Aim high, Baby.

Aim High.


There is pretty moshe nothing more that can be said except:



I’m SURE you can come up with another caption, Megan W. I mean, WHAT IS THAT GERMAN SHEPARD THINKING!?



  1. I am going to laff at this for about six days. Because I am twelve. Way to play outta yer league, fluffy!!!!

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    NICE!!! My friend just accidentally had Pit-huauas because of this type of Little Engine That Could action.

  3. @Beth: not pit-huauas–chihua-pits! (You have to say it aloud.)

  4. It looks he’s trying to jump over her, but he can’t quite make it. Come on, boy, you can do it!

  5. “Little Engine That Could” Action LOL

  6. fawn lust says:

    OMG, Pit-huauas! What did they look like?!

  7. Serious ehn-ing

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    What is the German Shepherd thinking? Hmmm….”Okay Doc, when do I turn my head and cough, because I’m still not feelin’ it!”

  9. OMG… LMBO!!!! My sides are so sore…
    I can go to bed utterly spent (from laughter, relax) now.

  10. LOL!

  11. Ahahhaha. What is the wee doggy DOING? lol!


  13. I always feel sorry for little male dogs trying to mate with large female dogs. It’s like, no man can have the feelings of inadequacy that get anywhere close to that little guy.

  14. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Alex, you think that’s bad? Picture a male St. Bernard impregnating a female Chihuahua! Come labor day that won’t be pretty!

  15. sick. I’m done with this site.

  16. Someone get the poor lad a stepladder…

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    Ya know, she could at least sit down to make it a little easier for the little guy… ^_^

  18. berthaservant says:

    So many possibilities. I am reminded of Jack Palance saying to Billy Crystal in “City Slickers” “I c**p bigger than you.”

    But more directly, this is what I feel like every time I try to ask a girl out. Like it’s this impossible and this inappropriate (though biologically quite understandable). Sigh.

    Hang in there little fella. You can do eet!

  19. AmsterdamGirl says:

    sick? Come on. Where do you think little puppies come from? The stork brings them in? It’s not like it was graphic at all. People need a sense of humor.

  20. “… you see, Billy, when a daddy dog and a mommy dog love each other very much, and cannot come to terms with the advanced concepts of size and proportion, they…”

  21. Amsterdamgirl says:

    Awesome, NTMTOM!

  22. Hon Glad says:

    It’s all totally innocent, the German shephards blind and the white dog’s pushing him to the blind centre.

  23. tracyflick says:

    Ew. I think we could be classier than this? This is cuteoverload not pornoverload. Dogs screwing isn’t exactly the epitome of adorableness, now is it? Frown.

  24. cheesybird says:

    LOL @ Hon Glad.

  25. Dexter Fishmore says:

    +1 for the hovertext on the second pic. Very well done.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Oh please! This is hardly porn tracyflick. It is meant to be funny and it happens a lot whenever two dogs are in the same vicinity. Or sometimes with one dog and a stuffed animal. You can see animals doing this type of thing on the nature channels on basic cable. It’s not like they are saving it for late night cinemax or the nudie channels.

    And it is pretty obvious this was not meant to be vulgar but rather humorous due to the difference in the size of the dogs. Have a sense of humor people. This is funny!

  27. Buh-bye, janie. Don’t let the door hit your incredibly clenched tush on the way out…

  28. low-brow says:

    Ewww…gross. Would say it if I actually saw it and say it now even if it’s a picture. Sorry.

  29. starling says:

    When my parents lived on a compound in Indonesia, the neighbour’s labrador got pregnant. They all thought the father was the Rottweiler next door, so people reserved puppies to guard their houses. But it turned out it had actually been the chihuahua next door…

    I saw the owner walk the puppies, they were all the size of the father!

  30. starling says:

    The look of the shepherd is something like “Hmm, I’ve got a little itch on my backside”.

  31. *Raises eyebrows at people who see this and think “porn.”*

  32. cheesybird says:

    Starling, I’m imagining chihuahua-sized dogs with labrador-like heads. My brain hurts.

  33. cheesybird says:

    … and LOL at “Hmm, I’ve got a little itch on my backside”.

  34. Indeed. Some people on here are more prude overload than cute overload.

  35. By the way, I AM getting married. Someone seemed to think that’s “BS” in the Katy thread?

  36. please, all you sex-haters – based on my experience, I’m guessing that the little domme is a lady anyway. RIP Dot, the queen of all humpers. maybe that gender-role-bending makes it even more objectable from the prude point of view, I suppose.

