I Saw This in a Cartoon Once

"Dude, check it out:  First, I sit in the bowl for a while, and let the dog see me.  Then I get out, and the dog thinks I’m being baked into cookies!  (chuckle)  Stupid noob falls for it every — hey, what’s that whirring noise?"


Timing is everything, Diane D.



  1. Hon Glad says:

    For a cat use self praising flower.

  2. Hon Glad says:

    Dam, that shoud be flour.

  3. Hon Glad says:

    I think I’ll shoot myself. SHOULD.

  4. Pretty kitty!!!

  5. Hon Glad: You have “typing disease” this morning!

  6. and dam is actually Damn

  7. I love the OH NO! look on the cats face.

  8. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    *waiting for the adorable flour-dusted paw prints on the table*

  9. Man, I LOVE that cartoon!!! Thanks, NTMTOM!

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Nancy, have pity.

  11. librarianjessica says:

    NTMTOM, that’s one of my FAVE cartoons! Chuck Jones is a GOD, and I thank you for adding to his worshipers.

  12. That’s going to be some fluffy batter.

  13. claudia says:

    YEP! That cartoon and a certain Bugs Bunny cartoon are my two all time faves.

    I bet if Kitty gets wet you could fit two of em in that little bowl 😉

  14. I’m laughing as hard (or harder) from Hon Glad’s typographical drama as from the baking situation.

    Sir — if I were over on your island, I would make you some coffee. (It’d likely be French Press, though. Just sayin’.)

  15. Hon Glad says:

    Theo. French press eeze ze best way non.

  16. chanpon says:

    Good luck getting the cat hair out of that batch of cookies.

  17. Hon Glad, it turns out the best coffee I’m personally able to make, these days. Also, it’s *portable*. Hmm, you know, I think I’ll go make some now…

  18. LOL The first thing I thought of without the link was THAT Exact cartoon.
    and then I was giggling at Hon Glad because I am often afflicted with typing error disease.

  19. kodalai says:

    I think we need a “Cats in bowls” category.

  20. Chanpon — meh. Adds texture.

  21. Oh, wow, I hadn’t thought about that cartoon in years…and then the dog puts the little cat cookie on his back and tries to snuggle with it….awwww.

  22. noob! yes!! hahaha
    I love the expression, what a beautiful kitteh.

  23. Theresa says:

    Marc Anthony! What on earth!
    (hands on hips, tapping high-heeled foot)

  24. Kristabelle says:

    Kitty looks like, “What the -?”
    I think I prefer my cookies minus the kitteh hair. Sthorry.

  25. eikoleigh says:

    lovely kitty…cute expression

  26. Katrina says:

    Hon Glad- I feel for you. My mother did not raise a typist.

    Cat fur in cookies? How else do you get the batter to keep together- an egg or something stupid like that? Ha! Corgi fur works very well too, even for omlettes.

  27. Oh Hon Glad, don’t “should” all over yourself.

  28. Looloobelle says:

    Why has noone realised the seriosity of this situation – THAT KITTY GOT NO LEEGGS! Please give £2 a month to help kitties like this one who are just head and floof – special baking therapy sessions* like this one is all they have.

    *Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of kitties having to be admitted to bowlhab.

  29. Okay and my next thought was… Is there flour(self Praising per hon glad)
    Under that Kitty!

  30. Mud Bug says:

    OMG ! I know EXACTLY how Mark Anthony feels ! My five 8 month old kittens favorite thing to do is jump onto my back ( while I’m standing upright) climb the rest of the way up to my back or shoulders so they can “ride” while I walk around my gallery or pottery studio. I even have a picture of this taken by a friend.
    BTW, No, the little darlings are not de-clawed.
    Thus the Mark Anthony feelings.

  31. Theresa says:

    Mud Bug:
    Link? 🙂

  32. This picture is as old as the internet itself.

  33. Too many novice cooks assume that fur will “burn off” in the baking process.

  34. starling says:

    French press?!?! Mais non! Filter ees the best! Especially Douwe Egberts.

    Yes, I am Dutch, how can you tell? *shifty look*

  35. Minkeyboodle says:

    I like the one where the kitty is used as a makeup applicator.

  36. mewer_mcmewerson says:

    The first thing I thought of when seeing this picture is the video of a chinchilla using its dust bowl the CO had up a long time ago. I was all, “Cats dust too?”

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    French press does make the best coffee. I filter mine through a day-old copy of Le Monde. For a lighter blend, I use Le Canard enchaîné.

  38. Katrina says:

    Maybe kitteh will be ‘dusting for prints’.

  39. berthaservant says:

    This must be the season for kitteh loafs, we’ve seen a lot of them ’round these parts lately.

    and lol@ Hon Glad (well, I’m not laughing “at” you, just near you….)

  40. Manda Bain says:

    I know I’m silly, but I kinda tear up when Marc Anthony honestly believes the kitten been turned into cookies.
    Yeah. I didn’t even want to watch the clip.
    I’m THAT ridiculous.

  41. Reminds me of the Beatrix Potter story ‘The Tale of Samuel Whiskers’ where two rats try to make a pie out of a kitten.

  42. Theresa :
    Sorry T. don’t have one & not computer savvy enough to make one. I’ll try to send it to the C.O.powers that be & perhaps they’ll post it.
    Mud Bug

  43. French press drools!
    Moka pot rulz!

  44. No need to put any sugar in the cookehs now!

  45. LOL It looks more like the kitty’s face says “WHAT? I find it comfortable.”

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    I have never seen that cartoon and just loved it. I felt like Mark Anthony when the kitteh climbs on top and purrs.. that’s where my kitteh sleeps sometimes. I was so scared the mom wouldn’t let him keep the kitteh!! ::: sob ::: but it all worked out. Yay for big dogs and little kitnz!!

  47. binky-mama says:

    “Oh…er…you needed this bowl?”

    And yes Marc Ant’y is the BEST. (well actually Chuck Jones is the BESTEST.)

  48. Nice try human. Next time I need it to be a smidge bigger and less dusty. It’s okay, I’m sure you meant well….

  49. Can’t believe all you seasoned posters missed this: “Kitten making biscuits!”

  50. kibblenibble says:

    *glances around–no one is watching–darts in–grabs kitteh, bowl and all–runs away—mine all mine all mine*

  51. manda bain- i do the same thing.

  52. Gail (the first one) says:

    @VonZep: Le Monde, BWAHAHAHA!!! Good one! (puffing on my Galuoise)

  53. When I saw that cartoon as a kid, I must have looked away when the kitten got out of the bowl, because I thought she really WAS made into a cookie. I was INCONSOLABLE.

    Wonder what the certain favorite Bugs Bunny one, is? I’m really fond of the one where he tapdances. Weird Al Yankovic once had a cool shirt with Bugs Bunnys dancing all over it, from that cartoon.