Gawker is reporting that Twitter is reporting that Martha Stewart is reporting that Lil’ Genghis Khan, Martha Stewart’s Chow Chow pup, and grand-son of the late Paw Paw has died!

The poor thing apparently perished in a fire at the breeder’s.

How unfortunate and very, very sad… 😦




  1. That is heartbreaking. 😦

  2. D:!!!!!!

  3. Bunnypoo says:

    What the heck?! How unfortunate is that? Poor puppy and owner of the home and Martha…=0(

  4. Oh, dear! Oh, that is so sad. 😦
    Say it ain’t so. . .

  5. 😦

  6. DumBunny says:

    Poor Puppy, what a horrible way to go.

  7. Poor baby!!!



  8. OMG that is so sad. Martha kind of scares me, but that is just horrible, horrible news. God, I hate to think of how scared those poor little puppies were.

  9. Oh no! Oh no! 😦
    So sad.


    I hope that the little critter didn’t suffer 😦

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that. Rest in peace, all you little fuzzy wuzzles.

  12. Oh, that poor little puppy. 😦 I hope the other pups made it out safely. So awful…

  13. Theresa says:

    In a !@#!#$ *fire*?? Oh, poor puppies . . .

  14. Annie J. says:


  15. Samantha says:

    I saw this on Twitter. Apparently there was a propane explosion at the breeder’s house and 16 dogs died. It really is absolutely heartbreaking.

  16. I understand many victims trapped by fire die of
    smoke inhalation before the fire reaches them.
    Poor little guy–We will miss you so much here at

  17. Oh, poor Martha. Poor Ghengis Kahn. Poor sweet puppies. There is little more horrifying. I know this firsthand and the horror does not subside. No words can express the pain and sorrow of losing a beloved pet this way. Martha has my deepest sympathy.

  18. Frankie — yes, the vet assured me that my 2 cats would most likely have died of smoke inhalation. A great mercy for them, thank God. But only a small mercy when you are witness to the awful event.
    1. all pet owners, keep kennels handy near your exits (if possible) and
    2. know where your cats hide (dogs will come to you, usually), but the vet said studies show cats are more likely to hide as mine did.

  19. This is not unfortunate, this is horrific. There is nothing more painful than burning to death.

  20. Oh, how horrific. Jennie, because it was a propane explosion, I’m hoping that the animals never knew what hit them. Or, as was said above, perhaps they died of smoke inhalation. Regardless, this is terrible, tragic news.

    According to Martha’s tweets, it sure doesn’t look as though she’s grieving very much. :-/

  21. very sad news…
    17 dogs have died. some escaped from the explosion but badly injured.

    here the local news URL:

  22. Christabel says:

    So sad. ;_;

  23. aww thats soo sad
    but they’re in doggy heaven now so they’ll be ok.
    we will all miss the little chow chow here at CO

  24. I don’t know who Martha Stewart is, but that is a very sad story.
    Jed 😦

  25. MaggieBee says:



  26. chanpon says:

    barooo (;_;)

  27. In reading the blog post at Martha’s website, she sounds like the dog didn’t even belong to her. Why was the dog at the breeder’s and not at Martha’s house??

    Poor pups. What a horrible way to go.

  28. damn, that is just awful. so very heartbreaking. poor pups. 😦

  29. ((((((((((((MARTHA)))))))))))

    Barooooooooo!!!!! 😦

  30. I’m sad the puppy died, but it’s definitely in a better place now than with that freak of a woman.

  31. I cried over this. So hard. So unimaginably horrible.
    Chow chows are my babies.

  32. Ebby — really, this is no time to be attacking someone who must be experiencing grief beyond words.

    Woohoo — I agree the blog post is oddly distant, but, again, you cannot imagine what a shock such an event is.

    Having read more on the story, it is an unbearable tragedy on a larger scale than at first supposed. Perhaps Martha is trying not to be the focus of attention when so many people and pets and their owners are suffering through this horror.

  33. michelle says:

    This ruined my day. The poor thing died in a fire? SAD.