  37. Ewww, cooties!

    (isn’t it funny how film boards often object to sex in films but will happily allow violence? What’s that all about?)

  38. LOL. This is even more hilarious than the time I saw a Labrador trying to hump a Dashhund.

  39. Everyone has needs…

  40. Dobermama says:

    She doesn’t want to laugh at him and hurt his feelings. Maybe if she pretends he’s not there, he’ll go away.

  41. “My! What a cute goiter I have!”

  42. Oh my god how could you post DOG PR0N!? (I really wonder about the nuffers on this thread…)

  43. For you non-dog Peeps, nine times out of ten, mounting is a social activity, not a sexual one. Shorty is saying, hey, I’m a big important dog, too, and you are not the boss of me!

  44. I think that statement might have got lost on the german shepherd, Pheas.

  45. eternalcanadian says:

    umm, what’s so funny about that? looks like the poor dog is getting swallowed up by the bigger dog’s arse? :-O

  46. OMG!! Will someone please think of the puppies!?!?!? No, seriously.. I wonder what they would look like.. humm….

  47. “I wonder what’s for dinner tonight…” (I think she’s being very gracious)

    I was wondering if someone was going to complain about this. Really, folks. If you really love critters, you should recognize and appreciate that they are multi-dimensional complex beings. EhnEhnEhn! indeed!

  48. I had a dog once that was half pomeranian, half malamute.

    I don’t even want to know how that happened.

  49. martha in mobile says:

    Humping is a social dominance behavior. Or else my female chi-jack thinks my arm is very sexy.

  50. Our neighbors have a Yorkshire terrier that tries to mount Lucy our retriever every time he sees her. Lucy just looks at us with confusions in her eyes.

  51. any lovin is good lovin, so i took what i could get……..everybody sing along now!

  52. i needed cheering up and this did it for me , the little dog looks sooo happyy!! and so does the shepherd, aww bless

  53. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Still trying to understand the porn comments. huh? Hope y’all find the Mother Hubbard site and happiness therein!

  54. metsakins says:

    then she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said…

  55. metsakins says:

    but seriously if they are “doing it”, which I doubt, will those be the happiest, smiliest pups in the world or what?

  56. Laughed out loud when I saw this. I can’t imagine what side of the bed one would have to get out on not to see the humor. Anyway, I’ll bet the pups will be cute and will do a great job of guarding the, well, doll house!

  57. Yep, sharo, that’s what the little dog wants the big dog to believe:

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    Here’s something, here’s something that you’re never gonna forget
    B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Nothin’ yet, you ain’t been a-ROUND!

    (I went through a total obsessed-teenager phase with BTO–can you tell?)

  58. Some years ago, my friend’s (male) Yorkie had a bad accident: the little guy was about done for, and she took him home to spend his last few days with the family.

    And then her husband’s Rottie had her heat.

    Somehow the Yorkie crawled out of his sickbed and made it to the yard, where my friend found him, intently humping the Rottie’s back knee.

    He made a full recovery.

    Sexual healing, indeed.

  59. People who are weirded out – From the goofy position it’s obvious that it’s *physically impossible* that any hanky panky is going on. Dogs don’t keep their twigs and berries on their chests!

    Really, it’s about as bad as posting a dog on somebody’s leg, which is a staple of comedy. (Doesn’t do anything for me, but then neither do fart jokes, and that’s another staple.) Basically Harmless.

    So please, don’t worry so much. It’s really okay, and no, your eyes haven’t been attacked by doggie sex.

  60. ShelleyTambo says:

    Our shelter once had a dog that was half bassett hound and half rottweiler. Everyone thought that the rottweiler was “obviously” the father. I just thought, “Never underestimate the little guy.”

  61. I grew up with a lab cross. She loved other big and medium-sized dogs (also cows), but she was terrified of small dogs and would run away or cower behind us when one approached. Now I think I know why.

  62. Some days, the commentary is SO much more fun that the pictures. This new social webs is the BEST! I wish Janie didn’t leave, she revved everyone up… we need her back!

  63. StormCat says:

    She’s thinking “Beige, I think I’ll paint my dog house beige”….

