Hopped up on boxes

It started out innocently enough…

A simple ‘kitteh curious about a box’ scenario…


The Part-Squirrel, part Pomeranian didn’t even seem to notice at first…


But then, the kitteh got a LITTLE TOO COMFORTABUHLS


So much so




HEY-ZOOS your kitteh is a BOX FIEND Kate G.!



  1. The look in the last pic is *just* before blood gets drawn :-).

  2. superboymom says:

    The eyes in that 3rd photo remind me of “Puss-n-boots” from Shrek when he was trying keel with the qte! 🙂

  3. Hon Glad says:

    I’m afraid it’s too late, that glazed expression says boxhab.

  4. Grampa Kitteh in the background of pic#1 looks so disappointed. “We had such high hopes for you, Missy, but all you care about is your box.”

  5. Lerrinus says:

    What beautiful kitteh!
    such a cute puppy!

  6. no precedent, baby!

    what, you using my babys now?

  7. Holy Hannah Peeps! The eyeballs! THE EYEBALLS! THEY ARE FULL OF STARS!!!!!


  8. Looks like Maru has some competition.

    Also: my cat has the exact same bear with which that dog is playing. It has a velcro opening on its back in which you can stuff catnip.

  9. Kristabelle says:

    Yes, superboymom, that’s that expression perfectly!!!

  10. Tired of having to choose between a yard rodent and a small dog? Now you don’t have to. Introducing SkwerlPom, from C.O. Industries. It’s personable, absorbent, fits in small spaces, and efficiently hoards your neighbors’ nuts — a must for these tough economic times.

  11. shahinrani says:

    That look more like a rough coated SquirrelChihuahua.

  12. Ok. Time for boxhab.

  13. Has this kitty been watching too much Mugu Mogu on youtube?

  14. Kitty, what big eyes you have! I too suspect that the brown tabby took a beating immediately after the camera shutter closed…

  15. fish eye no miko says:

    llism said: “The look in the last pic is *just* before blood gets drawn :-).”

    Hehehe.. I just had some medical testing which including having blood work done. So reading this, I was like, Wait, why does kitty need her blood drawn? Are they doing some tests? Is she ill? And what does the look on her face have to do with it…?

  16. Those are the wackadoodle eyes, folks. These precede a manic tear around the house.

  17. biscuitz4bearz says:

    agrees w/ Theresa. I know those eyeballz.

  18. Just say no to boxes!

  19. revolution724 says:

    I get the feeling the other kitty’s about to get a smackdown. Just a hunch.

  20. scooterpants says:

    i love that the cats are turning the pomeranian on to the nip, next thing you know the pom will be ‘in the box’ too.
    next- i think its obvious that this has gone way too far, there needs to be an intervention, then box hab and straight into a twelve step program, then of course daily monitoring.
    i dont know how you people expect your pets to recover when you keep enabling and enabling and enabling! almost encouraging i would think.
    now, you go and chew on that for a while. hhmmpphhh.

  21. Are kittehs autistic? They seem to like the small confines of boxes an awful lot!

  22. scooterpants says:

    yep Gwenny, cats are very artistic.

  23. When my cats looked like this, my mother would always ask, “Who put a firecracker up your butt?”

  24. Paunchie says:

    are kittehs like people in that the pupils dilate when feeling pleasure and happiness???

    also ew! Poms humping toys! er, just about to I think! what porno, I’m so offended!

  25. hahahaha, THE CRAZY EYES!! It’s about that time…

  26. balamuthia says:

    With early detection and boxhab this kitteh could go on to lead a normal life!

    I think the squirrel-pom should lead an intervention!

  27. looks so comfy!! I want a box to crawl into.

  28. I am in love with Background Laser Tabby!

  29. Seven Paws says:

    LOL about Wackadoodle Eyes, and the Shrek Puss In Boots look…

    We had warm weather here in the east over the weekend, and I saw this particular look several times – with subsequent frenetic roughhousing and tearing up the apartment.

    Why does springtime always do this to them?!

  30. This situation must be handled very carefully to avoid nasty withdrawl. Gently remove kitty from box and cuddle closely. Slowly, at intervals, move kitty away from your body. This will allow kitty to come down from the “box high” slowly and without too much discomfort. Then take kitty to boxhab therapist and remove all boxes from house. With early intervention all kittys can be saved from this terrible addiction.

    Also, re: hovertext on last picture…..I’ve always wondered, What does the H stand for?

