Katy Perry <3 C.O.

Ma01toc0904In this month’s comedy issue of Vanity Fair, Katy Perry says Cute Overload is one of her "Favorite Discoveries"! (Look under "Inspirations".)

Thanks, Kateh!

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Been living under a rock? KatyPerry.com! Thanks for the scan, Chief Sister Officer!



  1. Why, yes indeed, I have been living under a rock. Who the heck is Katy Perry?

  2. Poohbear says:

    She has a cat named Kitty Purry.

  3. laureling says:

    It is hilarious that this is categorized “i shall leeck you”. 😀

  4. berthaservant says:

    I am a member of the board of a regional academic association of popular culture historians, a veteran of show business, and a (soon to be) Ph.D. in theatre and performance. I don’t know who this person is. No judgment or meaning implied, just saying.

    Yay C.O.! WE ARE LEGION!

  5. berthaservant says:

    Oh, THAT girl. I prefer Jill Sobule. (and lol at the tag…)

  6. scoobie says:

    I knew there was a reason I had the hots for Katie, it’s because instintively I just knew she was a CO girl. Katie, marry me? (2nd evar proposal on CO boards)

  7. chanpon says:

    And note that you were mentioned before Found$hit.com! *polite clapping*

  8. katyperryrules says:
  9. victoreia says:

    @Estin, you’re not alone…..I apparently have been living under a rock, too.

  10. I love her because she has a very classic Irish voice.

  11. irubyou2 says:

    does anyone else think she looks EXACTLY like the girl who played Jovi in “Elf”? (ignore the hair color- just look at the face)

  12. Samantha says:

    I’m not a big fan of her music, but I must admit she has good taste! And the fact that she has a cat name Kitty Purry is hilarious and adorable.

  13. For those who don’t know: She’s a Lily Allen knock-off who made it big by singing about women kissing each other in front of their boyfriends, because lesbians are apparently ~EDGY~. She’s kind of a loser.

  14. chanpon says:

    @Boots: Wow, harsh sentiments, even if you’re not a fan. I think her Hot N Cold song is quite catchy.

  15. Natalie says:

    I’m not much of a fan of her music either, but the cat name Kitty Purry is really cute.
    @Annie: what does a classic Irish voice consist of? I really wanna know… but I’m completely tone deaf so I’ll have to take your word for it.

  16. Back when CO was “our little secret” (no, wait, that came wrong!), if CO got press that was really cool. But at this point, CO’s well above-ground and it seems like the time has come to stop telling us when you get a mention in VF or something. Seriously, there’s a whole generation out there for whom CO is at this point BIGGER than VF.

    I mean, this post probably brought them more new attention than they brought you.

    And also, Katy Perry… Wasn’t she pretty much over already by the time half your readers were toddlers? She lends VF some badly needed street cred by being younger than Tom Wolfe, sexier than Christopher Hitchens, and a lot smarter than Graydon Carter, but… I mean… I guess what I’m trying to say is… I like pictures of kittens a lot better than pictures of magazine covers.

  17. Paunchie says:


    Oh you mean cherry chapstick chick?

    Lesbians are EDGY.

  18. Paunchie says:

    Day bag?

    Evening bag?

    Diaper bag?

    Saddle bag?

  19. Boots: Thank you.

    Seriously, if there were a motive for me to stop watching the Cute Overload RSS feed, it’d be to get Perry’s name, image, and the name of That Song out of sight and save my blood pressure. Don’t mind the occasional pic I don’t think is cute, but seeing free and positive publicity for someone who gained fame by undermining social recognition of my very identity here is completely repulsive to me.

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Since I never heard of Katy Perry until five minutes ago, I must conclude that I HAVE been living under a rock. A large, heavy, solid rock called middle age. Middle-aged guys–we’re the ones who say things like: “Katy Perry? You call that music? Let me tell you about Janis Joplin.”

    *Sigh . . . *

    Now I’m all depressed. I’d go put on some records from the good old days, except I haven’t owned a turntable since 1989.

    I guess I’ll go look at the pictures of the dog in the knitted hat now.

  21. @Zeppelin: Don’t be depressed, honey, watch Cyndi Lauper on Youtube (

    Cute and weird. Apparently she said once, a long time ago, longer than I’d like to remember, that she kissed a girl and didn’t like it.

