisoning??? I can get over the stupidity of this picture!!

  85. caroline, are you even reading the comments? it’s crayola… washable and non-toxic. they make this stuff for preschoolers to use. it’s pretty safe stuff.

  86. We all owe Mario at Post #10 $20 now.

    Nuffer overload alert!

    Well done Mario. You’ve just earnt a fortune!

  87. Poor dog… :O

  88. angelbeast says:

    Caroline- do you even have kids? Do you have pets and kids?

    You do understand that they do things they shouldn’t sometimes right? And sometimes they do sneaky little things to the pet out of a child’s innocent understanding and that many times the animal is very tolerant.

    You understand that there are times that its just too funny and pictures need to be taken before corrective action is taken?

    I’m sure they snapped a few pictures of the deed and cleaned up the dog.

    Obviously the dog is well loved and cared for or it would not be so tolerant of the child and the coloring. Its an early morning “kid got out of bed and was coloring quietly with probably ill gotten markers” Picture. This scribbling just happens to be on the dog and not the wall. Pictures are taken, dog is bathed and its all harmless.

    And they are Crayola markers for Pete’s sake. They are non-toxic. I used to eat them when I was little. they taste like vinegar and food coloring- like those egg dyes from easter.

  89. My favorite part is the whiskers. If I had a pet that didn’t have long hair when I was a kid I probably would have thought this is was a good idea too.

    Actually, I do recall a time I tried to paint my cat with my watercolor paints…

  90. darkshines says:

    I can’t see how this is bad parenting. This looks like AWESOME parenting to me! When I was a kid, my brother and I would draw on each other with Crayolas, we’d draw superhero logos, or fairy wings and have awesome adventures! Then we’d get a fun bubble bath, and everything would be normal again. It encourages creativity, play, hand eye coordination and imagination. I bet none of us have ever drawn on a dog before or even though of it! Some would call that dog modern art, I would, and I would encourage that little boy to use his imagination and create more beautiful things in this world, as we are currently drowning in ugly and hateful.

  91. Disgusting

  92. OOH, even better than an Etch-a-Sketch! Nice, patient doggeh! Yes, I can see the picture whipped out at the Senior Prom Night picture taking, with date looking on…”Oh, Snookems, did I ever show you this picture we took of you being creative with Dudley?” I wonder how long the pictures will last?

  93. I just luurrrve bull terriers. How is it that they’re considered a dangerous breed ?

  94. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Elaine: Well said!!

    Yep, doggeh doesn’t look like he’s struggling to get away, LOL. I’m sure afterwards the parents were getting the “Oh, how I have suffered for you” look from the dog (to elicit a nice treat)!!!

  95. To the nuffers: calling this animal abuse is insulting to animals that really are abused. Look at that dog. She’s beautiful. Healthy weight, good coat (well, except the Crayola’d part), relaxing on a piece of furniture–she’s obviously a well-cared-for member of the family. If she hated what the kid was doing, she could very well get up and walk away. As it is, she either likes it or is just too lazy.

    As for the kid, if he weren’t drawing on the dog, he’d be drawing on his baby sister, I’m quite sure. Normal, happy three-year-old who’s perfectly comfortable with his doggie. He’ll probably always remember her and grow up loving animals.

    How is any of this sad?

  96. “It’s not like the dog is being tied down. If the dog minded this type of attention, it would get up and walk away. I know that mine would. As far as I can tell, the dog seems to be enjoying this type of attentions. Kind of the way I enjoy getting my hair, face and nails done at a spa.”

    Dogs are well-known for their loyalty. Many dogs are willing to put up with things they dislike, especially from their owner/s, but that doesn’t mean they should have to.

    My dog hates baths but will put up with them (he doesn’t bite/snarl/growl etc).

    This dog looks like she’s also putting up with something she doesn’t particularly enjoy.

    The difference is that when I bathe my dog, I am doing something that improves HIS health and wellbeing and is for his OWN good.

  97. IronOrchid says:

    Did the parents give markers to the kid to do this?! I’m shocked. It is not funny at all.

  98. I just can’t stop laughing at the mental image of a very embarrassed looking dad on a walk with the dog and the looks they’ll be getting… If there ever was a time to introduce coats to your pet, this is it. Maybe those masks the knights put on the horses too.

    Brilliant. Made my day.

  99. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Unless that dog is comatose, he would not have allowed circles around his eyes and eyelashes and marks down his nose if it made him unhappy. I, unlike the shocked and appalled nuffers, will refrain from commenting on what type of parents (of humans or pets) those who say they are shocked and appalled by this must be.
    That seems to be self-evident.

  100. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Oh, and this picture made my day!!!

  101. @skip – doing a little google-fu I found they are actually called “autograph dogs” and they still make them. 🙂

  102. katiedid says:

    lol@ the dogs expression.. x-D… “Two more years and then college right?? Or is that dog years.. crap!”

  103. katiedid says:

    PS.. I get it now… he’s drawing skeletor dog!!!!!!