  64. starling says:

    *ponders cath’s “also cows” comment*

  65. Desdemona says:

    MadameX — loved your story!
    My dad was a veterinarian, which means we had lots of “rescue” anipals over the years. One was a tiny “teacup” poodle, named Laddie, who had oversized (for his body) you-know-whats. When people would bring their famale dogs and ask my dad if they were in heat and ready to breed, he would ask Laddie for his opinion. Laddie was a very reliable barometer…

  66. snoopysnake says:

    Anyone read “Every Night Josephine” by Jacqueline Susann? It’s about her poodle but she told anecdotes about her friends’ dogs too. One had a poodle and went to visit Jackie Gleason, who IIRC, allowed Miss Poodle to play outside with a neighborhood collie, figuring incorrectly that the collie must be “a dame” too because it had long hair! The result – “Copoodles” which Gleason himself had to find homes for by knocking on strangers’ doors. As Susannn wrote, who would turn down a chance to tell people you got your dog from Jackie Gleason?

  67. starling says:

    So did they have any suspiciously small and curly-haired puppies as a result, Desdemona?

  68. my mom-in-law has these dusters that look like fat furry multi-colored tails on a stick. when we went to visit (and still brought our cats) my boy cat would invariably drag one of these things out, and walk around straddling it, grabbing it by the ‘scruff of the neck’ (with the handle pointing out front). We called them his girlfriends. Sometimes we’d be in bed at night and we could hear the stick scraping against the wall when he brought his friend back to the bedroom.

    It was funny but a bit embarrassing when guests were over. He’s never shown this behavior at home, but then again, I don’t have dusters that appeal to him, I guess!

  69. Friends, it is not what you all think. Please take a closer look at the photo. The little guy does not even stand. His feet are off the ground. Simply, it is not possible. Also, larger female dogs would usually lie down to maks this happen. In my view, this is clearly shopped.

  70. I recall a rather mismatched (speutered) bunnies of a 2lb male Netherland Dwarf and a 12 lb female French Lop.

    He fell off a lot.

  71. Typical shepherd, doesn’t even acknowledge the little crap dog at all. What poise! Shepherds RULE!

  72. “Doc, you gotta help me. I’ve got some kind of weird growth on my butt.”

  73. Eww. I’d rather have my cuteness and my sex humor on different sites, plz.

  74. Eww. I’d rather have my cuteness and my sex humor on different sites, plz.

  75. GreyhoundMommy says:

    kzgz: Bwhaahahahahaha……LMAO..LMAO…LMAO!!!!!!!!

  76. I’m not a prude, but sometimes I like to show the kids I work with different entries on CO. I’ve always checked the site before I show anything, but an entry like this, even if I whisked by it, might cause comments. There’s gotta be a happy medium – maybe entries unsuitable for kids could be behind a link?

    Anyway, that’s one confident pup…

  77. Desdemona says:

    @Starling: No, to his eternal disappointment, there were never any odd looking offspring from Laddie’s “diagnoses.” Like MadameX’s Yorkie, he could never get any farther than most of these girls’ back ankles.

  78. Hey, never have a dream, never have a dream come true!

  79. marsheeeee says:

    So who says they’re having sex? The little white guy could be trying jump up on the shepherd’s back to hitch a ride. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  80. The pics made me giggle, but some of the posts here just brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for livening up an otherwise boring day! 😀

  81. scooterpants says:

    comin up!
    (love the big smile on the Shepard there, very cute)

  82. I show my kids stuff on this site too… but I would NEVER presume to tell the posters where and when or what to put on here.

    And maybe I’ll go to hell, but I did show my 11 and 13 year old, and we all laughed our butts off.

    dogs hump. so what.

  83. temperance says:

    OMG!!1! get a room, will ya…

  84. BeckyMonster says:


    Kudos to you and your attitude!! And for Pete’s sake, maybe if people weren’t so freaked about sex, even when it’s in “nature”, we wouldn’t have so many twisted folks running around.

    Just saying – Repression breeds rebellion! Vive la Revolution!

  85. Wow, seriously are the nuffers serious? Good grief…..

    anyway, hilarious captions!
    I’d love to see what the puppy outcome would look like! heh
    That is one gorgeous german shepard though. Love it when they’re kinda shaggy like that.

  86. wannadance says:

    i love the assumption that this is sexual. you jerks! go away!

    in bad mood and feeling intolerant. i have a friend who has ‘forbidden’ me from making any sexual reference at all. i wonder if she is a true friend, really. she thinks this will somehow save my soul, like she corners the market on that knowledge.

    i had a long female kitty and a rather petite male kitty. poor baby could not grasp nape of neck (cat mating requirement) and reach the business end at the same time. poor kitties.

    cuteoverload: don’t ever change….