  22. I demand that Miss Perry next do a song entirely in the CuteOverload patois!

  23. DumBunny says:

    All I have to say is there must be a lot more room under this rock then I thought.

  24. Molly — she already does Cockney…

  25. Katrina says:

    Crawling back under my rock now, some things just aren’t worth climbin’ up for…

  26. If only lint rollers and baby wipes could be combined into one amazing product…

  27. temperance says:

    can’t we all just be happy she likes cuteoverload- like everyone else here?

    i don’t know her either but if she likes converse, hello kitty, target, paul newman AND has a kitty as the love of her life she can’t be ALL bad, right?!

    plus, i really like creme brulee, too.

  28. What? And we’re all chopped liver?

    Sorry, who cares what she thinks! This place is popular due to our loyalty – not some pop tart. Don’t even get me started on VF either. I’m so over that bandwagon. I feel like this post has tainted our homeland. Lol!

  29. Well, I’m middle-aged, and I mostly live under a rock (Proof? I haven’t lived with a TV since 1986.) But I’ve heard of her, and I’ve listened to “I Kissed a Girl” over and over. It has a great beat. I like the melody, too.

    So you just never know, right?

  30. temperance: Would you say the same if she were famous for a racist song? Of course not.

    Katy Perry hurt people to get where she is. Supporting that is not okay. I don’t give a damn if she likes everything cute and wonderful in the world and never meant to do any harm, it’s not okay.

  31. scooterpants says:

    who the hell is katy whats her name? and whooo cares?
    yup i’m nuffin.
    dont care bout celebs, never have never will.
    get a life.

  32. @Phoenix: But… it wasn’t offensive. At all, really. She didn’t say one bad thing about anybody. Honestly sometimes I feel like people are looking for things to be offended by.

    Also, the cat’s name is adorable. “Kitty Purry”. I wish I had a name that could work like that.

  33. scooterpants says:

    i’m sorry i even gave it a comment. i am so disappointed with this post.
    it hurts my heart.
    (i proly spelled the big word wrong thru my tears…)

  34. “it wasn’t offensive”

    *deep breaths* 1) You do not get to dictate what other people are offended by. You do NOT. I can’t tell you to be offended, but my feelings are legitimate and it is incredibly rude to suggest otherwise. 2) “It’s not what good girls do/not how they should behave” is saying basically “gay = bad”, which, uh, IS PRETTY DAMN’ OFFENSIVE to those of us who are thus “not good girls” simply by virtue of being who we are. Never mind that the whole “girl playing around with girls to turn on guys” stereotype is damaging to actual gay women, such as myself, who are both legitimately attracted to women and not remotely interested in titillating men.

  35. Ewww! A human! Humans should only be allowed on this website when accompanied by a cute critter of the furry, finny, feathery, or scaly kind, and then only to the barest minimum, say one adult human per 10,00 critters. Baby humans can appear more often, say 1 to 100

  36. lurkingsmirk says:

    I was momentarily surprised by the angst directed at Katy Perry, but then I reminded myself that these are the same peeps who get upset when a cute young woman puts a kitten in her bosom.

    I was ambivalent about her until I saw her interviewed on Ellen, she was charming and sweet and a lot more interesting than I expected. And could she look any more like Zoey Deschanel in that picture?

  37. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t care about celebrities, either, folks. But I see no need to trash talk and be ugly about it. Celebrities aren’t better than we are. But we aren’t better than they are, either.

    (LOL, Rowag! I assume you’re being sarcastic. Aren’t you?)

    [Count on it, AuntieM. – Ed.]

  38. I like cats ‘n’ racks. What am I, then, lurkingsmirk?

  39. vegas vickie says:

    DumBunny is there room for one more under the rock? lol

  40. *image of me being bowled over by a huge gust of wind* Yikes that was a lot of unexpected nuffage in a thread! I’m always happy to see a post about CO being mentioned somewhere else, because that means more coverage = more proselytizing of CO to the masses! More CO = more world loff and floff. No need to be snobbish about who is bigger than whom, since everything has its own audience. If this article made some grumpy fashion or ad exec peek at CO, then yay!

