Bad dream BAD DREAM!!!


Via Failblog!



  1. semanticantics says:

    HAHAHAHA! This is great.

  2. One for the Cute or sad? file, I’d say.
    Poor dog must have given himself a concussion. Looking a bit dazed and confused afterward.

  3. SoCalSis says:

    What’s so funny? That’s me, most every night. It’s enough to make ya bleen, I tell ya…

  4. Poor Pup! Run Forest Run!

  5. SoCalSis says:

    Oh, the mortification of it all, tangled up in the time-space continuum once again.

  6. Nope, cute till he hit his head. Then just sad.

  7. Poor Doggie was having a night mare. Been there done that. woke up screaming more times than I care to count.

  8. Aww… sad. Poor doggy.

  9. claudia says:

    OH! I must admit, I didn’t really see that end coming teehee

  10. I laughed and laughed, and then showed to my husband, who laughed so hard he almost fell off the couch, and then said IMMEDIATELY, this had better be on (I was at failblog).

    My old puppy howled himself awake one time, my dad fell off the couch he laughed so hard.

  11. pscaley says:

    Yea, Meg’s back!! I’ve been there too. I think he composed himself quite well afterwords.

  12. Oh honey, you need a cuddle and some petting.

  13. Am I a bad person for laughing at that? 😉

  14. Aw, poor doggie! And I thought I had bad nightmares.

  15. superboymom says:

    Ooooh the poor puppy! My 14-year old son & I just giggled so hard . . . we had to watch it 3x . . . is that wrong?

  16. Michelle S. says:

    hahahahaha poorrrr sweetie! I loved the part where he swings his head back and snaps at the terrible monskers chasing him!

  17. Poor doggy! I do not know whether to feel bad for laughing.

  18. Hon Glad says:

    I had that rabbit I tell you, it was mine.

  19. That dog totally has a boner!

  20. I’ll say what I said on Poor pup 😦

  21. kibblenibble says:

    OMG poor baby! I wanna check his poor little head, and make sure he’s okay. 😛

  22. This isn’t funny or cute…

  23. darkshines says:

    Mary, I went and checked for you, but its just his tail.

  24. u do no that he is having u fit NOT a bad it needs to be seen to a vet cos when u wake up one morning and the dog is dead it won’t be cute!

  25. ROFL…. oh Meg. You sure know how to get the nuffers going!
    I saw this video posted on another website and just about peed myself b/c I laughed so hard.
    Poor thing hits his head, but he/she is obviously ok.
    Our own older dog gets a bit animated when she’s sleeping, but nothing like that hehe.

  26. eternalcanadian says:

    aww, poor puppy. didn’t find this funny at all. i guess i just don’t find the humour in nightmares.

  27. I saw this at FailBlog and laughed my head off. He seems perfectly okay, if a bit disoriented, at the end. Also, he may not have been having a nightmare. He may have just been chasing something in his dream.

    “Durn cat even gets away in my dreams . . .”

  28. starling says:

    I don’t think it was a bad dream. He chased a hare, pounced, and missed!

  29. Anyone else thinking this poor doggend needs to be fitted for a helmet?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    P.S. I got a nosebleed, I laughed so hard at this video when I first saw it on…

  30. Jacob– what is a “u fit”? Please use the full term so anyone interested might research it.

  31. Adrienne says:

    If you go to the original youtube poster’s page, the dog’s name is Bizkit, she’s 14, and she’s ALWAYS done this sort of thing. Apparently, their vet was perplexed but she’s otherwise normal.

    There are other clips, my favorite being the one where she ooches herself in a circle running on her side.

  32. That is hilarious!!! He does indeed seem to compose himself well considering he just launched himself into a wall! Now he needs a big cuddle 🙂

  33. I LAFF so hard I scare ze cats!

  34. Hanna Jene says:

    i posted this too how come non of my stuff ever gets to be on cuteoverload

  35. Aww.. poor puppy. I hope someone gave him a hug!

  36. Cute or Sad?

    I vote sad. 😦

  37. I have night terrors also. 😦

  38. emudoug says:

    aw, poor dear.