  87. ButtaRumCake says:

    Kudos to ya Claudia!

    I thought this was hysterical! And I’m gonna show my kid too – she’ll get a major giggle out of it as well.

  88. wannadance says:

    @madame x and kaete: thank you, thank you! great healing story, i mean great!

    and kaete: ‘twigs and berries!!’ i love that, really did.

  89. I really don’t understand why so many people complain about the content of this site not being appropriate for children. From day 1, Cute Overload has never advertised itself as a kid-friendly or “family” site in anyway, or even attempted to appeal to parents, teachers etc. If you want to show this stuff to your kids then that’s your choice, but a free blog isn’t under any kind of obligation to provide you with child friendly material. Just sayin.

  90. BeckyMonster says:

    I was under the impression that Cute Overload’s target market was low to mid-30’s, jaded Gen-Xers looking for a way to get through the day. Works for me!

    You want marketing-heavy, child-friendly content, go to

  91. AuntieMame says:

    I am as prude as they get, but my only reaction to this photo was to giggle quietly (because I’m supposed to be working). It’s just dogs doing what dogs do.

  92. And my immediate thoughts were just butt pillow. *shrugs*

  93. This reminds me of my all-time favorite mutt sighting. It was a daschund…white with black spots.

  94. Can I just jump in and say kudos to Claudia? Really! That made me beam really broadly that someone was so reasonable and not uptight.

    One of my co-workers used to have a Chi/Blue Heeler mix. Weeeeird

  95. Funny! I had a friend who worked at the SPCA as a vet tech. There was a room where they did a prelim check-up of incoming animals. They had a female chow and a male chihuahua come in the same day. Apparently the chow was in heat because the next thing they knew, the little male chihuahua was humping the chow. The sad part was she laid down on the floor. Even sadder…her fur was so thick, he couldn’t get through..HAHAHA!!! They let him try for a while because it was so hilarious!

  96. I have to add when i saw the cat and duster story,I have just 3 weeks ago lost my darling grey cat Lloyd who had been “done” but every night he got it on with my elbow!! it was a bit embaressing at first but he was happier if he was allowed to do it and if he got too rough i would brush him off. Also re kids/pets/sex my 2 youngest first alerted me to Lloyds randy nature when he was 5 months old by rushing up shouting Mum Mum Lloyds humping our teddies!! And surely God invented the whole thing?!

  97. some of you need to be reminded where adorable puppies come from…

  98. Not Cuteoverload Material.
    Not Cuteoverload Material.
    Not Cuteoverload Material.
    Not Cuteoverload Material.
    Not Cuteoverload Material.
    Not Cuteoverload Material.

    Booo… me no likey…

  99. Mollye: Evidentally, it is! After all, it’s here!
    What other definition is there?

  100. BeckyMonster says:


    Perhaps YOU are not Cute Overload material?????

  101. Paunchie says:

    hahaha! twigs and berries!

  102. Mary (the first) says:

    I can’t believe some of y’all think “children” (age unspecified) couldn’t see a couple of dogs getting friendly anytime, anywhere, on the street or neighbor’s yard. Sheesh. Get real. And it won’t hurt them one little bit to see it, either.
    Meanwhile, this is HILARIOUS.

  103. amaretto_bunny says:

    What a silly puppy! lol =D

    My dog (she lives with my mom and step-dad) is a boxer/cocker spaniel mix. I don’t think it’s that weird size-wise (well, maybe a little), but whenever we would take her for a walk, people would always stop and ask what breed she was. Everyone we met always said it was a strange combination that they had never heard of before. Here’s a pic, if anyone is interested: (the other one is our Min Pin)

    She’s always been a good dog and is a lot smarter than the Min Pin, lol. She’s about 12 years old now, and it’s gonna be hard when she goes to the Rainbow Bridge. Hopefully that won’t be for a while, since she’s still full of spunk. =)

  104. I have only one word: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  105. or maybe the shepard just accidently sat on him?

  106. starling says:

    That’s it, Stella. It just stuck, ya know? It was small and fluffy, and the German shepherd is kinda big, and …

  107. scooterpants says:

    Monica tTC-
    you mean you saw a daschmation or a cowdasch? :)AMAZING!