  34. What was these little ones doing outside of her home? A pet is meant to CARE for, right?

  35. berthaservant says:


  36. According to her twitters, Ghengis was staying with a breeder nearby because he had a heart condition that would have made life difficult for him on Martha’s farm. Even the propane delivery person was injured by this terrible tragedy.

    I re-read her posts a few times because I couldn’t believe it at first.

    So sad. 😦

  37. baroooooo! with deepest sympathy to Martha and the breeder.

    Lil’ Genghis Khan and other pups were to cute for this world

  38. what i wanna know is: why is CO highlighting such a horribly SAD & TRAGIC event. this is so NOT cute!!! there is enough pain and heartache being reported on the web. i rely on CO to counter all of that by showing me what is going right in the world. how can i ever trust this site again!?!

  39. stephanie says:

    so sad. :[

  40. Every pet owners nightmare. My heart goes out to the breeder and Martha. Love your pets everyday people! And your family! And your friends! Everyday!

  41. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    RIP,little one.

  42. I don´t even have words to describe how sad this makes me. My love and hugs to Martha, and the breeders too. That´s just sooo sad. *sob*

  43. Poor pups! May they play, roll, eat treats, and have fun for all eternity in puppy heaven.

  44. katiedid says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Oh puppy we hardly knew thee!!!! 😦

  45. katiedid says:

    lori: The reason I believe that CO is letting us know about this very sad story is because they have been giving us updates on this puppy for months and just wanted to let us know about the developments.

  46. Heartbreaking. Poor little guys, they didn’t deserve this. I hope they didn’t suffer.

  47. Katrina says:

    Lori- When a CO Peep loses a beloved-whether fur beloved or some other kind of outer covering, we all rally. I guess you are new to CO, sometimes it is hard to get the history of a thread. Martha (Stewart) has Peep status and she lost a beloved. There are a couple of threads about her losing her pet and then again when she was choosing her new pet- those pictures were beyond-words-cute. That’s why.

  48. Oh, this is so sad. My good friend lost her sweet, aged kitteh on Friday.

    It’s been a tough weekend for the much-loved critters…

  49. oh crap. that’s awful. ugh.

  50. To all newcomers: Welcome. 🙂
    Last year when we lost our cat Grace to a sudden illness I posted it here. The outpouring
    of support was heart warming. One person even posted a web link where people could post a memorial for their pet.
    I needed and received many
    word hugs.
    As well as a place to view
    cute pictures its also a community to give each other pet related support and information. Plus it’s also gotten out the word and info. needed when pet help was needed in times of disasters.

  51. alexa — my belated sympathy.

  52. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    How sad 😦

    But it might be noted that Martha, herself isn’t the one actually posting at Twitter or her blog, so things may seem a bit distant for that reason.

    I’m sure a staffer does her posting for her.

  53. This is such sad news. Those poor puppies. They must have been terrified. It breaks my heart to even think about it.

  54. catluvr says:

    My condolences for Ms. Stewart. I was a huge fan of her show and watched it daily before I entered the working world. The little pooch was clearly a family member, a descendant of her beloved Paw Paw. That has to hurt alot. I know I’d be in grief over it, that’s for sure.

  55. Katrina says:

    Whether it was on her behalf or it was she herself, her pain is real. We know that she visits CO, we wish her and all who have lost a loved one hugs and heart-felt condolences. We can choose to believe that it was actually the person she said she was; that trust is in short supply in this world. I choose to help the bereaved and trust the sender-inner. But that’s just me. I like to trust people.

  56. Oh, how sad! I hope all the survivors can pull through and recover quickly.

    We should think good thoughts for the human involved as well – according to the news story the propane guy even helped rescue one of the dogs before he was badly burned and had to be flown to a burn center.

  57. metsakins says:

    My condolences to all the pets and their extended families, human or otherwise. I wish a speedy recovery to all those injured and praises to all those who helped rescue.

  58. Katrina — ditto. And bless you for acknowledging the reality of the situation.
    It is hard enough to lose a beloved friend (or 2), but to have people callously ignoring your grief and pain and loss makes it even more unbearable.
    Bless you dear person.