  104. This dog is not upset. Most happy dogs would just be digging the attention. As a responsible, dog-loving adult I’d be out buying Crayola markers this instant if I had a dog with short enough hair to draw on.

    p.s. Like a previous poster I’m more upset about the uncapped marker on the floor.

  105. You know, occasionally I think the nuffers have a point.

    …But not here. You just lost all respect, nuffers. I can’t BELIEVE Mario actually got his bet. o.O This is one of those “worth a thousand words” pictures. It’s hilarious, completely harmless, and actually warms my heart to see a) this patient and loving pup and b) a kid with something better to do than fight in the playground or sit in front of the Playstation. He’s even carefully avoided drawing too close to the eyes, did you notice?

    Oh, and the dinoriffic ridge down the nose is creative genius.

  106. I love how puppeh is all like whatevs.

    Reminds me of the time we found Mom’s beagle finishing up a snack of a blue Bic pen. After a frantic call to Bic’s helpline to make sure it wasn’t toxic (they said it wasn’t the first call they’d had) we found out there’s only so much blue you can wash out of a beagle before it has to wear off. And then we grabbed the camera.

  107. Lerrinus says:

    Marker Massage for the win!

    My sister and I used to draw on our shorthaired German Pointer, she didn’t mind, she just thought we were petting her! RIP babe!

    Hey kid! don’t forget to colour the other side! 😉

  108. Holy Cow. I have never seen so many mean comments about a little boy and his dog. Get over yourselves..this is precious, no harm done, and who can tell about parenting skills from a picture? You have no idea what is pre or post. A good bath will “clean” this up, and no harm done. Geez people.

  109. Did he make a resident evil dog? I’ve seen those markings somewhere… lol

  110. Totally LOL’d!!!!

  111. Very funny. But, call me a nuffer if you will, I don’t think the kid did all the marking by himself. Take a look at the circle around the eye, the “eyelashes,” the drawn in whiskers on the muzzle, the “ladder” decoration down the muzzle, that looks like an adult trying to draw like a kid. The kid is too young to draw like that. Maybe the kid started it, and the parent decided to make it more of a fun picture. Or the parent did it, and plopped the kid down for the photo. I say staged.

  112. The only reason I feel bad for the dog is because it has to take a bath now.
    It’s a cute picture, I admit. Those are obviously non toxic markers (mmm…non toxic…) When and If the dog gets into the trash, it eats things more dangerous than crayola markers. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!
    I wish I had one of those dogs… does anyone know if they’re hypo-allergenic?

  113. Not funny, not cute… sorry.

  114. Karen in Toronto says:

    What? The kid didn’t have any nice white walls to draw on?

  115. i think this is a case of
    ‘Billy you be careful with your pens remeber last time when you drew on the hallway wall, daddy was very angry!’
    ‘Yes Mummy’
    (Mum makes a cup of tea and walks back in…)
    ‘but muuuuuum you said not on the wall!’

  116. That boy will grow up to work for PETA, throwing paint over rich old ladies wearing fur coats.

  117. Someone please remind me not to take a big sip of coffee while the CO page is loading. Now I’ve gotta clean my keyboard!

  118. Michelle says:

    One question, so you would let your kid/neighbors kid draw on your dog with washable markers? No freaking and instead zany with the picture snapping? Interesting.

    As for the dog not struggling and not seeming to mind, you know that is the same argument made for beastiality? Again, interesting.

  119. erin with an a says:

    Bad parenting? Seriously? Bad parent doesn’t lead to such a sweet and trusting relationship between a kid and his dog. Bad parenting would be raising a kid who burns/beats/tortures/kills their pets (horrible, I know, but it happens).
    Next thing you know, they’ll be up in arms about the Native Americans painting their ponies. Oh, the abuse!
    Love the photo – cute, well socialized puppy, and a kid who thinks outside the box. Don’t know why I never thought of this when I had a white dog 😉

  120. And btw i dont think this is bad parenting at all. go into your living room and try and think of things that a kid could do to cause mischief. I guarantee a kid could come up with around 50 more things than you 😉
    I very much doubt the parent thought oh no I better not leave him a second he will draw all over the dog :p
    This kid is thinking outside the box hehe a future modern artiste?

  121. Poohbear says:

    Awwwwwww, that’s a girl bull terrier – a cow terrier ? (boooo)
    So patient !

  122. scooterpants says:

    OMG. if i would have done something like this as a kid. i would have been standing for quite some time. dont agree with this but to each his own i guess.

  123. MEGarde, that level of drawing is quite common for that age. They still love the big scribbly strokes that younger children start with, before they start drawing actual objects. But he’s well past the age were they start to draw recognizable things, and start drawing common “symbols” like eyes with eyelashes, smiling mouths, flowers, houses, etc. rows of the same object, like a line, are popular as well.

    There’s some really fascinating books out there on the subject of children’s drawing and what’s normal for each age. Children’s Drawings: Iconic Coding of the Environment is very dense but good source.