  108. BeckyMonster — i resemble that remark! not that i would ever suggest trying limiting CO’s audience, but yeah, i often feel like the tone of the posts and of most of the comments is one of other 30-something cynics howling at each other through the virtual wilderness. i am comforted by this howling.

  109. Anne Boleyn says:

    OK people, while you were all nuffing, poor Timmy remains in the well because that little dog is trying to tell Rin Tin Tin to go tell Lassie to tell Timmie’s family that he’s in the effing well again.
    NOW don’t you feel bad?

  110. Shepherd must be thinking “Damn haemorroids, gotta get those fixed some day….”

  111. A friend of mine says that a dog has his “lipstick” out when she sees the dog’s…. The first time I heard that, I laughed hysterically.

  112. apotheosis says:

    Poor little guy’s just gasping for air.

    The dog in the front half of the german shepherd costume must have gas.


  114. Apotheosis, that made me HOWL with laughter. And I’m at work.

  115. Mollye, do you own this site? Didn’t think so. Shut your pie hole and have a sense of humor. Maybe if the nuffers got some of what this German Shepard is getting, we would have happier posts. =) @Claudia- LOVED your post, how refreshing!!!

  116. Danielle says:

    mollye, there are a million and one cute animal websites out there that would be more acceptable to you than cute overload, so why in the world do you come to this site and then complain about it? You don’t exactly qualify as a captive audience…

  117. God Cricket – that story made me howl!! had to gulp downthe ice tea I had in my mouth so I wouldn’t spew it on the monitor!!

    thank god for the cool people on this site

  118. I love when people try to dictate what is or isn’t CuteOverload material. Isn’t that Meg, Theo, and NTMTOM’s job? If you don’t like the material here, don’t visit the blog. Start your own!

  119. Oh, and this is hilarious, by the way. Both the dogs look so, sooooo happy!

  120. What is the German Shepherd thinking? “Whatever.” For the little guy? Give him a break! That’s definitely a can-do attitude! We could all use a lot more of that.

    I got my last dog from the pound — an adorable 1-year-old Lhasa mix. The vet was not able to figure out that she was pregnant until 1 week before the puppies were due, and when they were born, it was very clear this little dog had mated with both a black Lab and a Golden Retriever. She LIKED big dogs! Whenever I took her for a walk, she was always chasing after some big dude, the little hussy.

    For those upset with the content of this picture, you probably want to steer clear of National Geographic, Discovery, and any nature channels, too. They show much more graphic pictures of animals mating, and also live pictures of cute little animals getting eaten. It happens.

  121. Aww.. he looks like a pillowy mound of mashed potatoes.

  122. platedlizard says:

    my favorite mutt when I worked at the pet store was this boxer/lhasa apso mix. Apparently this means wiry hair, among many other interesting attributes.

    My most favorite dog was a black lab with dwarfism, though.

  123. My parents’ Dalmation was twice impregnated by the neighbors’ Dachsund. My dad called the resulting puppies “Dal-weenies.”

  124. Some people are way too uptight.

  125. I own a Red Heeler / Dauschund mix. Basically take the Doxie and blow him up about 50% – mom doesn’t really show at all other than size!

  126. Oh I have been LOLing at some comments. Others – well, THIS is disturbing???? Whatever.

    I have to describe my thought process here. First I innocently thought, oh how cute. Big doggie is giving little doggie a ride – as in just playing. I didn’t think sexual. THEN I started reading the comments and laughing, and I go back to the pic….. wait a minute here! How can anything “x rated” be going on here? Isn’t the Shepard’s tail in the way???

    Correct me if I’m wrong! I may not be up on my doggie anatomy.

  127. Oh hahahahaha. This reminds me of the time my poodle (about the size of this pup) tried to “date” a full-grown collie. If the collie could have, she’d have rolled her eyes.

  128. Rooanne, that German Shepherd was obviously born with his arse upside-down. As a postal carrier, I see this all the time. Also, that poodle’s hung like Chile.

  129. Pssst, Molly: Repeating something over and over doesn’t make it true.

  130. “hung like Chile”— FTW!

  131. Wait, did I say “his” (German Shepherd) arse? Seriously? So now they’re gay dogs now? I come here for a CUTE overload, not an upside-down gay dog sex overload. CO, you’ve gone too far!

  132. I like to think of this as an inspirational message to always go for your dreams- no matter how out or reach they may be.

