You’re know they’re done…

When their ears pop out!

Ding! [Oven timer sound]


Sender-Inner Anastasia K. sez Pup Ruby is home with her (and her big brother Herbie!) She also sez: "There is so much corgi cute-itude in this house right now we’re all getting sick to our stomachs!" Roight!



  1. sunnymum says:

    bleenin’ earsies!

  2. Corgi-licious!!

  3. 10 & 2 = the ultimate in relaxation.

  4. Sleeping puppies are amazing.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Ruby is a gem.

  6. please observe the soft, velvety patch of pink above this corgi’s nosicle.

  7. scooterpants says:

    if everyone had just one corgi (or pommie) the world would be a much happier and friendlier place.
    the link is wonderful, but mom. really. let them wrestle on the rug.

  8. Corgi pups are the best! My dog Robot looks just like Herbie! 🙂

    PS What is is with librarians and corgis? We must be predisposed to go together.

  9. starling says:

    I once knew a psycho corgi! He wasn’t nice at all.

    But I’m sure this one is!

  10. zeldapie says:

    Me likey Corgis, especially this yummy little girl!

  11. Corgi crossed with fennec fox?

  12. christine says:

    i looked at all her corgi pictures, young corgi and older corgi – best dogs ever – sweet little pups


  13. He looks a bit like Yoda…

  14. I have a friend who owns a corgi…she is constantly telling me I should get one too.

  15. Beep beep, Katrina! Are you seeing this???

  16. Oh, no! That face is just too sweet! Smooches to Ruby and Herbie!

  17. Such symmetry formed by the triangles of the blaze/muzzle and the ears! That dog looks like the Star of David!

  18. bunnystew says:

    Cute puppers!!

    *cough*fix typo in headline*cough*

  19. apotheosis says:

    I want eet.

  20. Marjorie says:

    Ruby looks just like my Chauncey when he was little. *sigh* I love corgyn!

  21. Jimbeaux says:

    *gasp* All these posts and the ears have gone un-nommed? I weel feex that!

    *nom nom nom!*

  22. cafegrrl says:


  23. That fur looks so soft.

  24. Anna — weird! although i haven’t become a librarian YET (finishing the ol’ MLIS this summer). then again i don’t have my very own corgi YET. i certainly two happy events will converge!

  25. oops. left some words out. and those words were “hope the”.

  26. Heli-corgi ears- now taking off from the nearest heli-pad

  27. What is that odd beeping sound? Hmm?
    OO! It is a CORGULA!
    No, it was Theresa doing her best impression of a CORGULA! Great impression, Theresa, really, eerie (get it?)

    That fur is very soft, essacee, and thick and well, temporary, I’m afraid. It comes OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF, too!
    Killer Corgi asks that only seasoned dog owners get Corgulas. They are stubborn as the day is long (and they are pretty long, too)
    and they are iffy with other dogs. Mine goes for the throat. Seriously.

    Now, Corgulas are half cat, half dog and half something I haven’t been able to identify-it might be rabbit.
    (Yes, that is 3/2, that is part of the joke).

    Corgulas are not for first-time dog owners. But mine is wonderful and sometimes affectionate and sometimes really annoying, but we love her, we have built quite the corgi-centric household.
    The ears are soft and flexible and strokeable and cuddleable stock up on cotton balls and Animax ointment- they get boo-boos, too. Q-Tips are only so effective.

  28. …and that is even a Cardigan Corgula, the kind with the buttons! I love my girly-girl. Quite the character.

  29. Maribeth says:

    I have a girl Corgi named Ruby – she is 13 and she is still just as adorable as this pup! She and her big brother Devo took to each other like ducks to water and have lived happily together for almost 13 years. Corgis are the best – they can be tough but they are sweet and funny and about the cutest things on four legs!

  30. ZomgCorgi! Ehn! Yes!

    Thank you, CO, for putting a little more Corgi in my life.

  31. OOOps, these two don’t have buttons, (I mean tails), so sorry for the lack of looking earlier.

    Ruby and Herbie are the cutest doggetts possible!
    What can I tell you, the Cutitude just becomes your new ‘normal’-you’ll get used to it, but do come up with many, many synonyms for ‘cute’ now, before you need them, onaccountabecause your gonna need them!

  32. scooterpants says:

    sub line does not “seems” to be right???

  33. “Now, Corgulas are half cat, half dog and half something I haven’t been able to identify-it might be rabbit.”

    In your average Corgulas you might find dog, cat, bunny, and goat at various times. My parents have 2, one has more bunny-like while the other one is more goat-like.
    The bunny-like one has gone hunting before and she has her own orange safety vest just in case she is mistake for a real bunny from behind!

    ‘The goat’ has managed to jump into moving cars through the driver and passenger window as they pull into the driveway. Boy does she love her car rides.

  34. totalee puppy says:

    Anner…please let us know
    when the two happy events
    come together…your MLIS and having your very own
    Corgi. Best wishes!

  35. Oh, the fluffiness of the fur reminds me of that scene in Ratatouille when Remy and Emile are on the roof and the lightning hits them and their fur is standing on end. 😀

    I love the combination of those buoyant ears and the squeezed-shut eyes. HE CANNOT STAND EET!

  36. berthaservant says:

    Disapproving corgi?

  37. kibblenibble says:

    I need to place a kees on that soft white area atop the nosicle, and another upon that perfectly rounded head…Mwah! Mwah!

  38. Subhangi says:


  39. cheesybird says:

    I want to boop her nose, but I don’t want to wake her up.

    *ever so softly booping*

  40. cheesybird says:

    BTW, did anyone see the Corgi Schnoz XCO on their blog? *boop!* *boop!* *boop!* *boop!*

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Ruby, don’t take your love to town.

  42. Wow! Thanks for the boops, everybody!

    Another Librarian-Corgi combo! I made a librarian friend who had a corgi name Beatrice who turned out to be Herbie’s sister!

    Corgis make great library dogs because they can shelf-read down low where it hurts librarians to bend.

  43. she’s going to grow up to be a very cute ottoman. 😉