You’ve Got a Bit of Teeth Stuck in Your Food, There

"Mrphth thmuph ig loorph flurghthing (munch, chomp) flr thrriff lurthph (ummm, smack) glurrtph hlurgh!"

... and, in conclusion, flurthph thrg mlurpth acth blurthppt!

"Ah, that’s better.  Does anyone have a moist towelette?"

That was the tastiest salad I ever disapproved of.

Sender-innered by "wondering," as in "I’m wondering what the heck that meant."



  1. Alright! A salad ‘stache!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Eww. He’th got green lipth!

  3. Raise your hand if the bun’s feet in the second picture remind you of…ZE FRENCH TAUNTER!

  4. Glad to know it’s not just my piggle pies that get lettuce ‘stach. Sometimes it’s so bad they stain my shirt green if I pick them up too soon after snack time!

  5. Gotromaine?

  6. Michelle S. says:

    teehee I love how he’s nibbled the edge of his bedbox. I used to do that as a kid.

  7. Love the hovertext, NTMTOM. Not only is this bun disapproving of the salad, he’s also highly disapproving of the green mouth! Cute, though.

  8. Oh, and here’s a towelette for the little cutie.

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    I occasionally have the same embarrassing problem with my mustache. However, I hardly ever get food on the tips of my ears like this rabbit.

  10. chanpon says:

    “Hrrmph, needs more dressing.”

  11. Theresa says:
  12. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ummm…not tryin’ to sound like a nuffer here, but is it me, or is that salad thar a wee bit too…ripe to serve a bun? Sure he ate it but when I had iguanas I never fed them slimy gross greens…

    I promise I’m just asking and NOT nuffin’!!! 😀

  13. Theresa says:

    @Jun-Jup, I just got a mental picture of a tableful of disapproving iguanas sending their salads back to the kitchen. 😉

  14. that bunny is ready to burp.

  15. mel2 that’s so funny.

  16. How come when I have food hanging out of my mouth it’s gross, but when it’s hanging out of a bunny’s mouth it’s cute? I wholeheartedly disapprove!

  17. FranieFrouFrou says:

    This looks a lot like Plopp the bunny (one of my fave bunnies on Flickr) but there’s no link to the original photographers website so can’t be sure (on a side issue doesn’t this break Creative Commons/Flickr rules?)

    Anyone able to confirm if this is indeed the lovely Plopp?

  18. catloveschanel says:

    Ew. I was just eating my spring green mix for lunch and…… guess I will finish it later.

  19. Katrina says:

    Mel2- “Now go a-way or I weel dis-apprrrrove of you a se-condd timm-eh”

    Thanks for the yuck!

    Green ‘stash’ was all my joy, green ‘stash’ was my delight, who but my lady green ‘stash?

  20. catloveschanel says:

    I disapprove of this ad.

  21. no way is that Plopp. his markings are all wrong. What is he eating with his salad that’s all wet? looks like he had baby food dressing in the first pic. my bun is similarly colored and never gets lettuce stache.

  22. FranieFrouFrou says:

    Yeah, I’ve been back and had a look, the nose is far to dark to be Plopp, just looked like his cheeky way of holding food in his mouth, all nonchalant 🙂 Still would be good to know who took the photos, love Cute Overload don’t like the lack of credit to the original photographer 😦

  23. His mouf is all zigzaggy in the 2nd shot. 😀

  24. berthaservant says:

    This is definitely a NOM-Tom post.

    :: invisible nom tag ::

  25. Mel2 — Your eye for minutiae is impressive! Very funny.

  26. Allison G says:

    It’s a very cute photo. ! If buns eat veggies that are even slightly past their prime they can very easily die from it. I wish I were exagerating—–it’s a thing about their tummies. No barfing abilities, just quick and unexpected expiration. 😦

    Vets say rabbits can only eat the same fresh lettuce that a human would. True, plenty of other animals are hardier so I think scraps are OK with those! Thanks!

  27. Sooooo cute. Just too adorable.

  28. I just realized that the caption of this pic says, “You’ve got a bit of TEETH stuck in your FOOD”! NTMTOM, you’re such a cut-up! ;-p

  29. “I must warn you, she haz a very messy act–you will get quite wet on zis ride.”