  133. Bwahaha. That’s pretty funny, though not the thing I’d expect on this site.

    Offtopic: Juniper Jupiter, could you do me a favor and tell me how you thought up that name? I use Jupiter Juniper as a username on other sites so I’m kind of curious why happened to pick that name. Thanks!

  134. Beth (in NC) says:

    Sorry I totally didn’t check back! pit-huauas (or chia-pits, hahahahahaha) look like they are going to be medium size, with cute little faces that are a bit less… insanely spastic looking than chihuahuas? 😀

    I would love to get a hold of the vet that told her “not to bother to get them fixed, because the male chihuahua couldn’t possibly impregnate the pitbull”. 😛 Anyway, everyone is all fixed now, and the pithuahuas are all on the road to adoption.

  135. Re: My previous comment

    I love CuteOverload and I’m not a nuffer.

    Anyway, end of discussion for me.

    Is that a Bichon?

  136. Remember kids, it’s been stated on more than one occasion that CO is generally rated PG-13.

    Heh, what’s really funny is that there seems to be more anti-nuffers (myself included, I guess XD ) than actual nuffers. Yay!

  137. what would Disapproving Bunny say about this?

  138. Michelle S. says:


  139. Claudia, Marion, BeckyMonster–you rock. Wow, you ALL just SO made my day–as someone else said, the photo made me giggle, but the comments, oh wow. My face hurts.

    And I can’t resist saying to those prudish misled few: 1) the dogs can’t possibly be actually “doing it” based on where the wee guy’s head is, 2) even if they were, SO FRIGGIN WHAT? Sex, particularly among animals, is totally natural and a happy necessary thing. Get over it. Now, if CO started posting little bunnies blowing each other away with machine guns, well, THAT I’d complain about. Nothin’ natural or happy about gratuitous violence.

  140. German Shephard:”Are you there yet?”
    Poodle/?:”Nope! Nope!”
    (Repeat a few times for full effect)

    I think there should be a rule that if you don’t have a warped sense of humor, don’t bother looking at this website. Like the saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice at all……
    And stop with the judging unless you’ve done professional reseach. Perfect example: type in why do dogs hump in Google. You’ll learn a few things you didn’t know unless you’re a vet. Enough said! To the rest of the COOL people on this site: Make it a great day, and hope you have an even better weekend when it comes (umm.. no pun intended!)

  141. Gee, what is with all the nuffers? And to the peeps who think it is not child friendly…if you are that uptight about sex how are you going to have “the talk” with your kids? I see a bunch of teen pregnancies happening, since they will have all the wrong info. Get a grip, I think this would be a GREAT thing to show them to initiate “the talk”

  142. The Other One Michelle says:

    Lol at the nuffers. Love it when you pull out the “Oh but for the poor children” arguments. My dogs do this all the time–mounting/playing/licking in inappropriate spots and my kids crack up laughing. Do your kids watch tv? If so, have they ever seen shows like Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, House, etc? Mine watch them with me and there are much more sexual overtones in those than in two dogs playing. You should hear what kids talk about on the playground and at sleepovers these days…

  143. SoCalSis says:

    That’s right, Lisa– this is a “teachable moment” in the flesh (heh heh heh)!

  144. Hmmmm…….I wonder who put him up to it…..

  145. mauderules says:

    First off: oh for heaven’s sake!
    Second: perhaps I missed it in an earlier posting, but if no-one else has suggested the theme music for the above photo, may I nominate “He’s got hiiiiigh hopes, he’s got hiiiiiiigh hopes… “

  146. “little bunnies blowing each other away with machine guns”

    WHEW! For a second there, kat-ryn, I didn’t know where you were going with that.

  147. anastasia says:

    i had a HUGE pitbull and a tiny pomeranian do this. there were actually puppies. 4 pups that all looked messed up. honestly, lil pups shouldnt screw those big pups. if a bernese mountain dog had with a chihuahua : the chihuahua would have a hard time giving birth to the puppies.

  148. Beth (in NC) says:

    PS- I am not sure that the German Shepard even *knows* that the Bischon (?) or poodle or what have you is back there. 😀 Slightly sad for the little guy, wouldn’t you say? I mean, it’s just a “hug”, but you’d still hope the target in question would notice…

  149. Chinchillazilla says:

    Hahaha, I love people getting bent out of shape over this.

    My chinchilla used to try to, erm, mate with my collie’s legs. Frequently. The weird thing was that she encouraged it; if he wasn’t doing it, she would follow him around and nuzzle him or nibble very gently on his ears. Once, she got a pig ear for Christmas, and she followed him around, dropping it in front of him, trying to give it to him.