  124. MEGarde, you called it on this one.

    Sorry to be a downer, kids, but all the scribbles on that dog were not done by that child. Children this boy’s age are not yet capable of drawing straight lines, especially over uneven surfaces, such as the “ribs” and “whiskers” and multi-colored stripes on the dog’s nuzzle. The unorganized blue scribble over the ribs, which happens to be the same color as the pen in the child’s hand, are definitely the work of a child his age. No doubt dad started the work and encouraged the child to continue.

    Cute idea for a staged photo, but most assuredly staged.

  125. LOL at all the drama llama nuffers.

    I have 2 small boys and one day walked into the den to find our 80 lb female dog bedecked in what must have been 50 mardi gras necklaces. She was basking in all the attention she was getting from her boys. So I just let the 3 of ’em have fun, and supervised from the couch. Boys will be boys, and dogs will be dogs.

  126. goodlookingelves says:

    If I caught my daughter doing this, I would not be surprised as both me and her father are professional artists! As the markers are safe, I wouldn’t be concerned. The dog will move away when it doesn’t want to play anymore.

  127. I suppose “good” parenting would have been to get rid of the dog as soon as the kid was born?

    And this pic should be sent to one and all who think pitts of any kind are inherently dangerous. This pic makes my heart warm.

  128. bunnystew says:

    Good lord I can’t believe people are actually saying this is bad parenting. Normally I would say to each their own but this is just dumb. They’re non-toxic crayola markers FFS. Clearly this dog is loving the attention (or duh it would have gotten up) and was probably laying there half asleep until mom woke her up with all the picturing taking business. All I can say is it must suck to be your stepford kid.

  129. Hon Glad says:

    That dog must be drugged.Oh the cruelty. Snigger snigger.

  130. This reminds me of when I was 4, and we had a Dalmatian. One day, I took a magic marker and connected all his dots. I wanted to see what kind of picture it would make (it made a picture of a dog). I’m glad this kid has less toxic markers than I did!

  131. Paunchie says:

    I don’t know if she’s patient or just plain sleepeh! You could probably draw on me when I’m tired and I won’t move!

  132. Michelle S. says:

    I feel really sorry for people who look at this picture and see nothing but negative things. How sad your little nuff lives must be.

  133. Somebody buy the kid a colouring book!!!
    Don’t think it’s fair on the dog, I put crayola pen in my hair and it didn’t come out in the first wash. Poor dog will have to be scrubbed!

  134. Not cute. Bordering on sad. Kid treats dog like piece of paper and Mom thinks it’s so freakin funny. Not.

  135. This is just annoying. Aww, look how cute and funny my kid is! Barf.

    [Aww, look how rude I can be on the internet! Barf. – Ed.]

  136. I feel so sorry for the dog. Its horrible that the child is doing that. One reason never to have a child, this!

  137. Curleygirl says:

    I just read a few of the comments—-some people need to get a sense of humor! This is one of those really funny moments only a kid could come up with!

  138. Hahaha! Oh no. . .
    This strikes me as similar to those pics where the doggie has just torn up the chaise lounge.
    It’s something the kid will get in trouble for! But in the meantime you must laugh. As long as he doesn’t see you.
    Also: love the non-matchingks jammies. 🙂

  139. Carol Battersby says:

    All I can say is..What A Good Dog!!

  140. Someone made a comment about this being a ‘Pit Bull’. While this is a Bull Terrier, it is not what insurance compnies and AKC would define as ‘Pit Bull’, which is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They have quite a different temperment. That was bothering me for some reason. Anyway, this dog is obviously very content to have his pal draw on him, and the little boy is really showing some creativity! I love this picture, way too cute!

  141. Honestly, have people never owned crayola markers and seen the clearly stated “non toxic” message? It’s not like he’s spraypainting her or using oil paints, its a non toxic marker made for children. Moral: Not poisonous.


  143. funchefchick says:

    Um .. when kids draw on inanimate objects = can be cute.

    Drawing on living, breathing animals? Not cute.

    I did not find this amusing at all. Go draw on your sibling or your parent instead.

  144. Poor dog.

    I suppose it isn’t abusive, per se, but it’s still irritating. You shouldn’t use dogs as canvases, nontoxic markers or not. It’s just not nice, is all.

  145. Bad parents usually defend other bad parents.

  146. Paunchie says:

    “One reason never to have a child, this!”

    Whut? Really. Surely you must be joking!

  147. Clearly this dog is malnourished. Look, you can see every one of his ribs!

  148. “My dog hates baths but will put up with them (he doesn’t bite/snarl/growl etc).”

    And how do you know your dog doesn’t like them? Because he gives you a sign of it. That dog isn’t, in this picture, giving any sign of discontent.

    “This dog looks like she’s also putting up with something she doesn’t particularly enjoy.”

    How? Because she’s not grinning from ear to ear and thumping her tail up and down? She just looks like a dog lying down.

