There’s a Seeker Born Every Minute

Each of us is born into a lonely quest.  Young and old, rich and poor, from mighty king to lowly beggar, our lives are marked by the trails of our ceaseless yearnings, like maps to treasure we never find.

Seriously, I just don't get it sometimes...

For some, it is Love, that blissful release from earthly cares, adrift in the arms of that one special someone.  For others, it is Knowledge, the skeleton key that unlocks every mystery and lays bare the soul of Truth.

... I mean, I'm just sayin', you'd think it wouldn't be such a big deal...

… and then, if you’re this bozo, you just want a conditioner that tames split ends.

... if they can put a man on the moon and all...

We may need to break out the hot-oil treatment, Tina W.



  1. Um, what is that strange (but cute) animal?

  2. I think poor porky just wants a hug.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    This porcupine is totally stuck on himself.

  4. Jennie Mello says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww! I love him!!! I would hug him, but….will just air kiss him instead—
    mwah! mawh!!

  5. Teho…you hug first and I’ll see how badly you need first aid afterwards. 😛

  6. Hmm, OK, lemme see if I can find my old Kevlar kimono…

  7. oh goodness! i just want to kiss that soft patch of fur above his nose!!! i wish they weren’t so prickley, he looks like the perfect amount of plumpness to hug

  8. I agree, Theo. I’d do it verrrrry carefully, but I’d gladly hug this little guy. He’s adorable!

  9. Theo– good luck to him, then. Although for this porklypine, I might be tempted to risk it.

    NTMTOM– you continue to outdo yourself!

  10. bookmonstercats says:

    Ahhhhhnnn (head tilting). As a requirer of regular and copious amounts of hot oil treatment for my frizzy ringlets, I feel for him – but not too hard, or he’ll spike my hand off! What a gorgeous critter.. NOMTOM, you have surpassed yourself as always.

  11. It’s amazing how much this looks like my guinea pig!! Poor little guy sure is cute, though (even if he is lethal).

  12. look at his anerable pawsers!

    (i do believe a baby porcupine is called a porcupette. I am not making this up, though I wish I had.)

  13. Needs a little moisturizing conditioner for the hair.

  14. Hon Glad says:

    What do you mean, I gelled it like this, it’s well cool.

  15. michellemybelle says:

    I want to beep him on the nose and rub his soft tummy – porcupines are too cute!

  16. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    No conditioners–cute little bows! No?

  17. I agree, Hon Glad, it looks like he’s mad stylin’ to me!

  18. BeckyMonster says:


    Your profundity is awe inspiring. Also helped me feel better after almost getting squashed by a tractor trailer on the way into work this morning. Friday the 13th is after me today!

  19. What are those plants? I want some in my yard. Porci can come too.

  20. biscuithead says:

    Little dude needs an Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment STAT!

    And a hug.

    And a belly rub.
    Okay, and a nose beep too.

    @ michellemybelle, you’re right.

  21. 1 Frizz Eeaze coming right up…

  22. scooterpants says:

    CRM- yes yes! randomly placed bows of course of multiple colors all over! or, he could just hang by the fondue pot and make himself useful. 🙂

  23. lady ann says:

    Poor little porcupines!
    I have met people like him, who are all prickly and don’t get any hugs!

  24. Well, am I ever dumb. It didn’t look like a porcupine to me – at least, not ones that I had seen before.

  25. Isn’t it kind of mean to call him a bozo?

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    I will leave the hairstyling opinions to the experts. Too me, this guy looks like he’s thinking, “Oh, man! What was I drinking last night? I seriously need a couple of Tylenols and some coffee! What am I doing out in this field?”

  27. NTMTOM, your poignant stories are fantastic. Fun fact: porcupines like to climb trees!

  28. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Isn’t that a nutria? 😀

  29. berthaservant says:

    It’s just the humidity.

  30. I have an embarrassing confession. Once a young porcupine wandered into my open garage. I was very excited. I went into the house and got an apple and sort of threw/rolled it toward him. Of course, I only succeeded in terrorizing him. “I didn’t expect to be bombarded!!” Sigh. Not so bright on my part. But it did kind of scare him out of there, which had to happen anyway, and I made sure to encourage him to head toward the woods, not the road, as he left.

  31. EZ Reader says:

    NTMTOM – you are creatin’ serious literachure here. Love this and loved those labs at Klamath Falls. I`m your fan…

  32. Riggsveda says:

    “There’s A Seeker Born Every Minute”

    You must be an old Firesign Theatre fan!

  33. LOL, Von Zeppelin!

    Ah, I’ve had hair days like this, living in the desert.

  34. Woo! A Pricklypine! If only those prickles were soft, soft fur.. Everyone would have one around the house!

  35. DumBunny says:

    I just went to the hairdressers and had my hair done just like his.

  36. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:


  37. superboymom says:

    With a trendy “do” like this, I bet he has boxers with tiny skulls on them too.