  30. superboymom says:

    “Eating greens is a special treat, they make long ears and great big feet . . . but it sure is awful stuff to eat! I made that last part up myself!” (Thumper, “Bambi”)

  31. Just when you think you’ve seen all the cute there is to see with bunnies, another adorable one shows up! I can’t take it! Must squeeze hard.

  32. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    LOL @ NomTom and Mel2.

  33. Lerrinus says:

    There’s a brown-nosing joke in here somewhere…!

  34. In all my years in vet medicine, I absolutely have to state that BUNS HAVE THE CUTEST LEEPS EVAR!!! They also have cute little tongues to clean the leeps and whiskees with! I could watch a bun eat all day and bask in te qte.

  35. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Theresa–Dear lady, after reviewing your Grand Gallery of Mustaches, I would have to say that my personal ‘stache is most similar to your third selection. In fact, I look EXACTLY like Tom Selleck in his prime, if you don’t count the part above the nostrils or below the upper lip.

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Well, Von Z, that is what the girls were all ga-ga about. Among other things…

  37. It’s not easy being green…

  38. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Hey US peeps, in the UK they say “tache” instead of “stache” as universal abbreviation for moustache. I still can’t get used to it.

  39. Theresa says:

    @Tractatus, they would always giggle or snicker or raise eyebrows when I said “Don’t get all bent out of shape,” meaning don’t get upset. They thought it was “rude.” They thought a lot of things were “rude.” 😉

  40. totalee puppy says:

    Hey you, Fiber Face…Can’t believe how
    cute you are.

  41. *snrrrk* “Fiber Face” baaahahahahahaa

  42. Tractatus– I’m totally out of touch with my fellow Americans, but… I say ‘tache (as in “Bitchin’ ‘tache, Carl. Lookin’ goooood.” I don’t care who knows it. I won’t stop.

    Bitchin’ ‘tache, rabbit. Lookin’ goooood.

  43. Keep brown-nosin’,little fella–You might work your way up to fresh, crispy

  44. Hon Glad says:

    I think he looks like Darth Vader in the second picture, or is that daft Ada?

  45. “Why so serious?”

  46. Whoa. Check out that disapproval in the second pic.

  47. I think a little pretreatment will get those grass stains RIGHT OUT, sir. Please stop disapproving.

  48. zeldapie says:

    My word, what a slobby bun bun! I think perhaps *I* may disapprove of such table manners!

  49. What an adorable face.

  50. I have to agree with other posters….that lettuce looks unpalatable….bunnies demand crisp, fresh lettuce!

  51. Daddy of Snuggles says:

    Her name is Snuggles.
    No!!! The lettuce is not rotten as some people have implied. She only gets fresh and crisp lettuce. The lettuce is very juicy. After she eats, there’s usually a puddle and her floppy ears end up soaking in it. I have to wipe her chin and ears after she finishes eating.

  52. The lettuce doesn’t look bad (from what is sticking out) and some bunny’s just make messes when they eat fruits and veggies (it has to do with how their teeth are, just like humans). plus bunnies will usually refuse foods that are bad. I am happy to see that Snuggles is getting dark green lettuce and not iceburg, which is VERY bad for bunnies and seen in some other postings.

  53. Mommy of Snuggles says:

    My little snuggle bunny is not disapproving. She is just asking if there’s anymore treats for her. I know because I’m her mommy and mommy knows best! By the way, we don’t feed her anything rotten that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

  54. Paunchie says:

    wipe yer mouf!

  55. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Parents of Snuggles: Congrats on having such a cute little (green) bun-bun!!

  56. its really a bunny

  57. clydesdalegirl77 says:

    When my bunny eats carrots, he looks like that, only in orange, and his tonke goes out and he liks his little fuzzeh bunneh leeps, then he gives me this head-tilt look that is all “Just one more mommeh, PLEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!! I am just a little bunneh, and, and, and, just look at my little nose! See it tweetch!” and then I give in to his royal cuteness and give him another one, and the cycle just keeps going till my bunneh just cant eat no more!!!!!!!!! (not really, I only give him another one when I am in a good mood) 🙂
    By the way, his royal cuteness’s name is Houdini 🙂