  149. Pittiefan says:

    Melinda, actually their temperament is very similar to a pit bull or amstaff. AND there’s nothing wrong with that. Bull teriers of any sort make great pets if they have responsible owners, just like any other dog.

  150. Pittiefan says:

    Pardon, ‘terriers.’

  151. Jennifer says:

    Why are you letting your kid draw on your dog? That is totally unsafe, the chemicals in the markers are very toxic. Plus, your teaching your kid its okay to draw on a LIVING animal… NOT CUTE & definitely NOT funny.

  152. Jennifer says:

    and P.S. (judging by the nipples) get your dog fixed, there are enough homeless puppies in the world.

  153. Yes! Finally! Someone must have heard me calling out the nuffers in the jesus thread cuz this is some quality nuffing. Boo-yeah!

    We have parenting skills, animal cruelty, baths for dogs and the toxicity of non-toxic markers all in one. Good job, you guys! Where’ve you been?

    And as the bad parent to 3 intelligent, creative, animal lovers who have surprised me on more than one occasion, I got waaaaaay better reasons not to have kids than this.

    Give that kid a pasickie.

  154. Paunchie says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are just idjits.

  155. How is this cute?

  156. mervtheflamingo says:

    I hate to fuel this fire, but let’s think about this from the perspective of state-fair face painting.

    As a former face-painting-mime, often small children, unable to express whether they wanted to have their faces painted or whether it caused them a modicum of discomfort, were brought by parents or siblings to receive a small painting on his or her face. No one would call this child abuse, no one would scream “Not cute”, and yet the infant or toddler could not adequately express whether or not he or she really wanted a star or heart or robot painted on her/his cheek.

    Moral of the story: Similarly, the dog may not express whether or not he or she wants to be “decorated”, but the dog is able to get up if he is discomforted by the activity. No harm is done (non-toxic-crayola-markers), and the small child is not disrespecting the dog by drawing on him, nor is he treating the dog like an inanimate object.

  157. Way to teach your kid that a dog is an inanimate object to draw on. Pets are members of the family and should be treated as such. Would that parent be as happy if the kid drew all over him/her while they were sleeping?

  158. I hate it when I decide to read the comments. It really makes me mad. Some people are just so bitter and humorless. THE DOG IS FINE. IT’S A CUTE PICTURE.

  159. Pleez 2 unbunch panteez.

  160. fish eye no miko says:

    @Patito Gigante: OMG, Did Oda-sensei really say that? That’s hysterical!
    And asking to draw on this friends’ pets… I can see that, actually,. He’s a little odd. ^_^

  161. @fish eye no miko: It’s true! The quote is on the bio page of One Piece volume 4. Later, a reader sent him a picture of their dog to be doodled on (which is in another volume).

    Actually, I think this kid’s got some Oda-sensei flavor going on there with the eyelashes and the stripes…

  162. gravyboat says:

    Nobody get drunk and pass out around this kid.

  163. eikoleigh says:


    LOL….I saw a white lab at the dog park recently that had marker doodles on its side…but nothing like this.

    Give that kid a nice white wall. hahahaha….

    (Hope they’re non-toxic markers….)

  164. “Drawing on living, breathing animals? Not cute.

    Go draw on your sibling or your parent instead.”

    because humans aren’t living, breathing animals, right? ;p

    I thought this was adorable. Pretty sure my mom put out huge sheets of paper and stripped us down to our diapers when we were kids so we wouldn’t do the same thing!

  165. binky-mama says:

    This picture is the reason I love CO!!! Such a funny and heartwarming picture, and being and artist and one who grew up wanting to draw on everything I can see the appeal of this white “blank canvas” dog. And so patient! This dog looks like he was born to raise (er…tolerate?) kids. Calm down peeps and enjoy the silliness! The kid isn’t feeding him rat poison he is simply “enhancing” him with some safe, non-toxic deco-rayshons.

  166. binky-mama says:

    PS: LOL @ gravyboat! Although at least you know his doodling would be rated PG and washable.

  167. Is this dog preggers? Or just had puppies maybe? If so, she’s awfully tolerant!

  168. michelle says:

    This is NOT cute. The dog isn’t being hurt, but the idea that people can do whatever they please to their pets disgusts me. Drawing on an animal is NOT respectful. All it teaches the kid is that pets are toys and exist soley for our amusement… which they do not. Plus, what would happen if the kid tried to doodle on a less tolerant dog? He’d probably be bitten. Parents need to nip these behaviors in the bud, not encourage them by taking pictures and calling it “cute”.

  169. Boy does that Blue Circle around the eye remind me of Pete from our Gang and the little Rascals. Is anyone old enough to remember?

  170. What darkshines said.

  171. @Jennifer:

    READ the other comments, FFS. These are NON-TOXIC markers. Why do you think they allow small children to play with them?

    P.S.: I wasn’t aware they removed a dog’s nipples when they spay her. 0_0


    “That’s not respectful to your pet.”