  31. @Seven Paws

    I think they know the birds are coming back.

    My neighbors’ cats hang out on the balcony in the afternoon and they usually look at me and exchange a few words/meows as I pass. The last couple of days, they haven’t been able to tear their eyes away from the bird-filled skies long enough to notice me going by even if I call out to them.

  32. Trabb's Boy says:

    I think the kitty caught sight of the halloween lights that came in the box, n that’s why it went all bug-eyed. But there are certain types of boxes that do tend to dilate the pupils, so …

    Anyhoo, I am totally using that second-to-last pic as my background for the month.

  33. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    hover text on the last picture is why I’m not letting the door hit me on the butt on my way out…

  34. I love this cat, so pretty. Is it unusual for cats to have both calico+tabby patterns like this? My calico has solid patches, no tabby stripes underneath. Still pretty of course. 😉

  35. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Pffft! Mah fuzzy buddy Nermal can get flatter than that! He pulls off the bear rug when he doesn’t want to be spotted in a wide open space! It’s actually quite funny if he wasn’t so skeered! 😀

  36. Seven Paws says:

    Becca – sure they can have tabby and calico patches both. One of mine has tabby and tortie patches, and the cat rescue called her a “torbie”. I’ve also seen cats referred to as “cali-tabby” and “cali-bie”.

  37. she Gann says:

    Maybe we could use “Ack! Madinajad” instead of “Jesus H Christ. Please don’t use Jesus as a casual curse word.

  38. @Seven Paws

    I am on the east coast too. The weather, birdies, and squirrels do it, but so does the coming of the full moon, which we’re in right now. For some reason the full moon has always made my babies CRAZY.

  39. LOOK at the pupils on that pussy!! Pass the nip to the left!

  40. One of my favorites is “Gloriosa Daisy!”

    As in “Gloriosa Daisy, those people have color-coordinated pets!”

  41. she Gann, I really like that…Ack! Madinajad. Lol. He deserves to be his own curse word. Jesus, on the other hand, would never be disrespected by a cat or dog. They have better manners than that.

  42. No way that’s a part-Pom. That’s a long-coated Chihuahua! I’ve got one that looks just like him. Ahn!

  43. LOL I like how the other kitty is standing so patiently to the side, waiting for his or her turn in the box, CUTE!

  44. Am I correct in reading that strangely angled box’s text as “100 Orange/Purple Double Lites”? Christmas lights are fine…Halloween lights are just plain crazy! (and awesome!)

  45. berthaservant says:

    Noelle, I remember debating this with my brother for many years, and we finally decided on “Hector.”

    the squirrel pom really makes this post fly, though.

  46. kibblenibble says:

    I’m totally amused at how flat/skinny this box is, and how the kitteh has crammed herself aaalll the way into it. Love those crazy cats! >’.’<

  47. Subhangi says:

    That kitteh is TOTALLY baked.

  48. GIGGLE I love that saying, Theresa, “Who put a firecracker up your butt?” That kitty looks like she about to go on a tear around the house.

  49. I love how your kitty has big owl eyes! You just know she feels wild and crazy by her expression! Sooooooo cute!

  50. Berthaservant…Hector huh? Ok, why not? Thanks.

  51. Henry?

  52. Those are my pets. 😉 The one who needs boxhab is Fiona and she is a spaz. She did in fact dart right out of that box after the last pic was taken and leep on Ajax (the grey tabby) before ripping through the house. I could not believe that she was able to fit in that box either since it is so small. Pixie is the dog, she is a long hair Chihuahua and was also on this site once before wearing a sombrero and pancho. She was January 28th on the page a day calender. Thanks for the happy comments!

  53. Wow! Where is she from? Sorry i haven’t read comments yet but… i have a cat 1 year old… Suki and she has the EXACT same markings are your cat. Right down to the disney eyes. Man i wish i had a picture handy to show you. The resemblence is uncanny! She’s a san diego kitty.

  54. Paunchie says:

    “Gently remove kitty from box and cuddle closely.”

    right, good luck on that! Not when kitty is in spaz out mode!

  55. @ Lindsay-
    We are in IL about 30 miles southwest of Chicago. She was a farm kitten, born at a friend of a friends house when her mom showed up on their property pregnant a little over 2 years ago. Maybe the mom made it to California a year later? The mom was a calico, but was grey in place of black. Fiona was the only calico of the litter. Is Suki a nut too?