  39. omg…This made me spit my toast out all over the keyboard. I love how it builds and builds until he’s flat out running in his sleep. omg…Hysterically funny!!!!

  40. Candis, I share you pain, I do too. But this did make me laugh out loud.

  41. Jezebel says:

    I vote hilarious

  42. scruffylove says:

    I think the dog is just embarrassed. My dog does klutzy stuff all the time. One time he was running, and his front legs folded underneath him but the back legs kept going. He biffed it pretty good, but he was fine. He just stood there looking at me, though, like, “Whoah!”

  43. Thank you HonorH!

    Why do people always assume it’s a nightmare? Sure, some humans have night terrors, but this pup is probably doing what dogs do- chasing dream cats, dream squirrels, dream wildebeests.

    Poor furball may want to move away from the wall next time, but clearly she’s not injured. I have that dazed look on my face Monday-Wednesday. My latest memorable dream involved chasing cats in a haunted house, actually.

  44. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    Ever since I’ve seen this I’ve been worried it’s a seizure 😦 it’s funny – yes I agree, I always giggled when my dog did it too, then we found out it was epilepsy and it wasn’t so funny anymore.

    Poor sweet little doggie.

  45. it’s funny but i’d be giving him a big hug and lost of reassurance after that!!! that was a scary dream!

  46. Don’t forget the “Pups” categorization.

  47. metsakins says:

    Having grown up with an epileptic (sp?) dog, that looks like a bad dream to me, not a fit. I could be wrong, but Ozzie’s fits did not resemble real life activities.

    That’s all I’m going to say on that other then, I have some puddin’ packs in the fridge. And if necessary I have milk and tapioca, if things get really out of control.

  48. valerie says:


  49. Noelegy says:

    Our Husky mix twitches and makes noises in her sleep that I describe as “whoofles.”

  50. noramaria says:

    Aww, poor little shmuffle! I love how he’s just “walking” along, and suddenly he’s like “RUUUUN!!!”

  51. debra y says:

    wah no credit for me? 😦

  52. David (the first one) says:

    Totally sympathizes with the doggy here. On weekends I like to take an afternoon nap to make up for all the lost sleep during the week. Sometime the nap goes too long, and inside I’m partially awake, and think, “I must wake up”, but limbs are not responding. This is actually normally as during sleep our motor signals are cut off at the brain stem to prevent us accidentally hurting ourselves by acting out violent dreams. But in my semi-conscious state I think I’m paralyzed. This of course leads to panic.

    When I finally wake up, sometimes I get this delayed signal so a leg or an arm would flailed out. It’s mildly embarrassing, no where near as bad as the must-wake up-but-paralyzed feeling, or the nasty headache that lasts until dinnertime.

  53. Debra Y — this was from ; no credit was listed there, aside from “Submitted by Tom D”.

  54. David (who claims to be the first one) — I know that feeling and I *hate* it. Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me recently; in college, though, I got it pretty regularly. It seemed to happen most often if I allowed myself to fall back to sleep right after breakfast. [shudder]

  55. My shepherd had active running, barking dreams too – nothing as bad as Bizkit’s, but she barked more in her dreams than she did in real life!

  56. scruffylove says:

    David and Theo–I get those once in a while, too. They are horrible. I’m usually trying to run away from something. One time I thought I was being pulled through the window.
    And one time I was trying desperately to scream. Finally, I managed a yelp that did finally wake me up. Shudder indeed.

  57. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Noelegy–So your dog’s sleepbarks are “whoofles?” My dog apparently speaks a different canine language. His sound more like “berfs”.

  58. Dobermama says:

    BWAHhahahaha *breathe* rofl

  59. That’s me, right there, every morning. Minus hitting the wall part – well, most of the time.
    One of our new kittehs produces such stranges noises during sleeping that even his sister alwalys looks up astonished when it happens…

  60. SHannon says:

    I feel so bad. I can not stop laughing at this video. If you have ever had a dog in your life you know this is a dream, she’s just a VERY active dreamer. I always complain about my lab kicking in his sleep. I have been woken many times by his special “massages” kicking the crap outta my back. Now I am just thankful he doesnt do THIS, Imagine if she was sleeping on a bed??!!!