    Making them wait to go to the bathroom is totally respectful? Not really, but it’s part of the life of a domesticated animal, as is dealing with children.

    And apparently, for you people’s pets, dealing with un-fun nuffers. I bet your pets’ lives suck, since you don’t want to connect with them or “inconvenience” them by spending time with them.

  173. WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    here I am: rolling on the floor laughing my butt off ’cause I’m a bad parent defending other bad parents…


    Thanks for the laff, seriously, that was worth coming back to read more comments,LMAO!

    it’s still cute 😛

  174. Anne Boleyn says:

    @skip and sas, they were called “autograph hounds” in my day (shortly after the ice age). I love everything about this picture and confess that I painted eyebrows on my blond dog when I was about 20 (used Revlon eyeliner and it made her look very surprised. There was a yellow lab that hung out at my daughter’s track practices and the kids drew on her almost every day with magic markers. Nobody died.

  175. muttluver says:

    I took one look at this photo and thought, ‘I have to see the nuffers. This is too good.’

    Charlie: Someone from the original posting beat you to that line:

    ”You said not to draw on the walls, the dog was never mentioned!”
    –Michael Hawkins

    Do y’all know how hard it is to laugh hysterically and still be quiet? I sound like a panting dog over here.

    And MEgarde…*takes second look* you may be underestimating kids drawing ability. May not be.

    My opinion is that the dog is putting up with it. Maybe not enjoying the whole thing, but still very (very, very) relaxed. Go doggeh.

  176. astrogrrrl says:

    Micah: I literally lol’ed at your comment about connecting the dots on a dalmation to see what picture came out. my poor cat was not happy that I disturbed his peaceful rest 😉

    as for the picture, maybe the dog will learn not to drink so much at the next party; she’ll have an embarrassing walk back home. and the boy is starting young for college party training!

  177. mr. mrs. fangface says:

    “Yeah, well maybe somebody should marker all over your kid!”

    Man, I’m just waiting for somebody to say that. XD

  178. To Vaseline Kelly:

    Haha, that sounds awesome!
    I’ve actually been given to the advice by good sources that if you put a tiny bit of Vaseline on the tip of your cat’s nose, it will eventually lick it off, coating the inside of it’s stomach and preventing hair balls!

    I’ve never had a hair ball. Ever.

  179. this just makes me sad 😦

  180. I think this is cute and funny. Everyone who is bashing this family needs to lighten up and stop being PETA’s personal police squad.

  181. @Jennifer:

    And you’re a moron.

  182. I really don’t think PETA would have much to say against this.

  183. Patricia says:

    Not the same species but I remember when I was little I had a big orange tom cat that would let me dress him up in doll clothes and put him in my doll’s high chair. Looking back I am suprised he put up with it, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

  184. Becky:- im glad you have never had a hair ball but what about your cat?

  185. mom2twinzz says:

    Serena – you obviously do not have children to come up which such a remark about bad parents defending bad parenting. I am not a bad parent, yet have photos of the mess my twin toddler girls created in about 5 minutes when I was in the bathroom, complete with lipstick that had been eaten, flour everywhere, and a child standing in the kitchen sink. There was a baby gate blocking off the kitchen and the bathroom was on the same floor. I couldn’t keep them in it with me as it was a SMALL bathroom. I snapped several pictures to use as blackmail later. This doesn’t make me a bad parent. Nor does taking a photo of your child doing domething you probably never in a million years thought they would think to do.

    My children are extremely well behaved, polite, respectful, and intelligent. More so than most of their peers who have yet to learn half the time to say please and thank you or not call an adult by their first name without permission. Or my personal favorite talking to an adult like they would talk to their enemies. (I HATE a kid in our neighborhood who talks to me in a way that makes me want to forgo my pacifist attitudes and deck him. And he’s only 11.) A bad parent likely could not say the same thing. They are also very creative and came up with new and exciting ways to shock the crap out of me all the time.

    Although after this, the markers will likely be put in a locked cabinet and only allowed out for supervised art that does not include the dog.

  186. OK “rule-wisher” here- read the comments or don’t comment!
    Bad parents- phhft, Remember Jean Kerr and “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”? I too can think of many better reasons not to have children- and, well, if you don’t repent from your judgmental behavior while not having walked in the Parental Shoe, you can be one of them, too. Have a great day and try not to draw on the dog. Or the wall, yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I’m strict, go draw on nuffers’ houses!

  187. Kathy-remember-first swallow your coffee, then read!

  188. Another person in the minority here. Yes the pens are non toxic, yeah the dog is letting him do it, but it it not showing respect to the dog. Personally if my little cherub was caught doing this taking a photo op would not be the first thing on my mind – swatting his little butt would be the first thing I’d be doing

  189. snorglepup says:

    My theory is that nuffers had sad childhoods…
    Am I the only one inspired to customize my own pet?
    Heels for hammies, doodles for poodles; wigs for wimies; hats for cats…
    I too think the supervising adult had a hand in this. The face seems to be the work of another. Just sayin…

  190. I think this is so adorable. Some people are wound way too tight.

  191. ” I took one look at this photo and thought, ‘I have to see the nuffers. This is too good.’ “

    ME TOO, muttluver! (I know it’s been forever since I commented on here…but I miss it.)