    It’s not that some “star” is mentioning CO, it’s that CO is being mentioned in VF, to potentially new viewers!

    Now, go forth and spread the FLOFF!!!

  41. scooterpants says:

    can’t we just agree that “celebs” (or otherwise people that have camera time) as a rule are just peeps like us and shouldn’t have any special consideration? (how does face time add to this sites cred?(does it really or does it cheapen it?) maybe that is the issue? $$$ maybe? I dont know???)
    what is the issue here, i dont understand?
    Meg or T might be able to add some wisdom?

    [Oh hey, high-profile person X has publically stated they like Cute Overload in publication Y or on show Z? Sweet! – Ed.]

  42. lurkingsmirk says:

    Phoenix, honestly you look like someone itchin’ for a fight. I think there’s other stuff going in the background and this post is a scapegoat.

  43. lurkingsmirk: Yeah, you’re right about the other stuff. Sometime in the next three months I get to find out if a simple majority vote can take away my basic rights because I’m gay, and funnily enough this makes it awfully hard for me to let homophobia or acceptance thereof slide in any context.

  44. Phoenix: Contrary to what you might think, nuffing on a website about cute, fluffy animals is not likely to help your cause. There are plenty of websites you there dedicated to political discussion if you want to blow off some steam.

    Also, homophobia is the fear of homosexuals, not when you write songs from the point of view of one. 😛

  45. temperance says:

    okay. in the interest of self-knowledge i watched katy’s performance on ellen. i liked it- she seems very influenced by the 80’s (in a good way). and she is rather adorable, IMO.

    so…i’m curious if ellen slammed her in the interview for her ‘kissed a girl’ song, since it seems to have offended some of the peeps?

  46. Kuu: It’s “fear or dislike” and is commonly accepted as a term referring to anti-gay bigotry. And the reason the song is bothersome is because it’s *not* from the point of view of a lesbian, but a straight girl who’s laughing about how bad she is for playing around with one.

    But, you know what? You are right; this is useless. The level of pain these stereotypes and the casual dismissal of them cause isn’t something you can explain to people, least of all through the ‘net. So long and thanks for all the cute.

  47. Um… semi-related Editor’s Note…

    LurkingSmirk, didn’t you just add another comment? Something about being disappointed in the post? I was about to reply asking, well, basically “Huh??” …but now I don’t even see it anymore.

    It is possible (though unlikely) that I may have deleted it by accident. I make it a point to be very careful NOT to do this, in my day-to-day mod work, but I suppose I’m fallible like everybody else. If I did, I apologize — say again? 😦

  48. Oh crap. Now I’m really confused. It might’ve been *ScooterPants* whose comment vanished, not LurkingSmirk… gahhh

  49. scooterpants says:

    ok T, but iz it REALLY ? or would it be COOL if they did a one time {LOOKEE ITZ MEE!(if that could be confirmed} actual post and gave us all a woodie and said they liked the site and the cool-(ish) peeps and issues realted there-in and maybe take a lil question or two for… _hits and grins… not possible you say???
    I think NOT. Meg can do anythinks. I’m jus sayin…
    I thinkin…

  50. scooterpants says:

    no, i did not vanish any postinks that i wrote. i usually dont take back what i say .unless you do it for me (for my own sake i must say… 🙂 ) and for that sir i thank you.(in small case)

  51. My goodness. really never going to a website because one little post. i like katy perry. i don’t think she meant anything bad by saying its not what good girls do..i think she was actually saying it in a facetious. no wonder everyone seems down these days. we take things waaayyy too seriously. and i think kitty purry is SO funny!

  52. I kissed Katy’s Kitty Purry and I liked it…

  53. Gail (the first one) says:

    Middle aged woman here and I like the song, too! Great beat, sounds great blasting in my earbuds!!

  54. Gail1 — be kind to your eardrums! – Middle Aged Dude (or close enough)

  55. i personally find the song disturbing and wish they would take it off the radio. but as to whether she mentioned it or not is her business. she likes it. thats all there is to it.

  56. berthaservant says:

    I repeat, I prefer the Jill Sobule song.