    Sadly, he wasn’t good at sitting still, and she died a year or so after we got him, so I have no pictures of them together.



  151. mollye..not getting any.. like this hot German Shepard?

  152. not so sure whether the German Shepard knows what exactly is going on…

  153. LOL

    very cute, its obvious this little guy cant even reach so nothing is even happening. xD good for him for trying!

    to all the nuffers, GOOD BYE, and take a biology and anatomy class while you are gone, and then pull the massive tree trunk from your behind and get with nature 😀 sex isnt dirty, unless you are covered in mud, and then it is very dirty.

  154. You mean some of you actually find two, well, one dog trying to get on his doggie groove thang with another dog pornographic??? EWWWWWW.

    Please – feel free not to come back. These are *dogs*, people, dogs. I mean, oh just eww.

    Hear, hear Claudia!

  155. Wow, some of the anti-nuffer comments are SO not cool! Talking about somebody’s personal sex life because they don’t like pics of dogs humping? I’m surprised the moderators allowed all the “maybe if you were gettin’ some” comments!

    I think this is a lame post because the dogs are not particularly cute, they’re just in an ugly parking lot, and the fact that the little one is behind the big one is only funny on the level of the old “America’s Funniest Home Videos” classic guy-gets-hit-in-crotch bit. There are a lot of reasons to think this post sucks beyond having sexual problems or being a prude. I guess nobody submitted a cute photo that day.

  156. tracyflick says:

    It’s not cute. I agree with mollye and janie and low brow. It’s just not…cuteoverload material. Dogs humping is low brow to us. That’s our opinion, you have a right to yours, and that’s why this is a message board for opinions, Stephanie. 😉

  157. tracyflick says:

    It’s not cute. I agree with mollye and janie and low brow. It’s just not…cuteoverload material. Dogs humping is low brow to us. That’s our opinion, you have a right to yours, and that’s why this is a message board for opinions, Stephanie. 😉

  158. What sex??? What porn??? Come on, all they’re doin is playin leap-frog.

    Butt pillow… HA!

  159. @Cambridge Rat Mom; um… actually, the porn-nuffs might be offended by the Mother Hubbard site. How do you think she became a Mother??

  160. @Lily; nope. Both the little pup’s legs are visible and they are both on the ground. Look closer. Not ‘shopped.

  161. The German Shepherd has not even noticed.

  162. Man, this site wouldn’t be half as fun without the predictable prudes that come with any post that isn’t cookie-cutter material. I came just for the comments. The photo was funny, some of the comments were intentionally funny, and some of the comments were unintentionally HILARIOUS!

    Y’all’s virgin eyes will be okay. And not only that, but last I checked, there’s no definition of “cute overload material.” Guess what’s blog material? WHAT THE BLOGGER DECIDES TO PUT UP. Wow. Novel idea!

  163. Zoe Doom says:

    Awwww….I had a female golden retriever growing up, and the cockapoo next door was another “Little Train That Could.” My girl was spayed fortunately. She would always just sit on the poor little guy every time he got randy.

  164. Just a question, Molly…did you start CO? Was it your idea, complete with guidelines of what is and isn’t acceptable?

    because otherwise, I don’t believe it is your place to decide what is, and is not, Cute Overload material.

    Its amusing. its not pornographic. Its not sick, or twisted, or disgusting…

    its just…dogs being dogs.

  165. Alex(andria) says:

    Nothing is impossible….I have a labrador/jack russell mix. And this makes me laugh.

  166. tracyflick says:

    i’ve got your back, Molly. But um, not in the way this picture does. LOL. We just prefer different CO images and that’s cool bc everyone wanting the same thing would make the world a boring place. 🙂

  167. The caption should read: “Jump & Hump;” that is all.

  168. Wow, that is a beautiful german shepherd.

  169. jewelocean says:

    agree with the others, not cute overload material. Have always pitied people who find the sight of 2 animals mating funny/interesting.

  170. The lil white humper is my dog Ozzy. No the photo is not shopped as someone wrote. Ozzy humps all females, in heat or not. I also have a black lab x and on youtube is a video of Ozzy trying to hump Ziggy who layed down for him and YES she got pregnant. Lost the pups :snif:

  171. Oh yeah. If you dont see humor in this photo….
    Oh well..cant please all of the people all the time.