  192. Sure, it’s all good in fun and games. But do I get my chance to draw on the kid’s face too?

  193. They do make fully water soluble markers for kids now….they can write on the bathtub walls etc and it all comes right off. Maybe these are those!!

  194. To those who cry “bad parenting”, I can only assume they have no children. to me, it’s an example of good, level headed parenting. PICK YOUR BATTLES. I just PRAY I have the patience to laugh and pick up a camera when (inevitably) my kid does something like this, thinking that it’s fun and creative. Yes, you can teach the kid afterwards that we don’t draw on dogs or people, because it’s messy and can be dangerous, but all’s well that ends well.

    And for the record, I opened up these comments SPECIFICALLY to see the wank. You guys never disappoint.

  195. mr. mrs. fangface says:

    Eh, well, Mizzy’s comment was close enough.

    Do I get $10 now?

  196. mr. mrs. fangface says:

    It seems that the “OMG BAD PARENTING” people have forgotten that young children’s brains aren’t nearly done developing and therefore don’t have the reasoning skills that adults do and often don’t get that things are bad ideas and have to be taught not to do certain things. But of course, I’m sure these people were born adults. 😉

    Yay run-on sentence!

  197. What astonishes me the most is the detail on the bridge of the nose. Scribbling along the ribs is one thing. However, deliberately approaching the head, literally between the eyes is something different. It’s very instinctual for animals to react when you get close to their head.

  198. I clicked on this just to see what kind of mean and nasty comments people would leave. You nuffers need to just chill out.

  199. Cute pic!
    Should people stop decorating elephants you think? They are so pretty…

  200. Paunchie says:

    “That’s not respectful to your pet.”

    Actually to me it looks more like quality time between a boy and his dog. He’s not teasing or tormenting the dog, he’s not hurting her, he’s not writing my dog sux on her side. Lighten up. It’s like that Rick James horse, remember they said the same thing.

  201. chelonianmobile says:

    See, this is why you need to choose a dark-coloured dog if you have children. Awwwww.

  202. missjudybloom says:

    this is SOOOOO f*$#d up!!!!!!! I DO NOT CARE if the dog is “putting up with it” – it is so IRRESPONSIBLE for anyone to let their kids do this! Not to mention possible toxic to the dog! This person SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS!

  203. missjudybloom says:

    How wonderful that the kids can take markers and draw on the dog?! Next give him some SCISSORS and see what he does?!?!!! You are a bunch of IDIOTS

  204. missjudybloom: What you don’t seem to realize is that this picture is all a secret plot by the parents to kill their child and collect on the health insurance.

    That’s why they’ve given him markers tipped with poison. That’s also why they put him in an inescapable pit with a rabid dog. The pudding cups filled with broken glass and the poisonous snakes are just out of sight off the camera.

  205. OK, miss judy blume wins, shut it down–she has a caps lock key and isn’t afraid to use it.

  206. “The difference is that when I bathe my dog, I am doing something that improves HIS health and wellbeing and is for his OWN good.”

    What? Dog baths are for the good of humans. There are plenty of happy, healthy dogs that go their entire lives without baths. In fact, I’d venture to say that as a species, dogs did quite well for thousands of years without baths. The real difference is that your dog doesn’t have the fun of being covered in colored marker by a cute kid before they are made unhappy by a horrible bath.

  207. Do any of the naysayers here actually own a dog? Or ever spent time with them? My guess is no. Doggies may be loyal, but they are not masochistic. If the little boy was hurting the dog she would have walked away, or made enough noise that Mom or Dad would have stopped the shenanigans. It doesn’t make sense that running nice, soft, NON-TOXIC markers over a dog would be painful or abusive.

    The boy looks young enough that I bet he was singing or talking to the dog, and the dog was digging it. A Boy and His Dog – how sweet can you get? But some people MUST find evil in the most innocent of acts, I guess.

  208. OMG what if the dog has serious self-image problems after this?!!? WHAT IF HE GETS ABDUCTED BY THE GHOST OF ANDY WARHOL!?!? AAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

  209. Wait a minute- mervthefamingo used to be a mime face painter? My day has been made.
    “Please Dear Lord, of whom I am inordinately fond, please let mervtherflamingo live near me and may I meet him at THE most inopportune minute and may I chill out to be in his presence.” Too much. Now a lawyer, he has had the two most annoying jobs in history that of a lawyer and that of a Mime. (Killer’s Daddy is a lawyer,so I can say that.)Soldier on, merv!

  210. Hum…dog happy…kid happy…win win.

    Clearly some of you never dressed up the family dog.

    Worry about real problems.