  59. Caroline K says:

    This is the most horrible and tragic news. Such beautiful little souls. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone, human and animal, that lost their lives, or their loved ones in this disaster. Heaven definitely just got some of the cutest angels ever. Bless the rescuers and the breeder as well. I pray all the survivors have a full recovery.

  60. My heart goes out to all those puppies, the breeder, and the owners. I can’t imagine what I would do if something happened to my furbabies. 😦

  61. This is horrible! I’m always just as saddened by animal deaths as I am by human deaths. My town just had a natural gas explosion downtown a few days ago, and quite a few buildings sustained damage. One woman’s apartment was damaged, and while she was okay (she wasn’t in the apartment) both of her cats ran away. That saddened so much when I read about it.
    RIP Little Genghis.

  62. Sorry to double post, but I just read the article in today’s paper and the woman found her cats in the apartment unharmed (but I’m sure hungry!) So yay!

  63. : ( dang

  64. @Aileen Wrong puppy. Martha originally chose Khan from a previous litter (also a grandson of Paw Paw) but she passed on him because he had the heart condition. All three boys from that litter were adopted out and are doing well.

    Genghis was from the the next litter of one of Paw Paw children and that included two girls and Genghis.

    Maybe Genghis was still at Karen Tracy’s because Martha has been out on the road a lot recently with her book signings and she would prefer being around more helping him get acclimated to farm and other animals. He was only around three months old. I bet she feels sick and awful to think that if he had been with her, he’d still be alive today.

    @Chronic Sender-Inner Martha indeed is the one who posts her tweets. As a matter of fact she just took a poll the other day asking if it would be ok if her tech guy posted tweets when many queries would come in. She got an overwhelming “NO” and then promised that she and only she would be posting tweets.

    Just wanted to get the correct information posted.

  65. Please Pray for Karen Tracy the breeder. She is a good woman who cares for her pups more than herself.

    Karen breeds the most beautiful and sweetest Chows on the planet.

    I hope the dog community helps her during this tragic time.

    This was a freak accident and Karen, the pups owners, and the pups need to be kept in your prayers.

  66. so sad. my condolences to all involved. while i know this was a freak occurrence it just backs the fact that breeders/kennels are not a healthy place for dogs. go ahead, start flaming me.

  67. Oh so sad. So sorry for the breeder and the puppies and Martha.

  68. Terrible, just terrible. Poor baby puppies! The breeder must just be devastated. I’m thinking of her and all of her babies, be strong.

  69. Michelle S. says:

    How devastating. I’m broken-hearted for everyone involved. My sincerest condolences.

  70. wannadance says:


  71. BAROOooooooo…
    total, unbelievable, utter sadness.
    (pours 40 out for teh chows)

  72. BAROOOoooooooooooooo!

  73. Ms. Stewart, I am beyond words at your loss. What a beautiful young life lost. I know nothing can console you at this hour, but to have loved another life can never be wasted, not ever. That pup was loved and adored, and that matters. That matters to us all. My very best wishes to you, and my encouragement to love again. There are so many creatures in this world who need our love, it would be a shame to waste that love, really.

    Best, Edward

  74. says:

    This blog is one of the things I read to feel better. Now I want to cry.

  75. Missy P says:

    What a shame. He was quite possibly the cutest puppy ever. I hope Martha will soon be able to open her heart and home to another li’l chow baby – maybe even another descendant of the great Paw Paw.

  76. linguafranka says:


  77. Super Ducky says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! It made me write
    a bad poem!!!!!

    Poor little pup,
    was sipping from his cup,
    The alarm went off,
    And he began to cough,
    He started to die,
    making us cry,
    Fire acted bad,
    So it made us sad.

  78. Super Ducky, that was in very bad taste.

  79. eternalcanadian says:

    oh no, that’s awful. but i’m confused. i thought martha had the puppy with her, that it was already adopted and living with her and the other pets?

  80. lurkingsmirk says:

    *kicks Super Ducky in the nads*

    Sorry, couldn’t help it.