  38. If it was in my garden, I would pin a cherry onto each of its spines and I would give it a little kiss on its belly.

  39. If it was in my garden, I would pin a cherry onto each of its spines and I would give it a little kiss on its belly.

  40. Beth,
    I’m pretty sure those plants are skunk cabbage.

    PS I’m thinking a bit of Nair might help this guy be more huggable.

  41. katiedid says:

    lol everything in the picture is pointy!! Even the plants!!

  42. Porcupine!! Is this the first time that these awesomes little dudes have been on here? One came right up on my lawn once. My sister started screaming like the house was on fire(out of excitement,not fear). I lurve them! Thanks CO!

  43. No No No – it totally looks like a Mystic from The Dark Crystal!

  44. Anticlimatic conclusions FOR THE WIN!

  45. Who’s gonna tell the little feller that the “moon landing” was filmed on a sound stage in New Mexico?

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    What?? sound stage what?!?

  47. Awwww, he’s precious with his crazy hairdo!

    He makes me think of Elliot Kravitz from the book “Hug Me” that I used to have memorized from my childhood.

    Then he reminds me of the time my son wanted a “closer look” (his words!) at the porcupines at the Cleveland Zoo and got his head stuck (and quickly unstuck by my husband) in the bars!

  48. Insanely cute porky baby!

  49. Is that a field of skunk cabbage? I haven’t seen those in years – think they may actually be endangered now. Porky is very nice too, of course 😉

  50. rowag, Lydia, Beth, I was thinking false hellebore for the plants.

    I love porkies, such sweet noses and lumbering walks. I’ve seen them in trees – incongruous but cute!

  51. @ Von Zepplin….That’s exactly what I said this morning!

  52. It’s a North American pocupine. Very slow and silly and adorable. =) And the plant is in the genus Veratrum. People in Colorado call them skunk cabbage, but it’s not the same skunk cabbage I know from the east coast (and doesn’t really smell bad). I’ve also hear them called corn lilies.

  53. “As a porcupine pines for its pork, that’s how I pine for youuuuuu….”

  54. Sicut hystrix desiderat ad porcus, ita desiderat anima mea ad te?

  55. Hmm. Lookin’ at him, I think it just *might* be possible to pet him if you pet only in one direction. Any volunteers??

  56. This is the first time I’ve seen a porcupine and he’s sooooo cute!!! 🙂 OMG!

  57. That is one HUGE porcupine…wow! Love that she or he (I’M not gonna check!) is standing up. So cool!

  58. Theresa- that porky bebeh with hiccups just about keeled me ded! So sweet!

  59. kibblenibble says:

    He/she looks a bit wistful…

  60. Samantha says:

    I wish more people used the term bozo these days. Good work, NTMTOM!

  61. Samantha says:

    Gosh, such actually excellent philosophizing with the funny pix. Is that original or plagiarized, if you’re not offended by my asking, NTM? I’m impressed. Also edified. Wow.

  62. Could be the cloak of honor for a tribal dance.

  63. totalee puppy says:

    NTMTOM–That special style is pure “Noms.” The hovertext is awesome.

  64. hamster-on-rye says:

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” As soon as he finishes this scene, he’ll be surrounded by eager spiny porcupinettes
    clamoring for his autograph.

  65. cachorro says:

    This celebrity don’t need no bodyguard…What’s he
    gonna sign? Yeah, “Bozo”,
    I guess…

  66. the ‘pine abides

  67. superboymom says:

    Whatever you do, don’t rub him the wrong way!

  68. blubirdee says:

    “Bozo” is a little harsh. Porcupines are quite smart animals, and deserve our admiration. It happens to be my animal totem. Save the name-calling for clowns, please….

  69. great hairstyle, can u tell me the name of that style

  70. Looks like a bit of a prickly character to me.

  71. wannadance says:

    bozo nuffers? i guess it had to happen someday…the absolute limit reached?

    i have never seen a porky coz i HATE nature, like forest walks or hikes. desert, yeah, but forests? nah.

    and i betcha’ money NOMTOM’s text is original. he’s not the plagarize type. (unless to call it ‘researrrrrrrrrrch…’, tom lehrer lives…)

  72. Surely this is no porcupine but a philanthropist who put all his money in Bernard Made-off’s Ponzi and wandered the countryside after being pauperised, here shown returning to hear the verdict?

  73. Hon Glad says:

    The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, looks like this. Can someone do a link.

  74. Stephanie says:

    Samantha writes, “Gosh, such actually excellent philosophizing with the funny pix.”

    Yes, it’s startling to see such eloquence preceding the word “bozo” — most excellent!

    A google search of the phrase, “Our lives are marked by the trails of our ceaseless yearnings,” returns only one hit, and it features a porcupine.

  75. I love porcupines. I used to have a very portly one living in my backyard, which is out in the country, and I’ve seen them while walking. I guess after having hedgehogs for years, I love porcupines by association. They are very cute in a strange way. I just love them.

  76. Theresa-Wake up, sweetie, you’re speaking Latin in your sleep again…what were you dreaming?

  77. awww! too cute! I would get out there and give him a BIG hug if I could!

  78. awww! too cute! I would get out there and give him a BIG hug if I could!