    If the dog didn’t like it he would get up and walk away. Clearly he is enjoying his magic marker massage.

  211. Heh heh. So letting the kid draw on the dog is bad parenting? What about raising children sanctimonious, judgemental and humorless? Where does that fall in the bad parenting spectrum. Me, I’d rather have a creative child than some manaical buzzkill who wants to make sure everyone on the internet knows how “concerned” they are.

  212. Micah – I hope you drew a connection with all of the Dalmatian’s dots, oh, to be four again! Well actually, to be four and have a dog like this- wonderful to the 10th power! Lovely elephants, too, point very well taken!

  213. And, I know, I’m just Fluffing the Nuffers(tm), but to jean, who advocated hitting the child as a way to deal with this kind of situation, please don’t breed. And if you have, please stop hitting your kids.

  214. This is cute, and I can’t blame the mom for taking the picture before the time out (if there was one)…

    Puppy should consider himself lucky. When I was that age, I thought my cat’s whiskers needed a trim…

    One ‘trimming’ session and scolding later…one highly humiliated tomcat with seriously short whiskers was the result…thank god they grew back out…

  215. this is mean….Where are the parents????? oh taking the pic. idiots

  216. Honestly, if I found my kid doing this I’d have quite the urge to join in the fun and creativity. Maybe draw little martian antennae and scales up the legs.

    Bull terriers are more often than not fantastic with kids. So good natured. I bet this dog is not only patient but loving the attention and “massage” he’s getting from his pal.

    I think those of you freaking out about the “abuse” this dog is enduring really have no clue. You’re mostly childless (hopefully), petless (hopefully) and uptight judgmental prudes.

    Can’t you find the humor in anything? And how difficult is it to grasp that Crayola markers are NON-TOXIC?? You can drink them for breakfast and the only weird thing that will happen to you is that your poop will be rainbow…

    Seriously, lighten up. 😉

  217. Theo said: I really don’t think PETA would have much to say against this.

    Sure they would. They’d declare that this dog, like all pets, should be euthanized because they’re living miserable lives as slaves to selfish evil humans, or something to that effect. Then they’d probably give the kid a bucket of fake chicken blood and declare their work there done!

  218. Ok to those of you who think this is mean or that the parent are evil, get over it. You are apparently one of those who were only children, who will never have children, living in a sanitized cubby hole with absolutely no life to speak of. Leave the kid alone, the parent(s) took the picture to show the kid when he get older how cute he was or to blackmail him…. The dog in no way is distress, he/she looks very content. Dogs will do one of two things, nip or get up.

    Good work kid and hopefully you didn’t get in too much trouble…..

  219. thursday says:

    WTF? Spanking your kid is roughly 100 times worse than what this kid is doing to this dog….and I am not one of the people who would say that you should never ever spank your kid…

  220. deedledeedledee says:

    Not cute. Even if the markers are non-toxic.

    Now if the kid had been scribbling on his sibling, that’d be funny. But on a pet is just sad.

  221. Oh. My. Gravy. The colors Theo… EGADS THE COLORS! *swoons*

  222. I fail to see what’s cute about this picture. Poor dog!

  223. You fail to see what’s cute about this picture. Poor you.

  224. Okay, clearly markers aren’t poisonous. I learned that when I was six. Wow.

    The dog is fine, but I still feel kinda bad for it. It’s going to need to be scrubbed and scrubbed, and that’s never any fun. That is one patient pup, and if you honestly think that dog is enjoying himself, you probably don’t know the difference between when your pet is humoring you and when your pet is actually enjoying himself. That face is unmistakeable.

    Also, is something wrong with puppy’s eye?

  225. Mizz Kitteh says:

    The dog is like “~sigh~ whatevs, kid.”

  226. sterling says:

    I personally do not find this picture funny or cute at all…Yes, the markers are non-toxic. Yes, the pup could get up and walk away. Yes, the boy is very young and probably doesn’t know better. I wouldn’t call this “bad parenting”, since his actions aren’t really harming the dog.

    My point is, I think it is kind of disrespectful towards the dog for him to be doing that. I understand that kids draw on each other for fun, but I don’t see the dog drawing on the boy in return. I feel that for this behavior to be looked up on, the kid may learn dogs are inanimate objects that are just there for his amusement(AKA, drawing on him). One wouldn’t just whip out a marker and start drawing circles and eyelashes around a baby’s eyes, so why is it okay to do it to a dog? He’s just as much part of the family and should be treated so.

  227. warrior rabbit says:

    I don’t understand the hubbub, really. The dog is fine, the marker’s nontoxic, the ink will even wear off (eventually) without requiring a bath. As for the ‘dignity’ of the animal, come on. That gets bandied about here quite often by the nuffers, but I have watched my dogs eat poop and do other strange things. Being markered wouldn’t faze them. Unless Fido has a mirror she checks herself out in every day before heading off to a busy day of peeing on lawns and licking herself?