    This is a horrible tragedy and a reminder of how anyone with a pet needs to factor them into an emergency situation so that everyone may escape safely. Propane explosion? What on earth set that off.

  81. Martha’s very next Twitter after the one about Genghis dying a horrible death was about making chicken salad for a dinner party. AN HOUR LATER. I can’t forgive her for that. 😦

  82. Lurkingsmirk. All it takes is a static electric charge. you know the kind where you walk across carpet and touch something metal and it sparks.
    It could have been from putting the gas in or taking the nozzle off, they are not sure yet what caused it.

  83. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, Megan. Judgmental much?

  84. Sad, very sad.

  85. How utterly tragic. My heart goes out to Martha, as I cannot imagine her pain.

    For those of you who are experiencing or have experienced such loss, there is a phenomenal web site

    it is the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. They are wonderful people and are so great for those in that kind of pain. Too many people are just too callous and indifferent to the loss of someone so important and loved. Anyway, my condolences to Martha, and belated sympathy for Alexa. Have a good day all….

  86. Oh, and uh, Megan- its kinda Martha’s JOB to post about those things. Who’s to say it wasn’t something already planned to be posted? I think everyone can also agree that throwing yourself into normal things such as spending time with friends and family, hobbies, and, yes, WORK, can help ease such awful pain. Just my 2 cents.

  87. JasperJazz says:

    sniff sniff tear
    poor puppies!!! i bet that must have been so scary for them… they just sittin there playin like puppies do, then smoke fills the room, the can’t breathe, and suddenly everything feels all hot… I know how it feels. I was in a fire when i was 8. i have 2nd degree burns on my left arm and hip.

  88. Subhangi says:

    That is so horrible. RIP. 😦

  89. eikoleigh says:

    so sad…. those poor puppies….

  90. Jasper Jazz — I hope your physical wounds have healed well. Too, I hope you have loved ones to comfort you and help you bear your emotional wounds which I know resurface at times like this. Sending you a big hug and my prayers, sweetie.

    Jen2 — thank you for the APLB link. A friend suggested the same link to me, but even after 9 months, the grief and guilt of not being able to save my own beautiful babies (Alexander and Binky) is too intense to bear and too personal to share fully. But I’ll keep the link in mind. Hope others will use it.

    All — Offer support and comfort where it is needed. And do not let tragedies like this happen in vain.
    Develop a plan (for all contingencies of fire) — awakening to it, coming home to it, kitchen, etc. Seconds count and practicing a plan even in your head will save you and your loved ones. Please take this to heart!!!

    My apologies for being so verbose on this comment forum –this is a topic of much passion for me. I know the devastation and hate to see anyone or any creature suffer like these poor souls have and only wish to alert people to be prepared. In this way, we can at least take something good from this tragedy.

  91. Katrina says:

    My thoughts are with the kennel owner and the propane delivery person. Not to forget the puppehs, of course, but I am truly praying that they all find peace.

    Some people have a difficult time expressing themselves at horrible times like this. You have you own timeline and your own way of grieving. Please, be kind to yourself, perhaps as you would when seeing a friend in pain- what would you say/do to help relieve the pain? Then do that for yourself, because you are someone’s friend. I wish us all happier times. CO is all about happier times, but we do need to be mindful that unhappy times are part of life, too, and that we can share and move on towards the happier lives we choose to lead. Sermon over.

  92. This is a horrible tragedy, of course, but it pales in comparison with the *millions* of dogs that are euthanized every year.

    Stewart should be encouraged to adopt a dog from a shelter…

  93. Aesthetica says:


    there’s nothing else to say.

    i haz a sad.

  94. Barooooo Baroooooo Baroooo hangs head in puppy sadness!

  95. I do hope no other souls were hurt in that tragic fire!!

  96. Hey Theo… Could you remove this comment: Ebby | Mar 07, 2009 at 11:36 PM ? It really is hateful.


  97. What a horrible tragedy for all involved. My deepest condolences to all, and I hope little Ghengis is up in Pup Heaven. What a gorgeous little boy he was.

  98. No!! :C

  99. luvkittehs says:

    Omg, sad puppy!