  61. It’s the full-out running that slays me.

  62. Foodz, meet keyboard.

  63. My cat meows loudly in her sleep sometimes. There are times when she chews, so, I figured she probably caught a mouse in her dream.

  64. Okay, I totally do something like this though I have never hit my head (yet). When I am sleeping, I could SWEAR I am awake and I see this giant bug and I run screaming across the bedroom (scaring my husband half to death) but apparently I am asleep and not awake. My hubby has said when I scream and point at something, my eyes are actually closed. Its called nighttime hallucinations.
    There is a FINE LINE between sleep and awake I tell ya.

  65. ahaha If she has been checked out by a vet (which she has) and isn’t suffering from a seziure disorder (which she’s not) then I don’t feel bad about laughing at all! maybe they should make a special padded sleeping room for her! iv’e never seen a dog flat out sleep-running before!!

  66. I felt really bad about it, but I laughed my arse off watching this. And I thought MY dog had vivid & active dreams! He definitely “whoofles” and “berfs” & the limbs flail & his face contorts, but NOTHING in comparison to Biskit here.

  67. poor fella indeed! atleast he didn’t hit his noodle too hard… i think… i hope.

  68. We were told right when we adopted our greyhound that they often have “track dreams” but we didn’t know about the tiny dog that lives inside our grey’s throat when he sleep-runs. That was freaky, our first night with him in our bedroom, hearing him growl and bark in his sleep, but now it’s funny (for some reason).

  69. That dog is def not a girl. Check out the last bits of the video. Looks for engorgement.

  70. Breakfast says:

    Sheesh – there is no engorgement; her tail is tucked, because she just charged into a wall!

  71. berthaservant says:

    David (the first one) makes a very important point that most people do not realize: when we are actually dreaming (in REM state), the motor functions of the body shut off, and people who are actually in the process of dreaming are stiff and frozen (from the outside). “Sleepwalking” and other elements of movement during sleep occur in non-dreaming states. However, because dreaming messes with the process of time and memory, we often associate our dreams with our physiological state. In fact, by the time your body is moving/reacting, your dreaming has ended.

    Poor pup. It is kind of funny until the head hitting part.

  72. run puppy run get that rabbit

  73. Patricia says:

    I only injured myself sleeping once. I woke up with a big bloody scratch across my nose the width of my finger nail. Examining my nails revealed it was me, I want to chech before I blamed my cats. A friend of mine broke his foot in his sleep kicking the wall (his bed was against the wall). So sometimes it just happens.

  74. You should show that video to your veterinarian. There could be something going on.


  75. The dog didn’t even hit her head. Watch closely — she turns a circle and hits sideways. And yes, it’s just a tail, though that’s not the first thing I thought either 😛

  76. I first saw this on and laughed so hard that I thought it should be here. Good thing it was!

  77. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Katzini: My marmie boy, Daniel, makes what I call “sleepy noises” when he’s kinda half-awake. It’s SO cute!!!!!

    “Doctor, vake up! You vere having a nachtmare!”

  78. For those who think it may be a seizure, the dog’s owner has responded to such worries on her youtube channel: , where she has other videos.
    If I’m remembering correctly, the owner has stated that the dog has always had active dreams and that her vet did not think they were seizures.

  79. Sleepy dogs are so funny. Mine grumbles and grunts VERY LOUDLY in his sleep. The first time he did it, I woke up and thought it was a zombie or Frankenstein, but nope. Just Pete.

  80. (Also, pups have strong skulls. The aforementioned Pete has a tendency to whap his noggin on the coffee table. We stopped making a huge deal once we realized he just didn’t seem to notice.)

  81. westward ho says:

    so much for letting sleeping dogs lie. lmao. {{bizkit}}

  82. i personally really hate this video. sad!

