The New Bird Clashes With Everything

"Mama’s little favorite, aren’t we?  I suppose you think you’re soooo much better than I am, just because you happen to match the furniture!"

Why, yes.  Yes, I am.

I think he really ties the room together, Kathy F.



  1. Spring colors!

  2. Hon Glad says:

    Your the daffodil to my Hyacinth.

  3. Lerrinus says:

    Blue bird of Spring?

  4. Anne Boleyn says:

    It’s the wonderful Michele Obama influence: Go for color and style after years of bland.

  5. JediPirate says:

    Parakeets! =D I loves me some parakeets. ^_^ Best pet ever.

  6. IT is just so hard to get the accessories that really pull a room together.

  7. Heaven, I’m in heaven
    And my hearts beat so that I can hardly speak
    And I seem to find the happiness I seek
    When we’re out together dancing beak to beak

  8. scooterpants says:

    doesnt have to ‘match’ , just has to ‘go’.
    this definately goes.

  9. sunnymum says:

    beyooootiful birdies! WANT!

  10. “This aggression will not stand, man!”

  11. KittehMama x 3 says:

    OMG! We have the same couches in a room in our basement! Totally comfy, but, oh, the horror of THE 80’s COLORS! We have tailored slipcovers on them now to hide their hideousness. Poor birds. Unless they get clothes from the 80’s, they’ll never blend….

  12. Jennie Mello says:

    You are just soooo sweet. Let me keess you- mwah mwah mwah! More?? Mwh mwah mwah!!! Passionate parakeets.

  13. Same rule applies to art and birds: don’t get it to match the furniture, get it because you like it. 😉

  14. catloveschanel says:

    With those outfits, they could go on Dancing with the Stars…..

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Anyone feel the need to tweet about this post?

  16. OOOhhhh! They are both soooo cute.

  17. Looloobelle says:

    Can I get a ‘I shall leeck you’?

  18. Yes, but everyone needs some contrasting accent pieces, I saw it on Birdie Color Splash!

  19. The green one is a baby the blue one is older You can see that on the “nostrils”. Both are girls so I think, they are mother and daughter. sweet 🙂

  20. Wow, they are so cute! I know nothing about birds but I might almost have one if they were this cute. And didn’t poop everywhere. That’s a fear I have.

  21. Paunchie says:

    You people with yer birdies, what do you just let them fly around in yer house? Don’t they poop everywhere?

  22. Paunchie says:

    See? Natalie and I just had the same thought!

  23. Awwwwwwwww, their so tweeeeeet!! ^_^

  24. AuntieMame says:

    We had a little blue parakeet when we were kids. Named “Pete.” (How original.) I remember to this day how devastated I was when he passed on. We buried him out by the back step in a Waxtex sandwich bag box. *snif*

  25. Paunchie says:

    I kissed a bird and I liked it!

  26. biscuithead says:

    Letting a parakeet sit on your shoulder + nibble your earlobe…

    It’s a lethal dose of cuteness.

    So, be careful folks.

  27. Kristabelle says:

    I had a pair of parakeets when I was a teenager. They were NOISY!!! Now, we have a male cockatiel, though his name is Lilah.
    It is difficult to let your birds fly around because they can REALLY get hurt – I speak from experience. We almost lost Lilah 2 years ago when she flew into a window. She is allowed out, but not allowed to fly. I know it seems cruel, but it’s the best thing for her. She was really injured and almost died. If you clip the first two flight (longest on the wing) feathers, they can not fly. It’s like cutting your nails – usually – unless you clip too short and they bleed, like doggie toenails.
    And, yes, birdies, whether they fly or not DO poop everywhere. My husband HATES it, so I am quick to get it up.

  28. I had a friendly li’l blue keet when I was very little– there’s a pic of me with him sitting on my head. We had other birds later, but that one was the best.

  29. That bird’s only a nihilist, nothing to be afraid of.

  30. My best friend growing up had “love birds”, I believe that was the kind. They were allowed to fly around and would land on your shoulder and nuzzle you (so soft)… I never saw them poop anywhere but the cage, but I don’t know why; maybe they were trained or something.

  31. Wonder how she’d look on the Blue Couch of Fabulousness?

  32. the level of matching btwn the bird and the room is craziness.

  33. We used to have lineolated keets, which are great, because they prefer climbing to flying. I had to keep a beard, because they loved nothing more than tweeking it with their little beaks. I miss them.

  34. Edward, they really are charming little critters. They used to pull my hair our when I was a little kid.

  35. Aww..i had a ‘pair of keets’ once too! They were green and blue like these too. With such snorglable bellies!

  36. Ohmygosh, budgies! I have got to get some new furniture to match my sweet little boo boo (yes, his real name). not to mention to match magoo, sutcliffe, and maryann. my house is going to look like a hippie house with green, yellow, and blue! groovy!

  37. “You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me…”

  38. berthaservant says:

    Kind of an urban/suburban “matchingks,” nu?

  39. kibblenibble says:

    My friend has a blue ‘keet. Her daughter named it Princess. When it was three months old,the cere(nostril area) turned blue. I told them that this meant Princess was a boy. Now he’s Prince S.

  40. Definitely Matchink. When you match the couch/decor, it’s matchink.

  41. totalee puppy says:

    AuntieMame, you pull my heart two ways at once–“sniff” for losing Pete–
    breaking up with laffs over the Waxtex sandwich
    bag box.

  42. Oh look! They’re the same color as my salt and pepper shakers!!! I loves me the budgies!

  43. Subhangi says:

    Awww, I wuv wuvboids!

  44. I think you mean “she matches the furniture”, since both birds have pink on their beaks.

  45. Lerrinus says:

    I’m with berthaservant needs a matchink tag!

    My family got three budgies from my sisters friend – all were green budgies and my family named them Jade, Emerald and Celery!

  46. Danielle says:

    Aw I always let my budgie fly, the cage was only closed if I wasn’t home. Just pick a bird-proof room. No clear windows (windows with clear curtains in front of them or plants, something that breaks them up, were fine with mine though) and no big mirrors. Then it’s just fine to let them fly around all they want. It would break my heart to have a bird that I couldn’t let fly, it’s in their nature after all.

    I find budgie poop extremely manageable, just not right after they had some apple or something else watery.

    Unfortunately my budgie was very ill and died before the age of 2.

  47. Matchingks it is.

  48. heavenly match