    Phoenix: there is no reasonable excuse for the discrimination you face. As a straight, white, born-again Christian male, my honest sincerest wish is to see in my lifetime the right for two consenting adults to be recognized as a legal couple by the state. I do not believe that the state (nor any religious organization with state influence) should have any right to discriminate either explicitly or implicitly against same-sex couples. I will teach that to my students (in any appropriate situation), I will shout it from the rooftops, and I will work relentlessly to convince my Christian brothers and sisters who disagree that their beliefs are misguided and their actions against human love relationships are wrong.

    But I don’t think a pop song that discusses the singer’s (imagined?) fluid sexual experience — an experience that includes internalized conflict (she’s unsure if she is “good” or “bad” for her actions) as well as an acknowledged discovery of same sex pleasure (“and I liked it”) — is really the enemy here.

    All I know is that my eight year old niece loves that song and runs around singing I KISSED A GIRL, AND I LIKED IT….right in front of her VERY Catholic mother. Without really appreciating the nuances of the song or the other possible readings (pro and con) of what the song means, she’s somehow got those words in her head. And in the future, if she does kiss a girl, maybe it won’t be so traumatic or unusual for her. Or maybe she won’t hate a friend who turns out to be gay or lesbian.

    Respectfully, Berthaservant.

  57. ashagato says:

    you go, b-serv. totally with you, especially the last part about your neice. good point!!! i say anything that brings it out of the shadows, makes kids not hate themselves for it, and helps nomalize it for the next generation, is progress.

  58. ashagato says:

    and she’s cute, the song is fun, and kitty purry is effing brilliant!

  59. Wife:
    It’s a lint roller, I’m telling you!
    It’s a baby wipe, you cow!
    Billy Mays:
    Hey hey hey, calm down, you two…

  60. kibblenibble says:

    LOL scoobie! Oh, and…


  61. i’ve always thought KP had amazing, quirky, fun tasting in clothing (not a fan of her music, but academia has tainted my judgment in that dept.) now i know the same goes for her taste in websites. welcome to teh cute, hot, saucy Peep!

  62. berthaservant says:

    Patito: WOW. A New Shimmer reference. That is OLD SCHOOL.

  63. LOVE Katy Perry. Her performance at the Grammy’s was hilarious. C.O. has finally become ubiquitous, Meg. You ARE pop culture. Who’d have thunk it? Ya know – I’ve been visiting here ever since the beginning. It’s one of the very few morale boosters one can count on (along with Shreve’s fabulous ‘Daily Coyote’). There’s always a smile to be had – and that says a lot these days. It doesn’t surprise me la Perry visits too. 🙂

  64. Hon Glad says:

    Is there still some room under that rock? I’ll bring my WW2 tin hat as well.

  65. Man, I knew Katy was controversial, and I knew COers like to complain, but… phew.

    I like the song. I’m bisexual. I see how people can be offended, but I really don’t think that’s how the lyrics were written. I think the “not what good girls do” means… that’s not what society thinks is good. Which is, pretty much, true.

    The only problem I have with it is that she’s cheating on her boyfriend in the song. But whatever. It’s only a song.

    Anyway, I like her voice, her face, and that she mentioned CO.

  66. Hey Meg — didn’t you mean “Click to embiggen”?

  67. darkshines says:

    Thank you Berthaservant, summed up everything I would have said, and I’m a white, pan, pagan female 🙂

  68. snorglepup says:

    I’m crawling back under my rock now! Must bring a sleepy kitty with soft belly for prolonged snorgledge. Ahhh. All better…

  69. If indeed Ms. Perry ‘likes’ CO then she reads it. IF she reads this thread, well, all I can say is our Peeps come from all different backgrounds(a good thing) and they say what is on their minds(another good thing). However, we haven’t been particularly appreciative of her giving CO a boost. So, thank you Ms. Perry and have a great, free-thinking day, Peeps. Now I’m going back under my rock thankyouverymuch.

  70. Katy Perry is best explained in the words of Tori Amos – “skankin around with your talentless trash. You only shoot blanks at your cocksure best.”

  71. Ahem… Dewds, someone else likes CO! And that person is successful! This is a Good Thing. Don’t confuse Media Overload with Cute Overload. Just turn it off.

    (Katy, if you’re out there, You Go Girl! Kitty Purry! Fantastic. We’re glad to have you as a member of our Sometimes Dysfunctional Family.)