  228. LadyDarya says:

    Do you know that if you eat a marker your pooh comes out in different colors? Same with crayons…. (no, I don’t have a kid but have nephews who feel the urge to taste test things most of us wouldn’t) So, not so sure people are getting the fact that these are non-toxic!! Jeez….

  229. Pademelon says:

    Good lord people, Crayola markers are actually nothing but glycerin, water and food dye (I just checked the Crayola site). There is nothing in them to make anybody sick (child or pet). In addition, the dog’s muscles do not appear tense, her ears are not laid back, she’s not even watching the little boy out of the corner of her eye. Uncomfortable dogs show signs even if it’s something they are willing to tolerate, like a bath. She’s fine. The kid appears to be having a blast. This photo made me giggle and wish I had a white short-hair dog. I have a hard time believing that anyone who kept a healthy dog that obviously well-fed and loved (I think it’s a throw blanket over a low wide couch, perhaps in a play room or den? So that would mean dog is comfortable on furniture.) would fail to emphasize that drawing on the dog shouldn’t be an every day thing. But there is nothing illicit in this photo. Just a gorgeous and fun bonding moment.

  230. Pademelon says:

    Oh yeah and another tip. If you’re decorating a cake, you can put on the base of white frosting and pop it in the freezer and then when you take it out, you can use Crayola marker to decorate it. It doesn’t change the flavor or add anything you wouldn’t already find in frosting (already made frosting almost always has glycerine in it in some form to smooth it out).

  231. Does anybody else see the red marks near the dog’s eyes? And the blue the kid drew inside the dog’s ears?
    This really isn’t funny.

  232. Oooh, Puppeh Etch-a-Sketch. Me want!

  233. sweetmomma24 says:

    The picture is adoreable, but I think it would have been even cuter taken later in the day when they are both snuggled up together taking a nap, with the dog all “war painted” up. Just shows the true friendship between a kid and his dog…

  234. I am assuming this is your grand daughter? If so, this all fits together.

  235. janice frostick says:

    We adult owners of bull terrier show dogs do this all the time. I use a high
    quality women’s white grease paint for my bully’s
    nose and corn starch to powder her blaze, collar,
    chest, and feet. She’s a brindle and she loves getting prepared for a show. I enjoyed all the posts.

  236. sandie blacklidge says:

    It’s obvious that any sensible person wouldn’t or shouldn’t encourage kids to draw on their pets, but jeez the dog is not being hurt and the kid is just being a little kid, so why all the negative posts? Besides, I’ve had two Bullies and (typically of the breed) when they were not clownin’ around they were just layin’ back and lovin’ being with their humans… just like the one in the photo, get it? Either of my two would happily have let themselves be used as a canvas, but since one was mostly black it would have been pointless.. the colours just wouldn’t have shown up well enough. And yes, that WAS a joke folks.

  237. A Bull Terrier Owner says:

    Hey – people who are CONCERNED ABOUT THE DOG –

    I’ve owned a few bull terriers. Here are some insights:

    – the number one priority of Bull Terrier is the comfort of Bull Terrier. Either that dog doesn’t mind being drawn on, or she doesn’t mind enough for it to be worth the effort of getting up and moving.

    – Bull Terrier is the most stubborn of all dog breeds. When Bull Terrier wants to move, Bull Terrier moves, and when Bull Terrier doesn’t want to move, Bull Terrier doesn’t move. Either way, its up to Bull Terrier.

    – Bull Terrier loves a warm bath. Some prefer suds, some don’t. Some like to lie down, wait for the water to fill up the tub, and then let their remarkably buoyant rear ends float; others like to stand, and just dunk their heads underwater repeatedly like they’re bobbing for (invisible) apples. No doubt there are other variations. Its a matter of personal preference for Bull Terrier. [Cold bath not recommended for Bull Terrier; may result in injury to owner and/or plumbing.]

    – Bull Terrier is devious. If this dog is even slightly annoyed by the markers, she will later search out and destroy the markers. It may be the next day, the next week, or the next year. One way or another: the markers will be no more.

    Don’t assume Bull Terrier is thinking “oh, I wish I could get away from this annoying kid, poor me.”

    More likely Bull Terrier is thinking, “nice try, kid, but its going to take a lot more than a set of crayolas to get me to give up this primo spot.”

  238. Sure, just give your kid some crayons and tell him to go draw on the pit bull. (we didn’t like that kid so much anyway!)

  239. I think this is mean 😦 Reminds me of people who draw things on friends faces while they are sleeping!

    haissh -_-“

  241. @MEGarde- When I was this kid’s age, I was very artistic. I could have drawn the stuff on the nose, no problem. The people on here need to get over themselves. If you want to fight animal abuse, find a REAL cause. This is so funny!!! If you can’t laugh at a little kid getting into markers(THAT HAVE NO TOXINS) and drawing on a dog, you need to get off the website. BTW, if I had a kid and this happened, I’d be laughing so hard I’d probably pee my pants. LOL