  83. My Mom was a very heavy sleeper. She got up to go to the bathroom once in the middle of the night and miscalculated where the door was. At full walking speed-“WHUMMPPP” went Mom. It was an awful sound. My Dad got up and directed her to the bathroom, all confused and crying from her hurt nosie. Poor thing- she never lived it down for the 40 years she lived after that…no, I didn’t laugh, it never got to the ‘funny’ stage for Mom, so we didn’t laugh. My sons are heavy sleepers, but no
    incidents that I know of.
    Of course, my husband, when our oldest came home from the hospital took a night feeding and changing shift and went down stairs with the baby in his arms-one giant step, sliding right down, baby unhurt, husband confused. Guess who never took the night shift again? I refused to let him. Killer has howling dreams, oh, those are not fun, either!

  84. My dog is always doing this while sleeping but never had such a terrible accident! This happens to me sometimes too, i just think it’s cute/funny (as long as we don’t get really hurt!) both in me or in animals ^^

  85. kibblenibble says:

    I knew a guy who would do this in his sleep:

    Walk out to the garage where he kept all his empty aluminum cans and a wall-mounted can-smashing device. Smash can after can in the can crusher. Return to bed, and not remember a thing in the AM.

    By the way, this guy was also pretty wacky even when awake. 😛

  86. Snurfles says:

    Katrina, I understand why it wouldn’t be funny to you and, I apologize, but I have to tell you that you have knack for storytelling because I was laughing so hard I almost hurt myself when I read your story about your mom. Sorry she hurt herself but my family is the type that would laugh about something like that from the get go. Thanks for a great story!

  87. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  88. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  89. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  90. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  91. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  92. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Not sad – no way! I could almost swear this was my Maggie – same look, same behavior (only AMPLIFIED in this pup). I had to call my husband into the room to look & he actually laughed out loud (& he’s not an “out loud” laugher).

  93. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ David, Theo, & scruffylove: I have similar need-to-wake-up dreams, but in mine, I actually dream that I HAVE woken up. I’ll dream that I’ve sat up in bed & rubbed my eyes and found my shoes, even gone to the bathroom, and then realize, while still sleeping, that I’m still in bed. This will happen over and over until I finally do wake up. Very strange and annoying. Almost always at the end of an afternoon nap, too.

  94. Katrina says:

    Thank you, Snurfles (great name b-t-w), I try to write well, and when there is humor to be mined, I’m there. I think I didn’t laugh out of loyalty-yeah, it was funny.
    I can’t laugh at my poor confuzzled hubby, either, out of loyalty, but now that the baby in question is a strapping 20 year old, it gets slightly funnier every year. (shhh).

  95. David Harmon says:

    This clip is currently featured on ABC News as one of their 10 Top videos:

    I note that the anchors (1) had no problem laughing their heads off at the poor dog, and (2) didn’t do their research — they thought it was a male dog. (Let alone crediting the owner/original poster!)

  96. That’s not sleepwalking; that’s severe REM behavior disorder. This doggie needs some Klonopin.

  97. That dog is having a seizure.

  98. People, before you go accusing people of not taking care of their pets and diagnosing problems because you saw a short clip, try doing a little bit of research. Hell, in this case, you only have to look as far as the other comments in this post, but you could also go to the source- the OWNER.

    Obviously this has been addressed, geniuses. And obviously she has already spoken to her vet.

    When a trained and educated professional that has actually physically examined the dog is not worried, there is no need for you to be.

    Just for the record, MY dog had problems with seizures for a while, and they NEVER looked anything like that.

  99. I can see why all of these people are saying “OMG!! That’s not cute or funny!!! You guys are bad owners!!!” but honestly if you really watched it, you can see that he’s fine at the end. Also, since they had the camera rolling before he actually started running, chances are that he does this frequently and is always ok in the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took him to the vet or something the first couple times, but they are probably used to it.

    I laughed so hard I almost peed when i first saw this. I still burst out laughing!

  100. SO FUNNY! Showed it to my sista and her boyfreind.they laughed so much!! Is this rude but THIS IS SO FUNNY!! Praise The Lord for this!!