  72. Whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

  73. She looks like zooey deschanel!

  74. Kristabelle says:

    Thank you berthaservant for another eloquent and well thought out comment.

    And I totally agree that CO now *IS* Pop Culture! YAY!

  75. i think she looks exactly like the woman from thr happening or elf!! does anyone else think that

  76. She absolutely does look like Zooey, especially in that picture. I actually did a double take!

    I’ll admit the song annoyed me too when I heard it on the radio, but let’s take a reality check – there’s far worse songs out there about women, and far worse “entertainment” about lesbians (hello Lindsey Lohan).

    Just try to be happy most kids under 22 these days seem to think bi-behavior is normal. And singing stuff like “I kissed a girl” is part of that, even if it drives older generations mad. Baby steps.

    Also: best tagging EVER.

  77. I’m behind you, too, Phoenix. Sometimes things on here trigger us, and when people insist that we not post a non-positive reaction to it because everything here is supposed to be sweetness and light, it hurts even more. Especially when they get Cuter-Than-Thou about it. But they don’t realize that their being able to go on and on about how great the thing that hurts us is speaks to their privilege–such as the privilege to be blind to the mockery of someone else’s sexual orientation. And I say this in true appreciation of the fact that this site exists to celebrate cute things and love of cute things. I love Cute Overload, too. I just think that if someone has a reaction like Phoenix’s and speaks from the heart, maybe in the spirit of love and compassion we can all take a minute to think about what they’re saying instead of just dismissing them as overwrought McNuffersons.

  78. Oh, so she wrote THAT song! I was wondering where I was supposed to know her from.

  79. rebeccacdm says:

    I love that song and find her mildly entertaining, but I LURVE her now that I know that Katy Perry named her cat Kitty Purry. I cracked up for about 20 minutes after I read that in my Vanity Fair last night. Kitty Purry!!!

  80. Thanks Perry for saying lesbians are okay! Like am I not so hot and edgy for kissing a girl? How scandalous, how chic! Sexual orientation is not a trend.

  81. kestrien says:

    Agreed with Berthaservant above…sexuality can be much more fluid than simply “straight,” “gay,” or “bi.” I like to think on terms of the Kinsey scale, and would consider the singer’s viewpoint (as well as my own) as a 2 – mostly straight, but with leanings toward my own gender at the same time. I see this song as spreading the point of view that sexuality is not just black or white – that emotions and desire cannot be fully categorized.

    Anyway, yay CuteOverload fan.

  82. Paunchie says:

    “overwrought McNuffersons”

    I just totally read this as overweight mcnuffersons! And mcnuffersons sounds like muffin top! Somebody can’t fit into last summer’s shorts ovah here! Been a long winter! Blah.

  83. Paunchie says:

    “Just try to be happy most kids under 22 these days seem to think bi-behavior is normal. And singing stuff like “I kissed a girl” is part of that, even if it drives older generations mad.”

    yay! I agree!

  84. Hollywood Marie says:

    Phoenix: I stopped hanging around here once because of another post I commented on (and got accused of “Nuffing” under a different name). But I, also a lesbian, totally agree with you and commend you for both standing up and for keeping your cool. I’m pretty good at the first one, not so great at the second. Anyway, I hope you still come back to check this because I just want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU ARE RIGHT. Hope you’re having a wonderful day and hope to see you ’round the ‘nets. We need more people like you out there.

  85. Wow, taking it a bit too far!

    I just thought this post was about a celebrity (whoever they may be) liking CuteOverload.com. And I thought that was cool. Not a fan of KP myself but it’s cool she likes CuteOverload. 🙂

  86. starling says:

    Oh, is this the girl who sang something like “I kissed a girl and I liked it”?

    What’s not to like? No stubble (not to be confused with stubbular), for starters.

    Love, an edgy lezzer 😛

  87. starling says:

    P.S. I’m getting marriiiieeeeed (squee).

  88. brb getting popcorn

  89. hollywood marie says:

    Starling: Are you THAT blind to your privilege? I think it’s been clearly articulated “what’s not to like,” but thanks for adding that BS “I’m getting married” post just to make it clear. Jerk.

  90. First rule of nuffing: Other people’s joy is not okay! EX-TERMINATE!